Kevin and Angies Wet Vacation Ch. 02 – Fetish

We made it to the lake unseen.

Once there and safe, I was able to slap on some false bravado and feel disappointed that no one had spotted us. Truth be told, I was turned on and terrified someone would cross our path.

Had I been just topless, it wouldn’t have been a big deal…and no I’m not making a small tits joke.

Kevin and I had been naked in front of strangers before. He was the more hardcore nudie than I was, but I do like showing off a bit. The way I’ve handled it in the past, should my gorgeous, petite boobs offend someone, was going into the whole personal freedom, “Free the Nipple” rant and I’ve been left alone.

But walking topless, barefoot, in a pair of pee stained pants with Kevin sauce drying on my belly, I know I looked more crazy than carefree.

The beach looked deserted, so once we got there we stripped down and made our way, hand in hand towards the water.

Kevin’s cock wasn’t hard, but it definitely wasn’t soft either. It was in that, in between area, thick, long and sort of hard, jutting out in front of him, bouncing with each step he took. I loved that way it bobbed around when he walked around the house like that.

It made me think of another time we were on vacation.

“You really want to do this?” I asked as Kevin pulled into the parking lot.

“If it gets you to give up your butt, absolutely.”

Off and on over the years, Kevin had expressed an interest in, putting it indelicately, fucking his poor little wife, me, in the butt…Not that I blame him, I have a great butt. Years of gymnastics gave me a strong, yet feminine butt. My butt loves attention too. Massage my bum, finger or tongue me back there and I am in heaven. Slide a hard dick between my cheeks and I’ll do anything you ask, except put a big, thick hard cock inside me.

So why am I being so prudish about anal sex? Well I’m really not. I have massaged and played with my distribute of butts over the years, both men’s and women’s. I’ve had my fingers and tongue “all up in there, quite a few times”, once again both men and women and I’ve even humped myself to quite a few orgasms on butt cheeks. Men only, I’ve never done that with a woman. I guess I’m gonna have to up my game.

As you see, I don’t have an aversion to butts and butt stuff, my fear is a “short girl” based issue. My legs, while fantastic to look at, are short. There is usually a height difference between me and well, everyone. Most of the time, it doesn’t cause a issue, except then a guy is taking me from behind. Over the years, starting from the night I lost my virginity, I’ve lost count on how many times I’ve been stabbed, right in the butthole, by a hard dick. It has varied from the uncomfortable, when a guy thinks his aimed at my pussy and starts to push himself where he’s not wanted. Or the sly guy who thinks he can slide it in without me noticing and I’ll be okay with it…To rambunctious doggy style where he slips out, tries to slam it back in my pussy quick and misses….There’s a big “ouch” for you!

Guys that line up wrong, get gently told that he’s not allowed in that playground.

The doggy style guys get a pass and as soon as I stop crying from the pain, they’re welcome to play in the correct playground again. I don’t hold it against them. In my book, you don’t go doggy style and expect to be “made love to”. If I’m on my knees and my face is buried in the pillow, I expect you fuck me. Hard, fast and deep! So the occasional butthole stab is a calculated risk.

The sly guy gets shown the door. Game over! Disrespect my butthole and you’re disrespecting me. No pussy for you!

Kevin had never shown my butt the slightest disrespect. The man worshipped it! One of my favorite things in the world is me on my hands and knees, while Kevin was behind me, planting kisses on my lower back, then moving to my cheeks, squeezing, licking and kissing them. He works his way down the back of my thighs, first grazing the tip of his tongue over the fine hairs on my legs (I’m a shave to the knees girl) gradually adding pressure until I started to squirm. He kisses his way up, teasing his tongue over the hairs that surrounded my anus…Yes I admit it, I have a hairy butthole. He will flick and lick with his tongue pushing it further and further inside of me.

When my moans reach an acceptable level, he slides his tongue down to my now soaking wet pussy. I love that wonderful feeling as his tongue parts my lips, dipping slightly inside of me, before travelling to my rock hard little clit.

Kevin will alternate, licking and nibbling on my clit, sliding his tongue deep into my pussy then rimming and licking my butt, bringing me right to the edge of climaxing then backing off, leaving me wanting.

When I’ve had enough teasing and want to finally climax, I will reach back with my hand. Kevin will lick and suck my middle finger. Once it’s nice and wet, I slowly ease it into my equally wet hole. He moves down and concentrates on my clit while I concentrate on fingering my bum hole.

