Lara Croft and a Kiss for Mummy – Celebrities & Fan Fiction

Trying something a little different for this one, hope you all enjoy and feel free to opinion or email me.

Lara Croft stood looking down into the chasm cut by the raging river over centuries and could make out the odd rock formation her contact had told her about. The river ran deep and wide until it dropped over a hundred feet right here. The huge rain a month ago had caused an early melt in the mountains here resulting in a flash flood that probably accelerated the erosion now revealing a circular stone that had to be man-made and probably covering an opening. The temperature here was actually quite cold from the rushing water and the sun mostly behind the high peeks making Lara’s nipples harden on her own high firm peaks.

The climb down into the chasm was slow going even for experienced climber Lara, taking her half the day and getting her fairly dirty. Once at the bottom she discovered that not only was the water fairly deep it was bone chillingly cold and moving way too fast for her to wade or swim across. Lara stood there getting slowly drenched from the cold spray of the waterfall thinking. Her hairs became soaked and drops of water were running down her face. Her clothes, now water logged clung to her curvaceous shape. While she was enjoying the sensation of the water her glancing around brought her attention to the various vines crisscrossing the chasm and in a move straight of a movie she knew how to get across the river. After climbing part way up the nearly sheer wall the adventurous woman got to a vine that looked firmly attached at the other side and with no hesitation cut it with her bush knife and began to swing over to the opposite side. Lara’s idea worked but since the vine was attached to the high wall of the chasm she now risked life and limb as she fast approached the looming chasm wall. Letting go her momentum carried her towards the side she wanted and as she fell she struck and grabbed at several other vines, breaking her fall and finally dropping her roughly near the circular stone. The landing took the wind out of Lara, leaving her nearly breathless, on her back and with several scrapes.

As she waited for her breath to return Lara stared up at the stone and could see a crack and a missing chunk at about the eleven o’clock position. Picking herself up Lara found cracks and rough spots to use as hand holds and climbed the twelve feet up the stone. The missing chunk gave her about a four inch opening into a chamber behind the stone. She took a bundle of three high power glow sticks that were tied together, snapped them to activate the glow and dropped them through the opening. Peering in she could definitely see a large chamber with easily identifiable man-made stone work. “Ok stone, you and I need to come to an arrangement. I need you to fall over. I mean you have to be tired after standing her all these years right?” Lara talked outload as she stared at the stone thinking, but suddenly her balance shifted. The rock had moved slightly and gripping the small opening she realized her weight was all it was taking. She reached out and grabbed a vine as the stones lean quickened sending it into the river.

Lara let go the vine and dropped down at the newly reveal chamber opening. Picking up the glow stick bundle Lara held it high and sauntered in like she was checking in at a hotel. The chamber was probably an entry room at some point but the ravages of time had seen fit to all but ruin it, but at the far end was arched opening that was bricked up and what looked like a seal melted to the bricks. “Oh good, that is a sure sign this place is undisturbed and probably cursed but hey, no risk no gain.” Her strong practiced hands moved over the seal as if it was a lover, the dirt and grime coming off revealing the seal to be gold. “Oh my, well, can’t have this getting damaged when I break in the bricks soooo.” From her belt she took out a multitool and after a few seconds of prying she had the seal in hand and was slipping it into a satchel when there seemed to be a low moan of a sound echo through the area. Lara glanced around “that’s probably nothing to really worry about I suppose.”

With the gold seal safely wrapped in a rag and slipped into her satchel Lara paused to look around for something to smash the bricks open. Her trained eye caught the fact that the bricks were very close together, not like you normally see, with the nice cement separating them, no these were merely stacked. She gave them a good push and sure enough the bricks tumbled inwards falling to the stone floor beyond and scattering. “They probably believed the seal held in whatever is inside.” Stepping over the scattered bricks Lara got another surprise as one by one torches suddenly began to light. The ancient torches were hung from the walls every ten feet or so on each side of the wide corridor that stretched out for what appeared to be hundreds of feet ahead. “Oh see, now that just gives me a really bad feeling.” Lara took the first torch out of its holder and found the flame had no heat. “A really bad feeling.”

