Magician 03: Trouser Snake – Erotic Horror

They sure make life interesting.

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Book 1. Becoming a Snake Charmer.

I grew up an orphan in southeast Asia. I was raised to be a sex worker, even though I was male. I knew no better, so when they used hormones on me, I wondered it was typical. It wasn’t until I was in school, that I learned what was done to me. But growing up, I learned I also had a secret heritage of magic as well.

The magic began at puberty. At first, something would happen that was unexplained. Several years later, I had realized I was the source of these things, but they seemed to be random. In school, it seemed to gain focus, and sometimes I could direct it. However, it was in my junior year, that it seemed to discover a home in my psyche. You see, in that year, I spent a semester abroad in India. And there, I encountered a snake charmer on my way to the dorm. Something about it seemed quite interesting.

Even though I had an eight-inch dick, I wondered of myself as female, because I had breasts. Nice big D-cup breasts. My ID said I was female. I was quite used to letting guys use me, with their junk up my trunk, and I was used to satisfying women, as well. With the frequent sex I had earning money for school, I stopped wearing underwear years ago. I had waist-length hair, and usually wore a knee-length skirt, and a tied-off white shirt. I liked the English-schoolgirl vibe, and so dressed that way, even though I was obviously older.

I came to the dorm, and entered the line to check in. I had already registered, but I needed to get my room key. And such.


“Jane, Jane Nookie.”



There were a lot more questions, but eventually, they told me I would get a text within an hour with a room assignment. In the meantime, there was a mixer happening inside, and they suggested I go in and get to know my dorm-mates. Given my looks, I got a lot of attention. The text came, and I collected my key. I met another girl in the lift, and learned she shared my name. She was Jane Tucker. Imagine our surprise to learn we were gonna be roommates. We divvied the beds, and such, and I had the right side of the dorm, while she had the left.

We spent the next hour putting our stuff away, while also chatting away, and learning we had a lot in common, and a lot that was different. One obvious similarity was our breasts, as we were both D-cups. Giggling over the numerous bras we packed, we decided to distribute them. However, she tended to use thong underwear, while I used far more substantial garments. Despite that difference, we felt like we clicked.

As a university in a large cosmopolitan town, we decided to check out the nightlife after dinner. We found a dance club, and had fun and a few drinks. While we flirted a lot, nothing happened, as we didn’t want complications so soon. Back at the dorm, as we were getting undressed, she complimented me.

“You have such pretty breasts. They look so soft.” She reached out and caressed them. “Oh, yes, they are. Just like mine.” She then pulled my hand to hers.

“Yes indeed, your breasts are soft.” I leaned down and put my mouth on a nipple and started sucking.

“Oh, you’re naughty. I like it.” She pulled my head in even more, then grabbed a lot more of my breast. Mashing it, she added, “I think we’re gonna have fun. I’m bi, by the way. Does that bother you?”

I pulled back and said, “So am I.” I then started on her other nipple. We got hot and heavy for a while, and with just nipple play, we both managed to come.

After coming down, she said, “We should do this a lot.”

She then stood, and removed the rest of her clothes. I watched her, giving some verbal encouragement, and she played it up until she was nude.

“I like to sleep in the nude.”

“So do I.”

“Well, I just got naked. Your turn.”

“Okay.” I stood, and as I had done, she started to encourage me. My back was turned when I took off my panties. I then turned to show that I, too, was naked.

Her eyes got gigantic, and she pointed and said, “You have a dick!”

“Yeah, but I’m still a girl.” I then grabbed my breasts.

“But… dick!”

“Back home it’s no big deal. I actually work in a strip bar.”

“You… strip?”

“Sure. Nookie is my stage name, and I figured it would be easier for the English speakers here at school. Sufficient guys don’t care, as long as they can stick their dick somewhere, and I deepthroat and do anal, so I’m popular. Um… will my having a dick bother you?”

“Eight inches flaccid? No way. I can hardly wait to try it out.”

“You can try it out now, if you want.”

“I’m tempted, but, how come your panties were dry?”

“I get turned on by guys and gals. However, guys don’t like it when I have an erection. They want to dominate me. So I learned how to suppress my erections, and now, I only get one when I want it. At the same time, that control turned out to work in the other direction.”

“What do you mean?”

“I don’t need Viagra.” I then concentrated, and in a few moments, I was hard, and nearly a foot long.

