I All the time Ass First – Fetish

I park my car along the wooded edge of a small layby. We get out and make our way a few yards in the light of the head lamps through the gap in the gate. The headlamps go out after a delay, leaving only the light of the moon to guide us as we walk along the road lined on both sides with towering hardwood trees. The walk is only a few minutes, but the anticipation has my mind believing it is much longer. The cold, pre-dawn air stings the skin mildly, but does nothing to inhibit my growing erection.

We make a turn onto a narrower path and quickly, in the darkness, come to a fork and go to the right. We reach the small, inclined boardwalk which is quite slippery. A few more careful steps and we reach the wooden bird blind on the edge of the marsh. The blind covers three sides of the platform, while the fourth side features a railing with a built-in wooden bench. I watch you as you walk over to one of the viewing slots which is slightly too high for you. You stand on your toe tips to reach the proper height. I laugh to myself as you perform this little charade of looking out over the marsh. I know what you really want.

I close the few feet between us and press my half-erection against your butt causing you to sigh. At first holding your hips, but then slipping my cold hands under your many layers of clothes and running them up your sides until they get to your tits. I manhandle them roughly, pinching the ample, hardened nipples. I fondle them for a minute, but that’s not why I’m here.

I pull my hands out of your clothes and grab your wrists. I guide your hands to the blind so that they are flat against its face, like a cop would a suspect needing to be searched. I lower myself to my knees and pull down your sweatpants, revealing the brown globes of your ass cheeks. I give each side a gentle peck of a kiss and then reach up to put pressure on your upper back, causing you to bend over.

I palm each cheek and spread them so the moonlight can illuminate your magnificent crotch. I pry them aside even wider so that your pussy opens enough for me to get a glimpse of the pink flesh inside. Gorgeous, but not my immediate target. My gaze rises to your puckered, brown little asshole. I love looking at it. I move my face very close and place my nose at the smallest efficient distance without touching it and breathe deeply, enjoying the faint aroma from the production of the sweat glands particular to buttholes. I purse my lips and press a very gentle kiss fully onto the crinkled flesh.

“Eat my ass; clean it with your naughty little tongue,” you say teasingly.

I extend my tongue and circle the outside rim and in a spiraling motion, drag it closer and closer to the opening. You make that cute little sound you make whenever I begin eating your ass. It’s a distinct, but barely audible intake of air, just a tiny sound, that causes blood to flow to my cock.

My saliva now coats your entire butt hole, from your shit chute out to where it meets the cheeks and down to your perineum. I poke my tongue at your back door repeatedly and it gradually yields to the invader, loosening. I lock my mouth over your asshole and swirl my tongue all around the crinkled hole, French-kissing it, sucking at it. My intensity increases, fueled by your moans, tongue pointed like a hard little cock, poking into your sweet hole, probing it. I back off and spit directly onto it, taking a couple of seconds to watch it roll down to your pussy.

Fuck yeah, spit on it! Now butt fuck my shit hole with that tongue, let me feel it inside me!”

I go back in, this time pushing farther, deeper. It is yielding to me. My tongue penetrates your second sphincter and I desperately try to make my tongue longer to get in further. My tongue is home. It is in your shit hole. I begin to butt fuck you with it — fast — my face slamming your cheeks — I am an animal, completely taken over by an urge to eat out your ass. My cock is as hard as steel.

I slam my tongue into your hot rectum and hold it there. I work it like a little worm, burrowing as deeply as efficient. I can not get in any farther, I wish my tongue was two or three inches longer so I could ass fuck you with it better.

I pull my tongue out and again seal my mouth over your anus and suck it and tongue swirl it. I could eat your asshole all day, every day, but I want to make you cum. I stick my thumb into my mouth to wet it. I quickly shove it up your now very loose ass so that my hand rests on your ass and is out of the way.

I shove my tongue inside your sweet cunt hole at the same time as I begin to pump my thumb in and out of your butt. I lick out your wet cunt for a minute and then move up to your meaty lips, which I gather with my mouth and suck. I run my tongue all over them, spending several minutes savoring the soft flesh.

I move down a bit and farther in between your legs so my mouth can reach your clit. I lick down toward it from your pussy hole, plowing my tongue through your fleshy folds as I go. I flatten my tongue and drag it over the hood several times before latching on and sucking on it like I’m nursing, rhythmically flicking my tongue over it while it remains under the suction of my willing mouth. I had forgotten about my thumb, which was still in your rectum, and start butt fucking you again as I continued to aggressively suck your clit.

Your moans start increasing in intensity and your hips begin humping my face ever so slightly and within a couple of minutes, you begin having an orgasm on my face. Your butt hole deliciously gasping and squeezing my thumb as you hump my face throughout your coming.

Still out of breath, I stand up, quickly pull down my own sweatpants, and desperately feed my rock-hard erection into your soaking cunt from behind. I thrust so hard; I lift you off the ground slightly. I fuck you like a teenager, fast and furious. Your hands still against the wall, you struggle mightily to maintain your balance. My pelvis slapping against your ass, my ball sack slapping your clit on every thrust. Very quickly, I feel my balls start to tighten and I pump your pussy even faster. I pull out, spin you around, grab your hair and shove your mouth down onto my cock as stream after stream of cum is pumped into your hot mouth while you are standing bent-over.

I release your hair and we take a minute to pull up our pants and collect ourselves. We both suddenly noticed how cold it is. It’s almost light and unfortunately, time to go to work.

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