Letters: Something’s A Bit Queer 16 – Anal – Free Sex Story

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Brent’s apartment was downtown, not very far from the bar. Soon after arriving Brent retrieved both men a cold Miller Lite from the fridge. “So, was that chick at the bar really your girlfriend?”

“Well, I wouldn’t say girlfriend,” Scott began. “We live in the same apartment complex and not long after I moved in, I met Anna. She had been through a rather tough divorce and I had just broken up with my college girlfriend… and we sort of hit it off. Neither one of us were looking for a relationship or even Romance — just good Sex! So I guess you can say we were fuck buddies.”

So, you two are still hooking up?” Brent asked sipping on his beer. “I thought you were gay. What are you? Bi?”

Scott looked at him a minute trying to figure out where to go with it. “Actually she may be the reason I’m gay!” he joked taking a swig of the beer. “She pointed out this guy at the pool who she said was queer and had the hots for me. After she left to go to work, the guy made his move. I had never been with a man before. I was just looking to get my rocks off. Maybe a blow job. Next thing I know I’m back at his place sucking his cock and he’s fucking my Ass,” Scott answered.

“Damn!” Brent shot back. “That’s fucking Hot. So you still hooking up with her?” he kept on.

Truth was, Scott really didn’t want to talk about Anna. Since seeing her, he couldn’t get the image of her dressed in that black leather outfit off his mind.

“No, not really. We were all together a few days ago – me, her, that guy I mentioned and a T-gurl Marc introduced us to. We had a fucking party, the four of us. Marc, the guy I told you about, fucked me in front of her and it really turned her on. But no, I’m into guys now. Matter of fact…” he paused sitting his nearly empty beer on the table, as he made his way over to Brent “want me to show you just how into guys I am?”

“Sure,” Brent said with no hesitation. “Go for it!”

Scott knelt down and unsnapped Brent’s leather pants, pulling down the zipper and exposing Brent’s gorgeous cock. Unlike Scott, Brent wasn’t shaved, as Scott took the flaccid member in his warm hand, studying it before placing soft kisses on the head.

The crown of Brent’s cock was warm and smelled of leather as the young man placed it in his moist mouth. Scott had really come to Love the taste and texture of a man’s cock. The way it grew hard in his mouth.

Brent’s cock was slightly larger than Scott’s, perhaps six inches and thick and it swelled as he moved his mouth up and down on the shaft. Brent continued to drink his beer, holding the bottle in his right hand as his left steered Scott’s head.

Fuck, yea,” he groaned as Scott now pulled the leather britches further down his legs. “Let’s loose these,” Scott said without waiting for a reply. He bent down and untied Brent’s boots and removed them one at a time leaving the man in white socks. He then pulled the pants down each leg, then Free, taking them and tossing them to the side.

His prey was now naked from the waist down save the socks which stood in contrast to his tanned hairy legs. Scott held Brent’s balls with one hand as he moved his mouth up and down the shaft, letting his tongue glide over the soft pink head. Brent’s dick was now rock hard as Scott let it slip from his mouth and slide across his face leaving a wet coat of his saliva.

He took the member back in his hand, jacking it, as he stared back up at Brent.

“Suck that cock,” Brent moaned as Scott opened his mouth and plunged back on it, letting his lips wrap tightly around the shaft. He moved his head up and down, savoring the taste he had grown to Love. Scott let his hands wrap around Brent’s muscular thighs – sliding them up and down.

“I want you to fuck me. Fuck me please,” Scott pleaded looking up at Brent. “Get naked,” was Brent’s two word response.

Scott stood up and slid the leather briefs down his legs. Then removing his own boots, he slipped them off and his socks leaving just the black leather harness that he also removed from his chest leaving him completely nude standing before his new lover.

Brent slipped off the socks he had been wearing along with his own black leather harness and rolled a condom onto his hard cock. “Let’s go back to my bedroom,” Brent requested as the two had never made it out of the spacious den.

Scott walked down the hall toward the bedroom and quickly laid across the bed on his stomach as Brent removed a bottle of lube from the nightstand and slathered some on his hand as he moved it to Scott’s gorgeous Ass. He allowed his hand to dip between his Ass cheeks and he took a little and coated the rubber sheath. “You ready?” he asked.

“Please, I’ve been wanting this all night,” Scott begged.

Brent allowed his hard cock to slide between Scott’s cheeks as he lay across his back. Scott’s Ass eagerly accepted the invading flesh as it easily slid in. “Damn, that feels so fucking good. Your cock is filling me up. Yea, fuck me,” encouraged Scott as Brent pushed in, taking in that Hot Ass that pushed back.

