Jessica the Asian Size Queen Ch. 02 – Fetish

A couple of weeks later Jessica was preparing for her Mom and little sister to visit her on campus. Her sister, Rose, who had just turned 18 a few months prior, was a senior in high-school and she was starting to look at places to attend school. Jessica’s college in Southern California was near the top of Rose’s list, but she wanted to tour the campus before she made a final decision.

Jessica’s mom was coming along too for support and to check out the town. Both of them would be staying with Jessica for the weekend while she showed them around.

One thing on Jessica’s mind was how her sister was adjusting to becoming an adult. It was difficult for most women when they turned 18, but it was way worse for Asian women. It wasn’t like a light switch was flipped at midnight on your birthday, but gradually over a few weeks, Asian girls begin to notice that something has changed. Suddenly, they are horny always and they crave sex more than ever. And then a new desire emerges: a hunger for big meaty cocks.

Jessica just hoped her mom, Mei, had approached the changes with Rose better than she had with Jessica herself. Jessica had noticed the changes in herself almost immediately when she turned 18 and had struggled to cope with them. While many Asian moms have a talk with their daughters around their 18th birthday about these new thoughts and urges, Jessica’s mom never did. It wasn’t until she joined the Asian sorority on campus later that year that Jessica learned the truth.

“Mom, you didn’t say anything about this! Why didn’t you tell me?!” Jessica yelled at her mother one day on the phone after class.

“I didn’t mean to lie to you honey,” Mei said, “It just didn’t seem appropriate to talk about.”

“All my friend’s moms told them! Some of them even bought them dildos or introduced them to their bulls when they turned 18! I had to suffer for months before I figured out what was going on!” Jessica yelled.

Jessica shook her head thinking back to the argument with her mom. She came to learn that her mom was ashamed of her urges for big cocks and felt it was best to keep it from daughter. That was impossible though. The desires were too strong and even Mei admitted that she occasionally slept around with well hung men behind her husband’s back. Jessica made her mom promise to tell Rose when the time came.

The next day, Jessica drove to the airport to pick up her sister and Mom. She had been looking forward to seeing her sister and mom for a couple of weeks now. She was excited to show them around campus and introduce them to Daniel, her friends, and some of her bulls.

Rose looked gorgeous as usual. She stood 5’4″, very petite and slim, with shoulder length blonde dyed hair and brown eyes. She wore a pair of skinny jeans and a cute pink tank top. Her skin was flawless and her lips were full and pouty. Jessica loved her sister dearly, but she sometimes wished Rose was a bit less girly. Rose was obsessed with makeup, fashion, and hair products. She always put on a full face of make up for every outing and she was constantly wearing heels. Rose was a total girly girl, though Jessica thought she sometimes looked more like a slut.

As soon as her sister got into the car, Jessica gave her a big hug and kiss on the cheek. “How are you sis?” she asked.

“Good thanks,” Rose replied, smiling. “Just glad to finally explore a real life school campus!”

“You will love it,” Jessica assured her. “It’s awesome here. Especially the guys.” Jessica said with a knowing smirk.

“Well I’m excited to finally meet Daniel,” Rose said. “He seems like a great boyfriend.”

“Yes he is!” Jessica said with a smile. “I can not imagine anyone better.”

Despite dating for almost two years, Jessica hadn’t introduced Daniel to her family. Part of that was because they lived on the other side of the country, but part of it was, despite how much she loved him, she wasn’t sure he was the one. She still dreamed of finding a boy to date that could both be loving and romantic and pack a big meaty stick down below.

“Yes, I’m looking forward to meeting this Daniel.” Jessica’s mom butted in from the back seat. “I’m so glad you decided to settle down with a nice Asian boy.”

“MOM!” Jessica exclaimed. “We haven’t ‘settled down!’ We’re just dating that’s all.”

Her mom gave her a knowing grin. “Just be careful dear. I know how you really are. Don’t break the poor boy’s heart.”

“Mom, please,” Jessica said. “Don’t worry about us.”

“Wait, what is she talking about?” Rose asked in confusion. “What are you hiding?”

“Nothing,” Jessica said. She turned to her sister, angling her face so her mom couldn’t see, and mouthed the words “BIG COCK.”

Rose smiled and nodded knowingly. She knew exactly what her sister was referring to. She had been struggling with the same problem for the past couple of months. She had tried masturbating with small toys and dildos, but nothing seemed to satisfy her sexual appetite. She had even considered getting a bigger toy, but she was afraid of what her parents would think if they ever found out.

