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Battinson/Catwoman Romance – Lick His Wounds


Dirty Ass fanfic by valucia

Bruce rode his batcycle through the lifeless cement tunnels. Though he was shielded from the rain, the heavy dampness hung in the air: inescapable. He arrived in the Batcave, parked his bike, and took off his mask, running a hand back through his hair, matted to his forehead with sweat. The black makeup he wore around his eyes under his mask made it hard for anyone to tell how tired or tortured he felt, including himself.

Alfred turned around from the map he was looking at on a table.

“Your guest is still waiting for you upstairs,” Alfred said lightly, his gaze aimed at Bruce over his reading glasses.

Bruce said nothing and appeared stony faced. This guest was an intensely private topic. He stepped into the Batcave’s Shower quickly and then put on a robe. He was not in the habit of walking through Wayne Manor in the Batsuit.

In the elevator on the way up, Bruce frowned skeptically to himself. Alfred had reached him out on patrol about half an hour ago.

“It appears a certain petite woman in all black is trying to enter your bedroom window. I take it this is nothing to be concerned about?” he had asked Bruce.

“Let her go in,” Bruce had replied in a low, gravelly voice.

He had known Selina for two years now. She had left Gotham City after the seawall flooding, but did return occasionally to start trouble. Rooftop kisses turned into Hot rooftop Sex followed by intense pillow talk. Selina was always tugging at his dark side, encouraging him to lose hope in Gotham and reopen the old wounds of his parents’ deaths.

But she could also be a fiercely dedicated seeker of justice, but only for her kind of justice. Over the years, she had become a better fighter. A more sophisticated detective. A valued confidant and partner who could understand how lost and lonely the world could be.

Bruce pushed open the door to his bedroom. The rain steadily drummed against the window panes. Only the source of light came from the city’s billboards and streetlights. He saw that she had made his bed for him before arranging herself on top of it. Her mask and gloves laid on the nightstand and she was curled up gracefully hugging a pillow. She lifted her head.

“I’ve been waiting for you,” she told him. Her dark eyes were lined heavily, like a feline Cleopatra. Her lips had a light frosted pink color to them. Her toasted almond complexion looked dewy, her expression erotic and slightly disdainful. “I would have thought you would respond faster to a security breach.”

Bruce took a few steps towards his bed and came to a halt. He wasn’t going to bother defending his security system or his response time to her. His amber-brown eyes, still partly surrounded by the smudged black makeup, just stared at her. What was she doing here? What did she want?

“Bruce, I know you’re still upset about that heist in Sicily. I’m not going to try to convince you that it was necessary. I promise no one will get hurt anymore,” she said, rolling on to her side and gently resting her palm against her hip, all of her body encased in black leather that looked like it was painted on. Half of Bruce’s mouth bent into a frown. He had heard that before.

“If you know I’m upset, I don’t know why you’ve come. You’ve never been over here before,” he said. He glanced around the room. He hadn’t cleaned it in days and wouldn’t permit Alfred to do it for him. This was a different setting– in his personal life– and she was here without an invitation.

“I heard about what happened yesterday,” she cooed. She elongated her arms and legs in a deep stretch and then blinked at him slowly. Her eyelashes waved slowly like a fan of peacock feathers. She always could look regal and intriguing, no matter what. “And I thought you would want to come home and lick your wounds…”

“I don’t–” Bruce began to stay sternly. But in a flash, Selina stood herself right in front of him. She took the securely-fastened belt to his dark robe and pulled it towards her as she stepped back in the direction of the bed. She pursed her lips and blinked innocently, like she felt sorry for him for feeling any resistance to her intentions.

“This is a hard life, Bruce… you need to take comfort from someone,” she whispered. They stopped at the edge of his bed and she pushed him backwards on to it. He looked at her disapprovingly, but she could see a glint of curiosity in his eyes. “There… there… you just lay back, baby…” she continued, caressing his face with her artful hands and their pale, witchy fingernails.

Bruce gave a silent sigh and looked away from her, but this didn’t discourage her in any way.

“Like I said, you need someone to help you lick your wounds,” she murmured while her fingers widened the opening of his robe and ran up and down his chest. There were several scars raised on his pale skin, on his tight pecs and abs. Selina gave him a look that told him he was going to object to her next move but she didn’t care in the slightest. She slowly brought her face close to his skin and let her tongue explore a jagged line of scar tissue.

Bruce’s skin had gotten cold in the walk from the Shower to his room. Now, goosebumps were rising all over his torso. Her warm tongue lapped up and down his scars while she blinked warmly, like a cat. He felt the beginning of arousal in the pit of his stomach. Should he just tell her to stop this? He should. He really should. But the only sounds in the room were the pattering of rain and the wet sounds of her tongue against his flesh. Her body heat soothed him.

“Does this help?” she asked innocently.

“It does help,” he agreed reluctantly. After another few seconds, he permitted himself to hold her face in his hands and start kissing her. He closed his eyes and moaned lightly as his tongue met hers.