“That’s right, take that cock, take it bitch,” Scott coaxed as he thrust harder and harder letting his abdomen slap loudly against Scott’s firm Ass.

Scott’s legs, bent at the knee, with his feet in the air, as Brent pounded into him.

“Give it to me, use that Ass. Fuck me,” he continued to encourage.

“Turn over on your back,” Brent ordered as he withdrew his cock. Scott turned over and pulled his legs up by his chest as Brent aimed his member back at Scott’s gaping hole. He moaned as the cock returned to his Ass, sliding in.

While Scott had topped a few guys himself since Marc turned him onto cock, including Marc himself, he loved being fucked. The feeling of a nice hard dick sliding in, filling him. Marc had called him a natural bottom and he was. He knew that. And while he was mindful he and Brent needed to be safe using a condom, Scott really loved it bareback.

That’s how Marc always took him. “Daddy” liked to breed his boy. Shooting his load deep into Scott’s bowels and he loved it. There was nothing compared to having Marc cum deep inside him and the feeling of his passionate kiss as the cum seeped out his Ass.

They were face to face as Brent worked his shaft back and forth. Leaning down he gently bit Scott on the shoulder, tasting the salty sweat forming on his soft skin. “Tell me before you cum,” Scott intoned. “I want it! I want to taste you.”

Brent kept up his rhythm, moving, pushing as he felt his Orgasm approaching. He pulled out and knee walked up to Scott’s head. “Open your fucking mouth,” he barked as Scott complied sticking out his tongue, eager to taste his warm load.

Jacking his cock, Brent let loose the first load across Scott’s face and then taking aim shot two more loads into his mouth, splashing against his tongue. Taking his finger he scooped the remnants of the first load and dipped it into Scott’s hungry mouth.

Scott took it, savoring the taste. “Damn, that was Hot man,” Brent confided.

Brent settled down beside Scott as the two rested for a minute. “That was some good shit man,” Brent sighed. Eventually Brent rolled over and allowed his hand to stroke Scott’s cock that began to swell in his hand. Now it was Brent’s turn to go down on Scott as he moved his head to Scott’s cock and allowed the head to slip between his lips.

Scott merely groaned as he moved his head into the pillow. Brent swirled his tongue around the head of the shaft. He jacked Scott’s cock as he bathed Scott’s balls with his tongue, allowing the sac into his mouth. Brent could sense Scott was close to Cumming and encouraged him as Scott began moving his hips up and down.

Brent clamped his lips firmly around the shaft as Scott released his load, bucking into Brent’s mouth several times before coming to a stop.

Brent was smiling, licking his lips, when he took his position next to Scott. “So, you staying the night or want me to run you back to the club?”

“You mind if I stay?” Scott asked.

“No, happy to have you. I’m gonna’ grab a water. Need anything?” Brent inquired.

“No, good here,” Scott replied.

Brent went into the kitchen and Scott reflected on the night. While the Sex with Brent was beyond Hot, he couldn’t get the image of Anna out of his mind. Those thigh high leather boots, the mini skirt and black leather bikini top. She was smoking Hot for sure. He’d never seen her look that way. She had told Brent she was Scott’s girlfriend. He hadn’t thought of her that way in the past — not really. But apparently she did — maybe still does? Turning over and facing the wall of the apartment, he closed his eyes — and wondered.

The sun once again lit up Vickie’s bedroom as Anna stirred in the bed. She looked over at Vickie whose eyes were tightly closed. Little breaths escaping between her plump lips as she continued to sleep. Anna simply looked on admiring how beautiful she was, even the first thing in the morning.

Vickie slowly opened her eyes seeing Anna’s steady gaze. “Are you watching me again? You were doing that yesterday!”

“I know. But you are so cute the way you breathe when you’re asleep. Just little baby breaths,” Anna gushed. “Stop it!” Vickie shot back.

“So what are we doing on our last day together,” Anna inquired.

“What makes you think I’m going to give you up,” Vickie shot back. “Have you given any more thought about coming to work for me?”

Anna looked at Vickie for a moment. “You think I’d be a good realtor?” she asked. “I think you would be awesome. You can work at the bar while you study for your license. We could use another manager,” Vickie answered.

“Yea, I think I’d like that,” Anna smiled. “Fantastic. What kind of notice do you need to give,” Vickie asked.

“Well, I have a couple, of weeks’ vacation coming to me and there’s been some downsizing anyway. Perhaps none. I’ll check tomorrow. Susan and I are pretty close and she does the scheduling.”

