It Stings So Sweet

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A shy, retiring girl, Shana knows nothing at all about sex until a friend passes her a romance novel at school.  It takes a visit to her room by her stepfather before her life changes forever, and all it takes to change her is one small sweet sting…

Shana had always been too shy around boys to get the kind of attention the other girls talked about in gym class and at the lunch tables.  Her world was pretty much limited and defined by going to school and reading at home in her room. She had never been caught up in the world of the internet or even with cell phones, she preferred the quiet experience of reading in her bedroom.

It was disturbing at first to hear girls her own age discussing things sexual, but as she grew older and her acquaintances became more knowledgeable, Shana began to listen more to the conversations of their conversations.  The descriptions of groping each other and getting ‘felt up’, of ‘making out’, and then later of ‘blowjobs’ and ‘going all the way’ had simply sounded sweaty and gross to her.

One afternoon, late in her senior year and shortly after her eighteenth birthday, one of her bookish friends had passed her a book written by a female author she didn’t recognize.  Her friend had blushed and Shana’s curiosity had been piqued. Less than an hour after she got home, Shana was deeply involved in the racy story, and she had a funny, tingly feeling deep in her belly.   Her eyes widened as she read more, and when she reached the part where the heroine was pinned against the wall in her own house, with the tall dark handsome stranger exploring her body with his hands, Shana was definitely feeling the heat.  The next page was so graphic that it seared an image into Shan’s brain that refused to leave:

“Phyllis trembled at the touch of Baron’s hands on her bare flesh.  Her nipples rose to greet the rough palms and fingers, and her legs spread involuntarily as he sought the wetness between them.  Eagerly she sank to her knees and fumbled with the buckle of his belt, freeing his rigid column of flesh from the confines of his trousers.  It was hard, harder than she would have thought possible, but it was covered with skin so soft that it could have been on a baby’s bottom.

She took the hard penis in both hands as Baron continued to pinch and tweak her nipples.  Unable to look away from his straining member, her lips parted and her moist heated breath caressed it.  Baron’s hands left her breasts and gripped both sides of her head.  Phyllis had no experience with sex in any form, but somehow she knew what was coming when his hands tightened around her head.  Glad that he was forcing her so that she could convince herself that she had no choice, she opened her mouth wide as he thrust his cock roughly into her mouth.

She felt a spasm between her legs as Baron thrust in and out.  The massive column of flesh was leaking fluid, and the taste was a little salty and not at all unpleasant.  Phyllis put her hands on the cheeks of his ass and pulled him deeper into her mouth.  She wanted to be naked with him, to feel him up against every inch of her skin.  Knowing that before this night was over she would feel him in the most intimate recesses of her body heightened her excitement, but for now what she wanted more than anything else was to feel his hot fluids as they jetted into the depths of her throat.  She had seen videos of a man cumming before, but she had never dreamed that someone would do that in her mouth!

Suddenly he was cumming, huge white jets of creamy sticky cum, and Phyllis was gulping it as if it was candy.  Her orgasm burst in her loins suddenly and she nearly choked, but she kept her lips wrapped tightly around him until he was spent.

Baron leaned back against her bedroom wall as Phyllis, her eyes locked on his, slowly removed the rest of her clothes.  She stretched, exposing every inch of her virgin body to Baron’s wide eyes.  Oh yes, she was through with waiting.  Her smile was wicked and delicious as she pressed her naked body against his.  Tonight, she would become fully a woman…and she would do it on her own terms.  “Fuck me Baron,” she whispered, dragging him to her bed.”

Shana shivered, the moist slit between her legs her legs fully wet now.  Her breasts were straining at her bra now, her nipples agitated by the restrictive cloth rubbing against it.  ‘Horny’ was a word she had heard but never really understood before.  Now ‘horny’ was a real, throbbing condition that seemed to be threatening her sanity.  Shaking, Shana stood and stripped off all her clothes.  Her nipples were throbbing and there was a decidedly odd heat between her slightly splayed thighs.  She wanted to be touched, kissed…manhandled.  The last word resonated deep within her and her frustration began to rise.  There was no one she could call, no one she knew who could give her what she needed.  A knock at her bedroom door shocked her and she dove beneath the sheets on her rumpled bed.

