King of Queens Carrie Hotwife Ch. 01 – Celebrities & Fan Fiction

(Author’s note: This story went a little long, so I broke it up into two parts, enjoy.)

Carrie got the phone call from Doug about 9am Sunday morning, the day after her visit to the Club with Deacon, Ernie and Davis.

“Good news, bad news, babe, which do you want to hear first?” Carrie heard her husband’s cheery voice say.

Sunday mornings at the Heffernan residence were usually a laid-back, sleep-in type of affair, and this Sunday morning was no different. Carrie was still lying semi-comatose in bed from the evening before, when Doug’s call came in and she was barely able to reach the phone next to her bed before it stopped ringing.

“Hhuulllo?” Carrie mumbled out a response.

“Hi babe, the doctor just left my room and gave me some good news and some bad news. Which do you want to hear first?” Doug repeated.

Not quite focusing on the conversation just yet, Carrie sat up in bed and mumbled again, “Hhuuhh, wwhaatt?”

“What’s the matter babe? Are you okay?” her husband sounded concerned.

“No…no…no……. I’m okay, just still asleep was all.” Carrie slowly started coming around.

“Oh, my bad, sorry honey. Do you want me to call ya back later?” Doug sounded hurt.

“No, no, no, I’m up……I’m up……let’s see, uh, good news or bad news, right? Uhhh, I’m still a little buzzed from last night, so, give me the good news now and save the bad news for later……much later.”

“OK, good news, the doctor just checked me out this morning and said he wants me to continue my physical therapy…….FROM HOME. Ha! Finally getting outta here and coming back home. They’re discharging me tomorrow morning!”

Doug’s voice sounded truly happy with this news from his doctor as he couldn’t wait to get back home and sleep in his own bed!

Carrie’s jaw dropped. She had told him she wanted only the good news.

“Uh, yeah, uh, yeah, okay, sure, that’s good news, I suppose, babe. I mean, the doctor’s SURE that you’re ready to come home? I don’t want to sound unloving or anything like that, but I also don’t want you to hurt yourself by rushing your recovery if you’re not ready.”

“Don’t worry Carrie, he said that with a little help from you, the rest of my therapy is very doable from home. Geez, babe, don’t sound so depressed that I’m coming home.”

“No, no. I’m sorry, Doug. I didn’t mean it to sound that way. I’m just concerned that you might hurt something and I wouldn’t be able to pick you up, that’s all!

“Anyway, what time should I pick you up tomorrow?”

“The doctor said he’d like to talk to both of us together around 10.”

“Okay, Doug, I’ll see you tomorrow morning,” Carrie told her husband before hanging up the phone.

“CCCRRAAPPP!!!” Mrs. Heffernan screamed out loud!!

Climbing out of bed, she headed downstairs to make coffee and continued talking to herself out loud.

“Just when things were getting interesting around here, my husband has to fuck it all up by coming home! No telling where this thing with Deacon was headed, but now I’ll never know!

Carrie hesitated.

“NO NO NO! Wait a minute!” Carrie stopped at the entrance to the kitchen and stomped her foot, “Wait just one doggone minute!

“Technically, even though I didn’t know it, me and Deacon getting together was all Doug’s idea in the first place and I’d have never let that massive hunk of black fuck meat between my legs in the first place if it hadn’t been for him fucking himself up at work. So, this is all Doug’s fault, and I was just giving him what he wanted anyway,” Carrie reasoned to herself.

“Yeah, that’s right. This whole thing with Deacon would have never happened if Doug didn’t want it to, and now…….if he thinks we’re going to stop……well, that little pathetic 5-inch pecker-head better think again!!

“Cuz we’ll stop when I’m ready to stop, and not before! So, you better get ready Mr. Douglas Heffernan, you wanted a fucking hot wife, YOU FUCKIN’ GOT ONE!”

Carrie got to the hospital a little after 10am on Monday morning and found the doctor already in Doug’s room going over his expectations of Doug’s continued rehabilitation at home.

“Ah, Mrs. Heffernan, so nice to see you,” Dr. Drake Ramoray extended his hand with his verbal greeting.

“I was just going over some things with your husband on what we expect from him when you take him home today. First, don’t rush through your exercises, take it slow just like we’ve been doing here. You can still expect a little pain which will be normal as long as you know when to stop.

“And second, a Physical Therapist will be visiting you twice a week until our next appointment which is in three weeks. After that, we’ll see how it goes.”