Vickie had already moved to the bathroom as Anna finished her sentence. A quick trip to the toilette and then the familiar whir of her electric toothbrush.

“So, you know what you haven’t done with me yet?” Anna said loud enough to be heard into the bath.

“What’s that?” Vickie inquired as she spit out the paste and rinsed.

“You’ve talked about fucking my Ass but you haven’t done that yet. I’m still an Anal virgin,” she smiled as she walked into the bathroom with Vick. “Well, we’ll have to fix that then, want we?” Vickie laughed.

As Anna took up a toothbrush herself, Vickie pulled a package out of the cabinet.

“This is a fleet enema. Clean yourself out real good, Shower if you like and come downstairs. I’ll see if Greg’s up and get him to make us some pancakes. You like pancakes?” Vickie asked.

Love them. Haven’t had any in a while but sure…” Anna replied.

“Great, see you downstairs.” With that Vickie was off leaving Anna to read the instructions on the package.

After giving herself the enema, she slipped into the Shower. The warm water felt great as it cascaded over her face, neck, and back. She simply let the warm water coat her face, wetting her thick blonde hair.

She was lost in her thoughts when the Shower door opened. “Greg’s downstairs getting breakfast ready and I thought I’d join you. I brought you a mimosa. Here, let’s shampoo your hair,” she said as she took a bottle off the shelf, coating her fingers and worked it into Anna’s wet strands.

Anna just let her head drop forward as Vickie’s fingers moved through her hair, lathering it as she massaged her scalp. It felt absolutely divine. The suds slipped down Anna’s back as Vickie allowed her body to slide against the young girl’s. Anna dipped her head under the Shower head wiping away the suds as she turned and faced her lover.

Their eyes met as Anna moved in and kissed Vick deeply, allowing her tongue to slide into Vickie’s warm wet mouth, their tongues doing a dance, lips sliding together. Vickie allowed her fingers to wander to Anna’s freshly shaved Vagina. She dipped in a finger, gently massaging her clit as Anna moaned her approval into her mouth.

Vickie pulled Anna back by her hair and looked deep into her eyes. “Yes, baby. I’m gonna’ fuck you today. Most of the day. I’m going to fuck you over and over and over. I’m going to take that virgin Ass. I’m going to make you cum harder… longer… than you have ever cum. I’m going downstairs. I left you a couple of things on the counter. There’s a plug I want you to slip into that gorgeous Ass of yours. That will get your little Ass ready to play. And there’s a set of nipple clamps. I want you wearing them when you come downstairs. That’s all I want you wearing. Those and your collar. I want to see your pretty little nipples adorning them as we dine together.”

Vickie gave another tug of her hair, pulling Anna’s head back further.

“Do you understand pet?” “Yes mam,” Anna meekly replied. “I am yours to use. To bring you pleasure. I belong to you,” she responded.

Vickie smiled. “Yes, you do. You are mine and I’m not done with you yet — not by a long shot,” she added.

Vickie stepped out, dried off, and went downstairs leaving Anna alone to absorb what lay in store. As she exited the Shower she saw the butt plug on the vanity. She had never used one before but she knew what it was. Vickie had set out some lube to allow the bulbous head to slide into her tight Ass.

She had selected a silicone tear drop plug for Anna. Dispensing with a small plug for beginners, she set out a medium plug 1 3/4 inches in diameter. Anna picked it up and marveled at how soft it was as she lubed up her back door with her finger and then worked the soft bulbous head into her Ass with the plug slipping into place filling her Anal cavity giving her a filled sensation.

She then pulled gently on her nipple and took one of the nipple clamps and fastened it in place. She gasped at first with the intense feeling. They were much stronger than they appeared. Taking the other nipple, she clamped it as well.

Anna looked in the mirror looking at the two clamps now hanging from her hardened pink nipples. She smiled as she took the leather collar from the counter and placed it around her neck. The cool black leather against the nape of her neck. She loved the look. A symbol of her complete submission to Vickie. She loved belonging to her. In just a few days she was closer to Vickie than any woman, any person, she had ever known. Not just a best friend, Vickie was her mistress. She owned her body and soul and she loved it.

Just as she was instructed, she went downstairs nude except for the collar and nipple clamps that adorned her beautiful body and the mimosa Vick had made her.

Entering the kitchen, she spied Greg at the stove flipping pancakes that he stacked neatly up on a plate on the counter. She walked straight over to him as he turned taking in her glorious body. Anna leaned into him and kissed him softly on the lips.

“Good morning master,” she cooed as she pulled away. Greg’s eyes were wide and he appeared somewhat taken back. “Well, that’s a fantastic way to start the day,” he shot.

