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Katy does the Office

Part 1 — Getting Schruted

Note: This is part 1 of 3 planned – all feedback is welcome.



Katy does the Office

Part 1 — Getting Schruted

Note: This is part 1 of 3 planned – all feedback is welcome.


Katy knew the Office was a unique and weird place from the moment that the boss — Michael — introduced himself by shouting “Cock in the henhouse!”, and then his assistant seemed to echo it by shouting “Cocks in the henhouse!” She knew the effect she had on men, and had quite often used her charms or even had flirted with the bosses to get a spot in their respective workplaces and then with all the male workers to get them to buy her cheaply made and very overpriced handbags.

But she had decided that in this workplace, she really didn’t have to flirt — Michael seemed already obsessed with her, offering her coffee and then a ride home which she reluctantly accepted. She didn’t plant to give in to more of his awkward flirts, she just wanted a ride home. The boss’ weird assistant also seemed very much into her, as he had already very awkwardly asked her out on a date after first buying a purse, seemingly for himself, from her. And of course, the guy sitting in the back, Toby, was clearly interested and she liked chatting with him until Michael had so rudely interrupted them. The only person who didn’t seem obsessed was the cute tall guy with shaggy hair who seemed more interested in the receptionist than her.

Either way, it was all just company to her; she had gotten her money’s worth selling a few purses already.

“Katy, I have to talk to you.” suddenly came a familiar voice from the doorway. She looked up and saw the assistant — Dwight — standing in the door with the purse he bought from her hanging from his shoulder.

“I already told you, no!” she said, echoing her earlier conversation with him where he had asked her out “Please leave me alone, I have purses to sell!” she looked away from him and down at her purses.

“That’s why I need to talk to you, about the purse you sold me.” Dwight said, with renewed confidence, and stepped into the conference room, taking the purse off his shoulder and showing it to her. She looked up at him, slightly worried.

“See, I looked up this purse, there’s a little brand marking on the inside.” he opened the purse to show her. Her expression got more worried “What I found out is that it’s made in China and there’s this Russian site that sells them for…”

“Wait, can you close the door please?” she smiled worriedly at him, knowing where this was going. Dwight stopped mid-sentence with his index finger up, then smirked under his nose, and quickly closed the office door.

“Maybe we should close these blinds too.” he said as he pulled the cord on the conference room blinds. Katy awkwardly smiled at him, but didn’t react.

“So, as I was saying,” he started again “this purse costs about one tenth the price if I buy it online.” he put down the purse on the table and moved towards her “And I want to know what you’re going to do about it.” he crossed his arms. Katie looked worried but still pulled a smile.

“Dwight, I’m just a saleswoman, I buy these from the central supplier, and have to sell them at whatever price they give me, plus my commission.”

“So, this is your own supply then?” Dwight smiled. He knew a bit about sales, even if it wasn’t nearly as much as he wondered he did “And I guess it would be very bad if you got some returns — since you already paid for these.” He stepped a bit closer to her, and brushed his hand over the purses on the table.

“Look, do you want to return yours?” Katy feigned a smile “I’ll give you your money back, no questions, and I’ll take back the purse from you, since you seem unhappy!” she turned around and leaned over, giving Dwight a view of her toned ass as her skirt pulled over it.

She grabbed her own small purse, which was obviously a better quality than the purses she was selling, and took out the cash he had given her, and stretched out her arm holding the cash out to him.

“Fine!” he snatched the cash from her, and put it in his back pocket. Katy smiled, relieved he was so quick to accept the refund without issue. As Dwight turned and headed to the door, Katy leaned over to the conference room chair to put back her purse. Dwight was about to leave the room when glanced back and saw the outline of her big breasts through her purple top as she was reaching for her purse.

Thoughts of Schrute babies sucking on those breasts quickly flashed through his head again and he stopped before the door. Instead of opening it, he quickly turned the key fob built into the handle, locking the door from the inside. Katie heard the click and looked at him with surprise.

“Although,” said Dwight as he slowly walked towards her “seeing as how you admitted to me that you’re basically selling garbage purses at stupidly high prices.” His eyes fixated on the little cleavages she was showing “I would be obligated to tell my coworkers about it,” he continued stepping closer to her, as she slowly inched backwards “and they would then have to return all the items they bought from you!” he stopped just a few inches from her, and his eyes finally got off her breasts and looked at her face. He had a devious smile on his face.