Getting Doug in the car required a little effort as he was still wearing his chest brace, but nothing could wipe that shit eating grin off his face since he was finally able to leave the hospital behind and head home with his loving wife!

He couldn’t wait to get home and see her naked!!

Although he was unable to do anything sexually for her at the moment, or himself for that matter, he was hoping she’d take pity on him and at least give him a blowjob. After all, his wife had the most succulent, full and desirable lips of any woman that he has ever known.

His friends knew it too.

Deacon knew it from real life experience. He had already felt how good Carrie’s succulent lips felt wrapped around his black cock, while all the others, Danny (Doug’s cousin), Spence (geek friend), Richie (good friend) and even golfing buddy Ray Barone WISHED they knew it from real life experience, but they all had to be content with using their imagination of Carrie until their own time with her came.

And believe me, their time WOULD come.

ALL of them. Soon. Real soon.

Yes, now that Carrie had found out about Doug wanting her to be with other men, she was more than happy to make that happen for him. Up until now, Carrie had been MRS. Heffernan, forbidden fruit. But now…….now, things had changed and Mrs. Carrie Heffernan’s sweet married snatch was no longer forbidden fruit but highly desirable pussy. She had been a wet dream for all of them, except of course, Deacon and now their wet dreams were going to cum true.

Up until now, her sexual talents were only in Fantasyland.

But sometimes, fantasies DO come true, as Deacon has already found out. The others will just have to wait their turn for a chance to turn their fantasies into realities. and yes, I promise you, the others, all four of them-Danny, Spence, Richie and even married man himself Ray Barone, will get their chance at trying to impregnate Mrs. Heffernan’s still tight, married white pussy!

Once Carrie and Doug got home from the hospital, she struggled with his weight getting him inside their home and helping him relax and get comfortable on the downstairs sofa where she set him up with snacks and drinks to minimize his movements. Yes, she knew the hard part of his recovery, at least for her, was about to begin and that the freedoms she enjoyed during his time in the hospital were over, at least temporarily over anyway.

What she didn’t know about, was the conversation that took place between her husband and her new lover just before she got to the hospital that morning to pick Doug up. Carrie had thought it funny that ran into Deacon in the hallway of the hospital the morning she arrived a little late to pick her husband up.

Of course, she was happy to see him, but the fact that the last man who had been between her creamy white thighs filling her up with sperm was now in the same room as her husband, made her a little uncomfortable.

This, spreading her legs for someone other than Doug, was new to her and she was fighting an emotional roller coaster over it. Was she a good girl and celibate from sex to anybody except her husband? Or did she give in to Doug’s (and her own) desires to become the slut that she really wanted to be?

After all, doesn’t a good wife give her husband what he wants? In my book she does.

It was a decision that didn’t take very long to make because Deacon had awakened the inner slut inside Mrs. Carrie Heffernan and…….she was ready to be used again…….and again.

Carrie had been living with this nagging feeling since about the second year of her and Doug’s marriage that she was missing out. She wasn’t sure exactly what she was missing out on, but these past two fuck sessions with Deacon have really sparked a fire in her golden triangle and the only thing she’s found to put out that fire is chocolate.

Chocolate thunder! The type of chocolate thunder that Deacon carried in his pants!

Realizing this, it made her nervous about the upcoming talk that she had to have with her husband about it, and he still didn’t have a clue that Carrie had found out about his secret stash of porn and his desire to turn Carrie into a hotwife.

Those secret desires are what Carrie hoped to exploit when her and Doug finally sit down and talk.

That talk came shortly after dinner when Carrie had finished cleaning up and joined Doug on the couch for some evening tv.

“Hey, babe, we need to talk,” Carrie started off the conversation.

“Sure Car, what do you want to talk about?” Doug questioned, oblivious to the fact that his entire sex life, as he knew it now, was about to change.

Mrs. Carrie Heffernan was more than willing to go along with her husband’s secret desires, but letting him know she was willing, without appearing to be a whore, was going to be the tricky part. Yes, soon enough Mrs. Heffernan would become a whore, but starting that conversation now, with her loving husband, would take some finesse on her part.

Which is why her next actions had been rather spontaneous, but with an ultimate goal in mind.

“I’ve got to use the ladies’ room upstairs first, but let me get you a beer before I do that,” Carrie handed her husband two Miller Hi-Lites before bounding up the stairs with a slight spring in her step.

