Kate Returns Home Ch. 22 – Fetish

[This story includes bodily functions–peeing, pooping, and periods–as well as significant discipline. If any of this offends you, please read no further. This chapter will be much more comprehensible if you read the previous chapters first. All characters are well over 18. My thanks to Leslie Jones for encouraging me to use her Women’s Republic characters.]

Kate realized she hadn’t seen her family for some time. She decided it would be nice to relax and take the train to the Republic’s second city this time. Packing an overnight case, she was able to walk downtown to the major rail station in the capital. Often, she and other women she knew had flown, but today it seemed nice to take it easy in company class on the train.

She was pleasantly surprised to run into Eleanor, who was doing the same thing.

“Wow,” Kate exclaimed. “I just decided I needed to relax so I decided to go by train. Do you do this often?”

“No, Kate,” Eleanor answered with a smile. “I need to spend some time with my sister to work out a few things about my apartment where she and my ex, her husband, live. I’d love for you to come over there with me when we get to the city. I’d like to have dinner with you and Meredith if that’s ok. By the way, it’s on me.”

“You don’t have to do that,” Kate grinned. “I would love to spend some time with you and your sister. It will take my mind off all the stuff hanging over me here as well as my having to deal with my family.”

“Problems with them?” Eleanor asked.

“Yes, my older sister is finally getting married,” Kate replied, “and I’m not sure what their plans involved, but before I sign off, I want to know that she’ll be ok. And my brother, also older, still works where my wife is his boss. She’s told me it would help if I counseled him a little. So, this won’t be a pure relaxing vacation, alas.”

When they arrived, Kate grabbed her case and admired Eleanor’s snazzy luggage. They took a taxi to Eleanor’s apartment, although she hadn’t lived there for a long time. Her sister Meredith greeted them. She knew Eleanor would be coming but not Kate.

“Kate!” she exclaimed, “what a wonderful surprise! Eleanor, you should have told me.”

“Pire serendipity,” Kate admitted to her. “We met at the train station, and it turned out we each planned to take the train here today.”

Meredith escorted them into the living room and offered them drinks. Both women accepted her offer with alacrity. They sat down and enjoyed their g&t’s. Meredith had some diet tonic, which she loved to take straight.

“How’s my ex behaving?” Eleanor asked.

“Funny you should ask, Sis,” Meredith said coolly. “He’s all right, but I’ve had to discipline him for his usual misbehavior. But, still, I do feel we really are in love.”

“That’s nice,” Kate interjected between the sisters. “I have to deal with my family and then my own–my husband and wife.”

They chatted away for a while and then Eleanor suggested they go to her club, The Vic, which was the most prestigious women’s club in the city. It had once been an exclusive men’s establishment, but women had taken it over with the begin of the Women’s Republic.

“Thanks, Eleanor,” Kate said, “but I don’t want you to have to pick up what this will run, as much as I love going to The Vic.”

“Katie,” Eleanor laughed, “Meredith knows that I can afford it, and I may even get some business done there. No, I won’t turn this into a meeting. Don’t worry, please. It’ll be great and you know that.”

Kate admitted that she did, so they took turns freshening up and then Meredith drove them in her cute Mini Cooper.

When they arrived, Eleanor led them into The Vic and the maitress’d welcomed her profusely.

“We’re always so delighted when you’re spending time with us, Miss Eleanor,” the woman, whose name was Dede Jan, greeted her.

She led them to a choice table which Eleanor had called ahead to reserve. It had a perfect view of everyone arriving but was set off so they would have some privacy, too.

There were two mid-level execs from Goose Cookers, the woman-owned-and-run firm where Eleanor was the innovative director. They both came over to pay their respects to Eleanor. She introduced them, Candy and Selena, to Kate and Meredith.

“I’ll be by the office,” Eleanor said, “but this is mostly a personal trip. I’m spending some time with my sister Meredith here.”

They both managed to enjoy catching up briefly with Eleanor and said they hoped they’d get to see her at the office. Eleanor promised she’d see them then.

They had time to order–The Vic had superb cuisine–when Eleanor’s boss, Goose Cookers’s executive v.p., Janet, walked in and broke into a wide smile when she saw Eleanor.

“Sweetie,” she said, “I’m so glad to see you, and you too, Kate, it’s been too long. Meredith, I gather you convinced your sister to come see you?”