After a short drive, Jessica pulled up to her apartment building and parked outside. She led the way inside, carrying her suitcase, while Rose and Mei followed closely behind. After dropping off her things in her room, Jessica saw that Rose had already unpacked and set up her own stuff.

“Wow! You’ve taken over my place!” Jessica joked.

“Sorry sis,” Rose said with a laugh. “I’m just so excited to be here.”

“I find out,” Jessica said. “It’s pretty exciting being away from home for the first time.”

They chatted for a few minutes as they waited for their Mom to finish unpacking.

“So…did Mom every talk with you after your birthday?” Jessica asked.

“About what?” Rose asked innocently.

Jessica frowned. It was obvious her Mom hadn’t said a peep despite her promise. She realized she would need to take this into her own hands and help her sister explore her new found desires over the weekend. “Well, you know, about these new desires you have…”

“Oh yeah, those,” Rose muttered. “I guess she did mention something along those lines.”

“Did she give you any advice on how to deal with them?” Jessica pressed.

Rose blushed. “Not really…she sort of just brushed it off. Said it was typical for girls my age. Said I should try to ignore them and they would go away.”

“Well, that’s not true,” Jessica insisted. “These feelings won’t just disappear. They will only get stronger if ignored. I know you’re only 18, but by the time you get to my age it becomes overwhelming unless you deal with it.”

“Like what? How do I handle them?” Rose asked.

Jessica smiled. This was the moment she had been waiting for. “There are lots of methods to deal with them, but the easiest way is to just discover a guy (or guys) that can give you what you need.”

“And what is that exactly?” Rose asked nervously.

“That’s easy,” Jessica said. “A big, meaty, thick, Dick.”

Rose blushed at her sister’s words. “But…I don’t want to be a slut!” she protested.

“You’re not a slut,” Jessica said firmly. “You’re an Asian woman who needs cock and knows it. That’s totally different.”

“Really?” Rose asked skeptically. “Are others like this? It’s not just me?”

“No,” Jessica said. “Most Asian women feel the same way you and I do. I mean, the only Asian girls I’ve met who don’t are lesbian and even they admit to using extra large strap-ons with their girlfriends.” Jessica giggled.

“But why? What causes this?” Rose asked.

“It’s genetic,” Jessica explained. “It’s not widely published, let alone known about, but there’s a Dr. Chang at Stanford who secretly did a whole study on it. It’s a mutation in our DNA or something.”

“Okay…so what does this mean?” Rose asked.

“Well, it means we all have a certain desire for large dick,” Jessica said. “It’s hardwired into us. When you turn 18 it kicks in and suddenly you’ll begin craving it more than anything else. For most Asian women it starts slowly, but eventually it builds up until you’re completely obsessed with big cocks.”

“You’re saying I’m gonna become a nymphomaniac?” Rose gasped.

“No, no, no!” Jessica laughed. “I wouldn’t call it a disorder. It’s just biology. It’s just human nature.”

“Yeah, right,” Rose scoffed. “This is crazy.”

“Hey, I’m just telling you how it works,” Jessica said.

Rose stayed silent for a moment processing everything her sister had said. “Wait…” she started, “does that mean that Daniel…?”

“Daniel is fine,” Jessica said. “He’s a good man and he loves me, but he can not satisfy me the way I need. I do love him, but I have to go elsewhere for my urges.”

Rose was surprised to hear that. She had always thought of Jessica as such a sweet innocent girl, but now she realized her sister was actually quite kinky. She wondered what else she didn’t know about her sister.

“So…you cheat on him?” Rose asked hesitantly.

Jessica was taken aback. “It’s not cheating really… I don’t have romantic feelings for anyone else. Only Daniel has my heart, but yeah I sleep with other guys sometimes, so what? That’s typical for us.”

“But…how do you hide it from him? He must suspect something!” Rose argued.

“Oh, he’s clueless,” Jessica said dismissively. “He’s super clever, but sometimes he can not see what’s happening right in front of him. I mean just a couple of weeks ago I fucked some guy in a restaurant bathroom while Daniel a few feet away eating pancakes!” Jessica laughed.

Rose’s jaw dropped open. She had never heard her sister speak so openly about sex before.

“So…enough about me?” Jessica asked. “Have you tried to explore yet?”

Rose shook her head. She had been dreaming about big cocks for the last few weeks, but she wasn’t sure what to do. Hell, the furthest she had gone with a boy was making out! She was a little scared of exploring her new found desires.

