Kate Returns Home Ch. 26 – Fetish

[This story includes bodily functions as well as significant discipline. If any of this offends you, please read no further. This chapter will make more sense if you read the previous chapters first but you don’t have to in order to enjoy it. All characters are well over 18. My thanks to Leslie Jones for encouraging me to use her Women’s Republic characters.]

After their hectic arrival day at Meredith’s apartment, Linda and Al lay in bed the following morning, able to relax for the first time since they married in a whirlwind. Linda would be suspended for two months from the Disciplinary Unit of the Corrections Service. Al would travel back to the capital today to return to his job there.

“I’m sorry you have to go back so soon,” Linda told her husband. “This has been so exhilarating, but I suppose one of us needs to earn a living. Assuming they take me back, I should be back bringing in a decent check.”

It had been quite a night. Meredith had joined the couple and Al had fucked both Linda and, with her nodding consent, Meredith, who was hosting them in the apartment her sister Eleanor still owned and where Linda had stayed when working with her friend Denise at the local reeducation center.

Jackson, Eleanor’s ex, and Meredith hit it off when Eleanor had brought her to stay with them, after Eleanor had rescued Meredith from a life of turning tricks on the street. Now heading the firm Goose Cookers’ capital office, Eleanor was living with her wife Annette in a lovely apartment in the capital. Annette was a bit older and Chief of Staff of the Corrections Service.

Jackson and Meredith went off to work, and then Al kissed Linda good-bye to leave for the capital. Linda had not had the luxury of staying in bed for as long as she wished. She intended to soak herself in the bathtub for a good while, but when she entered the bathroom, she saw that it was equipped with a very modern bidet that sprayed your private parts–vulva and anus–with a nice warm spray.

She sat herself on the toilet seat and using the remote, alternated between applying the delightful warm spray first on her well-fucked pussy. It was so nice, she wondered, to be able to clean myself inside so comfortably. She took benefit of the oscillating control and totally enjoyed stimulating herself where she was most sensitive. Then she turned on the rear spray and savored its massaging of her anal opening. Finally, she prepared the tub and relaxed in the warm water while cleaning herself all over.

She lifted herself out, dried herself with the lush towels Meredith had left for her, and got dressed casually but attractively, with a bright striped top and a fashionably navy skirt. Linda had radiant auburn hair and a nice figure. She had at all times been pleased with how good she looked in a uniform, especially as a sergeant in the Service.

She called Eleanor to thank her for everything she had done, beginning with her arranging for a friend’s boyfriend to be sent to the Disciplinary Unit. She still was drawn to him when he first arrived, perhaps aided by the general short supply of men there. Unlike the retraining camps, the unit focused on giving woman who were in the Service a last chance before they were given the boot.

Eleanor picked up on her cell: Linda was delighted to learn that she was spending a few days in town arriving soon to be at Goose Cookers later today, which had its headquarters in this second city of the Republic. Immediately, Eleanor told Linda when she would arrive and that she would stay in her apartment, with Linda and with her sister Meredith and her husband Jackson.

Linda finished getting dressed and awaited Eleanor’s arrival. Eleanor turned up, dressed to visit her business’s base, well-dressed in a charming suit. No sooner had she dropped her cases in the master bedroom–she had alerted Meredith that she would becoming and was of course accorded use of her former bedroom, than she kissed Linda deeply and told her that they would lunch at the Vic, the exclusive women’s club in the city that Eleanor’s boss, Janet, had managed to obtain membership for her.

Now, Linda realized that this was a nice opportunity but that she’d better behave herself. Some time ago, she had been invited to a celebratory dinner involving Eleanor and her wife. She proceeded to get loaded and almost got thrown out of the Service. She recalled that she had been caned in front of the others at the dinner and then made to go through the retraining class at the Disciplinary Unit.

She decided to dress conservatively. There was one suit she owned and she pulled it out of the closet. She also decided to wear a standard beige bra and panty set, along with thigh-hi sheer hose and pumps. Eleanor drove her to the lunch at the club and tried to be friendly when she told Linda that she expected her to be on very good behavior.

