Kate Returns Home Ch. 29 – Fetish

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This story includes bodily functions as well as significant discipline. If any of this offends you, please read no further. This chapter will make more sense if you read the previous chapters first, but you don’t have to in order to enjoy it. All characters are well over 18. My thanks to Leslie Jones for encouraging me to use her Women’s Republic characters.

Although Kate spoke often with her spouses Harry and Glenda on the phone and online, she hadn’t visited them for a few months. Work continued to occupy much of her time, and she longed for some sustained days and nights with Harry and Glenda. She did go on weekend excursions around and outside the capital with COL Rachel, WO1 Kathryn, MAJ Elaine, and CPT Helene, her closest colleagues, and friends in the Corrections Service.

In planning a trip home–where not only would she spend time with her spouses but also her family–Kate decided to take benefit of her large house in the second city. She invited all of her Service friends to join her. Probably because they looked forward both to a getaway as well as a chance to see the other side of Kate’s life, all five women accepted her invitation. Kate reserved a compartment on the midafternoon train the next Friday and the group of six found itself enjoying a private journey.

She had ordered a service of charcuterie as well as cocktails for the trip, which was about three hours in duration. An attendant appeared before the train departed to take drinks orders and soon a good time was underway for all six. There was a lot of light banter, since all five of her friends had been intimate with Kate and with most of the others.

When they reached their destination, Harry and Glenda were on hand with smiles and their cars to take the visitors to Kate’s home. Kate had made the sleeping arrangements, spreading her friends among the house’s three bedrooms: Rachel and Elaine occupied Harry’s bedroom, while Helene and Kathryn roomed in Glenda’s; Kate, Harry, and Glenda were in Kate’s larger room.

Glenda and Harry had organized a dinner, which had been ordered in from a favorite restaurant. There were hors d’oeuvres and a celebratory punch to begin and then a nice buffet dinner, accompanied by wine. Kate had let it be known that she had no issue with everyone moving about that night between the bedrooms.

“Here’s a toast to our hostess,” Rachel initiated the round of testimonials to Kate. Kate, in turn, thanked Harry and Glenda for all they had done to prepare for what she called “the correctional onslaught.” There was a gradual loosening of tongues as everyone became more comfortable with one another.

After the relaxed dinner came to a close, Kate smiled as she announced that while she and her husband and wife would begin out in her bedroom, everyone should expect to discover them “around and about” as the evening moved on. Harry and Glenda rose a little later to escort Kate to her bedroom with them. When they arrived, she hugged and kissed them almost at the same time and told them with a slight tremor in her throat that she had missed them greatly.

Glenda lovingly helped Kate to unbutton her blouse and unzip her skirt, and then to remove both. Glenda speedily stripped off her outer clothing and she and Kate hugged each other again as both were in bra and panties; they stopped to roll down their hose and slip off their shoes. For his part, Harry managed to undress efficiently and now was totally nude, lying on the bed looking ready to welcome both of the women.

Kate unhooked and removed her bra and yanked down her undies. Then she almost jumped on Harry in the bed, but sat astride his thighs, relishing his already erect cock poking her also rising clit. Glenda clambered aboard and bent forward to start to apply her tongue to Kate’s posterior, aiming at her now spread bottom cheeks to probe her deliciously cute bottom-hole.

It took Kate little time to move so that she was now atop Harry’s eight-incher slipping into her already sopping pussy. She enjoyed lifting herself up and then coming down on his rigid rod. For her part, Glenda licked Kate’s anus and then inserted her forefinger so that Kate was feeling it pushing against the thin wall separating her rectum from Harry’s cock plunging in and out of her vaginal vault.

In Glenda’s room, Helene and Kathryn had quickly become comfortable. Kathryn observed that she needed to relieve herself, so they repaired to the hall bathroom and closed the door as they entered. Helene grinned as she lay on her back in the large tub while Kathryn squatted over her, facing her as Helene watched Kathryn released her pee and aimed by holding her labia aside to have her stream reach Helene’s open mouth.

Helene found Kathryn’s hot yellow urine delightfully salty and swallowed as much as she was able. When Kathryn’s peeing tailed off, she stepped up and out, and helped Helene up from the tub. Then she turned on the tub faucet to rinse the tub. Kathryn then re-entered the tub, this time lying on her back. Helene carefully moved back in and squatted right over Kathryn’s face. She released a powerful flow of pee that blasted across Kathryn’s face.

When she finished, she asked Kathryn if it was all right if she “continued her ablutions.” Kathryn grinned and poked her finger into Helene’s tight anal rosette.