“Well, I can tell you that the sooner you try to explore your new desires, the better,” Jessica said. “The longer you wait, the harder it gets. Trust me.”

“Can you show me what to do?” Rose asked.

“Of course,” Jessica said with a smile “That’s what this weekend is for.”


Friday evening came quickly. Jessica, Rose, and their Mom were walking across campus to meet Daniel for dinner. Jessica was wearing a knee length black skirt and a white blouse that accentuated her tiny waist and pushed her small breasts forward to increase her cleavage. Her tan legs were on display as she walked across the quad in her flats. Rose, per usual, was dressed a bit more risqué and girly. She wore a nearly skin tight short blue dress that cut deep down her chest and showed off her long slender legs and ended just below her ass. Jessica glanced at her sister as they walked, noticing that her sister’s skirt shifted with each step, showing off the bottom of the girl’s ass cheeks. Rose had also tied her long blonde hair up in pigtails that hung down her back. Jessica smirked, thinking that Rose gave off the look of a slutty school girl.

Mei, in contrast to her daughter’s was dressed pretty conservatively. She wore a cute floral dress that covered her body nicely, but showed little skin or curves.

As they approached the restaurant, Jessica spotted. She smiled, thinking he looked very handsome in his dark slacks and button down shirt. He had on a blazer that provided just enough contrast to the rest of his clothes to make him look sharp.

“Hi babe,” Jessica said as they got closer, smiling at him.

Daniel returned her smile. “Hey there cutie,” he replied.

The couple hugged for a moment before Jessica introduced her family.

“Mom, Rose, this is my boyfriend Daniel,” Jessica said.”

“Nice to finally meet you Ms. Li!” Daniel said shaking her mother’s hand.

“Yes nice to finally met my daughter’s partner” Mei said politely.

Jessica blushed at the word partner. They were just dating! They weren’t like life-long lovers or anything.

“And you must be Rose! Jessica has told me so much about you. You’re lovely!” Daniel said shaking her hand.

Rose blushed and nodded shyly.

“Come on in,” Jessica said waving them inside.

Once seated, the group ordered drinks and began catching up. The dinner was going smoothly and Daniel was making a good impression on Jessica’s Mom. He made just the right jokes to get him Mom to grin, but nothing too crass. Rose talked about all the college’s she had been accepted to and Daniel gave some general advice when she brought up law college as an option down the road. They were finishing up the entrees when Jessica spotted her friend Rachel Park enter the restaurant, tailed by two tall black men and another Asian girl.

“Ooh! Hi Rachel!” Jessica called out as she waved.

Rachel turned around and spotted Jessica. She smiled and waved back. “Hi Jess!” she shouted.

” How’s it going?” Jessica asked.

“Great,” Rachel replied as she walked up. Her entourage followed. “This is Devin and Ty,” she said waving at the two guys, “And this is Bethany,” she said pointing to the leggy Asian girl. “Just a little double date!”

Jessica noticed her Mom made a face when the word “date” was mentioned. She knew her mom had certain prejudices and didn’t approve of Asian women dating anyone other than Asian boys and white guys. Jessica figured she would get the group to move along before her mom said anything inappropriate.

“Well, it’s good to see you! Let’s hang out soon?” Jessica asked.

“Sure thing! Maybe tomorrow? Let’s text!” Rachel said excitedly.

“Sounds great,” Jessica said.

The double date moved on and sat at a table across the room. They hadn’t been sat down for a minute when Jessica received a text from Rachel

“Hey! Wanna join us? later ;)”

Before she could reply another text came in. “And is that your sis? Bring her along! Hell bring your mom too! Plenty of cock to go around.”

“lol would love to join. Not sure about mom though lmao”

“Bring her anyway. We can fuck her together. I’d love to see her squeal!”

Jessica blushed, looking over at her mother, who surprisingly was staring at the men seated with Rachel across the restaurant. She noticed a slight grin on her Mom’s face as she looked at the two black guys.

“hmmm maybe… Rose and I will join for sure! Don’t tire out the boys before we get there!” Jessica texted back.


The rest of the dinner went well and everyone seemed happy. After dinner, the group headed to an ice cream place for desert. As they walked they passed one of the campus head-shops, which had two freakishly large dildos on display in the window with smiley faces drawn on, obviously as a joke. Jessica bumped her sister and tilted her head towards the window.

“What do you think of those?” Jessica asked Rose in a whisper.

Rose looked up at the giant dildo’s in shock. “Those are huge!” she said quietly.

“Aren’t they awesome?” Jessica asked.

