In Love with Her Roommate: A Lesbian Romance

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As Elle moved into her new apartment, she couldn’t stop thinking about her new roommate, Mia. Elle had known she was a lesbian for years, but had never acted on it. She couldn’t help feeling drawn to Mia, with her curvy figure and stunning green eyes.

As they settled in, Elle found herself struggling to maintain a professional distance. She couldn’t help but steal glances at Mia’s tight t-shirts and tiny shorts, and her thoughts constantly drifted to what it would be like to explore every inch of her body.

One evening after a long day of classes, Elle found herself alone with Mia. They chatted easily, but Elle could feel the tension between them growing. Mia leaned in, brushing her lips against Elle’s ear and whispering, “You’re so beautiful.”

Elle felt herself shudder at the touch of Mia’s breath against her skin. She turned to face Mia, her heart racing as their bodies grew closer. Without saying a word, Mia reached up and tangled her fingers in Elle’s hair, pulling her in for a searing kiss.

Elle moaned into Mia’s mouth as their tongues tangled together. She felt her body begin to respond to Mia’s touch, feeling herself grow wet and aroused. Mia’s hands roamed over Elle’s body, sliding under her shirt and up to cup her perky breasts. She broke the kiss to trail her lips down Elle’s neck, flicking her tongue over the sensitive skin until Elle was trembling with desire.

Mia pushed Elle back onto the bed, her hands roaming down to pull off Elle’s shirt and bra. She caught her breath at the sight of Elle’s full breasts, admiring their shape and heft. Kneeling down, she trailed her tongue over each nipple, teasing them until they grew hard beneath her touch.

Elle was moaning loudly now, her hands tangled in Mia’s hair as she pulled her towards her aching center. Mia teased her, trailing her tongue down her stomach and nipping at her hip bones, before finally burying her face in Elle’s wetness.

Elle cried out as Mia’s tongue flicked over her clit, pleasure coursing through her body. She could hardly contain the sensations as Mia ate her out, exploring every inch of her with her tongue. Elle came hard and fast, her body shuddering with pleasure.

Mia crawled back up the bed, drawing Elle into a deep kiss. Elle could taste herself on Mia’s lips, the sweet combination making her even more aroused. She knew that she was in love with Mia and that this was just the beginning of their incredible lesbian romance.

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