Anna walked over to Vickie who was leaning against the kitchen wall, drink in hand, taking in the scene. Anna, with her mimosa still in hand, leaned into her mistress and kissed her as well. Their kiss lingered, soft, wet, lips moving together as Vickie let her tongue slip ever so softly, barely, into Anna’s. Stopping to trace gently over her lips, and then pulling back. Their eyes mating. “Good morning mistress,” Anna said softly.

“Good morning baby,” Vick replied back. “Hungry?”

“I’m hungry for your Pussy,” Anna replied. Vickie smiled and pressed her soft lips to her nose in a light kiss. “We’re gonna’ get to that but first Greg’s made all these delicious pancakes.”

“I think I’d rather feast on that juicy Pussy of yours,” Anna pressed.

Greg listened to the two lovers bantering. “Well, whether you two eat any any at all…they’re ready,” he offered.

The three decided to eat on the outside patio. Greg in his t-shirt and pajama bottoms, Vickie wearing a pretty yellow kimono robe, and Anna nude except the leather collar fastened around her neck and the two nipple clamps still hanging from each nipple.

“You may remove them now dear,” Vickie instructed as Anna removed each clamp leaving a hardened white nipple in their wake. She could feel the tingling sensations as the blood rushed back in, filling the little nubs. The plug still firmly imbedded in her Ass.

It was a delightful breakfast of eggs, sausage, and pancakes with fresh fruit and plenty of mimosas as the three basked in the morning sun. “Anna and I are going downstairs to play dear,” Vickie informed her husband. “I’m going to take her little Anal cherry today. Would you like to join us? You seemed to really enjoy yourself yesterday.”

“Would Love to if you two would allow a guy to join in,” he responded. “Oh, I think there’s enough of her to go around” Vick responded.

“We’re going to have your master … as you called him … join us,” she smiled looking over at Anna. “I would Love that mistress,” Anna answered. It wasn’t a lie. Anna was so Horny. The thought of them both using her made her tingle. Either that or the plug buried up her Ass.

Within minutes they were all downstairs in the Romper Room, the downstairs Sex room Anna had come to Love. “Why don’t you give your master another Blowjob like you did yesterday. He really liked that,” Vickie instructed.

Anna walked over to Greg. She knelt down on her knees and pulled down the pajama bottoms that he allowed her to remove altogether. Greg’s cock was already semi hard having stared at Anna all during breakfast. Greg’s head rocked back as Anna’s soft lips wrapped around his shaft. It was rare that Greg received a Blowjob from a woman. Usually it was another guy he met at the club outside of the occasional oral Sex he had with Vickie, but here he was getting head two days in a row from a gorgeous young woman. His Wife in the meantime was busy strapping on a cock. While she intended on fucking Anna’s Ass for the first time, she had to have that Pussy first. She selected a nine inch black cock that slipped into the harness.

She had also removed her robe leaving her naked except for the huge cock hanging from her strapon harness.

After lubing up the cock, Vickie had Anna assume a position on all fours as Greg slipped to his knees as well, feeding his hard dick to Anna who devoured it, allowing her tongue to wash over his cock and balls. Vick slipped the silicone member into Anna’s wet Pussy that eagerly accepted it. Anna loved the feeling as the cock moved in and out, back and forth as she sucked Greg’s cock.

Greg let his hands and fingers move through Anna’s soft blonde hair as she allowed his shaft to slide between her lips. The couple were using her body – mouth and Pussy and she loved it. She had never experienced a three way before — but it was awesome. Vickie pushing the cock back and forth in her Pussy while the plug was still embedded in her Ass.

“That’s it baby. Suck Greg’s cock, show me what a little slut you can be,” Vickie instructed.

Anna loved being called a slut. She felt like a slut — used like this. Greg removed his cock from Anna’s mouth and smeared the slick member over her face. “Stick out your tongue,” he commanded. Anna complied and he took his cock and slapped his cock against it and then rubbed the head against her soft lips before slipping it back inside her warm wet mouth.

In the meantime, Vickie continued ramming the large dildo in and out of her Pussy, filling it completely. Anna could feel some of her own juices running down her thigh as Vickie slammed into her Ass. She felt Vickie withdraw and stand up, signaling what was about to happen.

Vickie slipped the large cock out of the harness and selected a smaller 5 inch and thinner dildo to use for her Anal pleasure. The older woman then knelt back down and withdrew the plug. She squirt more lube between the cheeks of her Ass, and using her expert fingers, gently pushed and probed at her opening causing Anna to moan.

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