Linda felt that she was being treated as a silly young woman but gritted her teeth because she knew Eleanor was concerned that she not embarrass Eleanor by behaving immaturely. She also had to accept that her suspension from the Service for fucking a retrainee in her room shadowed her current image even with friends like Eleanor.

They arrived at the Vic, where the hostess greeted Eleanor like a welcome visitor since Eleanor was now located in the capital, rather than her corporate headquarters in this second city. She escorted them to a choice table not far from the front of the main room. They joined the other two at the table: Eleanor’s boss, Janet, the executive v.p. who ran Goose Cookers, and a middle-aged woman named Roberta, who headed the business’s disciplinary office.

Both seemed pleased to see Linda, whom Janet had met before at dinners in the capital with Eleanor and her wife Annette, another longtime friend of Janet’s. Annette had long been the domme whom Janet, the corporate titan, visited when in need of some submission.

They knew about Linda’s suspension and told her they hoped she would do whatever she needed to do to return to the Service.

“You bring such good experience to your unit,” Janet observed, and Linda responded that she appreciated Janet’s good comment of her despite the fact that Linda was eager to admit that she had made mistakes along the way.

“I’ve found that the best people usually have erred at some point,” Janet continued, “and they learn from those mistakes.” She did not have to mention to Linda that Eleanor herself had fallen into that category. Now, she was the innovative soul of Goose Cookers, but she had met Annette, who was the chief corrections officer than at the Supreme Court, where Eleanor had been severely sentenced when found guilty of adultery.

Linda also knew that Eleanor had later been cleared but still carried some stigma from clearly having committed the act, although her conviction was later vacated because she was not technically guilty in that her co-respondent had not been married to the woman who had claimed to be his wife.

Eleanor asked Roberta whether there were any new developments in her office. Linda’s ears perked up because if she were returning to the Service’s Disciplinary Unit, she needed to know about anything that Goose Cookers had come up with in its own disciplinary program.

Roberta said that they might be interested in a new iteration of the old disciplinary device of a chastity belt. The technical division at the business, she said, had tried to come to terms with some of the troublesome operational elements of the traditional chastity belt. This new product, she explained, was made of a very firm but pliable leather that would not tear and was coated with a chemical that resisted any efforts to tear or cut it open.

“What makes it different?” Linda asked.

“By making it impossible to open once locked because the leather is protected from any abrasion,” Roberta continued, “there need be no metal, which makes it more wearable for sustained periods. Also, there are slats in front that do allow for urination and a sizeable opening in the rear that will permit defecation once the wearer is oriented to how to effect that function. The opening is designed so that excretion either way is made easier but there will be no entrance of anything into the belt through that opening as the opening is slanted and so shaped as to exclude any entry.”

“Have you considered having a design that is suited for wearing by men?” Linda asked.

“Yes,” Roberta added. “We don’t have much use for that because almost all our employees are female, but we know that there’s a need for this product for men. It is ready for beta trials.”

At this point, Janet spoke up and told Linda that Eleanor had suggested that she, Linda, let the Disciplinary Unit know about this chastity belt, because they would like to have the unit test it on men sent to the Service camps for retraining. She added that Roberta would be happy to provide her with a demo kit and materials about both belts.

While Linda was very pleased that Eleanor had apparently tried to help her regain her standing in the Service, she was a bit fearful of contacting anyone during her period of suspension.

“Right now, I have to be careful about whom I contact at the unit,” she said to Janet, “but I’ll be happy to review the material and samples that you are providing me,” looking at Roberta. “Then I’ll pass this on, having seen the way the device works,” she added. “I think that I should send my referral on to the Commandant of the unit.”

Janet smiled because she knew LTC Kate well, and felt that coming from Goose Cookers through Linda would help both the business and Linda. She told Linda that that was what she hoped Linda would suggest. The four then ordered from the server who carefully took down their choices.

Linda knew that the meal would be superb, even if she only ordered sparingly. She had no interest in chowing down in the presence of this sophisticated and powerful group of women who were acknowledging that she could help both them and their business.

