Husbands Special Present to Wife Ch. 02 – Fetish

“Jack that was the best anniversary present ever. I do have a birthday in five weeks time could we do it again.”

“It would not be possible to convince you a second time that you in fact being raped. It was that humiliating, degrading and controlling that you got off on and we could never really repeat that.”

“I agree with you Jack but if I set a completely different scenario I think I could have Shelley just as much under my control. She would know that she could end it at any time but she would have to use a safe word to end the proceedings. If you are both interested we could meet on your birthday Shelley.”

Both Jack and Shelley were excited by the prospect and agreed that subject to the use of a safe word for each of them Bruce had complete control over proceedings.

It was Shelley who opened the door to Bruce on her birthday. She did not know why but her heart was in her mouth and she could feel the excitement that had been building all day.

“Take all your clothes off and put this collar around your neck on the tightest setting.”

This was not what she was expecting and was so different to last time. She obeyed with indecent haste, needing to show him that she intended to submit to whatever he had planned. When the collar was tight round her neck and she was naked he approached her. She could not look him in the eyes as he attached a lead to the collar.

“On your knees and crawl into the living room, now.”

Jack was stunned as his wife was led into the room completely naked, crawling on a dog lead. She looked nervous and frightened as she kept her head down.

“Tonight Shelley is to be punished. I have brought with me a number of tools to administer the appropriate punishments. You Jack will do exactly as I tell you to assist me in treating her to everything she deserves. We will start with a spanking over my knee.”

She knew it had to be different to last time but this was not what she had expected. Yes her heart was beating hard, she felt humiliated and scared this was similar to last time. The essential similarity to her was that her pussy was so wet that as she crawled the tops of her legs were wet where they rubbed together.

When she was over Bruce’s lap she relaxed before the first spank landed squarely across both cheeks. The force shocked her and her bottom stung immediately. The flogging five weeks ago had been her first and she had never been spanked or caned. Did it at all times hurt this much? Spank after spank reigned down and she shrieked at every one. The heat in her bottom soon felt like a furnace and the heat was spreading wider and wider. She wondered about using the safe word but the spanking stop just in time.

“Jack come over here and put something in your wife’s mouth to keep her quiet she is in danger of frightening the neighbors with her yelling. She clearly is very aroused by giving head. Strip off and let her put her head in your lap. Your bottom has got to be quite sore by now Shelley. The heat has clearly reached your pussy, as my trousers are getting wetter by the minute. I am going to spank you some more it will hurt but you are going take it with no fuss.”

Shelley was worried that she would not be able to take the pain. The fire across her bottom had intensified since the spanking had been paused. She welcomed the diversion of her husband’s prick going into her mouth. Bruce had remembered correctly that giving head at all times embarrassingly aroused Shelley.

Bruce was in no hurry to resume the spanking. He knew that the threat of it would arouse as well as frighten Shelley. Reaching between her legs he was delighted to discover her awash. She was so wet he could barely tell when two of his fingers entered her swollen pussy. He didn’t linger but brought his wet fingers back round to her anus and gently teased the crinkled hole. Her request for him to fuck her was ignored as he started the spanking again.

He concentrated on the area round the top of her legs and close to her pussy. He knew she would feel like she could not take too much more and decided to speed the spanking up but reduce the severity. Even though her mouth was occupied she still managed to disobey Bruce by making plenty of noise. Jack had hold of her head to ensure the best feasible blowjob.

“I think that you have Jack nicely prepared. Jack please remove the rest of your clothes and lie on your back on the floor. Shelley on your back on top of Jack. Jack take her arms and hold them by her side. Hold her legs wide apart with your legs. There Shelley you look wonderful so open and wanton, you are completely secured and mine to do exactly what ever I want to. It must be tempting Jack but please do not put your prick inside her.”

Shelley felt more constrained and vulnerable than ever before. When Bruce showed her the same flogger he had used on her previously she was sure her erect nipples would soon be as sore as her arse. He draped the flogger over her nipples before dragging it down her body. He teased her swollen lips with the flogger before applying a stinging blow directly to her clit and the top of her pussy.

She wailed and tried in vain to close her legs as the stinging radiated. The movement caused her bottom to rub painfully against Jack. More teasing before the next strike landed exactly where the first had. She had been ready for this and tried to keep still. The mouth on her clit felt like no mouth before. Her clit had never been struck before and in its current state a gentle licking was pure heaven.

“I can offer you pain or pleasure. It could be to your bottom, your tits, your clit or you pussy. I have seen how your nipples respond. I think I will just tenderize your clit a little more, it does look so beautiful right now. It looks very ready to take a little more attention from the flogger.”

