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“What’s our status, Joker?” Jane Shepard asked, standing with her arms crossed behind her back, watching as the nose of the Normandy lifted up, with the dock eventually coming into sight.

“Lined up and ready. Just give the word, Commander, and I’ll land this bird with an accuracy that would make a marksman jealous,” Joker replied, not in the least bit shy about highlighting his talent behind the holographic control panel.

“I think Jeff means that we will land the ship without difficulty,” EDI amended, swaying her crossed leg gently as she gave the green light to the control tower to enable the docking procedure.

“Did I?” Joker scratched his beard innocently, bringing the engines to a full stop when the Normandy came within a few metres of the magnetic clamps, using the reverse propulsion system to guide the ship into position, unsurprised when the loud thuds against the outer hull marked yet another perfect landing.

“You both have put in more than enough work this past week,” Jane replied diplomatically, before Jeff got into yet another bickering match with the Normandy’s former on board A.I., “a bit of shore leave will do the both of you some good. We all need to recharge after that mission.”

“Technically, Shepard, this mobile platform is capable of sustaining a prolonged battery life using the kinetic motors located in the thigh joint– “

“It’s a figure of speech, EDI,” Jane corrected with a smile, “I just mean that we have some time to unwind. Maybe you and Joker can take a trip over to Purgatory. Or you could book a room for the duration of our stay, if you want to relieve some stress in a slightly more physical manner.”

“Ha-ha,” Joker rolled his eyes, tapping a switch that caused a small compartment beneath the main console to pop open, which contained his crutches, “I think I’d prefer not to get my pelvis broken in two. Besides, there’s a few upgrades I want to buy for the Normandy, one of the advantages that comes with having the company credit card.”

“As long as you don’t go too crazy,” Jane smirked.

“And what about you?” Joker asked, shuffling himself out of his seat, resting the pads of the crutches under his arms. “Touring a Krogan battle cruiser isn’t exactly what I call a good use of shore leave. Some of those old clunkers date back centuries, and the Krogans will spend hours going on about the battles it fought in, who used to be the captain before one of the many mutinies that have taken place.”

“Well, the Alliance has made it clear that they want us to take every opportunity to improve relations between our potential allies and ourselves. Letting a Krogan Shipmaster take me on a tour of his ship is just a small part of that,” Jane shrugged, though Joker didn’t spot the small red tinge that appeared on her pale cheeks when she imagined what precisely the tour would entail.

“Well, I’d rather it be you than me, I don’t want to spend hours on end having every bullet hole pointed out and explained,” Joker said, planting the rubber feet of the crutches down, swinging himself towards the doors. “Now if you ladies will excuse me, I’ve got a date with a set of fusion couplings.”

“Keep an eye on him, EDI,” Jane asked once Joker departed through the decontamination chamber, “he’s going to end up breaking another bone through sheer excitement alone.”

“My sensors will be firmly honed in on Jeff, Shepard,” EDI nodded, shutting down the last of the Normandy’s non-vital systems. “And Shepard?”

“Yes, EDI?”

“I have taken the liberty to gather up at least six terabytes of data pertaining to Krogan physiology that you might find relevant,” EDI tilted her head, presenting a smile that Jane could have sworn was a coy one. “It includes an abundance of information relating to their mating habits. For example, a Krogan male’s sexual organ can range anywhere from eight to twelve inches in length, and up to three inches in diameter.”

“EDI, remind me to block you from being able to access by Extranet search history,” Jane paled.

“Duly noted, Shepard,” EDI acknowledged.


Shepard arrived at the docking bay that contained the Might Of Tuchanka, a relic from a time when the Krogans were a true military force to be reckoned in the galaxy, rather than the hired muscle they had become known as since the deployment of the genophage.

The ship was close to a hundred meters longer than the SR2, with a more blatant focus on heavy weaponry and reinforced armour plating, designed for brutal ship to ship warfare rather then stealth. Though its main colour scheme consisted of a deep bronze, it wasn’t hard to spot the layers of paint that showed through in spots where the ship had sustained heavy damage, with each colour representing the clan of the former captains.

Jane stared up at the ship with a certain degree of respect, astounded that it had somehow managed to stay in one piece despite the exhaustive efforts that had gone into its repairs over the centuries. There were sections where the entire outer layer of the ship’s decks had been replaced, with weld scars and misaligned rivets adding to the severely asymmetric look of the Might Of Tuchanka. Even the individual rear engines appeared to be mismatched, with each one having been produced by different manufactures.