“We think,” Janet went on, “that your technically being out of the unit right now will make it far less likely that there would be any conflict of interest perceived by your sending this referral on to LTC Kate.”

After they finished lunch and coffee, Eleanor said that she would see her colleagues later but would be dropping Linda off at her apartment. Janet and Roberta stood, along with Linda and Eleanor, and told Linda that they had so enjoyed seeing her and hoped that she felt as positive as they did about the project they were including her in.

Linda thanked them for their confidence in her and promised to do her best to convey her support to her Commandant. She described her intention to test the belt on herself and on her husband.

Janet and Roberta grinned, saying that they wondered that was definitely an excellent idea and thanked Linda for her suggesting it. Then they all made their good-byes to each other and soon Eleanor was driving Linda back to the apartment.

“Thanks, Linda,” she said in the car. “I couldn’t tell you about this ahead of time but I’m so pleased at how you responded. I think this can work to your advantage.”

“I agree,” Linda answered her. “Ellie, I screwed up badly but I think with this show of confidence by your people, especially Janet and Roberta, I may get some brownie points in my effort to return to the unit.”

Eleanor came into the apartment with her and Linda asked her to help her try on the women’s belt that Roberta had given her, along with two more of the betas for men. Linda had little hesitation in unbuttoning and then unzipping her skirt and slipping her panties off.

She was really happy she had worn plain but attractive panties that Eleanor would see. The way she had dressed has clearly helped her show the confidence that she felt had impressed the others. Eleanor helped her remove the female belt from the package and adjust it to fit Linda’s waist as well as company part that went between her legs and connected to the belt in the rear.

Soon Linda had the belt on and Eleanor snapped the little lock and handed Linda the key. “Keep it on and when you’re satisfied that it’s been on long enough to make you aware of its comfort quotient and you have used it in the bathroom, unlock it and remove it,” she advised.

Linda was now so accustomed to a lack of intimate privacy from the unit life and her friendship with Eleanor that she had no hesitation in telling Ellie that she needed to use the toilet. “You know that I’ve gone through retraining at the unit where I had to ask permission and have my panties unlocked to excrete,” she chuckled.

Without any prompting from Eleanor, Linda knew that she could aim her pee stream so that it would pass through the large opening without wetting her, which was essential because she would not be able to wipe after she peed or pooped. She positioned herself so that her peehole was above the opening and let fly. She was able to pee without it landing on the rim or elsewhere in the belt.

“I also have to make a doody, Eleanor,” she said with a slight blush at having to use the childish word. She wondered that saying she had to poop was even more babyish, reminiscent of modern toilet training. With that she managed to reposition so that the large opening was directly under her anus. She pushed a bit but then a large turd emerged and passed through the hole. She congratulated herself at her success.

Eleanor was overjoyed that Linda had managed to use the excretory function so effectively. She realized that Linda had experience in her bodily functions being controlled by others, especially when she had been a retrainee in locked panties in the unit. She bent over and kissed Linda sweetly on her lips and told her how pleased she was at Linda’s successful use of the belt’s opening.

Linda did say that it was annoying not to be able to wipe because the hole in the belt was designed to keep anything from entering through it.

“When you have the belt on,” Eleanor noted, “your anal area will not come into direct contact with your panties when you pull them up. This will give you some protection against soiling your undies. Can you keep it on for a few hours? That will show how wearable it is.”

“Sure,” Linda said, grinning. “And when my husband returns, we’ll have him try the men’s belt.”

“Linda,” Eleanor said, “thanks so much for being willing to do this. I thought you would be perfect because you had so much experience in this realm. I’ve designed intimate products so none of this ever offends me. I hope you feel the same.”

“It’s like Janet said,” Linda replied. “I think this will help me and your company. And I’m on the outs and literally out of the unit now, so the conflict and perception will be minimal.”

Eleanor watched as Linda pulled up her panties and then kissed her before leaving for her meetings at Goose Cookers.