“Whoa! You’re huge.”

“Yes, gals love that. So, wanna try.”

“I’m too drunk to properly appreciate it.”

“Okay.” I then concentrated, and it became flaccid almost as fast.

“You really can turn it on and off?”

“Yes. It especially helps when I have to pee. You can’t pee with an erection.”

We turned out the light, and went to bed.

In the morning, I found Jane had removed my covers to watch me have morning wood. When I woke, without it, she asked, “How come you don’t have wood? I thought that was normal?”

“When I was younger, it was. But gaining my ability meant I no longer have morning wood. Why do you want some?” I focused, and boom, erection.

“Yes!” She quickly ran to her stuff, rifled through it, and came back with a rubber. She rushed to put it on, then she mounted me.

After we came, I said, “I enjoyed that.”

She got off, and then noticed I was still hard. “What? You’re still up?”

“Yeah. Given how many times I have sex at work, I have gained endurance. I no longer go flaccid from coming, but it may take me a while to recharge. But in the meantime, my partner can continue to enjoy my erection.”

“I wish I could, Ms. Nookie, but I got to get ready for class.”

“Me too.”

I stood, got some tissues, then walked over to the trash can. There, I took the rubber off, and wiped my dick. Once clean, I let it deflate. Then I went back and dressed.

Later that day, I spoke to my counselor and got a class on snake charmers. I was stoked that it was taught by one, and we were invited to learn to become one. He brought his pet cobras, and had antivenom on hand, as well as some at the college medical center. We had the option to use a shared pungi, but would have to clean it before and after each time, or to get our own. By the fourth class, everyone had their own used pungi.

A number of my teachers had difficulty calling me ‘Ms. Nookie’, but since ‘Jane’ was sufficiently common that half my classes had another one or two, they were forced to use it. I just pretended it was typical, and ignored the snickers.

The next few days we continued to have sex, and we invested in a large box of condoms and several boxes of tissues. Jane said, “There could be a problem at the showers.”

“I know. I’ve debated using the singleton handicap shower.”

“Don’t. Shower with me. We can do each other’s front and back, and if you remain flaccid the whole time, the others won’t be threatened with you.”

“Think it will work?”

“Sure. Let’s go to the showers wearing only our towels.”


We did, and when I put my towel apart, I was not immediately noticed. However, by the time we were in the actual shower, I had been noticed, and most scrambled to cover themselves. But Jane and I just pretended nothing was odd, and proceeded to help each other. We did stay away from playing with each other; even though, we did completely touch each other. We drew it out for thirty minutes, even doing each other’s hair. We exited, and dried off, before leaving the shower. Part way along, one woman decided I was girl enough, and once one joined back in, the others slowly joined, as well.

Of course, word spread like wildfire. While a lot of guys lost interest in having sex with me, they still ogled my breasts. Some did ask, and I told them I did anal and oral. Within the month, I was having regular sex with some guys. Often, a guy would say ‘Nookie, nookie?’ as a way to ask if I wanted sex. If I did, I answered, ‘Nookie, nookie!’

Meanwhile, the women in the showers started to not be bothered by my presence. My roommate decided to drop a bomb in the showers after they got used to me, and knew I did guys.

Another woman from down the hall asked Jane, “Isn’t it a shame Nookie’s dick goes to waste?”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, she’s hung. I wonder how big she gets?”

“Nookie has a foot-long dong.”


“Yep. She often bottoms out when I do her.”

“You two have sex?”

“Every morning, Nookie and I have quickie nookie.”

I know that was a lie, but I just let her set the stage, as I had a feeling. I also liked that she was getting the others to call me ‘Nookie’ rather than ‘Jane.’

“Man, that’s some trouser snake Nookie’s got.”

I wondered, “Trouser snake?” I never wondered of it that way, but I liked the concept, especially with my snake-charming class.

Soon after, I also got dates with other girls, and often had sex.

While I had a lot of fun after class, having sex with assorted guys and gals several times a week, I had come to realize I had a gift for charming snakes. I could regularly get his cobras to obey me, and flare their hoods on command. It didn’t take long to realize that my magic seemed to affect the snakes. When I concentrated on it, it seemed like they got a little longer, and more susceptible to my will.

Halfway through the semester, Jane and I decided to push the beds together, so we could cuddle and have sex anytime we wanted it. And we wanted it at least once a night. In some of my free time, I would practice snake charming in the dorm.