But it wasn’t the exterior that Jane was interested in. She had been truthful to Joker when she gave her reason for the visit, with Alliance brass expressing their desire to craft an amicable relationship with the newly revitalised Krogans. Such a desire mainly consisted of trade deals, usually focusing on weapons shipments and supplies of replacement parts for their ancient hardware. In return, the Alliance would be granted safe access through Krogan controlled territory, allowing for greater access to planets that remained untapped of their minerals. There was even a direct line with Urdnot Wrex, with Jane having vouched for his reliability as an ally and a leader that could keep the Krogans in line.

Jane had every intention on inspecting the Krogan ship, out of an interest stemming from her captaincy of the Normandy. However, that didn’t fully explain her decision to forgo the wearing of her traditional dress uniform. Instead, Jane had opted to wear the fashionable black leather dress that had been given to her by Kasumi for their infiltration of Donovan Hock’s private party, an outfit that hugged her enviable figure to the fullest, contrasting with her pale skin. A pair of thin straps running over her shoulders were the only things holding the upper section against her sizeable bust. A thin, fashionable choker ran across her thin neck, a trend she had picked up from Miranda. She stood in a pair of tall black heels, which did little to bring her height anywhere close to that of a Krogan.

It was one of the rare occasions where Jane had decided to wear make-up, choosing a smokey atheistic that enhanced her emerald coloured eyes and high cheekbones. Her choice of lipstick enhanced her already full lips, providing her with a look that exuded seduction. Her glossy red hair had been freed from its typically tight bun, letting it sweep down to her exposed shoulders, resulting in a highly feminine appearance that would have made her entirely unrecognizable to her crew, apart from the Spectre issued pistol that sat against her hip.

Her appearance was by no means overly risque, it wouldn’t have seemed out of place at Flux or any of the other high end clubs that could be found on the Citadel. But even Jane would have struggled to justify the look to anyone who inquired about it, with it being far from appropriate on a ship that was built for unadulterated warfare. The dress itself sent a very specific message, an implication that Jane was very much aware of.

The hatch door hissed open, blowing out a pressurised fog as it popped open. With a deep groan emitted by the old gears, the door slid open and allowed a small ramp to extend out towards the docking ramp. A set of heavy thuds could be heard from within, growing more prominent with each one, loud enough to resonate in Jane’s chest. Suddenly, the unmistakable silhouette of a particularly large Krogan appeared in the frame of the door, with the glow of the Citadel dock’s bright floodlights illuminating his battered armour.

“You Shepard?” the Krogan asked, staring down at the significantly smaller human.

“That depends, are you Captain Krach?” Shepard countered, feeling herself growing flustered as the Krogan assessed her. And from the way his eyes occasionally paused on certain sections of her body, she was sure it wasn’t just her weapon that he was inspecting.

“Hmm, you’re not exactly what I was expecting, where’s your armour?” Krach inquired.

“Given that this is meant to be a friendly inspection, I decided to wear something a little more… informal,” Jane explained, holding back a shiver as Krach’s orange eyes very clearly landed on her exposed cleavage.

“Human customs I guess,” Krach shrugged, waving his thick arm at Jane, moving back into the ship. “Come on then. I’ll show you what the Krogans are packing.”

Jane dashed across the landing ramp and followed Krach inside, joining him at his side. What struck her almost immediately was just how dark the inside of the ship was, with only a series of red fluorescent tubes running along the edges of the control deck’s ceiling providing a meagre amount of light. From what she could see, the deck was far more cramped and haphazard compared to the Normandy, with wires criss crossing across the grated floor and monitors hanging from the dark walls. As they moved deeper into the ship, Jane found herself regretting her choice of footwear, with the heels occasionally managing to get stuck between the grates, requiring her to steady herself against the gigantic body belonging to her host.

“Magnificent, ain’t it? ” Krach said pridefully, crossing his arms as he stared at the expanse of the deck. “This is what a warship is meant to look like, you can just smell the musk of the Krogans crew members that have occupied it over the centuries. It shows its scars, unlike the likes of the Destiny Ascension.”

