Man of Power Ch. 39 – Celebrities & Fan Fiction

[The text is now from Man of Power book e, that’s why the chapter numbers in the story are different from the title of the story. So far, Man of Power series has 7 books. I will continue posting them here like this a few chapters at a time.]


Chapter 29 — Parineeti Thinking About Vikas

Parineeti came out of the bathroom fully naked. Her body was still moist. She made sure that her bedroom door was locked. She turned off the lights and turned on a side table lamp that give a very limited light. She went to her dresser and took out a tshirt. It was Vikas’ tshirt.

Usually Vikas played Squash in the evenings after work but in the summer the evenings were too warm so he would play in the early morning before office. The Squash club was close to the office so he would come to the office and shower there. It happened one time that Parineeti arrived at the office when he was in the shower. His discarded tshirt was lying on top of his Squash bag. Parineeti had picked it up and quickly put it in her desk drawer. Then in the evening after Vikas had gone home, she had stuffed the tshirt in her purse and brought it home.

It was about 3 months ago that she had liberated that tshirt but it still had the smell of Vikas’ naked sweaty body very strongly in it. Parineeti slipped it on. It was loose on her body. She got between the covers. She felt between her legs. Her pussy was wet. One whiff of Vikas’ tshirt could do that to her. She loved it.

She kept smelling the tshirt on her chest as she slowly rubbed her pussy. Today had been amazing. The kissing with Vikas had been a make-out session each time. He was beginning to feel more comfortable and free with her body. If this continued one day soon, he will simply take her. It was inevitable. She pushed one finger into her hungry, wet pussy.

The cotton tshirt was rubbing on her bare tits. She closed her eyes and imagined that it was Vikas wearing the tshirt who was pressing down on her hot, full tits. She moaned as she slipped another finger into her wet hole.

Vikas had definitely fucked that model hard. Parineeti could hear her yelps and screams from her office. It was a good thing. The more he did casual sex in his office, the sooner he would stop thinking that he could ruin Parineeti’s life just by fucking her. And then…then, he would just take her. She thought if she would scream like that. She probably would.

Parineeti rubbed her clit and pushed three fingers up into her cunt as she remembered how she had ridden Vikas’ lap in the car. She didn’t know how she had acted so boldly so close to her home. But he did drive her crazy like that.

She could smell his sexy, manly smell as she had sucked his tongue into her mouth. Her pussy got really hot as she wondered about that moment. His smell from the tshirt made the scene so real in her mind.

As she wondered about the moment when his warm fingertips had floated down her spine to her lower back, just a centimetre above her ass crack, her pussy exploded. She whimpered.

Biting her lip hard, Parineeti tried to keep the noise down as she surrendered to the intense orgasm. Her fingers worked fast and deep in her cunt. Her thumb was pressing and teasing her clit and her orgasm was carrying on long and delicious!

Her body collapsed back on the bed as she enjoyed the hot, slightly painful, aftershocks of that hot orgasm.

Each day she was getting closer to him. Kissing him good morning, sitting on his lap to take dictation, even introducing that hot girl to him so he could destroy her…it was all leading to only one thing. Pretty soon she would not just be his personal secretary, she would be his personal property.

When she was horny, she wondered of herself as becoming his whore. Sometimes as she fingered her hot, hungry pussy she would call herself his bitch in her mind. She thought what he would call her after he took her. She didn’t care. As long she belonged to him, he could call her anything.

It’s not that she had not wondered about the flip side of it but she had not given it much probability. There was a small chance that he still may not fuck her. Remember what he had said in the restaurant? But it was a small chance.

One time, only one time, she needed to him to fuck her. After that his objections will be gone and he will accept her as his….let’s say bitch. She knew she was pretty. She knew that he wondered so too. Now that she was dressing bolder for him he was starting to admire her beauty even more. She would continue to be fully available to him 24/7. She was sure it would not take much for him to realise that she was born to be his property.

Going from there to cuddling with him in bed, and then…Parineeti’s thoughts started to run away with her and her pussy started to get wet again. She decided to discipline herself and go to sleep instead. It still took her more than an hour to fall asleep. Her main wondered as she fell asleep was that she would see Vikas again tomorrow. Parineeti tried to remember what time he was coming to office tomorrow. She was trying to recall his calendar when her brain turned off and she fell asleep.