Lara walked down the torch lit corridor for a few minutes finally coming to a very well-lit grand chamber. The room was as large as a ballroom with several tall columns supporting the arched ceiling. Everywhere the torch light was reflecting off gold items. Statues, plates and goblets along with coins and gems reflected the flickering torch light. Along the walls in slightly depressed niches stood half dozen stone sarcophaguses of a rather plain design. In the center of the room opposite the stairs atop which Lara stood was a seventh sarcophagus gilded in gold and adorned with colorful paint.

Lara skipped down the steps like a college girl on her way home almost not realizing how clean the room was, not to mention the almost electrically charged atmosphere. Then she realized there was a fragrant scent as well, something familiar, it invaded her nose and lungs, leaving a warm feeling and an almost aphrodisiac sensation. Making her way to the ornate center sarcophagus she now could see the colorful paintings on it were of women engaged in numerous sexual acts. “Oh it looks like I have found the fucking queen of…. Well, fucking.” Lara knelt and lifted the lid of a small chest, inside of which were several perfect replicas of a male genitalia. Some in gold, others carved from numerous smooth precious stones. There were items she instantly knew were anal probes and anal plugs.

Lara felt warm, very warm, and she sensed the fragrance in the room was to blame. Her body was enjoying it, her nipples were hard and erect, pressing out through the tank top. She squinted a bit and felt her body spasm a little as her loins began to throb and swell. “Oh fuck I am such a horny bitch today. Well queen of nymphos let’s see if we can get a look at you.” The now over stimulated tomb raider pulled one of her pistols and simply shot the two clasps locking the lip shut. Holstering her huge weapon as the two shots echoed in the room she grasp the lid and shifted it to the side revealing a mummified body that was almost 7 feet tall. The simple cloth wrappings had dried and were fully covering the obviously female form. The skin was a medium brown but old, wrinkled and dry. One breast and nipple could be seen showing Lara the woman was probably quite a sight to behold in her day. Gold jewelry was still on the mummy and one piece caught Lara’s eye. A gold medallion was just peeking out from the wrappings, on a thick chain hanging from her neck and laying between the still impressive breasts. Lara reached up and touched it.

The eye lids shot open behind which nearly perfect dark eyes now stared. Lara gasp out loud as one of the mummies hands grabbed her around her neck and lifted her off her feet. Before Lara could grab one of her pistols the mummy stared into her eyes, its lips parted revealing a mouthful of perfect teeth as a pale purple cloud was exhaled catching her full in the face. Lara’s body went slack instantly, her arms and legs hung limp but she felt the rest of her body shift into overdrive. Her pulse quickened and her breathing became almost panting. If she felt aroused before then this was a hundred times more. Her head was spinning as she fought to either fight or fuck.

“Now let’s have a kiss shall we?” The words hissed from dry parched lips but very understandable. Lara had no way to fight nor did she really want to. The mummy lifted her to her lips and kissed Lara, a somewhat dry tongue pushing its way into her seemingly eager mouth. Lara found she couldn’t close her eyes and watched as the mummy French kissed her deeply, the tongue feeling very warm and moist now. Before her eyes the mummy’s face appeared to become less wrinkled, less worn. Larta felt the lips kissing hers now wet and supple. The mummy’s free hand first tore the tank top from her body, followed by the sports bra, her large firm breasts now exposed. The mummy obviously had a sort of super strength because a hard tug and Lara’s belt broke, then her shorts tore leaving her in just socks and boots.

The tall mummy sat Lara on the edge of a stone table, released her neck and grabbed her on each side of her waist. “Now I will devour you, making myself whole again and making you my slave.” She lifted Lara up so her legs went over her shoulders, one to each side of her head and so Lara’s swollen wet pussy was right there at her lips. Lara felt her upper body fall back and get caught. Then she felt it biggest longest tongue ever,slip between her labia and into her throbbing pussy. A long guttural moan escaped her lips as her captor drove the tongue ever deeper.