“Ooh,” she whistled, “someone’s needing to make a doody!”

Helene just smiled, and released some gas as her anus emitted some bowel noises. Then she pushed a little and a medium brown log slowly emerged from her tiny opening. It was wide enough to hurt a bit as it pushed out faster after she managed to pass the bumpy first inch or two. The movement grew ever longer and then fell on Kathryn’s expectant face.

The smell Kathryn now inhaled was strong. She pushed the poo off her face and leaned up to lick Helene’s relatively clean hole. She smelled the intense flavor of Helene’s rectum, but her defecation had left scant residue. Then Helene picked up the log and flipped it into the toilet. She turned on the faucet to rinse her hands and lovingly then applied her hands to wash Kathryn’s face. Kathryn then rose and they washed out the tub again.

After a quick shower, during which they soaped each other and applied the loofah to their torsos, Helene used her fingers to arouse Kathryn’s hairy split. She soon climaxed and the two rinsed each other and wrapped the other in warm towels. Then they returned to Glenda’s bedroom.

Meanwhile, Harry had brought Kate to orgasm as she moved her pussy up and down on his cock. Then he ejaculated powerfully inside her and she lifted herself off him and lay down next to him on her back as he put his arm around her. Glenda crawled between her legs and licked up the outflow of her juices and his cum.

“It’s been a while since I enjoyed your wonderful cream pie, darling,” she whispered in Kate’s ear. Kate urged Glenda to squat over her face so she could please her orally. When Glenda had her crotch over Kate’s face, she grinned when Kate noticed the string hanging out of her pussy. Kate reached over and grabbed a thick dark towel Glenda had thoughtfully brought into the bedroom.

She had Glenda sit against the headboard with her legs spread on the towel. Then Kate carefully and gently pulled Glenda’s tampon slowly out of her pussy. The tampon was well-soaked, and Glenda took it in her hand and placed it on the night table.

Then Kate urged her to squat over her face again as Kate licked Glenda’s flowing pussy and gradually acquired a red mustache. Harry tapped her on her shoulder as Glenda was becoming ever more aroused. Then Kate moved apart for Harry to lie on Glenda, holding himself above her as he gently introduced his cock into her menstruating pussy.

“This is just what I needed, darling,” Glenda purred as Harry generously fucked her.

“Give me a kiss, sweetie,” Kate pleaded. Glenda managed to raise her head as Kate slipped between the copulating spouses and gave Kate a deep kiss, inhaling the scent of her menses from Kate’s lips.

Glenda felt herself about to climax. She bucked as Harry plunged deeply into her flowing pussy. As she came, Harry joined her and then gradually shrank out of her, giving Kate a chance to lick her favorite strawberry syrup from Glenda’s outflow.

Then she made Harry present himself so she could lick the period flow off his cock. Kate reached into the drawer of the night table, took out a tampon, ripped it open, and slowly inserted it into Glenda’s vagina. Then she wiped her wife’s pussy clean.

Rachel found herself receiving Elaine’s fond attentions between her legs as Elaine moved her tongue through Rachel’s redhaired bush to arouse her labia, clit, and vaginal opening. The two women who were in their 40’s enjoyed turning each other on as Rachel caressed Elaine’s large boobs while Elaine kept at servicing Rachels’ pudenda.

Elaine also focused her attentions on Rachel’s sensitive rouge-colored nipples. She squeezed them as they hardened to her touch. Glenda had thoughtfully left some of her toys on the night table, so Elaine picked out a large, thick dildo and slowly inserted it into Rachel’s wet cunt. She began moving it in and out of her in rhythm as Rachel responded by shifting her bottom back and forth in time with the dildo’s motion in and out of her. Rachel exploded deep inside and then found a small bullet vibe that she softly applied to Elaine’s large vulva.

Harry was now exhausted from fucking his wife and her wife. He rolled over and was asleep within minutes. Kate roused herself and went off to join Kathryn and Helene. Glenda was also tired from the preparations and from her period sex with Harry. She fell into his arms and was also asleep soon.

Kate found Kathryn and Helene content in Glenda’s bed. Kate’s two contemporaries giggled as they related their bathroom escapade and Kate mockingly chided them and told them what naughty girls they were.

“Then you’d better spank us, dear Kate,” Helene exclaimed, and she positioned herself across Kate’s lap. Kate began lightly spanking her old officers’ candidate college classmate on her cute white bottom. She probed into Helene’s bottom and when she withdrew her finger, it had brown streaks.