“Dwight…” Katy started but trailed off, as Dwight’s eyes looked down at her cleavage again. She let out a quick sigh. It’s not like men hadn’t been pushy around to get more than just purses from her before, she had even done a couple of things, but only with the really hot guys. Dwight was not what she would call attractive.

“Yes?” Dwight smiled with an evil grin

“How much money do you want?” she tried to change the direction this conversation was going.

“Oh you mean, you’re want to pay me to…?” he trailed off

“I’ll give you, let’s say, 500 bucks.” she said quickly. Even with that she would make a decent profit from the day.

“For what?” Dwight acted innocent

“To keep quiet!” she said. Dwight said nothing. “Don’t tell the others about the cheap purses I’m selling and I’ll give you 500 dollars.” she added.

“AHA!” Dwight suddenly shouted and startled her “Gotcha!” he pulled out a tape recorder from his shirt pocket, and clicked it to stop and then replay the conversation he had just recorded.

“I’m going to expose this scam to everyone!” he turned around, and strutted towards the door.

“Wait, Dwight!” Katy panicked. “I’ll let you touch my breasts!” she quickly said, and almost immediately regretted saying it, but Dwight stopped before he reached the door. Clearly it worked.

“I saw how you were looking at them,” she said desperately “I’ll let you touch them for 30 seconds. Through my blouse. And you don’t tell anyone!” she added.

Dwight turned around with an evil grin on his face, but quickly turned to more professional smile.

“I accept your terms.” he said and took a few steps towards her.

“Wait,” Katy said “you want to do it here? Now?” she crossed her arms, protecting her ample breasts, and turned slightly to the side to try and hide them from him.

“Yes, here, right now!” he said “Or I go out there and tell everyone right now!” he stepped towards her again. Katy looked a bit angry, but knew she had already dug herself in a hole.

“Fine.” she said, uncrossing her arms from her chest “But remember, 30 seconds, through the blouse” she stuck out her chest slightly and turned to look away from Dwight. She was expecting his hands to immediately grab her tits, but they didn’t. She felt Dwight get close to her chest, and turned her head back forward, only to see his face barely an inch from her chest, looking down at her cleavage, ogling her boobs.

“These are indeed amazing!” Dwight said. She felt his breath on her skin and got small goosebumps on her back. It had been a few months since the last guy she slept with, she had just been busy — and clearly her body reacted to the more intimate contact, which angered her a bit.

“I said 30 seconds!” she said sternly.

“You said 30 seconds of touching,” Dwight looked up her “I haven’t touched them yet, I’m still looking.” his eyes went back down to her cleavage. She pouted for a second.

Dwight’s fingers reached out and carefully pulled her blouse out, as he looked further down her boobs. She was wearing a laced white bra that didn’t cover her entire breasts, and he got a good look.

“What are you doing! No!” she almost shouted at him, and slapped his hand away “You can’t look at my breasts like that!”

“You didn’t say I couldn’t look?” Dwight said firmly. She was gonna object, but she just wanted to get this over with.

“Fine, but get to it, or the deal is off!” she pushed, bluffing slightly. Dwight smiled.

“Get on with what?” he asked slyly. She realized he wanted her to say it, and sighed.

“Touch my breasts!” she said, again sticking out her chest a bit. Dwight smiled.

He reached out with both hands towards her breasts. He paused right above them, imagining the feeling of finally getting to grope this hot girl’s breasts. Then suddenly he pushed forward and groped both of her breasts, enveloping them as much as he could in each hand, and squeezed them

“Ooh yes!” he closed his eyes as his hands moved around, feeling her breasts through the shirt “These are amazing.” Katy said nothing, but felt the goosebumps on her back again.

Dwight moved his hands down under her breasts, lifted them from below and jiggled them as he lightly squeezed both of them. He was thankfully too busy looking at her breasts bounce to notice her expression change as she felt pleasure that she didn’t want to feel from this.