Doug hadn’t noticed how long his wife had been gone upstairs because he was watching a re-run of Charlie’s Angels on the boob tube and lost track of time until he had finished off the second beer and wanted another.

“CARRIE!” he hollered upstairs, “I need another beer.”

“Coming, babe,” she replied walking down the stairs in a sheer, silky, red robe that only came down to mid-thigh.

From his position on the couch, and with limited mobility, Doug could only get a partial glimpse of his beautiful wife.

Doug let out a low wolf whistle and begged his wife to come around the front of the couch so he could get a better look, but instead she leaned over the back of the couch and whispered, “I’ll be right back with your beer,” then playfully bit his ear lobe and went into the kitchen.

“Ouch, that hurt,” her husband whimpered.

“Oh yeah? You think THAT hurt? Wait till I’m done with you, mother fucker, then you can tell me what real pain feels like,” came Carrie’s unsympathetic response as she appeared from the kitchen with the rest of the six-pack in hand and a sinister scowl on her face.

Carrie……being, well……Carrie……had decided to take the no nonsense direct attitude about this conversation with her husband.

Uh-oh, Doug thought to himself, what’d I do now?

Carrie seductively pulled a new VHS tape out of Doug’s previously hidden porn stash collection on the wall, one they hadn’t yet watched together, sashayed over to the VCR and put the tape in before turning around to face her husband while untying her robe and letting it slide off her shoulders and fall to the floor.

She was wearing nothing but a simple panty and bra get-up underneath, but it did it’s job and she had Doug’s undivided attention by the time she sat down next to him and pressed ‘play’ on the remote.

Doug sprayed the tv with a mouthful of beer when the title of the movie that Carrie put in the VCR popped up on the screen.

‘HOTWIVES Having Fun’ stayed on the screen as Carrie immediately hit the pause button.

“I know what you want me to do Doug,” Carrie said out loud to her husband.

“Huh?……what?……what are you talking about?” Doug seemed genuinely taken aback by Carrie’s statement.

“I know what you want me to do,” she repeated slowly. “I know that you want me to be a hotwife.”

“What the fuck are you talking about?” desperately trying to throw her off the track.

“C’mon, Doug. I’m not stupid. Did you really think that I’d never discover your hidden stash of porn? I mean, really, under the nightstand? C’mon, it’s almost as if you wanted me to discover it,” Carrie accused.

“Come to think of it, you probably DID want me to discover it, didn’t you, mother fucker? But never mind that I found it, what bothered me the most was the sort of porn it was, not the regular stuff, but all of it revolved around wife sharing and hot wives. It’s almost as if that’s what you want Doug, a hotwife.

“Is it Doug?

“Is that what you want? A hotwife?”

Short, sweet, and right between the eyes! If he hadn’t already been sitting down, the question would have floored him!

“Make sure you think about your answer long and hard before you give it to me, because you might not like my response.”

She was sitting next to him on the couch and just before he started to speak, his wife gave him some incentive. Carrie took her hand and placed it on the inside of his left thigh, stopping the words he was about to say dead in it’s tracks.

Not counting the somewhat rough treatment he received at the hospital from the nurses, this was the first time he had been touched in an intimate way since before his accident. He liked it. He REALLY liked it! His little 5″ pecker was hard as a rock and trying to get out of his shorts and at his wife.

“Carrie? You know I love you more than anything in the world, and I’d do anything, and I mean ANYthing in the world for you, but there’s just something that turns me on something fierce and I’ve been trying to keep it a secret from you because I didn’t know how you would react.”

“What is that, Doug? What is it that turns you on something fierce? Me becoming your hotwife?”

He hesitated for just a moment before straightening his chin and looking her in the eye, “Yes, damn it, I want to be married to a hotwife….no, no…..I mean I want YOU to be a hotwife……my hotwife.


“There, I said it. I finally said it out loud,” Doug then took a moment to catch his breath.

“WOW!!! I can’t believe I actually said it, but I did, and I can’t take it back. Hell, I don’t WANT to take it back……so……do you hate me now?”

“No, Doug, I don’t hate you, but I am curious about one thing. Where did this come from? Are you not happy with our sex life? I mean, the idea of your wife fucking other men had to have been planted in your head by someone? or some thing?”

Sheepishly, Doug sort of bowed his head and didn’t say anything. Carrie wasn’t about to stop her full brutal attack, though.