Not long after, my teacher said I was a natural at charming, and that I should get a professional pungi, rather than the amateur one I was currently using. So I went shopping. Since my magic seemed to be focusing on this, I pushed a little, and let the magic also choose which pungi I bought at the store. I could almost feel the resonance with my magic, and when I tried it in class, it showed. The cobra did everything I wanted it to, and I could also cause it to stretch several inches when no one was looking. I could hardly wait to get my own cobra, but felt it would not be wise to get one here, as I couldn’t take it home.

A few days later, after Jane and I returned from the shower, I decided to practice on my pungi while still nude.

Suddenly, Jane said, “Nookie! It moved!”

“What moved?”

“Your dick.”

“What do you mean?”

“It looked like it was responding to your snake charming.”

“Huh? I wonder, some do call it a trouser snake. Let me see…”

I then began again, but focused on thinking of my dick as a ‘trouser snake’ that I was charming. I started playing, and suddenly it twitched.

I stopped, and said, “You’re right!”

I also noticed that as soon as I stopped playing, it stopped moving, so I began playing again. I focused on my ‘trouser snake,’ and soon it was responding. Soon, all eight inches were off the ground, and I was making it flex and bend. I thought if I could make it stretch as well, so I concentrated harder. My eyes got bigger when it did, but I continued to play to see what would happen.

“Shit! What’s happening? It’s growing.”

I continued to play, and it got to be sixteen inches, before I felt out of magic. It then shrank, and finally fell down.

“Nookie, that was awesome.”

“I know.” Joking, I said, “Maybe I don’t need to buy a cobra.”

Being serious, Jane said, “Maybe not, but if you want to use your own snake, it’ll have to get a lot longer.”

“Yeah. But I’m kind of wiped from doing that.”

“You know what that means.”


“Practice. From now on, when you practice in the room, do it nude, and for as long as you can.”

When I asked my teacher about making the snake perform longer, he said that not only would I need to have better breath control to play, but also focus to keep the snake charmed. He recommended meditation to increase my focus, and I started doing that every night.

Jane and I could see results immediately. First, it was the duration I could sustain an erection; soon thereafter, it was the length I could stretch it. Two weeks later, she was sitting next to me, and we were both nude, having just come from the showers. I noticed she was staring at the two-foot-long ‘trouser snake’, and realized I could surprise her sexually. I altered my playing to change it from going straight up, to instead curve over to her. She was mesmerized by it, and I willed the head to enter her pussy. She didn’t react, until I penetrated her.

“What? You devil!” However, she didn’t try to pull it out, so I made it go deeper and deeper. While I wasn’t erect, I could cause the head to rub against her G-spot. It didn’t take long for her to come.

I didn’t relent, and she had a second one, right after the first. I stopped playing, and slowly it contracted.

“I can’t believe you did that!”

“Did you like it?”

“Of course! But you shouldn’t do that.”

“I wonder if I can do that while erect?”

“That would be a sight to see. Can you?”

“I can get erect now, but my charming is tapped out.”

The next day, she had me try it with an erection. Erect, I stretched three feet, but it could barely make a right angle bend, let alone all the bends needed to get in her vagina.

In class, I had to be careful not to stretch the cobra, as my own ‘trouser snake’ was starting to respond to my playing for the cobra. I would up wearing thicker underwear on those days to keep it in check.

A week later, I was able to sit next to her and have my erection stretch and bend enough it could go several inches into her mouth. I also noticed that when it shrank, that it did so slower when erect. So one day, I had it erect and stretched, and bent it so it could go into my mouth nearly a foot. I quickly put the pungi down, and with my other hand, I gave myself oral. I got so turned on, I came in my own mouth, and swallowed.

“Nookie! You made yourself come in yourself!”

“Yeah! I can’t believe I did that.”

That’s when we both noticed my dick was still pointed at my face, and not shrinking.

“Uh, Nookie, it’s not shrinking.”

“Yeah. Hey, can you come in me?” She then pulled it over and stuck it in her mouth, and began sucking. To get me going, she started playing with my breasts. It didn’t take much, but I came, and she swallowed.

When she let it go, it started to shrink, and also deflate. I also felt all my charm power was gone for the day.

While this spooked me a little, a few days later, I was trying to get my erection to curl into her, when she was sitting next to me. Three weeks later, I finally achieved this, but only by making it nearly seven feet long. Another discovery was that I could use a recording of myself instead of doing it live. This let me do oral on myself for a lot longer time.