Selina put his hands aside and held his face, more firmly than he had held hers. With his cheekbones held in place by her thumbs, she kissed him more deeply. Soon, her lips wrapped themselves around his tongue. She made a sensual sliding motion, sucking on his tongue and not allowing him to object. He groaned briefly and her thumbnails gently pressed into his cheeks. His tongue belonged to her.

Then, she smiled and started kissing his neck while her fingers started toying with his robe. Her hand was tantalizingly close to his cock. She probably thought she was driving him crazy, but he refused to get hard for her. He wasn’t sure how long he could pull this off, but he was going to hold out. She wasn’t the one in charge here.

“Oh, baby. You’re so stressed,” she said piteously. She rose and knelt on the bed, a knee on each side of Bruce’s torso. Her claws undid a small portion of her costume. She lifted a flap and let him see her smooth, bare Pussy. It had only the faintest trail of hair down the center. Her white, pointed fingernails expertly parted her Pussy lips and showed him her inner pink lips, glistening in arousal.

Bruce’s jaw tensed and his breathing became labored. But he made no move to stop her as she moved each knee further up the bed to hover over his face. He could smell her warm, sticky Pussy only inches from his face.

“I think you need something to lick, too…” she whispered in a kind voice. As she took her fingers away, trails of her juices clung to them. Bruce could feel savage arousal trembling inside him like an earthquake. His mouth started to water. He didn’t want to admit how badly he wanted her and hoped that she would force him.

His eyelids made his eyes glare at her, but she could see how his nostrils were flaring and his mouth did not look unwilling at all. Selina aimed her hips forward and lowered her Pussy on to his face. His tongue swiped up between her lips quickly and he grunted as he tasted her. He brought his hands up to hold her hips and help her grind on to his face, but she swatted them aside.

“Uht, uht, uht…” she scolded him with a wicked smile. Her own fingers guided her hip bones back and forth, dragging her soft Pussy up and down his tongue. Bruce’s eyes nearly rolled back in his head.

“Yes, yes, yes…” he thought, but would not make the words. Selina got into a rhythm, squatted down even lower, and let him feast on her. First, she let him lick and lick her clit. There was no way to conceal the wet smacking sounds or even the deep, fast groaning noises coming from his mouth and throat.

“Stick out that tongue… yeah, like that…” she instructed. She leaned forward and planted both hands on the bed to hold herself up while she lifted and lowered her slippery slit on to his eager tongue. Bruce hardly noticed when she started to adjust her position to reach back and find his cock. She delicately swept aside his robe and clutched his throbbing dick in her hand. Her mouth formed a delighted, smug smirk as if to say “I knew it.”

“Uhhhnnn…” Bruce groaned, even though he wanted to spew out several curses through clenched teeth. It seemed like all the blood in his body was pumping furiously into his cock. Her grip was just tight enough as she jerked him off. Selina moved down the bed again and hovered quite near to his cock.

He was starting to feel almost painfully hard. As she pulled his shaft up and down, his precum splattered a little bit on to her Pussy lips, closed and demure like a little peach. The sight was too erotic for him to show anything resembling restraint anymore. His hands grasped her perky little bubble butt and he pulled her closer to him.

Selina slinked down, closing the distance between their now Hot and hopelessly aroused bodies. It was a coy little dance. She liked to move languidly even if she was turned on so it wouldn’t look like she was dying for him to fuck her. Her tits, still clad in their leather bustier, were centimeters from his face.

“I’d offer you some tits, but I’m not going to be staying that long,” she teased. He didn’t even care. His mouth latched on to her nipple and he made a loud but muted moan. His cock aimed blindly above and when it finally found her slick, sweet entrance, he cried out furiously and pumped his cock inside her.

At first, she bounced happily on top of him with a boastful grin, but soon, she was desperately opening her legs wider and pushing down on him harder. She was gasping and panting. Her back was beaded with sweat.

Bruce had made Love to her before and he knew what she liked the best. He flipped them both over and raised her hips into the air, placing her head down on the bed. The muscles on his torso rippled with the effort of carefully, persistently guiding his cock inside her. He pulled her hips back against his and relished the slapping sound of his skin on her leather. He could see that Selina was clutching the sheets in front of her.

“OHho, OHho, AAAUGH!” she cried as she braced herself for climax. Bruce knew these sounds and went on, making sure his mushroom tip kept pounding her g-spot. The moment her screams got more high pitched, he knew it was okay to cum, too. They both let out some animalistic grunts and then went quiet.

Selina collapsed on to the bed, Bruce rolling beside her. Both were completely winded. It took a few minutes for either of them to gather their wits. Their minds were blown.

Bruce contemplated post-coital cuddling, but they hadn’t done it in a bed before. Then he saw that she was unzipping the rest of her costume and taking off her boots.

“I thought you weren’t staying long,” he quipped. Selina gave him a wily grin and cuddled up to him, now completely naked. He felt her nipples, hard as pencil erasers, against his chest.

“I still have things for you to lick…” she told him. She started to nuzzle his neck. The way she was cuddling him was meant to be more foreplay for round two, but her body stopped undulating and then they were both stroking each other’s face, arms, and back. They would definitely start fucking like rabbits again shortly, but for now, they were just two naked, grateful people holding each other inside, away from the dark and rainy city.

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