Lilith – Erotic Horror –

She came to him in the darkest hour of the night; a gorgeous abomination of nature, the personification of mankind’s lecherous demise. Her unshod feet provoked light footfalls as she sashayed across his dusky bedroom, the sensual sway of her strides made even more pronounced by her skimpy attire.

“Good morning, my Lord and Master,” she greeted, the sound of her voice just at the edge of hearing, with a sultry undertone beneath the surface. “I apologize for disturbing your rest, but I’m afraid the epoch of your rebirth is upon us.”

“M-my rebirth?” Leroy mumbled and sat up slowly, frightened of the creature that was climbing onto his bed.

“Why, yes, my Lord,” she said, drawing her nubile body next to his. “We must hurry now, time is of the essence.”

“What?” He asked stupidly. “W-who are you?”

She giggled before giving answer to his question; a sweet, childlike noise that was unbelievably endearing to his ears. “I’m only your humble servant, the one they call Lilith.”


The creature nodded. “You mustn’t be afraid of me, my Lord. Nor of my horns, or my fangs, or of my long, pointy tail.”

A momentary silence ensued, during which Lilith let out another heart-fluttering laugh while Leroy processed the words he’d just heard. “Are there… are there other servants like you?” He asked, his voice quivering with trepidation.

“Of course. Even now, in the remote crevices of hell, your subjects hail your name and wait patiently for your return.”

Leroy had to swallow the lump in his throat before he could speak again. “H-hell?”

Lilith nodded, “Oh, it’s not the dour place your priests and reverends make it out to be, my Lord. You’ll see it for yourself when I take you.”

“And how will you take me?”

In lieu of words, Lilith edged her lips closer to Leroy’s. “Would you like me to show you first?” She asked.

But before he could answer, the succubus had already sealed their lips together in a kiss. And in doing so, for that one brief moment, Leroy’s mind became a mosaic of fractured memories of times past, unusual sensations, and distorted images. One second it was so, the next it was something else–something whole; something singular; one clear picture.

No, a vision, Leroy quickly realized.

What he saw through his mind’s eye couldn’t be mistaken for anything else–it was, in fact, a small acre of paradise, viewed from an omniscient perspective only the human mind could allow. He saw trees that were unlike any other trees he’d ever seen before, and perched on their broad branches were luscious elf-looking creatures. Most were beguilingly dressed, while others went about clad in nothing at all. The leaves all about them emitted a strange silver afterglow that bounced reflectively on their olive skin, as soft as moonlight.

Underneath one such tree was a pool of crystalline waters, where beings that were undoubtedly nymphs scampered about, splashing and giggling with wanton abandon. Far off from his vantage point, he was surprised to see a row of thatched houses, with pink and yellow and green lights shining through their individual windows. He could just about make out the inhabitants of that place as they go about like silhouettes in the distance.

“Master,” she purred when they broke aside. “Do you see?”

“Oh my god,” he panted. “Wow… I…” he stared at her; into her glowing yellow eyes, twinkling like two fireflies in the dark. “Thank you for showing me that.”

“My lord?” She called servilely, “Would you like me to do that again? To kiss you, I mean.”

“Yes, I’d like that very much,” he said, smiling for the first time since the beginning of this surreal encounter.

This time their kiss had a sensual disposition to it, one that inspired and took over every conscious wondered Leroy could make. And when he slipped the tip of his tongue past Lilith’s lips, she readily welcomed him to explore the insides of her mouth. In turn, she explored the dense ridges of his abdominal muscles with the tips of her fingers, going as far as seizing his hardening member from inside his boxer shorts.

“It’s so big, my Lord,” she gasped when she caught her prize. Bringing it out into the open, she said, “Do you think it’ll fit?”

“Yeah,” Leroy said breathlessly, “go on and sit on it, Lilith.”

“Y-yes, Master.”

With consummate dexterity, Lilith guided him between her swollen labia before sitting comfortably over his crotch. Her walls were incredibly wet, allowing for a sleek penetration; deeper, and deeper, until her sex was gleefully munching away at his full length.

“Ungh… Master… it’s so big inside me. I love it.”

Her moans were soft, barely above a whisper, but every bit as exquisite as the rest of her. Ever so slightly, she leaned forward, planted her hands on Leroy’s chest, then arched her back and began to rock her hips sensually. Not long thereafter, the only sound that carried across the room was the squelching noise of their abominable lovemaking.

And then, at the height of such delightful sensation, Leroy froze for more than a few seconds as he continued to shoot more and more of his seed into her fertile womb. Simultaneously, along his shaft, he could feel a series of mild contractions racing up and down the succubus’ tight canal.

“Oh, oh, oh, Master, I’m cumming,” Lilith wailed. “It’s too much, too much.”

Just to shut her up, Leroy had to pull the succubus close and roll her onto her back before pressing a kiss to her lips. It was enough to muffle her high-pitched sobs as his cock continued burrowing between her legs. Within moments, another orgasm was trailing after her first, this one just as powerful.

Leroy himself was close when Lilith climaxed for the third time that night, and he kept on thrusting; pumping into the voluptuous succubus as hard as he dared. And as if she’d sensed it, Lilith quickly held her body tightly against Leroy’s, her sharp nails clawing at his back, her legs locked powerfully around his waist.

“I want it, Master,” she panted, “I want it deep inside me, my Lord–flood my womb with your holy seed.”

At this point, Leroy could do nothing but oblige as his entire body went rigid. He then began filling her womb with thick, hot sperm, enough that some of it were spilling from the point where their bodies were joined, to form an obvious pool on the sheets.

“Oh, Master,” Lilith said softly when they were finished, “that was absolutely amazing. Ugh! Don’t stop now, please.”

That night, Leroy took the succubus every way an normal man could take a being of such lusty nature, and she gave herself willingly. And so, it went, on and on, until the third day since the beginning of their sexual intercourse, when Leroy said with his final breath upon the world of the living, “Are we in hell yet?”

To which Lilith answered with a sinister smile as she continued to ride him fiercely, “Oh, but, you’ll have to die before you get to hell, my Lord. Now, shh…”

Her giggles were the last thing he heard before he passed on, like the millions of souls that had gone before him since the dawn of time.

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