When the teacher taught us how to cause the cobra to flare its hood on command, I tried it on my trouser snake. It kind of worked, and a week later, I was able to generate a flare just below the head but only about one inch wider than my dick usually was.

Finally, the semester was over, and it was time to go home. Jane and I had a few rounds of sex as we both packed up, and promised to stay in touch. I got an ‘A’ in my snake-charming class, which oddly enough counted as credits in the humanities back home. I wondered for sure it would be wasted, as far as my degree was concerned.

Book 2. Making Money

When I got back, I went back to stripping to pay for school. Two weeks later, I am telling the others about my snake-charming lessons. My manager overheard, and wanted a demonstration.

“I don’t have a snake yet. Cobras are expensive, and I would also need to get antivenom. To demonstrate it here, I would need the antivenom stored in a fridge with quick access in case of trouble.”

“We’ll think about that. How about the playing? Could you bring the flute in and show us?”

“It’s called a pungi, and yes, I can bring it.”

“Then bring it in next time.”


I was off the next day, but the day after, I brought it in. We wound up deciding to have the demo after closing, when the patrons were away. We’d all be relaxed, and would all get to enjoy it.

That night I had sex with the usual suspects, and had gone through several changes of clothing. After the last set, I had a miniskirt and heels on, but nothing else. My dick hung below the skirt by an inch, as usual here. Finally, the patrons were gone, and we gathered around one of the larger tables. They told me to sit on the table, so I kicked off my heels, and sat on the table in a lotus. With my legs that wide, about three inches of my dick showed. As these were my work buddies, who saw me have sex every day, I didn’t even think about it.

I closed my eyes, and started to play. Soon, I was recalling having fun at college, and really got into it. Suddenly, I heard the minor talk stop. I wondered they were just enjoying the performance, then I heard my boss shout.

“What the hell?”

Another co-worker said, “That’s impossible.”

As a third said, “It’s growing,” I opened my eyes.

That’s when I realized that I had gotten careless, and allowed it to affect my trouser snake. Suddenly, I wanted to show them what I could do. I don’t know why, perhaps it was from all the drink I had over the night, but I concentrated on stretching, and my dick stretched more and more. When it was three feet long, I started bending it, and letting it curl around to the numerous people watching. After making the round of the table, I headed it straight up, and suddenly willed my erection. There was a collective gasp, as it grew from seven feet long and an inch thick, to ten feet long and nearly two inches thick. I was feeling so great about their reception, I went for the flare, and suddenly, just below the head, my dick flattened, and I had a five-inch-wide hood.

I couldn’t hold it, so before I flat-lined, I started shrinking my dick, and removed the erection. I was down to three feet when I ran out. The three feet suddenly fell to the table, and shrank back to typical.

Breathless, I put the pungi down, and said, “Ta-da!”

They gave me a round of applause. Then someone reached out for my dick and tried to pull it. It stretched a little, but was clearly not like before. Before long, others were examining my dick, and talking all about it. I went home tired, thinking no more of it, but the next week, my boss offered me extra for a snake-charmer show. It was a lot, and before I could think, I agreed. I did stipulate I wouldn’t do it with an erection, as that limited the flexibility, as well as wore me out quicker. Two weeks later, we had created a five-minute routine, where the DJ would announce me as a snake charmer with her built-in snake. I would then come out with a miniskirt that let two inches of my dick hang out below the hemline as I walked downstage. I wore a traditional snake-charmer hat, but my tits were fully on display. I sat down on a raised, and tilted, platform, and assumed a lotus position. Most of the audience could now see four inches of my dick.

I pulled my pungi from a hole on the raised platform, and showed it to everyone. Then I began to play. Most thought what was happening, but fifteen seconds in, my trouser snake started to move in time to the music. Money came onto the stage, and men and women lined up at the edge of the stage. Once it was three feet long, I bent it toward the audience, and toward the person with the largest bills. We had discussed this backstage, and I would let people touch it, but not hold it. It didn’t take long before a woman offered a twenty, if I would put it in her mouth. I accepted. Finally, the DJ announced the end of the show, and that I would perform this once a night when I was on. As I let my snake shrink, I got up and collected the money, holding my legs straight and bending to collect it and stuff it in my garters. Then I took the pungi and walked backstage.

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