Lethal Lips – Erotic Horror

Dream Journal

June 6, 2023

To Whomever Finds This,

My story is a cautionary tale, so don’t get it twisted.

Sleep paralysis has been plaguing me since my teens. Not every night is torment, but it happens about once a month. Sometimes it’s just a terrible feeling of lucid helplessness; other times, I see things and feel things. Shadow people, the ghouls and gremlins of my mind, come to torture my body while I’m helpless. I labor to breathe while they press on my chest until I cannot breathe, smiling in delight at my fear of death. Other times, I feel their claws or teeth scrape against my face, gut, or groin as they threaten to tear me open. I wake up, often in a cold sweat, but in the same condition I was when I went to sleep. This was not one of those times.

The night I refer to was a month ago. I woke to semi consciousness, my body locked in stillness. Waiting for the normal shadowy tormentor to arrive, I was surprised to discover something different. At the foot of my bed, her head obscured by shadow, stood a nude woman. She was not particularly tall, but firm and muscular. Despite her slim, taught musculature, her breasts where ample and her ass was round and soft. She stood with one leg crossed in front of the other, further accentuating her wide hips. I had never seen such exemplary womanhood presented with such strength. Anxiously, I waited for the cruel twist, knowing these experiences were never pleasurable. I suppose there is a first time for everything.

Leaning forward, she placed her hands on my bed, and her face was plain to see in the moonlight. Ram’s horns, like those of a satyr, protruded out of her short, thick, brown curls. Large, yellow eyes focused on my immobile face. Her lips were her defining feature, as I had never seen anything like them. They were large, plump, thick dark pillows of flesh, like those of some silicon-enhanced porn star. Those lips formed a curled, wry smile that told me I was at her mercy. Scared as I was, I wanted her to fuck me. My heart beat like a war drum in anticipation of her body. I didn’t realize how hard my cock was until she ran her finger over it.

My blanket was pitching a tall tent. She giggled with delight, lowering her mouth upon it to give it a gentle, playful bite through the blanket. Her eyes never left mine, locked in a hypnotic stare that I could feel in my heart. Something deep inside me was stimulated, something primal and ethereal. For the first time, I could feel my soul under my flesh, writhing as if being gently tickled, and as surely as I could feel my essence, I knew she hungered for it.

She crawled up to my face, hovering over it with a surprisingly loving smile. Some of her hair dangled onto my forehead. She felt febrile, as if she had been laying in the hot sand of a beach in summer. Just as hot was her breath that I felt blow against my face. She ran her fingers over my face gently. “Handsome,” she whispered to me. That is one word I was not used to hearing often, yet she was clearly sincere. She looked happy, like a child admiring her birthday present. I felt loved, for whatever that is worth. Moreover, I felt in love with her as if I’d known her all my life.

Her glistening, pink tongue slid over each of her plump lips, as she lowered them onto mine. Lust washed away any lingering fears I suffered and I gave myself to her utterly. In the back of my mind, I knew this was just another night terror, but I was along for the ride now. Her lips were as soft as I prayed they would be, and they formed a tight seal around my gaping mouth. Her velvety tongue caressed mine. I nearly cried at my inability to caress hers back. The kiss became wetter as it went on. She pulled away, salivating and breathing heavily. With a gesture she whipped my blanket off of me, my cock remained rock hard.

With both hands she clutched my boxer briefs and tore them aside. It had been a long time since I had seen my dick that long, thick, and hard. She gazed at it hungrily, a thin rope of drool escaped her cushiony lip and gently drizzled over my sensitive cockhead, slowly dribbling down the shaft. I felt every sensation like never before.

She exclaimed something in a language I’ve never heard and raised her hands up towards the ceiling. I felt a warm glow of power in my paralyzed form. I felt my strongest and healthiest, despite my immobility. She pressed her fingertips upon the crown of my head, and it felt as if she was reaching under my skin. Seizing that glow of power, she pulled it down to my forehead, and then to my throat. My head felt numb, cold, and empty, but also euphoric, as if filled with heroin.

From my throat she pulled my energy down again to my heart. I felt a surge rush across my body and out to my limbs, and then suddenly collapse back into my heart to be dragged down just under my ribcage. My breathing deepened, and the night air filled my lungs as if I were breathing for the first time. When she pulled the swelling energy down to my stomach, my breathing slowed, but remained deep. In my stomach, the ball of energy she was gathering tensed my organs as if squeezing or shrinking them. From there on, the glow turned heavy and aqueous as she pulled it down one last time.

When the weight of energy reached my genitals, my balls began to grow. It was terrifying watching them swell, and it ached deeply. I cringed, wondering how much they could expand before exploding. When they stopped growing, they were the size of russet potatoes. They no longer hurt. In fact, they felt good, heavy, and tingling with the lifeforce of my body.

My body was numb, my sex organs were undulating with pleasurable sensations and virility. Precum formed on the head of my cock. Slowly, she touched her soft, wet tongue to the base of my hot sex organ, then ran her tongue all the way up to the tip, lapping up the sex juice. “Mmmm,” she moaned quietly, lowering her head.

Her lips gently massaged my gigantic, bloated testicles; then, her sopping wet tongue bathed them. It felt amazing, but it was also churning me, making me insane with desire. “Thank you for this meal,” she whispered reverently, but I didn’t know if it was to me or some dark god.