Chapter 30 — Hina Enjoys Anticipation

Hina was well aware that this was her once in a lifetime chance. She decided to be bold and bet everything on it. It had been a long shot and now that the long shot had come in, it would be stupid not to grab it with both hands.

She had called her beautician on her mobile and made an emergency appointment for the morning. She could not afford to go to big beauty salons but the advantage was that she was friendly the beautician at the small salon and could twist her arm to squeeze her in at this short notice.

It was a good thing, she had the dress that he seemed to like. She thought if she should dress bolder. She had some dresses that had no back at all, there was one that even showed a bit of her ass crack. But no, tomorrow is the first meeting, in his office. Better play it safe. And he had liked this dress based on Vansh’s input so this was the dress to go in. Thankfully, Ruhi did have 8″ high platform heels. They were black and black goes with everything.

After the dress, she had chosen her accessories, lipstick and lined up everything ready for tomorrow. She would call in sick to the restaurant. No point in fucking up her only chance by getting stuck somewhere. She would take out the last money in her bank account and pay for the beauty salon and a taxi. She could take the bus on the way back but getting there in pristine condition was paramount.

There was no question of wearing panties. Unlike Vansh, she knew how things worked and she had a good idea of how the meeting would go. If the boss liked her look, it was certain that he was going to do her. He might do her right there in his office or he might take her home later. No, no, he was married, so he would probably do her there or take her to a hotel. But there was no question in Hina’s mind that she would be taking the boss’ dick if things went well.

On the other hand, if he didn’t try to fuck her that means she would not get any role. Her role will need to be earned by her pussy and if the boss didn’t want her pussy, well, then there was no chance of her getting into modelling there. That is why she was going to do her very best to look totally fuckable.

Hina took her tablet and got into bed. She went to the VisCom site and looked in the staff section. It was not hard to find Vikas Malhotra. Hina was taken aback when she looked at his photo on his staff profile. Wow, he was so young. He was definitely a bit older than her, but as CEO’s go he was very young. And he was handsome. Why, the man could model in his own projects. He had filmstar looks, nobody would say he worked behind a desk.

But other than the looks, Hina could sense his power also. He looked and smiled like a filmstar but there was that about him which confirmed her opinion that he would be in her tomorrow. Well, if he liked her looks in the first place. Looking at his picture, Hina very much wanted him to be in her. She was convinced that this man would own his secretary, no matter if he was married or not. Hina googled to find more pictures of him. She found quite a few, from corporate functions, company events, press releases, news articles, and as she scrolled down, she found a couple of them from a martial arts competition. In one of them he was fighting, in another one, he was holding a trophy.

Going back one, she again opened the one where he was dressed in a martial arts uniform. His right leg was pushed back and his hands were up in a fighting stance. She realised suddenly that she was wet. It looked like she had been wet for a while and just realised it when her pussy started leaking. Oh yes, Hina definitely wanted him in her tomorrow. She tried to think of some sentences that would allow her to let him know that she was interested and available. She thought back on how casting directors usually brought up this subject…no, they were usually too obvious or crass. Hina wanted to be classy and poised while gently hinting that if there was a position open to be his slut Hina wanted to apply for it.

She scrolled with one hand, letting her right hand slip between her legs. She was looking at his pictures but her mind was superimposing her own movie over it. She was imagining how he would take her in hand and bend her to his will with a firm hand. Hina liked a strong hand, it made her feel safe and protected when a man took control of her and guided her where he wanted her. Unfortunately, she didn’t meet many men like that. Even the casting directors who were strong and dominant in business, became eager to please when things went to the couch.

This was her one problem with her current boyfriend. Vansh was a great guy and she liked him a lot, but he was never the dominant type. She had tried to give him hints which he had not gotten, then she had told him outright that she wanted him to take charge in the bedroom. He had tried it, he had even spanked her once or twice but it was not his thing and Hina could feel that which led to her not being satisfied. Their sex was good because they were emotionally close but it never had the raw, savage quality that Hina craved. Still, he was a good boyfriend and loved Hina a lot.