It never fails to bring me to a soul shattering climax.

He/we’d just done that exact thing, when he climbed on top of me and started rubbing his incredibly hard erection between my cheeks.

I was relaxed. I knew he would never do the sneaky guy route on me. I also knew he loved sliding his cock between my cheeks….I’m not big enough, up top, to give him a tit-job but my butt sure as hell is thick enough to give him an ass-job.

“Tonight?” he asked.

“Nope,” I told him… it was my standard answer.

“Come on baby,” he taunted. “You know you want it…”


“Please?” he continued. “All the cool girls are doing it.”

“Okay, that was funny,” I laughed. “I’ll tell you what: You first. I’ll give up my butt right after you give yours up to me.”

“Really?” he asked.

“Yep,” I nodded. “I think I’d feel more at ease, if you had an idea of what it was like.”

No way he was gonna go for that….I wondered.

“Get dressed,” he said, with a light slap on my ass.

He was off the bed and in his shorts, before I had time to react.

“Really?” I asked, getting up.

His t-shirt was on and he was digging in the night stand for the phone book.

“I found a place,” he announced.

“How did you find it?” I asked. “Under R for Rubber dick store?”

“It’s called ‘The Toy Boxx'” he told me. “With two xx’s. Their ad says marital aides, arcades and keys made while you wait.”

“One stop shopping,” I laughed. “Let’s go.”

It didn’t take me long to pull the sundress I’d worn earlier over my head and step into my sandals.

Yeah, I was wearing shoes to a place like that. Not that someone a virtuous me, would ever know what the inside of one of those shops was like that….except for that one time my school roommate and went into one….but that’s a story for another time.

The embarrassed desk clerk told us the place was only ten minutes away and we were off.

Walking in, I was totally shocked. The place was really nice. It was clean, well lit and very organized. It was a far cry from the place near my school…from what I remembered about that night.

We wandered around the store, taking it all in.

“What can I help you two with today?” a woman’s voice broke the silence.

I turned around and received the shock of the day. The woman looked like Aunt Bea from the Andy Griffith show. All she needed was an apron and a tray of cookies.

“We’re…um,” I started. I felt like I was about to ask my Grandmother for a dildo. “We’re looking for a strap on.”

“You lose a bet?” she asked Kevin.

I liked this woman.

“More a dare,” he answered. “But you’re on the right track.”

“Well, the dildos are on the wall over there,” she said as she gestured to her right. “Go ahead and pick one, then will get the little lady fitted with the harness.”

“How about this one?”, Kevin asked handing the package to me.

I have to admit, I was mildly surprised at the size of the dildo he handed me. The package said it was 8″ long, about an inch longer than Kevin and easily just as thick as him.

I was expecting him to pick something a little thinner.

“You sure about that?” I asked, wrapping my hand around the big rubber cock.

“Fair is fair.”

“It’s even purple,” I laughed.

Purple was my favorite color.

“Ambitious choice,” the woman said as we handed her the package.

I had options for the harness. There were some nylon ones that reminded me of mountain climbing rigs and some expensive ones made of leather.

I decided on a very pricy, special harness. It belted around my waist and legs, with a buttery soft strip that went between my legs. She explained that once the dildo was positioned, it would make the harness rub me with every movement.

I had to have it!

We went back up front; she suggested we get a bottle of lube, reminding me there was no such thing as too much lube.

“Are those…?” I asked, pointing to an assortment of metal rings under the glass counter.

“Cock rings,” she told me.

“I want one,” I told her.

I’d seen guys wearing them at nude beaches before (yes I cock watch) and loved the way they looked.

I chose a thin ring that I hoped would be the right size.

“Does he or you know how to put it on?”

That was a good question. I knew I had no idea and I wanted it to be a surprise, so I didn’t want to ask him if he knew.

“It’s very easy,” she said, obviously reading the blank look on my face. “Testicles first, then push his penis through. Just remember; berry, berry, then slide the twig.”

That I could remember.

I rounded up Kevin, we paid and said our goodbye’s.

“I got you a present,” I said once we got back to our room.

“A cock ring…nice.”

“Have you ever worn one?”

“No but I at all times wondered they looked cool.”

I guess everyone cock watches at some point.

“Know how to put it on?” I asked.

He shook his head, no.

“It’s very easy,” I said with an air of authority. “Berry, Berry then slide the Twig.”