Famished, she clamped her uncanny lips around the base of my cockhead, rolling her tongue over the glans. The euphoria I felt doubled. My frozen mouth groaned with pleasure. Her lips still tightly sealed around my cock, she lowered them down the shaft, throating me without hesitance or discomfort. Like a machine, her head bobbed up and down on my throbbing, engorged dick, leaving it drenched in saliva. My balls twitched and a tingle spread to the root of my penis. I feared this glorious pleasure would be fleeting.

“Ahhh,” she groaned, lifting her head off of my swollen member. “I want to savor this moment.” I felt like my swollen balls were suddenly tied in knots. I wanted to cum so badly. The pressure mounted so highly that I fought against the stiffness and broke out of my paralysis. I reached down and grabbed her by the horns, pulling her face to my organs.

“Keep sucking,” I groaned.

She laughed with genuine amusement. “This will be your biggest, most satisfying orgasm ever,” she purred, “But not unless I’m in control.”

I whined in frustration. I was mad with lust, and if she wasn’t gonna have me, I was gonna have her.

Releasing her horns, I grabbed her tight waist as she sat up, hoisting her, and turning her around. Staring at her jiggling ass and glistening pussy, I wrapped my arms around her wide hips and pulled her gorgeous pussy to my mouth.

I gave the whole thing a big lick that made her coo with pleasure. I let my tongue glide over her silky, soft, wet, folds, savoring the delicious tenderness of the soft labia under my tongue. With longer, larger strokes of my tongue, I found her clit. I wrapped my lips around the little organ and sucked it gently, rolling my tongue around it as I did.

She couldn’t speak, just making guttural noises as I gave her a taste of her own medicine. I had never taken so much pleasure in eating a pussy, and that’s saying something. Time ticked away as I fed on her sex. Her juices coated my mouth and chin, and with a gorgeous grunt, her pussy spasmed with intense orgasm. She hollered “Oh, yes,” in complete bliss. I continued to lap lustfully as she came on my face. I wonder how many orgasms I could tease out of her, but she had other plans.

The hot wet, smoothness of her mouth seized my cock again. She sucked so hard it felt like tugging. It was too good, and my strength flowed away. I released her hips and fell back on my pillow, moaning with pure animal pleasure as she quickly brought me back to the edge, and at the height of that pleasure came a release so powerful that I saw stars. Her thick, bouncing ass cheeks were all I could see, so I could only feel what was happening below.

My dick throbbed hard as the first stream of my seed was squeezed out. It was followed by several more throbs, each one strong, but with less and less intensity. Her lips clung tightly to my shaft as she continued to draw on my dick, swallowing more semen than I have ever conjured in all my days. The pulsing finally died down and it was over, or so I wondered.

My penis remained rock hard, and she continued to suck. In my orgasmic daze, I began to realize something was different. My pulsing cock was gently pulsing in a long, even, orgasm, and semen was continuing to flow out of it. Not just a trickle, but a torrent. It was as if my dick was a straw for her to suck out my cream.

I was still too weak to speak or move, that cold numbness had washed over me again. It was as if I were nothing but sex organs now; they were all I could feel. The ecstasy that poured over me was like nothing I had ever experienced. My semen flowed, gently tickling me with pleasure as it did, and she just kept gulping it down. I barely noticed that the warm glow of energy she drew down into my balls was shrinking along with them.

She lifted her head up harshly with a gasp, as if she had to fight herself to do it. She slid off the side of the bed to her feet. She slapped her open palm upon my stomach, stemming the flow of energy; then, she pushed it up to my heart, throat, forehead, and crown. The numbness subsided, but not the weakness. Dizziness and an allover soreness replaced the numbness.

She leaned over my cock again and smiled. She clenched the base of it firmly with two fingers; then, she slowly choked up on the shaft, coaxing out one last pearl of my essence, and lovingly kissed it away.

She leaned over my face again, her nipples grazing my chest hair, and whispered to me sweetly.

“Most men do not survive one of my visits, you know, but then most men don’t eat pussy that well.”

She swung her big hips as she walked out the door. She added, “There will be no more shadow demons from now on. They would not dare cross me.”

Finding some reserve of strength, I muttered, “You’re just a dream, but you’re my favorite.”

She smiled sweetly and whispered, “I’ll be back for more.”

I woke in a pool of sweat, panting for air. The clock read 4:08 am. My balls ached and my dick was sore. An intense wet dream? I thought; but when I felt around, I realized my sheets were clean, soaked only in sweat.

I called out sick for work and slept most of the day. When I finally did get up, I went online for answers. The only clue I found was the word succubus.

You were told this was a cautionary tale and then I described the best sex of my life, but there is a catch. In the bathroom mirror, I noticed something I had never seen before. I had gray hair coming in. I was a little young for that, but I soon realized why. A succubus drains the life of their victims. It’s the ultimate honeytrap. And in case you’re the type that thinks you can do it once, lose a few golden years, then never again, I can tell you from experience that you’re dead wrong. I don’t know how many encounters with her I can survive, but it doesn’t matter. I cannot wait for the next. I’m hooked, and my fate is sealed.

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