“I did, Janet,” Meredith grinned. “And I know she’ll spend time at the office.”

“Well, we have some things coming up that you and I should discuss,” Janet said. “If I join you, I promise not to talk business here. Anyway, we’re not supposed to, you know, the club rules.”

“Janet,” Kate announced, “we’d be honored to have you join us here. Please do.”

Eleanor chimed in with her agreement, as did Meredith.

Janet joined them and asked if they’d let her order, because the chef was promising her something special. Eleanor responded that she knew anything that was being cooked for Janet was likely to be spectacular. Everyone immediately agreed.

Kate, who was not in uniform, told herself that this was working out incredibly well.

Janet all the time lifted the tenor of the conversation because she was privy to so much going on in the Republic behind the scenes. She spoke about the upcoming election and that President Vivian had beseeched her for support by.”

The meal, when it arrived, was stupendous. The chef had prepared a magnificent salad to start, and then sent out a delightful cote de boeuf, with accompaniments.

They all enjoyed themselves and engaged in bright conversation from their four different vantage points. After, Janet suggested they have coffee upstairs.

Even though Eleanor and Kate were tired from their trip, they dutifully and happily proceeded upstairs with Janet to a private room the maitresse’d had reserved for her. Coffee in a sterling silver pitcher was waiting for them.

“We do have some equipment here, Kate,” Janet smiled. “I know Eleanor and I would enjoy your delivering a few strokes to a few bare bottoms.”

“I should have known you both had that in mind,” Kate laughed. “I do all the time have a thin cane in my handbag, just to deal with all kinds of naughty girls. How about you, Janet, and Eleanor kneel up on the couch and get those skirts out of the way?”

Those two ladies proceeded to lift their skirts and tuck them into their belts. Then Kate came behind them and efficiently lowered each of their panties to their knees.

“Ah, Miss Janet,” Kate smirked. “I see someone is having her monthly visitor. I do hope your undies aren’t stained as a result.” Kate peered into Janet’s stylish Goose Cooker hiwaist period undies.

“Very good, Miss Janet,” she declared after her embarrassing panty inspection. But then came an even more embarrassing order.

“Kindly pull your string and show me the evidence, please,” Kate said, as if this were the most normal request she was making.

Janet’s face did turn a bright red as she pulled her soaked tampon out of her hairy split and held it in the air. Kate proffered a hand towel for her to place underneath her.

Although not in uniform, Kate sounded like the model of a severe inspecting officer. She now examined Eleanor’s skimpy blue Goose Cookers bikini. She saw it was spotless, but Meredith’s plain white cotton panties showed signs of extended wear.

“Did you change those today?” came the unsettling question that caused Meredith to turn a darker shade of red in her face.

“No, Miss,” she replied in a small, frightened voice. “I was running behind, so I didn’t have time.

“They already look filmy,” Kate announced.

She picked up her thin cane, swished in the air a few times, which cause the three women whose bottoms had been bared to shiver. She moved behind Meredith, laid the cane lightly on her bottom, drew it back, aimed, and fired two quick stingers that had Eleanor’s sisters trembling in sharp pain.

Kate moved on, placed the cane across Eleanor’s shapely bottom, drew it back, and gave her a solid stroke right down the middle of her cheeks, which elicited a barely suppressed scream.

“Ah, Miss Janet,” Kate rolled the words as she contemplated the Goose Cookers chief’s broad bottom. Kate laid the cane across it and quickly struck three times, across the middle of Janet’s rear, then a bit lower, and the last near the sensitive base of the cheeks. Janet reacted with a scream, at the increasing intensity of the strokes.

“I think we can conclude that you three have paid the price all naughty girls face,” Kate observed as she told them to pull up their panties and let their skirts down.

“Meredith, you will hand me those sordid undies of yours,” she told the shamefaced young woman. “Eleanor,” Kate continued, “I’m assuming you or Janet have a spare pair of Goose Cookers’s best in one of your handbags?”

Eleanor reached into her canvas carryall and extracted a control panty that looked to be quite tight. Kate handed it to Meredith and told her to put it on.

Meredith felt even more embarrassed as she sought to pull the constricting garment up her sturdy thighs and over her slightly protruding abdomen. The panty pressed into her cleft and anal fissure. Kate noticed the cameltoe and remarked, “You’d better wipe better than you have because anything you miss will be prominently displayed in the panty crotch.”