He turned his back to me, put it on then turned back around so I could see.

I loved it. It made his still soft cock look bigger and point out more.

“I like it,” I told him as my clit started to swell. “Come closer.”

He stepped towards me. Sitting on the couch, I was eye level with his cock. It looked so sexy as it started to swell, under my gaze. A little drop of precum formed on the tip. Not wanting to be wasteful, I leaned forward and caught it on the tip of my tongue.

“How does it feel?” I asked, never taking my eyes off of his cock.

“Strange, but I like it.”

“So do I,” I agreed before taking him in my mouth.

Holding it in my mouth, my lips wrapped around it and my tongue resting on the bottom, his cock felt different. I guess I would say…plump.

I didn’t get to have that feeling for very long as his rapidly growing cock was filling my mouth almost to the gagging point.

Releasing it from my lips, I kissed the swollen head.

“Don’t miss me too much,” I said, giving his cock another kiss. “I’m gonna get changed.”

I grabbed the shopping back and retreated into the bathroom.

Stripping out of my dress, I noticed a sizeable wet spot on the back. The whole experience had cause me to leak through my dress. I wondered for a second how long it had been there, because I was pretty turned on while we were shopping. I assured myself that if I was sporting a wet spot while we were out, Kevin would have told me…it had to have happened on the drive back, I hoped.

Taking it out of the package, I quickly washed my new purple pal and set it on a towel to dry.

I stepped into the harness and pulled it up my legs.

I love the feel and smell of leather against my skin. The strap running between my legs did feel nice, pressing against my pussy..the woman at the shop didn’t lie.

Seeing Kevins razor sitting on the counter, gave me a bright idea.

Grabbing that and his can of shaving cream I jumped into the shower. The water spraying on my over excited pussy felt nice.

Smearing a palm full of shaving cream on my pussy and rubbing it in started feeling a little too nice and not wanting to climax right then, I had to stop.

Spreading my legs and squatting in a very unladylike and unattractive fashion, I set about shaving my pussy.

No, I didn’t go completely bald. Not that there’s anything wrong with it, I just happen to like having a bush.

I had only shaved around my lips a scant few times in my entire life. After a couple of minutes hacking away at my bush, I remembered why I didn’t like shaving.

I have to admit though, getting smooth down there was worth it.

As I said, the sensations of that butter soft leather against my hairy pussy was nice, feeling it against my now smooth skin was going to drive me mad.

Taking the harness off one more time, so I could insert my new purple cock, I had another flash of inspiration.

Bringing the dildo to my mouth, I licked and sucked on it. Once it was sufficiently wet, I put one foot on the counter and slid it into my very wet pussy.

It felt good, not great, but good. It was just as well, I wasn’t planning go get off with the thing.

Once it was juiced up, I inserted it into the harness and put it back on.

Looking in the mirror, I couldn’t help myself, I had to make it bounce and swing it side to side.

That was when I fell in love with my new toy.

Each swing of my purple dick made the harness move and sent tingles of pleasure through my pussy.

“Nice cock,” Kevin said as I entered the room.

“This old thing,” I told him. “It’s just something I threw on. Yours is looking pretty good too.”

“Why thank you, ma’am, I’ve had it for a long time.”

“How about you come over here and give me a kiss?”

Kevin stepped over and stood in front of me for a second. It gave me a quiet little thrill feeling his cock brush against mine.

“Nope,” I told him as he leaned down to kiss me.

I placed my hands on his shoulders and pushed down.

Without hesitating, he knelt in front of me and wrapped his hand around my purple shaft.

An electric shock shot through me as he began stroking it, causing the leather strip to rub my clit on each stroke.

“Take it in your mouth baby,” I pleaded.

It was so hot watching him stroke my cock, lick the head and slide it into his mouth. Each pull and push against my purple pal, ground the leather harness against my clit, bringing me closer and closer to cumming.

“Your cock has a familiar taste to it, ma’am.”

“God that feels good,” I moaned as he settled into a steady rhythm. “Don’t stop.”

It was so sexy, listening to him slurp and suck on my purple shaft, sliding his hand up and down the cock, grinding the leather strap on my pussy. Watching it glide in and out of his mouth…

“You’re gonna make me cum,” I announced.

“Really?” he asked, taking his hand and mouth off my cock.

“Don’t fucking stop,” I growled.