Then, he closed his index and thumb fingers, running them over he breasts, towards her nipples. She realized her nipples had gotten hard, and Dwight figured it out, as he dug in his fingers and squeezed her nipples as much as he could through her clothes. Katy let out a small involuntary moan, and realizing that quickly put her hand over her mouth as her eyes widened. Dwight has noticed this time, and his smile got even wider as he groped at her breasts more methodically and used his index fingers to play with her nipples through the blouse.

This went on for almost a minute, before Katy realized it and pushed him away suddenly, despite the feelings of pleasure she was getting from her nipples being played with.

“Enough!” she said “That was over 30 seconds!” she looked down to straighten her blouse. “Get out of here now!” she said. Dwight didn’t move, and she looked up at him.

“Are you sure?” he asked, as he reached into his shirt pocket again and pulled out the recorder. She saw it was recording.

“You promised!” she pleaded.

“I promised I wouldn’t tell the office about the purses,” Dwight smiled “but maybe I should tell them how you offered me to grope your breasts?” he looked at the recorder in his hand. Katy said nothing.

“Ok then!” he started turning around.

“No, don’t!” Katy finally said. She didn’t want the embarrassment of letting everyone know she had let this creepy guy grope her fine gorgeous boobs. Dwight stopped again and looked at her. From the look in his eyes, she knew he wanted more.

“Show them to me!” Dwight said, as his tongue quickly licked his lips. Katy hesitated a bit.

“Will you delete the recording if I do?” she asked timidly. Dwight chuckled.

“Hah, you’re in no position to negotiate. Show me your breasts.” he repeated.

Katy didn’t know what else to do. She slowly reached down to the bottom of her purple blouse and slowly pulled it upwards. Dwight took a few steps closer to her again. She slowly raised her blouse until it was just below her boobs, and then she stopped for a second, before pulling it up over her breasts. Dwight’s eyes widened as her white laced bra came into view, barely covering the bottom half of her amazing breasts.

“Ooh that’s nice!” he said, as she pulled off her blouse entirely. Katy was not standing shirtless in front of Dwight in the conference room.

“Happy?” she asked. Dwight looked up at her for a second

“No,” he said “I said show them to me.” he repeated “So take off the bra too!” He wasn’t letting up. Katy hesitated.

“Fine.” Dwight said, and Katy felt a bit of relief, but also slight disappointment that he was giving up so easily.

“Turn around and I’ll take it off for you.” Dwight said and Katy’s anticipation and tension shot back up. Dwight wasn’t giving up at all, he wanted to be the one to take off her bra. He was gonna touch her, she knew it. Somewhat reluctantly, she turned around. Dwight didn’t waste any time and surprisingly quickly unfastened the hooks of her bra. It was now only hanging from her shoulders. Katy let out a soft sensual sigh as she felt the air breeze on her skin.

Dwight moved up right behind her, pushing himself against her. She felt something hard pressing against her buttocks, through her pencil skirt, and she knew what it was.

For now though, Dwight pulled each bra strap from her shoulder slowly. Katy’s arms instinctively raised up to catch the front of her bra so it didn’t fall off her breasts yet. Dwight moved his hands slowly along her arms, and the gentle touch sent more shivers up Katy’s spine. She knew this was making her excited, despite her best wishes.

Dwight’s hands reached her hands which were still holding the bra in place. Dwight’s head pushed leaned over her shoulder and looked down at her cleavage, as his hands slowly pulled her arms off. The bra was now barely hanging off her breasts, as Katy’s breathing deepened. Dwight finally reached up with one hand and gave the bra a little tug, which made it slip off as she gasped and her wonderful tits were finally free in the open air of the conference room.

“Oh very nice!” Dwight whispered from behind, close to her ear as he looked down, and his hands reached up and grasped her breasts from below. Katy let out another small moan which Dwight no doubt noticed.

His hands squeezed her breasts from below, and slowly pulled forward, like he was trying to milk them.

“So smooth.” Dwight said in amazement “So soft and firm!” he couldn’t take his hands off her breasts. His fingers reached forward and pinched her nipples, this time directly, and Katy involuntarily jerked back a little and let out a gasp of pleasure. Dwight smiled as his fingers pulled her nipples out and she moaned from the mix of slight pain and pleasure she felt.