She responded with a kindly look and nodded affirmatively at Janet’s respectful request to be excused to go to the rest room to insert a fresh tampon.

When Janet reached the restroom, she sat on the toilet gingerly to avoid feeling the stripes Kate had laid on her bottom. She also began to think about how she–a powerful woman–needed to be disciplined as Kate had just done for her. Janet had had a long relationship with Eleanor’s wife, Annette, now Chief of Staff, the top uniformed officer, in the Corrections Service, having risen from being a line correctional officer.

Although Annette was a truly expert correctional officer, able to conduct a searing caning when required, Janet now wondered that being disciplined in that way by Kate was more exciting. For someone in a position of authority in a major business in the Republic to have her panties taken down and caned severely by a young woman got Janet’s panties totally wet with her arousal. It was better that Kate was such a nice person; for Janet, this made the embarrassment, and even humiliation, that much more stimulating.

As they were leaving The Vic, Janet took Kate apart and told her with a great smile on her face that she had so enjoyed having the chance to spend this time with her.

“I’d like for us to have dinner this week if that’s possible, Kate,” Janet gushed. “You should know that I think the world of you.”

Kate blushed at this compliment from a woman not easily impressed.

“Why thank you so much, Janet, for that compliment,” she responded pleasantly. “I’d love to join you for dinner.” They spoke briefly and set a time for Janet to pick Kate up at Kate’s own home–the house she shared with her husband and wife–the next evening.

“Thank you for taking the time to correct us, dear Miss Kate,” Eleanor managed to smile as she complimented the young lieutenant colonel.

* * * *

Nicole and Cynthia settled in quickly as Commandant and Deputy, respectively, of Hergolia Camp, the most remote and the toughest camp in the Corrections Service of the Women’s Republic. Nicole’s flaming red hair, all the time cut in a coupe sauvage, all the time made her stand out, as did her flamboyant personality. She had once been a barracks sergeant here, before LTC Kate had made peace with her after Nickie apologized to her.

Kate then set in motion a process through which Nicole and Cynthia, Sergeants First Class, received direct commissions and were appointed to their present leadership commissions. Nicole remembered her days running a barracks and wanted to make sure that the current barracks sergeants were backed up by her.

She promoted her old comrades in the barracks, SSGs Louise and Penny to be First Sergeant and Field First, respectively. So, it was MSG Penny who came to her with her first challenge.

“Our newest barracks sergeant, SGT Geraldine,” MSG Penny reported, “was breaking up a fight between two men in her barracks when one of them popped her one on the chin. We’re certain you’ll agree that this kind of behavior cannot be tolerated here.”

“What had started the fight and was SGT Geraldine involved?” 1LT Cynthia asked.

“They were apparently making a lot of noise, the inmates,” MSG Penny began. “Then SGT Geraldine told them all to pipe down. One big guy, Kasper, took her on, saying ‘You and who else is going to make me?’ SGT Geraldine, I should mention in case you haven’t seen her yet, is a small, tough woman who stands about 5-2. Another inmate told him he should show some respect for the barracks sergeant. So, they went at each other, and she tried to break it up.”

“So, it may not have been an intentional punch but then, they had no business fighting,” Nicole responded.

“Yes, Ma’am,” MSG Penny replied. “She is a strong young woman who can hold her own, but she couldn’t match the reach the two men had. Even if it was unintentional, his hitting her needs to be dealt with.”

Nicole then had SGT Geraldine report to her. When the diminutive sergeant arrived, the Commandant invited her to sit. Then she asked her how she felt about what had happened.

“I thought I needed to break up any fight,” she said. “I was pleased that the other inmate supported me when I told the first inmate to quiet down. I was determined to calm things down but they both had the advantage on me in terms of size and reach.”

“You have to learn to pick your fights,” Nicole said. “I admire your willingness to try to stop them, but they did have the advantage on you, especially because both they and you are new here. I know it hurts to hear this but get some reinforcements next time. I’m afraid that neither your whip nor your cane would have been of much use here.”

“I hate to be in the posture of running away,” Geraldine answered.

“Discretion is the better part of valor,” Nicole responded. “Don’t take someone on if you know your opponent has the edge. In the future, you can call on other inmates but there’s nothing wrong with going out to get some help from adjoining barracks. When I was in your shoes, not that long ago, I wasn’t going to be shown up in a fight. If I had weapons I could use, fine. But if not, get some force behind you.

