Making Amends Ch. 03 – Fetish

This story explores themes of revenge, cuckolding, humiliation, and gay sex. If this upsets you or is just not your thing, please stop now and read something else. To the critics: Remember that this is erotic fantasy. It is fiction. No marriages were harmed in the making of this story.


Rachel woke up early this morning, even before Walter had stirred in their bed. She was still jazzed about the events of the previous day. She woke Walter up so that they could review the events of yesterday. Terry had been invited over to their home and Rachel had given Terry a blowjob and snowballed his load in to Walter’s unsuspecting mouth. She then insisted that Walter swallow Terry’s semen, and Walter had done it. Walter was very dismayed at this, and extremely embarrassed. It wasn’t so much that he was made to swallow semen, he had tasted and even swallowed his own semen previously during the affair, but this was another man’s semen. The semen of a friend and colleague from work. And his friend watched him do it. He couldn’t think of anything so emasculating.

“So, after yesterday, have I now completed the tasks on my road to redemption? Is my punishment concluded? Can we finally put this episode behind us?” pleaded Walter.

“Episode! That’s what you call what happened? An episode. You were cheating on me. Having an affair for 8 months. Doing God knows what perverse sexual acts with your slut from work,” Rachel yelled. “I want you to understand my grief. I feel devastated and embarrassed. I feel shamed and humiliated. I feel broken. I need you to feel that way too. This way you can understand my grief. I need you to fully understand my feelings and my reaction to this desecration of our relationship. I want us to heal, but to do so you must empathize with me. And so far, I am not seeing you express any empathy. Not one tiny bit.”

Walter hung his head. He was feeling chagrined. He was hoping to get past this, but he kept putting his foot in his mouth. “I am truly sorry. I misspoke. I am feeling mortified about yesterday’s events and I did not express myself properly.”

“I’ll say you didn’t express yourself properly. Your words belie the fact that you still do not understand what I went through — what I am going through. I will tell you when this is over. So, stop asking. I will know by your actions, and reactions. I cannot trust your words anymore. I want to see concrete results.”

Rachel told Walter that it was time to plan part three of her journey to resolution via revenge. Walter now was to invite Ulrich, the last of his three colleagues from work and also a close friend, over to the house so that Rachel could blow him while Walter watched and joined in.

Walter wanted to argue but realized that the only way for Rachel to achieve closure was for him to agree with her and move forward with her plan. This was the way to get back into her good graces and to save their marriage.

One week later

When Ulrich was about two-thirds of the way up the walkway to the house, Rachel opened the front door to greet him. She was a gorgeous woman. She was five foot two with piercing blue eyes and medium length blond hair. She had an extraordinary hourglass figure with a generous bosom. She was also an engaging conversationalist with a delightful voice.

She was wearing a sheer, black babydoll nightie with spaghetti straps. She was wearing three-inch high heels which gave her extra height and made her legs look even more shapely. Her perky 34 B breast were barely being contained by the bralette, and her two-inch areolae and pointy nipples were clearly visible through the sheer fabric. The nightie was short. It just covered her crotch and when she spun around to lead Ulrich into the house it flared and he could see that she was wearing solid black bikini panties.

“Rachel, wh, what’s going on? I thought I was meeting up with Walter,” asked Ulrich. “Where is he? And why are you dressed like that?”

“Ulrich it’s always wonderful to see you. We are so glad that you could make it. We have a special day planned for you. Follow me,” Rachel said.

Ulrich was a large man. He was six feet 3 inches tall and weighed 220 pounds. He was very muscular with big hands and a deep baritone voice. He sounded like James Earl Jones when he spoke. He had played football in school and still played football on weekends for a local, semi-pro team. He followed her into the family room where he saw Walter kneeling on the floor and wearing a short robe. His head was down. “Walter what is going on? Why are you guys dressed like this?”

Walter looked up at Rachel, and then at Ulrich. He appeared dejected. Rachel spoke first, “Go ahead, Walter. Tell Ulrich why he is here. Tell him what you did. But before you do let Ulrich and me get comfortable together on sofa.”

Rachel motioned to Ulrich where he should sit and she sat next to him. Very close to him. She was partially turned so that she could see both Walter and Ulrich. Her thighs were rubbing up against Ulrich’s thighs.

Walter started to tell the story of how he had an affair with a coworker. How he cheated on Rachel. And how to try to save their marriage he had agreed to her plan for retribution.