When Eleanor arrived at Goose Cookers, she immediately telephoned Janet and said they should meet, including Roberta in the meeting. Janet agreed and soon the three were in Roberta’s office in the disciplinary division.

Eleanor related that she had assisted Linda in trying on the belt and then using the toilet with it on. She described how she wondered Linda had expertly managed to position herself in the belt at the right place so that she could urinate and defecate without wetting or soiling herself.

“I’m very pleased,” Roberta commented, “because that is not an easy skill for most women to master. In fact, when we have used it here, we’ve found that most of the women who have been made to wear the belt have wet themselves and soiled themselves during their toilet use. Linda has shown us that this is do-able, no pun intended,” she grinned.

They discussed now their hopes that Linda’s referral would be successful in winning LTC Kate’s interest in ordering the belts on a trial basis.

“Linda will let me know once she has had her husband try it out,” Eleanor continued. “He had been sent to the unit for retraining and was released after Linda and he were found to have been intimate. Now they’re married and he’s traveling back the capital for his work.”

Janet walked out with Eleanor and told her how pleased she was with how this project was going. “I was slightly worried, Ellie,” she added, “because I don’t like to involve you in this kind of thing, based on your experience back before we met.”

“That was then,” Eleanor responded coolly. “I’m not hung up about what happened and you helped get over the way they treated me. My wife Annette was really kind then and I somehow made it through the year’s infibulation. I’m so beholden to you for my wonderful time here and of course, I adore my wife.”

“Oh, I love her too,” Janet smiled. “You do know so much about our relationship so we’re almost even there. I do need her to take me in hand now and then.”

“She’s just a marvelous lady, but, of course, I’m highly prejudiced in her favor,” Eleanor said with much feeling. She and Janet sat down in Janet’s office now and went over all the projects Eleanor was handling.

Al came to the apartment after having driven back from the capital. He held Linda in his arms and kissed her sweetly and she felt so good being embraced by him. Then she explained what she wanted to him to do in terms of wearing the belt as a test.

“You’re not going to use this on me after this?” he said questioningly.

Linda decided that she would remind him of her authority. “You know that now that we’re married, I’m your ‘responsible woman,” she answered rather firmly. “I love you, of course, darling, but you know that I may decide to discipline you when you need it. I’d so much rather do it myself that have to send you away somewhere. I hope that satisfies you. Allan, I do love you so much.”

Al realized that Linda was being very considerate despite the situation she was placing him in. He knew that if this went well, it would almost guarantee her return to her unit and he wanted that to happen.

“OK,” he grinned, “I can do it. Especially for you. In fact, only for you.”

Linda’s heart was full now and she kissed him happily.

She had him take down his trousers and his underpants.

“You are going to have to sit down to pee or make a doody,” she said. “So, get used to using the toilet like a girl for a time.”

She pulled up and adjusted the belt’s straps and waistbelt. Then she explained that his cock was in a tube. “It’s large enough, darling, that you won’t be in pain even when you get an erection,” she said. “If you were put in a cock cage,” she added, “you would effectively be punished for getting an erection. You just have to place the cock tube over the toilet, and you can pee through the little hole at the end.”

“I managed to make my doody through the big hole underneath,” she reported.

“You’ll have enough flexibility to position yourself so your anus is right over the hole. Take the time to do that very carefully. You will be able to remove the belt once a day to shower and clean yourself because you won’t be able to wipe after you excrete.”

She locked the belt and Al did let her know in about an hour that he had to pee. “It’s not really uncomfortable, I suppose because it’s not metal,” he said. They went into their ensuite bathroom and Al took down his trousers and his underpants. “I’m really not used to doing this like you do, pulling down your panties,” he chuckled.

“Since you are going to have to do this every time you use the toilet,” Linda replied, “maybe we’ll have you wear some nice panties.”

Al did have a bit of a panty fetish, so he inwardly was turned on by her remark and he also felt himself getting a hard-on. He was pleased that the tube permitted that without pressing in on his cock like a cock cage would. Linda had him take off his trousers altogether and then put on a pair of pale blue panties, a full brief, she took out of her panty drawer.

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