“Don’t worry about my backing you up,” Nicole added. “The inmate who punched you is gonna be deeply sorry and others present will get the idea through their thick skulls. And if he acts up again, he’ll be very, very sorry. As it is, he’s gonna get a whale of a caning in front of everyone.”

“Thank you for sending for me, Commandant, and for your support and advice,” SGT Geraldine said earnestly. “I’m very appreciative and hope I will manage this sort of situation better in future.”

“Very well,” Nicole said, as she stood behind her desk. “You will all the time have my backing.”

After she left the office, MSG Penny came back in, and they then resumed their conversation.

“You’re completely right,” CPT Nicole, said. “I think we do this in public to make sure everyone gets the point right here and now.” Nicole told Penny to organize a general assembly of all inmates and cadre later that day. She told Penny that she would first address the group and inform them of what had happened and that physical assault of any cadre, or officer for that matter, was way out of line, that all inmates knew that, and that the inmate who had defied the rules and authority in that way was now going to be disciplined.

Nicole’s striking appearance, in her full-dress Corrections uniform, immediately held the attention of all the inmates gathered and closely supervised by their barracks sergeants. Anyone in the group who spoke while Nicole was addressing them was summarily pulled out by his sergeant. They would be disciplined later.

The Commandant told the assembled inmates that this kind of assault on a Corrections officer would not be tolerated. “Anyone who misbehaves and even touches an officer here will be severely disciplined. You were sent to this camp because you had been sent by your responsible woman. So, there’s a presumption of guilt attached to you just by your being here. I’m known for not shrinking at imposing discipline where it is required. I don’t cotton to special pleading. Anyone who complains is likely to have their award of discipline doubled.”

Then two tough young sergeants, SGTs Georgina and Kendra, brought the guilty inmate out to the center of the stage set up on the grounds. He had been stripped down to the pink panties which inmates were required to wear. His hands had been cuffed behind him. They placed him on the punishment table and strapped him by his hands and legs.

At Nicole’s direction, 1LT Cynthia, the Deputy Commandant, appeared in fatigues and a duty cane of medium thickness. She stationed herself behind and at the side of the inmate to be disciplined. SGTs Georgina and Kendra proceeded to take down his pink panties to his knees. Then Cynthia took her cane, laid it across his bottom, drew it back, and began to fire at his bottom with the cane in a measured rhythm, allowing a few seconds for the stroke to sink in and sting. She kept applying strokes of medium severity, placing each one just behind the previous one.

The inmate, whose name was Kasper, began to scream at the third stroke from the stinging pain inflicted by Cynthia brandishing the cane. Cynthia maintained her metronomic rhythm in applying the strokes, continuing through one sixer and then a second, until she had delivered at least 30 stinging strokes and it looked like Kasper might pass out.

She had SGTs Georgina and Kendra untie him, and they held him up and walked him back to his barracks. SGT Geraldine followed them. Now they took him into her barracks and laid him in the barracks sergeant’s private bathtub. SGT Georgina carefully attached restraints to his arms and legs. He was too wiped out to cry out in protest about what he knew was about to happen. SGT Kendra, a large woman, rucked up her uniform skirt, took down her panties, and stepped into the tub. She stood over his face and suddenly released a strong jet of pee that hit him right in the face, penetrating his eyes, nose, and mouth.

Kasper was gasping for breath as the pee stream kept on pouring into his mouth and on his body. She finished and stepped up and out of the tub, then she wiped between her legs.

“I’m sorry, Sergeant,” Kasper now pleaded. “I shouldn’t have done that. Please let me out of here!”

“You pig,” SGT Georgina told him. “You’re just lucky none of us needed to shit.”

She undid his restraints and told him to stand. It took him a minute to recover his balance, but he stood in the tub. SGT Kendra handed him a pair of yellow panties.

“Put them on now!” she ordered brusquely.

He complied since he didn’t want to incur any more punishment. The yellow panties told anyone who saw him in them that he had been subjected to pee punishment. At Hergolia there seemed no need to broadcast this since everyone had seen him caned. However, not everyone was aware of what had happened when he was taken into the barracks.

SGT Kendra now snapped the lock on his panties shut. He would have to request permission to use the toilet for as long as he was ordered to wear them.

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