Pulling her hand away from his thigh, “Doug? Answer me you little dick! Where did you get this idea?”

The insult that came out of his wife’s mouth had a strange effect on his little dick.

He responded quiet enough so she didn’t hear him at first, “ray.”

“What? What did you say?!” she demanded.

“I said Ray, okay?

“He told me about the stuff that him and Debra do, and I…….I got exicited.”

“What the fuck? Ray and Debra BARONE? What the hell did he tell you that he and Debra do that got you……excited?”

“He told me a couple of years ago that he and Debra were swingers. Well, not so much him swinging, but more HER swinging, him watching. In other words, Debra has several boyfriends that Ray let’s her see sexually. In fact, Ray typically is the one who sets up the rendezvous.

“Sometimes it gets really kinky he said, but most of the other times he just watches her spread her legs for some new cock, BAREBACK! Ray said that he’s now addicted to something called a ‘cream-pie’.

“I asked him to explain, and he said it’s the way Debra’s pussy feels after one of her lovers finishes inside her, using her lover’s cum as lubrication for his cock. She’s all loose and dripping wet. He described it as an INCREDIBLE feeling!

“They’ve got movies and polaroids of her in action, and he was going to show them to me, but then I had my accident before he did, and well, you know.

Carrie wasn’t expecting that answer from her husband. One of her best friends, Debra Barone, was a slut!

“Back up the fucking truck, mister! So, you’re telling me that your good golfing buddy, Ray Barone, watches his wife, my good friend Debra Barone, have sex with other men?!!”

“Yes. Yes, I am, and I hafta say, I’m really surprised that your good friend Debra never told you about her slutty behavior.”

“No. She never did, that little fucking whore.”

“Anyway, some of the things that Debra was eager to do for Ray really turned him on and I think I have the same feelings. I mean, for you, not Debra. Some of the nastier things he made her do, in my dreams, I could imagine making you do for me.”

“Oh, you could, could you?” Carrie’s panties were becoming moist, “What sort of nasty things?”

“I like this movie, press ‘play’ and I can show you a few of the nasty things that Debra does for Ray,” as Carrie’s hand returned to Doug’s thigh and moved upward.

“The doc says I should take it easy with my hips at first, you know, until I get my strength back and all, but he did say you could help, you know, if you wanted to and were careful.”

“What the fuck does that mean?”

“Really? I have ta spell it out for ya? He said we should begin off with oral and, you know, go from there. So, I’m beggin’ ya baby, I need some relief, and soon, baby, real soon.

“Let’s watch the movie now and I’ll show you, okay?”

Carrie helped her husband remove his shorts and then reclined back on the couch with him before playfully bending down to give him a quick deep-throat suck. Of course, his 5″ pecker really couldn’t classify as a ‘deep throat’ menace to any woman’s throat, but the fact that his wife could swallow him down to his balls when he was fully erect all the time impressed Doug.

He had all the time admired her sexual skills but was about to learn just how far those skills would take them in this next chapter of their life together.

Carrie had her husband’s dick in her mouth for all of 30 seconds before he came!

Strange, he wondered to himself, he usually had to hold her head in place when he came in her mouth, but now she was actually milking his balls with her hand as they were emptying into her mouth. Already he sensed something had changed.

For such a little pecker, Doug’s balls were massive from lack of release, and it forced Carrie to begin swallowing long before his balls were even half empty. By the time Doug had finished spurting into his wife’s eager mouth, Carrie had saved the last few spurts to show her husband how ‘nasty’ she can be and raised her head from his lap to show him a mouthful of cum.

His cum.

Before she made a nasty production of swallowing her husband’s cum, she let a little bit of it drip down her chin so the white stuff that her tongue couldn’t reach, she had to use her fingers to wipe off and bring back to her mouth. Which she happily licked clean.

What sort of nasty slut does that? Doug’s NEW nasty slut……his hotwife.

He went soft for about 15 seconds before Carrie spotted some more of his cum that had dripped back down his penis and onto his balls from her over loaded mouth. Lowering her head back down, she proceeded to finish cleaning her husband of any not previously swallowed cum with her talented tongue and full, luscious lips.

Doug was no longer soft now, and eagerly awaiting round two.

Carrie knew what was on the tape in the VCR. She had watched it while Doug was recovering in the hospital from his accident, and it had helped her come to the realization that her husband wanted her to be a hotwife. Now, she just had to wait for Doug to realize that she was eager.

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