Grasping the sides of his head I began rocking my hips, driving my purple cock in and out of his mouth. Each thrust teased my clit harder against the strap.

“Cumming!” I announced as my legs began to shake. “Suck my cock! Make me cum!”

Okay, I’ll admit I got a little caught up in the moment.

I blame my pussy…sometimes it does rule my thoughts.

“Did you really…?” Kevin asked.

Fuck yes!” I said, stroking my purple pal, making my pussy tingle some more.

Kevin licked the head before planting a kiss on the tip, the same as I would do after he’d cum in my mouth.

“You ready to give up the butt, big guy?” I asked.

“Yes,” he answered.

“Yes what?”

“Yes, mistress?”

“Nah, that doesn’t work for me,” I told him. “A ‘please’ would do just fine.”

“Yes please,” he said as he got on all fours on the bed.

Face down and ass up on the bed put Kevin at the perfect level for me and my purple cock.

He moaned as I slowly dragged my finger between his cheeks and across his anus. He moaned even louder as I slowly dragged my tongue across his big, swollen balls and across his taint before pushing it inside of him. Pressing my face against him, I drove my flexing tongue inside of him as deep as I could.

“Let’s get you lubed up,” I said, removing my tongue from his ass.

Retrieving the bottle, I trickled the lube between his cheeks, down to his balls. Reaching down, I smeared the liquid over them and his rigid cock.

“That feels so good,” he moaned into the pillow he was resting his face on.

“Tell me how much you like this,” I asked before sliding two fingers into his anus.

Over the years licking and fingering each other’s butts had been a regular part of our sex life, so I did know he could handle two fingers.

“You know I love that,” he mumbled as I plunged my fingers in and out.

“Are you ready for one more?”

I knew he was, but it seemed like the polite thing to ask.

He moaned a ‘yes’.

A third finger joined the other two with relative ease. It wasn’t the first time I’d had three fingers in him, but usually our limit was two.

“You like when I finger your ass, don’t you?”

“I love it,” he moaned.

“You ready to try something bigger?”

“Please!” he cried out.

Pulling my gooey fingers from his butt, I grabbed the lube and slathered it over my new purple dick. The friction of the strap between my legs against my clit, as I stroked the lube up and down my shaft, as if I were “jerking off” made me realize I could easily make myself cum….but that was going to have to be an experiment left for another day.

I had some fucking to do!

Standing up, I ran the head of my cock between his cheeks. I loved it when he did that to me, so I figured he would like it too.

The moans he made, told me I’d made a good choice.

I lined the tip up with his anus and as slowly and gently as I could, applied a little pressure.

His butt resisted for a couple of seconds.

I watched in amazement as he relaxed a bit and the head of my cock started to sink into his body.

A wave of excitement washed over me. The thought of pegging him or anyone else had never been on my radar, but suddenly there was nothing in the world I wanted to do more.

I applied more pressure.

“Easy Honey.”

“Sorry, I’m a little excited,” I apologized.

“Let me back into you,” he suggested.

After pausing for a couple of seconds he started easing back.

The sight of my purple cock slowly easing inside of him was so hot!

“Go easy at first,” he asked once my cock was fully inside him.

I pulled back a few millimeters and pushed back in.

I was very afraid of hurting him.

“You can go harder than that,” he told me.

I eased out about half the length and thrust back.

“Oh that’s good,” he moaned.

Encouraged, I did it again and again. The more he moaned the braver I became and soon I grasped his hips in my hands and was pulling him back into me as I thrust forward.

Sometimes slow and easy, sometimes hard and deep.

The rocking motion of the strap between my legs rubbing my clit brought me closer to cumming with each thrust.

“Harder, baby,” he moaned.

That did it! I began slamming my cock into his ass…Fucking him hard….I was going to…

“I’m cumming!” I announced as I drove my cock deep inside him.

I moaned and thrust against him as I climaxed.

“Wow,” I panted, easing my cock out of his ass. “That was incredible.”

“We’re not done, are we?” he asked.

“No, I want to change positions,” I assured him. “I want to watch you.”

With a smile, he turned over on his back, slid up the bed, raising and spreading his legs, exposing his cock, balls and ass to me.

The image was both strange and erotic.

Placing his legs on my shoulders, I aimed my cock to his butt and slid it in.

I really got off watching him as I fucked his ass with my purple cock. He was still wearing that sexy cock ring, his cock was hard as a rock, throbbing and bouncing with each thrust.

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