“Did you just make a doody, Miss Helene?” she inquired with a stern tone.

“I did, Miss Kate, and I was terribly naughty because I did it right on Kathryn’s face,” Helene confessed.

“Lick my finger then,” Kate ordered, and Helene quickly complied as she tasted her own poo.

Kate then resumed the spanking and reddened Helene’s bright white cheeks. Helene began to whimper, and Kate ordered her to spread her legs. Kate then slapped Helene’s vulva several times until Helene cried out that she was sorry, and she’d be good.

Kate found a small rod among Glenda’s toys on the night table and handed it to Kathryn.

“You need to punish her for doing that on your face,” she said.

Kathryn laughed and then gave Helene a few swipes on her bottom with the rod. Helene cried out and the three fell into each other’s arms and kissed each other deeply. Kathryn noticed Kate’s red mustache, so Kate mentioned that she had been servicing Glenda who was having her period.

“You look so cute with that red mustache,” Kathryn chuckled, “and I love the little fuzz on your puss,” noticing that Kate had been letting her shaved pubes grow out.

“Why thank you, darling,” Kate rejoined. “Doesn’t everybody want to get their red wings like I did?”

“I hope you got a nice fucking from your husband, Katie,” Helene chimed in. “I always think how you must miss both him and Glenda back in the capital.”

“I did and I do,” Kate laughed. “But now I need to pee. Want to join me?”

Kathryn and Helene followed her back into the bathroom they had so recently left as Kate sat on the toilet.

“Let me help you,” Helene offered. She knelt in front of Kate and put her fingers over Kate’s peehole as Kate released a full bladder’s worth splashing on Helene’s fingers. Then she leaned back so Helene could get her mouth on Kate’s vulva as her pee surged out into Helene’s open mouth. She couldn’t swallow it all, so it dripped down from her mouth into the bowl.

“Bend over,” Kate told her, “so I can lick your messy bottom.” Helene did just what she asked, and Kate bent forward on the toilet to lick between Helene’s spread cheeks and poked her tongue into her fetid hole.

“Whoo,” Kate smiled, “there seems to be a good deal left in there, sweetie.” She kept her tongue licking the fecal residue inside Helene’s bottom-hole. When her tongue emerged, Kate announced that Helene needed to be figged and then given a cleansing enema.

She opened a cabinet and took out a peeled ginger stick and slowly inserted it into Helene’s bottom. Kathryn told Helene how cute she looked with the stick poking out of her bottom. A little later, Helene complained that the ginger was stinging her inside her botty. Kate extracted the fig and took down the pink enema bag from the shower rail and slowly filled it at the tub faucet.

Then she had Helene bend over and humiliatingly hold her bottom cheeks open. Kate softly inserted the nozzle and released the clip for the warm water to flow into Helene’s colon. She only gave her a relatively small enema but after Helene had been retaining for a few minutes she asked to be allowed to expel.

“You were naughty, Miss Helene, so you have to hold it a bit longer,” Kate intoned.

“Oh, please, Miss Kate,” Helene pleaded, “I’m going to lose it if you don’t let me go.’

Kate escorted her to the toilet and Helene let loose a swoosh of brown-colored water.

“It looks like that cleaned you out some,” Kate observed. “Let me tuck you into bed because I’ve a feeling you’re tired now that you’ve had your treatments here.”

Kate kissed Helene goodnight and then took Kathryn in her arms and tickled her pointed nipples.

“Ooh, I like that, Katie,” Kathryn exuded and then she too climbed into bed.

Kate left them and moved on to join Elaine and Rachel.

“Have you been having it off with everyone?” Rachel jokingly asked her. Kate smiled and said she had been enjoying herself.

“You really are so naughty,” Rachel observed, adding, “I think you need to be disciplined, darling.”

Kate accordingly bent over the bed and Rachel picked up a cane from the night table. She laid it on Kate’s pretty bottom cheeks, drew it back, and fired three stingers across Kate’s alabaster cheeks. Kate moaned and Rachel gave her three more lower down near the base. This time, Kate cried out and Rachel felt maybe she had gone too far.

“I’m sorry, Kate,” Rachel said abjectly. “Maybe I went too far.”

“Nonsense,” Kate replied. “That was nothing that I cannot make up for on your bottom. Assume the position, my dear.”

Rachel lay on her tummy and Kate stood at bedside, laying the cane across her broad bottom. Kate drew it back and fired a truly severe stroke right across Rachel’s bottom. As Rachel tried to muffle her scream, Kate laid the cane back on the table.