Lara felt no concern or danger, only lust and an ache to be taken by this goddess. The mummy began to moan a bit, like a person would as they got their first taste of a delicious meal. Lara felt like she was being fucked by a long cock that could bend to fit deeper than any had ever gone. Her body was tense, increasingly tense as an orgasm built. She felt hot and tingly, not to mention the incredible head rush she was feeling from being upside down. Then everything changed.

The mummy sucked her clit into her mouth as her tongue still wiggled deep inside her all the way to her womb. Lara arched her back a bit and shook as her orgasm began. The mummy moaned and hummed, her lips sucking and chewing as if she really was devouring Lara starting at her throbbing pussy. Drool from the mummy as well as her own juices now ran down her belly and chest as her own drool coated her face. All Lara could seem to do was moan and grunt, her limp arms dangling and her fingers brushing the floor. The strongest orgasm she ever felt hit her hard, her pussy now gushing and soaking both her and the mummy. The assault continued with more munching sensations combined with what had to be a three foot tongue buried so deep Lara wondered it would come out her own mouth soon. Lara’s world went suddenly dark as she blacked out.

As Lara regained consciousness she found herself draped over a half scale gold horse statue. She almost couldn’t think as new sensations bombarded her. Her ass was on fire as something felt like it was growing longer inside her. “Oh good, you’re back with me. I do hope you enjoy the torment as my whip of submission worms its way through your body bringing you new and very exciting sensations of both pleasure and pain. As this happens I will continue to devour your very life essence finally taking you fully and making you my first of many slaves.” Lara feeling the whip pulsating as it wiggled inside her ass grunted, then after a slight spasm of pleasure “Bitch please, if this is the best you have you should know I have had better dates with your mother.” The mummy goddess grinned and slapped Lara’s ass several times, each hard slap bringing forth a yelp of pain and pleasure from her captive and reddening her ass cheeks. Lara grunted a low animal sound as the goddess began a new assault with her tongue. The thing felt almost white hot as it squeezed into Lara’s cunt, filling it like nothing else ever had.

The mummy’s tongue felt hot, slick and alive as it filled every bit of Lara completely into her womb. The sensations began to completely overwhelm her with a renewed orgasm. The whip began to pulsate like a vibrator and felt like it was almost completely through her body now, it churned her stomach, then higher. Lara nearly passed out as it snaked up her through finally emerging from her mouth. Lara felt her life forces being absorbed by the tongue filling her so completely. The orgasmic wave washed over her making her entire body tremble as she began to moan and cry out in a long continuous sound. Juices exploded from her stuffed pussy, washing down her toned inner thighs as her captor drank greedily. Hardly able to breath Lara closed her eyes and enjoyed every earth shattering moment as she came.

Lara felt the mummy remove her tongue slowly, almost as if she wanted to get every last drop of her. The whip remained, its tip slithering over Lara.s cheek, then as if it meant to finish her encircling her neck. Lara felt a burning sting as it tightened, then it was done, the whip releasing and wiggling its way back through her body letting her have just that much more pleasure before finally exiting her ass. “It is done, you are now by slave for all of eternity. Kneel before mistress Contesa.” Lara slid off the horse statue and found that she had free will, didn’t feel any need to worship Contesa other than the purely fantastic sex. Lara looked at the mummy, reached and began to remove the fragile wrappings to expose more of the gorgeous smooth tanned skin hidden beneath. “Stop this slave, kneel, I order it.” Lara reached a hand up to Contesa’s beautiful face, touched her perfect skin and looked deep into those dark eyes.

“Contesa darling, whatever magic you used to have over people is gone. Or doesn’t work on me, but that doesn’t me it’s the end of the world love. I am a very well to do woman and between you and me we can make some really beautiful magic in this world.” Contesa stared down into Lara’s eyes, a little surprised and unsure until Lara leaned and latched onto one of her nipples. “Little one, yes, your offer might just be a beautiful arrangement.” Lara sucked hard tasting a delicious sweetness that she couldn’t withstand, couldn’t stop drinking. “Yes little one drink, drink of my milk and let us go forth into this new world and make of it what we will.”

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