It’s Science Baby – Fetish

It’s Science Baby!

“They are perfect!” I exclaimed.

I was kneeling, nuzzling my nose into her crotch.

“I knew they would be,” she replied, grinding her hips forward as I smooshed my face into her smooth mound.

I’d asked her to wear tiny panties and these were really tiny, with a small black sheer panel at the front.

I stood back up and we resumed kissing passionately; we’d only made it a few steps inside the hotel room. Her back was against the wall, her arms up over her head, I wasn’t holding them or anything, she just put them there in a sort of “take me” stance.

“I can’t wait to take them off later and fuck your tight little cunt, baby gir,” I murmured in her ear as she kissed my chin. The palm of my hand was on her mound, my fingers on her pussy and she had opened her legs a little to give me more access.

She chuckled lightly, “Not later. Take them off and fuck me now!” Her tongue drew down my cheek as she finished.

Her hands, no longer above her head, were rubbing my throbbing cock through my shorts. I took her hands and pinned them firmly against the wall, holding one each side like a desert cactus.

“No,” I said firmly. “We have to wait until you’re fully aroused.”

She smiled again (god, she’s cute I wondered to myself) as she started grinding her tiny panty clad groin onto my leg.

Holding my stern gaze, with a smile on her face, she replied, “Oh Daddy… I’m fully aroused.” She didn’t bat an eyelid and I could feel her heat on my thigh as she gyrated ever so slowly.

“You might think you are, baby, but I heard on my science podcast this week that scientists have determined the average woman takes 16 minutes to become fully aroused…”

The gyrating had stopped and she had rolled her eyes at the words “science podcast.” I was finding it hard to keep a straight face.

“You and that bloody podcast,” she snorted back.

I pressed my body into hers, taking a hand and working it into her groin again. Fuck, she was wet. I slipped a finger in accidentally, and she gasped a little and then melted.

“Yes. See?” she murmured.

“No,” I said sternly. “Not aroused enough.”

I grabbed a handful of her hair, and while still holding her wrist, guided her to the small round table. I didn’t speak, I just manhandled her, bending her over it.

“Hold the table.” Her hands grabbed the edge.

“Good, stay like that”

I walked to her side and placed my phone on the floor, under her face. She could see it clearly, the big timer counting down on it.

“I only set it for twelve minutes, as you do already seem very wet.”

She started to rise and turn to argue the point, but a firm slap on her ass cheek settled her back down.

“What do we do while we wait?” she asked grumpily.

“Oh, I’ll think of something,” I said as I grabbed a handful of hair and jammed two fingers quickly into her dripping pussy. I slid them in and out slowly.

“Mmmmm,” She moaned

“Fuck me, Daddy,” she said.

I slapped her ass again


I pulled her panties down, leaving them at her knees so she felt more exposed.

I slid two fingers in her again; she was hot, wet and trying to grind on my hand.

“How long?” I asked

“Ten minutes, ” she said with desperation in her voice.

I pulled her hair tighter, arching her back and using my fingers to rhythmically fuck her. Leaning my head to her ear, I started giving her the dirty talk I know she loved

“I can’t wait to fuck you… you know… you look so good… like a high-class whore… I know you like it when I fuck you like a whore… you love cock… you love my cock…you’re such a slut for my cock…”

Now she was bucking and fucking my fingers.

“Mmmhmm, fuck me, fuck me please, Daddy, I’m ready”

Her pussy was a slippery mess.

“How long?” I asked again.

“Eight minutes. Fuuuuuckkk.”

“I’d best get ready”

Leaving her on the table, I stripped naked in front of her. I know she loved looking at me, especially when my bulging erect cock sprang free from my boxers.

“You look ready,” she said excitedly.

“I think I am…”

I moved behind her, spreading her legs, letting her feel my flesh on hers, but not where she wanted it. My hands slipped under her, she lifted her hips and I found her clit. I began working it and she let out long groan.

“Oh god, just fuck me.”

I spit on her asshole and my other hand started to toy with it. One hand was fingering her butt, the other rubbing her clit. I kept her like this for quite a few minutes… edging her.

“How long?”

Now she was in a bit of a daze… I saw her head lift and she checked the clock.


I rammed my fingers in hard and fast, and she was moaning and gyrating. I changed, taking my position behind her, hands on her hips, my cock teasing the dripping entrance to her pussy.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck,” she repeated as she tried to impale herself on me, but my hands held her firm.

“I’m going to fuck the absolute shit out of you. Count me down,” I said, and truthfully, it had been torture for me, too.

5, 4, 3, 2, 1. I heard the timer go off and I slammed my hips forward, thrusting hard and fast. This was no marathon fuck session; this was an angry sprint. Grabbing her hair, I pulled her back, but then shoved her down, getting on my tiptoes to get deeper into her. I was fucking like a madman. To be honest, I don’t think I’d realised how much I’d been edging myself at the same time, it was frantic.

I’m not usually like that, but I was fucking as hard as I could and was totally lost in the moment.

I was holding her head down on the table, and after only a short time I heard her moan something. I felt her legs tense and she screamed out some sort of guttural noise, but I wasn’t stopping I kept pounding and pounding until I tensed myself. I was moaning and grunting as I came, deep in her pussy, little mini-thrusts as I spasmed. It felt like my orgasm lasted for two minutes, my cock just kept twitching as I shuddered and shuddered.

Eventually I was spent, and collapsed on her, still inside her, as we lay there, done. Before that day, she had never come from penetration. Maybe it was her front vagina wall being sandwiched between a hard table and a harder pounding cock, but maybe, just maybe, those damn scientists are on to something.

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