“Yes?” she called out, the sheets pulled up tight beneath her chin and her voice abnormally high and strained.

“Are you okay baby?”  Her stepfather stuck his head inside her bedroom door and looked at her quizzically.  When he saw her tucked into bed and realized that it wasn’t quite four o’clock, he walked over to her bed and sat down.  He put his large, work roughened hand on her forehead and spoke to her gently.  “Are you sick?  Is there something wrong that I should know about?”  He looked worried.
Shana adored her handsome stepfather.  He was lean and tanned, his shirtsleeves rolled up to display his muscled forearms and his sun bleached blonde hair hanging down over his collar.  His keen gray eyes took in her flushed skin and he could see from the rise and fall of her breasts beneath the sheets that she was breathing fast.  His big hand on her face felt good, and Shana felt a sudden rush of desire to feel it caressing places on her body that she was sure she wasn’t supposed to want him to touch her.  The forbidden nature of her thoughts incited her further, and she found herself actually wanting him to do more.  The distance between her thighs widened unconsciously and she lowered the sheets enough to slip her arms out from beneath them.

“I’m just feeling kind of down daddy,” she said plaintively.  Tentatively she reached for him and Liam Wilson leaned down to take his slender and beautiful stepdaughter into his arms.  Shana clung to him, her face nestled in the hollow of his neck.  She could still smell the Old Spice he had slapped on after shaving that morning and she inhaled deeply of the familiar fragrance.  The scent of him and the feel of his strong arms around her was a heady feeling.  She could feel the skin of his forearms against the naked skin of her back, and even though she knew it was wrong, she wanted more.  She clung to him tighter.

“Is there anything I can do to make it better?” Liam asked softly, his eyes darting around the room as she hugged him tighter.  He couldn’t help noticing when she raised up and put her arms around him that her back was bare.  The idea that she was naked beneath the sheets was causing a totally inappropriate reaction for a guy who was supposed to be acting as her daddy, and he was a little uncomfortable with his own weakness  His eyes lit on the book lying open on her bed, and when Shana let go of him and lay back down in the bed, he picked it up.

Shana started to panic when he turned the book over, but in the depths of her mind, the wicked side of her nature forced her to keep her mouth shut.  She wanted him to see what she had been reading.  Her eyes went to the fly of his jeans and she was absurdly pleased to see the lump there.  She wriggled her shoulders and the sheets fell down to a point where the color of her nipples was barely concealed.  Her breasts weren’t large, but they were very shapely. This was turning into an interesting game.

Liam’s eyebrows rose as he read up through the point where Shana had left off.  “Jesus baby, does your mother know you’re reading stuff like this?”  His hand was shaking as he set the book back down on the bed.  Shana reached for his hand, one tender breast spilling out from beneath the sheets.



“No,” she said, “besides, this is the first time.”  She wasn’t smiling as she guided his hand to her bare breast and pressed it there.

“Honey, this is every kind of wrong…” he started.

“No it’s not daddy,” she whispered, “you want this too.”  She sat up, exposing both breasts and her hard flat belly, her breath coming rapidly.

“Oh shit,” Liam moaned, his head bending down, taking her hard nipple into his mouth.  Shana shuddered and put her hand on the back of his head, pulling his mouth down hard, willing him to nibble at the hard nubbin.  She gasped as she felt his teeth close lightly on it.

Shana’s hand rubbed across the huge lump in his soft work jeans.  She had never felt a man’s penis in her hands, and she was getting desperate to see this one.  “Now daddy, please, let me see it now…”
Liam pulled his head up, trying to get hold of his emotions.  “Your mother…”

“Mama won’t be home for hours,” Shana murmured, her fingers tracing the length of his now swollen cock.  There was a large tip on the end, and she could feel a wet spot forming on it.  The idea had become full blown desire.  Shana wanted Liam’s cock, and she wanted it now.  No one else cared as much about her, there were no handsome boys her own age that could teach her, there was only Liam.  Sweet, kind, caring stepdaddy Liam. Hot, sexy stepdaddy Liam.  She found the zipper and slid it down.  It made a really loud noise in the silence of her bedroom.