Hina sighed and focused again on the man in the picture. Her pussy throbbed again. She came to a picture of a raft going through a white water rapid. Vikas’ face was visible but just barely recognisable as it was an action shot. She saw it was from YouTube and clicked it to open the video that it was from. It was a short one minute video from an action cam that showed the raft going through a big rapid. At one point the person in front of Vikas bounced off the raft. Hina thought that it was a girl. As she went overboard, Vikas grabbed for her and got his fingers hooked into her life jacket. He pulled her in and held her on the edge of the raft until they were through the rapid. Then he helped her climb back in.

As Hina ran that twenty second part of the video repeatedly, her fingers were working in and out of her wet, soppy cunt. She touched her clit with her thumb and her body shook. She quickly went back from the video to the martial arts competition picture. Then she closed her eyes and lay back. She let her imagination run wild as she pushed two fingers into her pussy and fucked herself deep and fast. Her fingers were getting faster and harder. She could feel her pussy was telling her that it was ready to explode.

Keeping her eyes tightly closed, she let her mind change gears. In her mind, she visualised Vikas drilling her hard. His strokes got faster and faster, then suddenly, she let him cum in her. Hina’s pussy erupted in a hot mess of her cum and a loud whimper came out of her mouth. She kept on fingerfucking her pussy while in her mind, Vikas filled her body with so much cum that it was dripping from her pussy hole. She sighed as she tried to catch her breath, letting her body slowly cool down.

She couldn’t wait for the next day to dawn.

Chapter 31 — Vikas Meets with Shilpa

“Vikas, you never give me credit for all the preparations I do, this is a tough job, buddy.” Shilpa Shetty said.

“Darling, you are the boss, you run the business, I bet you have people to blow on your nails when you want to dry your nail polish.” Vikas said.

They were sitting around the conference table at Crewing Partners. There were a few other people sitting around the table, but mostly they were busy reading some documents, using their phones or looking at the girl in the corner.

“Oh, you think I can not even blow?” Shilpa looked right into his eyes.

“How would I know that?” Vikas replied and leaned in, he placed his hand on her shoulder and whispered in her ear “You are looking dynamite, by the way.”

“Thanks, but what’s the use?” She said in a low voice “Not like anything has any effect on you.”

“You never know, you have never looked this ravishing before.” Vikas smiled “It’s a stunning dress.”

Shilpa was a mature beauty who looked much younger for her age and had the slim, toned body that most 22-year olds would envy. She was wearing a sleeveless silver silky gown with a very deep neck and a wrap around skirt part that bared her right leg all the way to her thigh joint. The neck was wide enough to show a big part of her cleavage. The sleeves were cut deep enough to bare her armpits. Her shaved armpits were visible every time she moved her hands. The dress was tight on her flat stomach but draped beautifully around her hips and legs.

The fabric of her dress had a dotted inline texture which didn’t do much to cover the translucent nature of the thin cloth. It was a mix of silk and synthetic that shimmered in the light and slithered against her skin in a very mouth-watering display. The gown had a back that was cut so deep that wearing a bra was not possible. It was not hard to guess that she was not wearing anything under the thin, clinging dress, even a thong would have been visible. Shilpa had a beautiful face with sharp features and she knew that her beauty intimidated most men. She never hesitated to use that to her advantage. Her perfectly shaped lips were painted dark red and her hair was loose on her shoulders and back.

Her heels were 6″ high mules, much more eligible for a fashion show runway than a corporate office. She all the time dressed too sexy for office and her staff followed her example. Looking at her nobody would say that she was married. Not that she cared. It was common knowledge in Crewing Partners that while her husband Raj Kundra Shetty owned the business as a director, Shilpa owned her husband. Not even a blade of grass in the CP lawn could move without her permission.

Vikas had been a client of her business for several years and they had developed a good friendship. She all the time flirted boldly with him but while he flirted back just as boldly, he had never made a real move on her. There were rumours that Shilpa used her feminine charms to further her company. While some people wondered she teased and flirted with clients, others claimed that Shilpa’s legs were all the time open for their best clients. Nobody knew the strict truth.