“Maybe…” Rose replied, though Jessica could tell the gears were turning in her sister’s head. They were several feet past the store at this point and Rose’s eyes were still locked on the plastic penises.

They made it to the ice cream store and all got a cup. Jessica noticed her mom had ordered chocolate, which was odd because she normally hated that flavor. She thought if her Mom’s mind was still thinking back to the black boys in the restaurant. They finished up their treats and Daniel said his good byes. He was heading out of town the next morning for a law college orientation session and had to catch an early flight.

The three women were heading back to Jessica’s apartment when she got another text from Rachel

“Hey girl! We’re done with dinner and heading back to my place. Feel free to swing by whenever!”

“Sounds good!” Jessica responded.

Rose and her Mom continued walking home, but Jessica stopped suddenly.

“Hey, so that girl at the restaurant who came and said hi?”

Mei looked at her daughter with a questioning face. “Yes, what about her?”

Rose looked at her sister expectantly.

“She was talking about a party at her house tonight. Should be low key. She said you could both come!” Jessica asked.

“Yes! Yes! Let’s go!” Rose screamed.

Mei shook her head. “I’m not sure. I don’t think I’m cut out for you kids and your parties. I’ll just head home.”

“No! Come on Mom! It should be fun! Rachel said she would love to get to know you better!” Jessica said.

Her Mom hesitated, but then relented. “Ok, we can stop by.”


Once they arrived at Rachel’s apartment, the girls headed straight into the living room where the party was already in full swing. Like any good Asian household, the Li family removed their shoes at the entrance and pushed them on a pile by the door. There were six people sitting around the coffee table drinking wine, Four guys, two of which were with Rachel at the restaurant plus two white dudes Jessica didn’t recognize, and of course Rachel and Bethany.

Jessica admired her friend Rachel and this new girl Bethany. She didn’t consider herself a lesbian or anything, but if you participate in enough group sex with hot Asian girls, you learn to appreciate certain features. Rachel was tall for an Asian girl at 5’9″ and had long straight brown hair that fell past her shoulders. Her tits were larger than most Asian women had, which she used to her advantage. Her ass was also a lot bigger than expected. Jessica knew Rachel was a gymshark and was proud of her hard work in getting a nice toned ass. Between her height and curves, Rachel might have well been a model. She was wearing some form fitting jeans that hugged her hips and ass perfectly and had on a tight white tank top that hugged her large breasts.

In contrast, Bethany was short, petite, and had an edgy look, though she was still stunningly attractive. She had short blonde that was just a bit longer than a pixie cut. Her small boobs were barely visible under her thin white tank top. She was wearing some hip hugging leather pants and a leather bomber jacket.. Her most striking feature, though, were her numerous tattoos and piercings. She had septum, a small silver hoop in her right eyebrow, several rings and other studs in both her ears, and of course her nipple piercings that were quite visible under her shirt. Most of her tattoos were small and simple, various symbols and shapes, but she had a large dragon tattoo on her right shoulder and another that no one could see above her crotch that was often hidden by the girl’s unruly pubic hair.

“So glad you could make it!” Rachel said happily as she saw Jessica, Rose and their mom walk in.

“Yeah! Thanks for inviting us!” Jessica replied.

“Well you know Devin and Ty from earlier, and of course Bethany. And these two,” she said pointing to the two white guys, “Are Blake and Drew.”

Devin, the tall black guy from the restaurant, stood up and greeted the newcomers. “Hello ladies! Pleasure to meet you both,” he said with a smile.

Jessica felt herself blush as she took in the sight of the 6 foot 7 black man towering over her. His muscular physique was incredible. He had broad shoulders and thick arms and legs. His chest was massive and his abs were perfectly defined. She thought she could see the outline of his penis under his pants and she liked what she saw.

Ty stood up as well to greet Jessica and her family. He was also black and average height at around 6 foot, but he was still impressive. He had a nice build and a handsome face. He was wearing a blue dress shirt and khakis. Jessica noticed his bulge beneath his pants as well.

Blake was a tall skinny guy, probably 6’2″ with dirty blond hair and green eyes. He was wearing a pair of worn out jeans that hung loosely on his frame, and a plain black button down. His arms were covered in ink with multiple sleeves on each arm. He was fairly muscular and was clearly not shy about showing off his body.

Drew was shorter than Blake, but just as muscled. He had sandy colored hair and brown eyes. He was wearing a tight fitting dark red T-shirt with a large picture of a woman’s face on it. The image was obscured by a shadow, but it appeared to be a very trendy Asian porn star.

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