Suddenly Dwight’s hands moved up to her shoulders as he grabbed her firmly and turned her around. Katy didn’t have time to reach before he leaned forward, his face right next to her fully naked boobs, and his hands once again dug into her breasts from each side. He groped them as though trying to milk her again, and she closed her eyes and covered her mouth to stop the moans from escaping, just in time as his hands had pulled her tits towards his face, and Dwight’s mouth quickly went to her nipple, as he immediately started sucking on it, while his hand still massaged her other breast, squeezing it roughly now. Katy couldn’t help but moan, and tried to hide it, if not from Dwight, then at least from the people sitting outside.

Dwight sucked vigorously at her now fully hard nipple, playing with it with his tongue. He let go for a second, looking at her breast covered in his saliva.

“…thirsty babies…” she heard him mutter to himself, before he quickly changed to the other nipple and started sucking on it. Katy moaned even more audibly as his tongue played with her nipple again. Dwight sucked on her tit hard and pulled it out, only for it to pop out of his mouth with a loud smacking sound, and he quickly stuck his mouth back on her other breast and sucked it the same way again. Katy was really turned on now, she could feel she had gotten slightly wet, but thankfully her skirt was still on.

After a few minutes of Dwight sucking and groping her naked breasts, he suddenly pulled back. He dropped to his knees now, and looked at her tits from below. Katy opened her eyes to see what was going on. Dwight placed his palms on her nipples, then pressed them into her breasts, and slowly ran his hands down her naked sides, to the edge of her skirt. She felt where he was going, but before she could say anything, his hands slid to her ass, groping it through the skirt, as his mouth glued itself to one of her breasts and sucked on it again. She moaned, realizing she had let this go too far already.

“Dwight.. ahh!” she said “Stop.” she whispered, almost as if she didn’t want to say it. Dwight chose to ignore her, as he continued groping her skirt-covered ass with his hands, and sucking on her tits. Katy placed her hands on Dwight’s head and tried pushing him away, but she barely had any strength. Her body was hot and she knew she craved sexual release.

But suddenly, Dwight moved his hands down from her ass along the back of her legs until he reached the bottom of her knee-long skirt. He quickly grasped it and pulled it upwards, almost all the way to her waist. Katy’s ass popped out of the tight skirt and her black lace panties were now visible. Dwight wasted no time as his hands slapped on her firm ass and started groping, and he started kissing downwards, starting from the underside of her breast, and moving to her belly button, then lower. As he moved to kiss the tiny bit of skin showing between her rolled up skirt and panties, she felt frightened and pushed him away suddenly.

“Dwight! Stop!” she shouted, and immediately regretted as it came back to her where she was. She realized she was standing completely topless, her nipples hard and covered in saliva, and her skirt rolled up with her black panties showing to the man who was kneeling before her, and had been about to kiss her on top of her panties.

Katy covered her mouth and looked frightened at the door! She knew someone had heard her, and worst of all, Michael, who sat in the office next to the conference room, might have heard her too. And indeed he had, as there were footsteps right outside, and then the door handle turned.

“Katy?” came Michael’s voice from right outside the door “What’s going on?” he tried to enter, but Dwight had locked the door earlier “Why is the door locked?” he asked.

Katy looked down at Dwight who was still kneeling right next to her crotch, with his hands still barely holding on to her ass.

“You better answer him.” Dwight smiled, knowing the position she was in. Katy scrambled to pull down her skirt, but Dwight pushed her hands away “No, answer him quickly!” he whispered.

“I need my shirt!” Katy whispered too, as she quickly grabbed the purple shirt that she had left on the chair and quickly put it on over her naked breasts.

“Katy?” Michael asked again as he knocked a few more times “Are you in there?”

“Yes sorry!” Katy finally responded, trying to compose herself and straighten out her shirt. Her skirt was still rolled up over her ass and her panties visible, but Dwight didn’t let her pull it down.

“I’m ok! Just need a few moments to do some, uh, handbag stuff.” She tried to come up with a good reason

“Oh ok.” Michael said from outside “Can you open the door? Why is it locked?” he tried the handle again. Katy looked at Dwight who was now standing against the wall behind the door, and he put his finger over his lips, indicating for her to pretend he’s not here.

“Open the door!” Michael said loudly, trying the handle again. Katy rushed to the door, and tried pulling down her skirt again, but Dwight reached out and slapped her hand away. She looked angrily at him, but didn’t want to say anything to give away what was happening.

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