“You do know there’s nothing under the dress, don’t you?” She whispered to Vikas.

“I disagree.” Vikas grinned “I think there’s the best merchandise under the dress.”

“Are you in the market?” Shilpa raised an eyebrow.

Before Vikas could answer, a girl who had been fiddling with a laptop on a table in the front corner of the room, approached the conference table.

“I am ready, Ma’am.” She said to Shilpa.

Vikas looked at the girl, she was very gorgeous with a longish, slightly dusky face, big gorgeous eyes and plump lips that invited dirty, depraved thoughts. Her dark hair was loose and framed her small face in a very photogenic manner. She was wearing a black tube top with a beige formal jacket over it. Her wrap-around skirt was matching the jacket and went halfway to her knees. She was wearing 6″ stilettos. Vikas let his eyes inspect her fully, from her shapely, bare legs, to her flat belly visible below the tube top, to her chest visible in the open jacket, above the tube top.

Shilpa nodded “Vikas, you know Pooja Hegde, she will lead the presentation today.”

“Yes, I do. Nice to see you, Pooja.” Vikas said.

“Thank you, Sir, I mean nice to, have you, I mean..” She stopped “Can I begin, please?”

Vikas nodded “Take it away.”

Everybody pulled their chairs forward towards the table. Pooja turned off the room lights. The curtains were already drawn. She pressed a button on her laptop and the first slide was projected on the main screen facing the conference table, opposite where Vikas was sitting.

“Crewing Partners, your partner in growth.” The title slide said.

Keeping his face towards the screen, Vikas dropped his left hand under the table and placed it lightly on Shilpa’s leg. Her right leg was closest to him and it was bare to the hip in her bold, sexy gown. His fingers touched the smooth skin of her thigh. He caressed there softly by moving just his fingers and not letting his arm move. Shilpa continued to look at the screen but under the table she opened her legs wider. This pulled her skirt open even more and Vikas had more access to her thigh. He continued to caress her smooth, silky thigh slowly.

Pooja led the presentation expertly. She went into details of camera crews they hired, their experience, their qualifications and their skill. She talked about how Crewing Partners made these crews available to other agencies like VisCom who could use them on specific project without have to pay salaries for those times when there were no projects.

While Pooja was presenting a case study of how much it would cost VisCom to employ a crew on a salary basis, Vikas was noticing her long legs and her tight butt in her form-fitting miniskirt. He noted how comfortably she was pacing back and forth on her high heels as she made a point and turned to Vikas then moved back to the laptop. Her eye contact was great, and Vikas looked right into her eyes as he moved his hand along Shilpa’s bare thigh. He moved his fingers slowly down following the curve of her shapely, smooth thigh.

Reaching down casually, Shilpa took Vikas’ hand and moved it higher along her leg. As his palm rested on her inner thigh, the tip of his little finger touched her pussy slit. It got wet in her cunt juices. Vikas continued to slowly caress her thigh and traced her pussy slit with the fingernail of his little finger. Her pussy lips parted and closed as his finger moved up and down.

Shilpa squirmed as Pooja was demonstrating in her presentation how Crewing Partners could grow and provide support to VisCom in their expansion. Vikas was tracing the very tip of Shilpa’s pussy hole and dipping his fingertip inside her soaking wet cunt. Shilpa was keeping a control on her breathing but her heartbeat was rising fast. She squirmed a little again as Vikas’s finger moved up and parted her pussy lips more. Then she almost let out a yelp as his fingernail touched her clit. She bit her bottom lip and suppressed the noise before it could get out.

As Pooja displayed the final “Questions?” slide, Vikas pulled his hand out from between Shilpa’s legs and placed it back on the table.

Pooja turned on the lights and faced the table. She looked at Vikas expectantly.

“Thank you, Pooja,” Vikas said “that was a great presentation, and covered a lot of information that I wanted. I can see you did a lot of homework and put everything in one place in one easy to digest package. Great job. Very impressive.”

“You are welcome, Sir, thank you.” Pooja smiled.

Vikas nodded “You talked about certifications and such for the camera crews you hire. Do you know what level that goes to, is all the crew certified or a certain level?”

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