“It’s certainly… unique,” Jane replied politely, jumping out of the way as a fountain of sparks poured out from one of the open floor panels, with a Krogan engineer buried amongst the mass of exposed wires and cables as he carried out his repairs, “but it must be a nightmare to keep it in working order. I know the Normandy can be a hassle on occasion.”

“Some of the computer systems go dead after a while if they overheat, the life support system has been known to malfunction on occasion, but that’s nothing a bit of Krogan determination won’t fix!” Krach boomed with laughter, guiding Jane into the bowels of the ship, wrapping an arm around her thin waist to better support her.

Krach took Jane from deck to deck, giving her an in depth tour of everything the ship had to offer. He paid particular attention to the rows of heavy cannons and turrets that flanked the port and starboard sides, making a point of showing off the kind of damage they could inflict upon any enemy cruisers they happened to come across. Even Jane was forced to concede that the Might Of Tuchanka could pack a punch, though that didn’t stop her from believing that the ship was anything more than a mobile weapons platform.

Their exploration the drive core was cut short by a breach in the coolant coils, requiring an immediate repair by the skeleton crew that had remained on board. With half of the ship still in a desperate state, with Krach’s crew spread out across the Citadel in search of viable parts and components, the only place left for Jane to see was the Captain’s quarters, located at the lowest deck on the ship, hidden away by a pair of Tomkahs that had been stored away for potential ground based missions.

“And finally, we come to my sanctuary!” Krach grinned.

Krach slammed his fist against the control panel on the door frame, letting the warped door grind open, not quite completing its opening cycle when it became wedged against the housing. Displaying his physical strength, Krach pressed his palm against the door and grunted when he pushed it open, brutally creating a wide enough gap to allow them to enter inside.

It came as no surprise to Jane to discover the cabin in a similar dishevelled state as the rest of the ship, windowless with the exception of a single, grime smothered porthole. Rows of benches took up what little space was available, each of which was occupied by a wide range of weapons, each in a different state of development. A set of claymores had been disassembled, surrounded by a number of mods and attachments, each ready to be modified to suit whatever degree of bloodlust Krach was in the mood for.

Plates of armour were scattered around the floor, each of which had been hand painted to match the colouring of Krach’s own battle armour, along with dozens of ammo chests that had been stacked against the walls. Nestled between an array of thick pipes running from the floor up to the walls and ceiling was a large, heavily reinforced bed, with an indentation of Krach’s large form located near the centre.

“This is probably one of the most fortified areas currently on this station,” Krach boasted, lifting up one of his modified claymores, posing with it as he cocked the barrel, “some of these guns aren’t even legal in Council space. If this ship ever gets boarded, I have enough ammo stored in here to let me hole up for an entire week.”

“Impressive,” Jane nodded, taking a few steps towards Krach, until she was close enough to reach a hand up to the heavy shotgun. She traced her fingernails along the cool steel, feeling the countless scratches and dents that lined it, evidence of its extensive use on the battlefield. “When Alliance Command told me about you, I assumed that you were just an ordinary ship captain. I wasn’t expecting you to have had face to face combat experience.”

“No Krogan can call himself a true captain unless he’s rammed his ship into another and boarded it. Hell, there’s a rifle in here somewhere that I took as a trophy when I put down a captain of a Silarian pirate vessel,” Krach shrugged, pointing his thumb in the direction of a pile of weapons stuffed inside of an old locker, “not much use to me though. I don’t exactly have the patience for aiming.”

“Really?” Jane lit up, tracing one of her hands down her body, until it touched the pistol resting on her side. “Is it a cultural thing? To defeat a rival captain in battle and claim a trophy for your collection?”

“Nah, most Krogans aren’t too fond of the idea, trophies can add too much weight, hinders the ability to charge at the enemy you see. But I’m the sentimental type, I like the idea of having evidence of my conquests,” Krach explained, following Jane’s hand with his intense gaze. “Why d’you ask?”

“I just find the idea fascinating,” Jane replied, feeling yet another tremor run through her body when Krach levelled his gaze back up to her emerald orbs, “the idea of conquering an opposing ship captain, making them submit to your will before claiming something that belongs to them as a prize.”

“Fascinating, that’s a good word for it,” Krach agreed, again placing his hands against Jane’s waist, squeezing just enough to earn a sensual sigh from her, “I suppose it’s a foreign concept to you Alliance types. You have too many rules and regulations, sometimes you just need to trust your quad and do what you want.”