Rachel then took over the narrative and explained how she felt disgraced. Humiliated. Embarrassed. As she was saying this, she started rubbing Ulrich’s thighs. The rubbing became more insistent as she worked her way up Ulrich’s thigh until she was caressing his crotch. She explained her need for vengeance. How she wanted Walter to feel her shame and humiliation. In this way she felt that Walter would figure out her pain; and that she would be able to forgive him and then they could move forward to resolution.

It was apparent that Ulrich was enjoying the massage since his dick was becoming turgid and he was breathing deeply and moaning. At this point she commanded Walter to crawl over to them on the couch and to remove his robe. Walter was wearing only a small, black thong. Rachel then removed her sheer, black nightie exposing her 34 B tits to Ulrich. Her areolae are slightly oval shaped and about 2 inches in diameter. Her nipples are quite prominent; they are size of pencil erasers and pointy. Ulrich’s eyes widened fully open and a smile crept across his face as he took in the marvelous sight of his friend’s and coworker’s wife’s nude breasts.

“I get the impression that you like looking at my tits,” Rachel said to Ulrich. “Walter had a period where he liked someone else’s boobs better than mine.” Rachel turned and spoke to Walter, “Tell him, Walter. Tell him what he should do next.” She then climbed up on Ulrich’s lap facing him; her naked tits were mere inches from his face.

“Ulrich, you should fully enjoy my wife’s tits. You may touch them. You may squeeze them. You may lick them. You may suck on them. You should do whatever she asks you to do. I want you to satisfy her desire for revenge so that I can hope to get back into her good graces.”

Rachel grasped Ulrich’s hands and placed them upon her breasts. Although her tits were sizeable, Ulrich’s gigantic hands covered them like he was palming a basketball. He started massaging them, and squeezing them, and fiddling with her nipples. Eventually he lowered his mouth to her bosom and began licking and sucking on her boobs. This caused both of them to begin moaning.

After several minutes of Ulrich handling Rachel’s tits, she began to explain to Ulrich what was gonna happen next. She did not want to fuck him; she wanted to give him a blowjob. In fact, both her and Walter were gonna give him head. She wanted to watch Walter suck someone’s cock. And then they would distribute his cum. In this way she would embarrass Walter. She would humiliate him in front of Ulrich. After that she felt that Walter would figure out her feelings of mortification, since he would be feeling that way himself. He would feel shame and figure out her shame. He would feel disgraced and empathize with her disgrace. Then she could get past what he had done to her.

Rachel stood up and told Walter to help her remove Ulrich’s pants and shorts. As his prick came into view Rachel gasped. She had seen quite a few dicks in her life, but never one quite like this. Ulrich was the largest she had ever seen. He was long about 7.5 to 8 inches and thick. The head was large and leaking generous amounts of pre-cum. His scrotum was hefty and full and hung low. His pubic hair was neatly trimmed. His manhood presented itself as powerful. And delicious.

Rachel knelt down next to Walter and began licking Ulrich’s cock. She fondled his balls. “Walter don’t just kneel there like a buffoon. You have to sample this tasty pre-cum.”

Walter gazed at Rachel with a distressed look, but he did lower his head and lick some of the pre-cum that was oozing from the head of Ulrich’s dick. “Now tell us, doesn’t that taste yummy,” Rachel asked.

“This is extremely embarrassing to say, but it is certainly not horrible tasting; actually, it is bland with kind of sweet flavor to it.”

“Is it better than what you had last weekend?” Rachel inquired.

Ulrich looked on dumbfounded, “Wait, you’ve tasted cum before?”

Walter blushed a bright red and looked absolutely mortified. “Go ahead and tell him what happened,” Rachel said in a firm voice.

“Rachel snowballed me and I tasted …”

“And swallowed,” Rachel interjected.

“Yes, tasted and … swallowed some semen. Yours has a more pleasant taste,” Walter replied.

With that Rachel engulphed Ulrich’s rigid cock in her warm and moist mouth. She began sucking and bobbing. She reached out and grabbed Walter’s hand and brought it to Ulrich’s scrotal sack. “Come on,” She mumbled with her mouth full of dick. “Start caressing his balls. You need to help me make this the best blowjob he has ever experienced.” She continued bobbing and licking and sucking; while Walter started massaging his balls.