“Lie back and let me make you feel better,” Kate requested as Rachel rolled onto her back, placed her head on a pillow, and spread her legs lewdly. Kate loved admiring her redhaired snatch and crawled up between her legs to lick her lovingly between her labia, tickle her clit with the tip of her tongue, and wind her tongue into Rachel’s wide open vagina. Rachel’s pussy had a pleasant taste, Kate thought.

“You are so lucky, Katie,” Elaine now joined the conversation.

“How so?” Kate asked her.

“I know you must’ve been fucked tonight,” Elaine said calmly. “Might he want to please this dry twat?”

Kate put her finger across her mouth and slipped out. She returned with Harry, whom she had awakened from a light sleep and slightly fondled to arouse his cock.

“This lady needs you inside her,” Kate told him, as she led him to Elaine who was lying on the bed with her legs apart. Harry got down on the bed between her legs and licked her pussy. He was now fully aroused and ready to apply himself to this new partner.

Elaine kissed him as he held himself above her and she guided his cock into her wide opening with her fingers. She was wet and the breadth of her cunt mad his entry smooth and delightful to her. He was hitting plenty of sensitive places that had not been stimulated for quite some time.

Harry then began to thrust and withdraw, not entirely letting his penis totally leave Elaine’s soft walls. He fucked her with joyous abandon, and she began to respond, moving her bottom in rhythm with his thrusts. Soon she went into orgasm and kept cumming for a good while. Harry felt her contractions and he responded with a massive outflow of ejaculate.

“Hope you took your pill tonight,” Kate teased her, knowing that Elaine had been celibate for a significant time.

“Not a issue,” Elaine responded coolly. “My monthly just ended yesterday.”

“This is something else,” Kate exclaimed. “My wife just started hers.”

“We both earned our red wings,” Harry contributed.

“Katie’s red mustache was a total giveaway,” Elaine laughed.

“Let me enjoy her cream pie,” Kathryn chimed in as she moved between Elaine’s legs to suck up the fluids from her fucking with Harry.

“Mmm mmm, good,” Kathryn gurgled.

Knowing she was treading on delicate ground, Kathryn grinned and asked Harry how he had found having it off with Nicole.

“It’s ok,” Kate allowed, “he’s earned the right to talk about it.”

“I’m glad you feel that way,” Harry said calmly, “because I still feel so bad that I hurt you.”

“I’m a big girl,” Kate informed him. “That’s over, as far as I’m concerned. And yes, we’ve become very civilized with each other, showing off our panties on television.”

Kathryn remembered the brouhaha that was readily resolved when Kate and Nicole had been asked to do the panty commercials for Goose Cookers.

“So how good a fuck was she?” Kate now took over the direct examination.

“Honey, nobody’s as fine as you,” Harry responded, “not even Elaine here,” who made a self-effacing gesture. “But yes, Nicole was nice, not worth what I went through, and I’m thinking of the box as well as the totally justifiable discipline you imposed. You know yourself she’s a hot little number.”

“That she certainly is,” Kate observed calmly as well, “but I’m glad it’s over if it ever was more than a quickie, and I actually like her.”

“I’m glad you do, darling,” Harry said with relief, “because I’ll all the time be ashamed of how I behaved.”

“I brought it on, by sending you to camp,” Kate admitted. “That won’t ever happen again, sweetheart, I promise.”

She looked at Elaine and added, “And I’m not upset with you, either, Elaine, because it’s good that this whole company ended as well as it did. And by the way, you know that they want us to do some more commercials.”

Harry managed to laugh and asked if they had changed in front of each other.

“Of course, we did, stupid,” Kate snapped, “and she did help me stop being so afraid about the world seeing my panties.”

“They’re nice panties, Katie,” Elaine interjected.

Kate smiled and then fell into Harry’s arms. “I love this man,” she said determinedly.

“And I love her,” Harry replied.

“We all love her,” Elaine chimed in and looked at Rachel.

“Yes, we do,” Rachel confirmed, “she’s a keeper.”

* * * *

The next day they all enjoyed a nice brunch and then Kate excused herself, saying she had to take care of her family business. “I’m leaving you in my husband’s and wife’s capable hands to keep you entertained.”

Then she left and drove Harry’s Corvette to her family home. Her stepmother Jan, her dad Steve, and her siblings Dede and Steve Jr. were all awaiting her. Marie, Steve’s mistress whom Jan had welcomed into the family, was also there.

Kate kissed each of them individually and then sat down at the dining room table with them. Marie hurriedly brought her coffee.