Her fingers fought the zipper open and her hands immediately felt the naked flesh of Liam’s penis.  Her sharp intake of breath showed that she had not expected to find him without jockey or boxer shorts.  That he was going commando was a huge turn on, and her fingers wrapped around his thickness.  “Oh daddy,” she breathed.

Liam kissed her.  It seemed to last forever and she wanted it to.  She wasn’t even conscious of the fact that she was bare from the waist up and holding her stepfather’s naked, rigid cock in her hand, she only knew he was swallowing her alive and she loved it.  Without thinking, she began to stroke his swollen cock.  Liam moaned into her mouth and she knew it was time.  She remembered every word that was written in the book, and she knelt up, her pretty face moving to within inches of the damp tip of his cock.  The clear liquid was forming on the tip just as it was described in the novel, and she wasted no time in curling her tongue around the mushroom shaped helmet that was the tip of Liam’s penis.

As she expected, it had a slightly salty taste with just a hint of the taste of honeyed almonds.  With no further hesitation she took the whole head in her mouth, her tongue wildly laving the angry red head.  Her lips encircled the smooth skin and she sucked at it.  Liam’s groan of pleasure was music to her ears, and her excitement mounted as she felt his hands cup the side of her head.  There was no way to say it with her mouth so full, but mentally she was begging him to fuck her mouth, just like Baron had done in the novel.  Somehow Liam knew, because he grabbed the sides of her head and began to thrust wildly into her mouth.

The first two times the hard tip passed over her gag reflex, Shana choked, but afterwards, the irritation seemed to go away and she felt him pass so deep into her throat that her nose was bumping against his pelvic bone with each thrust.  Shana realized with a flash of excitement that Liam was very close to cumming.  Her hands went to his ass and pulled him all the way in, holding him tight and pushing her nose into his pubic hair.  With mounting excitement, she realized that Liam was going to cum.  Her breasts pressed into his thighs as she held on to him tightly.  Liam threw back his head and began to ejaculate wildly into her gulping mouth.

“That was so good daddy,” Shana whispered into his belly.  Liam, now fully naked and laid out on top of her bed, caressed his stepdaughter and marveled at her slender, compact beauty.  Her wavy brown hair brushed silkily against his skin, and his cock was already rising again.

Pushing her onto her back, Liam dipped his head between her perfect thighs and put his tongue between the lips of her sex.   Shana cried out in sheer pleasure as Liam sucked her clit into his mouth. Nothing in her life or her imagination had prepared her for this, and her elation was frantic, her legs flexing wildly and her toes curling.  She reached for his ears and tugged him on top of her, her hard nipples pressed tight against his chest.  “Are you going to fuck me daddy?” she gasped.

“Baby,” Liam asked her, “are you sure?  This isn’t something we can take back, once it’s done, it’s done forever.”

Shana’s legs wrapped around him and she pressed her wet slit against his rampant penis.  “It means we can do it again daddy,” she murmured, rubbing herself against him like a cat.  Liam looked deep into her eyes, and his little girl wasn’t in there any more.  All he could see was a grown woman, and she wanted him.

“This is going to hurt a little baby girl,” Liam said as he reared over her, placing the tip of his cock against her wetness.

“I don’t care daddy,” Shana sobbed, “do it, fuck me, put it inside me!”  Her legs locked behind the small of his back and she hunched her hips upwards, driving him inside her.  “Oh fuck daddy,” she gasped, “it stings!”  Locking her hands behind his head and pulling with her heels, Shana brought the full length of his penis inside her.  Her eyes widened and then squeezed shut as his pelvic bone brushed her clit.  “But it stings so sweet…”

As she came in great heaving gasps, Shana knew that her days as a shy girl who missed out on all the fun were gone.  Today was the first day of her new life.


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