“Walter, you always liked it when I would lick and suck your balls. You should do that to Ulrich. Lick and suck his hairy balls while I continue pleasuring his mighty cock.” Rachel’s mouth surrounded Ulrich’s cock and she sucked and swallowed her way down until he was almost entirely in her mouth. Walter began licking his balls and then tentatively took the right ball in his mouth and gently suckled it. After about a minute he did the same with the left ball. All the while Rachel was continuing to alternate licking and sucking with attempts at deepthroating.

All of this erotic attention caused Ulrich to begin moaning and sighing with excitement. He couldn’t believe how wonderful it was to have two people orally pleasuring his dick. And what was really wild was that one of them was his friend and coworker and the other one was the beautiful wife of his friend and coworker. This must be a dream he wondered.

Rachel grabbed Walter’s face and started to pull him from Ulrich’s scrotum and up to his cock. “Lick this dick with me,” she purred. Walter stuck out his tongue and starting at the base of the penis and began licking his way up the side of Ulrich’s penis. Rachel mimicked his motions and commenced licking the opposite side. The entire time they were gazing into each other’s eyes. When they reached the head, they kissed each other with Ulrich’s dick between them.

This was finally too much for Ulrich to bear. His cock became even longer, and thicker, and more rigid than it was before. His balls were drawn up into his body and his dick started to twitch. “Oh my God. I’m gonna cum. I’m gonna cum. Here it cums,” he roared.

Rachel pulled back from the about-to-erupt cock and urgently spoke. “Put it in your mouth, Walter. I want you to take it in your mouth. I want to see your lips wrapped around a spurting dick. I want you to ingest cum directly from the source.”

Walter stared at Rachel with a confused and shocked look on his face. Suddenly a long rope of hot cum splashed across his face. Rachel put her hand behind his head and pulled him so that his mouth was over Ulrich’s dick. “Put it in your mouth quickly or you’re going to wind up with a full facial,” Rachel pronounced. Walter shut his eyes and let the spurting cock enter his mouth and he closed his lips around the thick, rigid, erupting dick. He felt several hot spurts of thick liquid spray into his mouth and throat. The flavor was similar to the pre-cum he sampled earlier — it was bland and slightly sweet but it also possessed a sharp, tangy aftertaste.

“Open your eyes and look at me. I want to see your reaction to having someone shoot semen into your mouth. And do not swallow it right away. I want to see it in your mouth,” Rachel said.

Walter opened his eyes and looked at Rachel. She was wide-eyed and had a smirk on her face.

After five or six more bursts of cum, Ulrich’s dick stopped spurting and twitching. Walter’s mouth was nearly full and he felt as if he might gag on the gigantic volume of semen that had been deposited into his mouth. “When was the last time Ulrich had an orgasm?” he wondered to himself.

“That was fantastic,” Rachel exclaimed. “Now open your mouth and show us how much you collected.” Walter carefully opened his mouth so as not to gag and revealed to Rachel and Ulrich that his tongue was swimming in a sea of white, milky liquid. “Now swallow it all down like a good boy. And then open your mouth to prove that you ingested all of it,” Rachel commanded.

It took two gulps before Walter had swallowed all of the giant load. He then reopened his mouth to show that all of Ulrich’s semen was gone. Rachel had a gigantic smile on her face and said, “You should thank Ulrich for helping us today. I think we have made a great deal of progress.” Rachel grabbed Walter’s dick through the small thong he was wearing and it was erect. “It looks like you enjoyed that more than you are letting on.”

Ulrich looked at both Rachel and Walter amazed and yet also perplexed. He was not entirely sure what he had just experienced. Oh, he knew he had received a tremendous blowjob administered by two of his closest friends, but beyond that he was bewildered. What would happen going forward? He worked with Walter on a near daily basis. And how would this affect their friendship?

“Thank you, Ulrich, for helping my wife and me on our journey towards resolution of my cheating on her.” Walter looked both embarrassed and contrite.

Rachel then stood up and said, “I want to thank you, too. Thank you for helping me on my road to retribution and healing after Walter’s egregious sin against me. If you ever want a repeat performance of today just ask Walter if he can arrange another game of backgammon. That will be our codeword. In fact, I would appreciate it if occasionally you would remind Walter how much you enjoyed playing backgammon with us. He needs to be reminded of these feelings of humiliation and shame so that he will never again think of another woman.”

Rachel, still clad only in a pair of black bikini panties and three-inch heels, then walked Ulrich to the door. She gave him a kiss on the cheek, and said goodbye.

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