“I agree, I imagine there’s no feeling more powerful than to see an equal of yours submit, to witness them finally acknowledge your might?” Jane purred, feeling Krach’s large hands roll across her waist and down to her curvaceous rear. She rose up onto her toes and brought herself just high enough to be able to whisper into Krach’s ear. “To listen to her moaning helplessly as you fuck her senselessly?”

“Heh, I knew as soon as I saw you standing on the dock that you weren’t looking for a quick tour,” Krach laughed, squeezing Jane’s buttocks with his fingers, almost lifting her out of her heels as he elevated her a few inches off the ground, “all prettied up. Was the famed Commander Shepard looking to get reduced to little more than a Varren bitch in heat?”

“Yes!” Jane admitted with a hiss, quickly realising that Krach had rolled the leather skirt up high enough to expose her silk thong.

“I’m not surprised, it doesn’t matter how decorated a human female is, she’s still a slut to her core,” Krach said, running his finger along the outline of Jane’s slit, smirking when he felt her moving her body against it, “even the mighty Shepard can’t resist the need to get railed by a Krogan. Isn’t that right?”

“Yes! I-I’ve heard so many different stories about human women hooking up with Krogans over the years. But at a certain point I didn’t just want to read about it, I wanted to experience it!” Shepard confessed, feeling her body reacting to even the slightest tease of Krach’s finger. “When the Alliance made the suggestion to improve relations, I just couldn’t throw away the opportunity!”

“Mmm, and I get to be the first Krogan to add Commander Shepard to my list of conquests,” Krach salivated at the wondered of it, spurring his finger on further.

“You will!” Jane replied in a needy tone, desperately hoping the Krogan wouldn’t tease her for too long.

“Then what’s the delay? I want to get started as soon as possible!” Krach pushed Jane away from him, creating enough distance to allow him to grab the leather dress with his hands, easily tearing it off of Jane’s body, leaving her clad in just her heels and lingerie. “Perfect!”

Krach lunged over to Jane and renewed his fondling, roaming his hands across her body as if he intended to memorize every curve. Just as he did with the dress, Krach quickly ripped Jane’s silk bra and panties off, until nothing was left to prevent him from lowering his head down to her breasts. His rough tongue ran across her globes, with the Krogan making sure that he didn’t leave an inch unmarked.

Meanwhile, Jane blindly worked her fingers along the edges of Krach’s crotch plate, struggling to find out how to release the thick straps that held it in place. It took just a few attempts before she felt the main strap, which she promptly wrenched aside, allowing Krach’s warm cock to burst free, slapping satisfyingly into Jane’s open palm. Without thinking, Jane let her hand slide along the base of the shaft, using the pre-cum that had formed as a lubrication, enabling her to move her hand with barely any friction.

“God, it’s so hot,” Jane breathed, able to feel the heavy throbbing against her fingers, something that only bolstered her desire to feel it inside her. Her copper red hair rolled down her back with each turn of her head, prompted by Krach’s explorative licking. “It looks so much bigger in person.”

“You ain’t seen a Krogan cock unless you’ve witnessed with your own eyes, not on a computer monitor,” Krach added, again grabbing Jane’s body with possession glimmering in his orange eyes, “and you haven’t experienced it to the fullest until you’ve had it buried inside you. Is that what you want, Shepard? To become nothing more than another addition to the list of lifeforms I’ve conquered?”

“I do, please!” Jane replied fervently, mewling uncontrollably when Krach’s cock rose up, high enough for it to brush against her labia, smearing his pre-cum against her dripping sex.

Krach dropped his hands to the back of Jane’s thighs and lifted her into the air, grinning when her long legs wrapped around his armour plating. It gave him a feeling of power unlike anything he had ever felt in all his centuries as a Shipmaster, to have Commander Shepard of all women begging to receive his manhood, offering herself without the slightest hint of hesitation. She wasn’t the first woman he had claimed — having had more than enough experience with jumped up Asari mercenary leaders and Matriarchs who wondered a little too highly of themselves — but she was absolutely heads above any of them. The hero of the Citadel and a Spectre to boot, with a beauty even Krach had to recognise, ready and waiting for him to add her to the countless notches on his bunkpost.

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