Bruce took his time stripping before kneeling beside Shelley. He draped the flogger over her clit and pussy while almost gently played with her erect dark nipples. The first movements of the flogger were more a caress than a flogging. She tried to push her clit up to increase the pressure on her swollen sore button but found she had almost no freedom.

The first real strike landed on her clit with the end of the flogger wrapping round and finding the dark crinkled anus. Two more identical strikes had Shelley pleading for mercy. She was almost surprised when Bruce moved down towards her pussy. His hand started at her clit, but to her disappointment, moved on down until a finger found the center of her anus.

“Oh I am so pleased that your natural lubrication has reached your bottom. I am just going to ensure that you are relaxed and ready to welcome Jack’s cock.”

This was part a gentle lubing and part a fucking with a single finger. Curling his finger inside her arse so that it tried to reach her g spot he vigorously stroked the area with his finger tip. Her moan was one of helpless pleasure and appreciation. She almost screamed her frustration as he removed his finger and said.

“I think we can take it that she is ready for your prick. I don’t think she has quite remembered how to behave, as a submissive so be good enough not to fuck her just push your prick right up bottom. When she remembers how to behave I might consider giving her more pleasure and less pain. The flogger will be an excellent reminder of what I expect from her.”

It came as no surprise to any of them when his prick slipped effortlessly into her welcoming bottom. Again Bruce started by caressing her pussy with the flogger before striking her squarely on her clit. Her shout communicated so many things but the strongest was probably pent up frustration.

“So that you can enjoy the anticipation I can tell you, you will receive six more from the flogger landing exactly where that one did. If I hear a single noise from you the strike will not count. After each strike you will thank me and ask me for the next one.”

“You can’t, you can’t it will nearly kill me. I need you to fuck me so badly, please fuck me.”

“Don’t be dramatic you are not going to die but you may suffer much more punishment if you do not remember how to behave. I do believe your attitude is getting worse not better. I obviously need to apply the flogger harder than I thought. On this occasion I expect you to use the safe word as you clearly cannot take the punishment I intent to give you. That is a shame as the session will finish immediately and you will not be allowed to orgasm for a week.”

Shelley was not sure which she feared the most. He could not leave her in this state, but could she really take the flogging. She knew she had little choice but to try. The next strike was hard but she concentrated hard and kept quiet until she thanked him and asked for the next one. She was fine until the third that seemed to be so hard she let out a stifled shriek.

“Shame you were doing so well. Still four more to go.”

Shelley was desperately trying to fuck the prick in her bottom. Her movement was so restricted she just could not quite get what she craved. She could not see her clit but knew it must be ridiculously swollen and red or purple.

“Please, please no more. I will do anything you want but don’t flog me any more. Whatever you want just ask me, I am begging you.”

“What I want is to finish flogging you and then decide whether you deserve some pleasure. If that is not what you want your only option is your safe word. What will it be, Shelley?”

“As it is what you want, please flog me just as you want.”

“There we are, at last we both want the same thing. Jack you may fuck her bottom if you wish. Shelley I sense that you are quite close to orgasm. You deserve to receive a beautiful one. It will be my pleasure to bring you to an exquisite one as long as you wait until after the flogging and Jack’s orgasm.”

While Shelley was buzzing and extremely aroused she wondered she was a little way away from cumming. She just had to take the flogging and she would okay. She had forgotten that Jack would be fucking her as she received the last four from the flogger. This upped the anti and Shelley knew that it was the pain that was in danger of driving her to an orgasm she would regret.

As the next to last impact exploded on her clit Jack moaned as he emptied himself deep into her bowels. This excited Shelley but also reduced the stimulation just enough for her to relax before receiving the last stinging strike. Bruce had moved to lie on his back by the time Shelley pulled herself together.

“Time for you to fuck me now Shelley. Please come over here and take my cock into that lovely big wet pussy of yours. I want to feel your tenderized clit rubbing against me.”

Shelley was not sure what she was more afraid of. Was it the pain that fucking would build in her damaged clit, or was it disobeying Bruce and suffering the consequences? She would soon understand as she straddled his hips and moved his prick so it would enter her as she squatted down. The joy of receiving the full length of his large cock took all questioning out of her mind. She barely noticed the pain in her flogged clit. She only managed a couple of long deep strokes when his voice pulled her back to reality.

“Now that I am inside your extraordinarily hot pussy please lie right forward and keep still. Jack, you will find a cane in my bag please bring it over here. I think it is time that you joined in with some of the punishment.”

Bruce had locked his legs inside and around hers and spread her wide open. For the second time Shelley was exposed and unable to move.

“Jack please cane Shelley firmly across both cheeks. I want her to know

what it is capable of. You will get more opportunity if she moves when told not to.”

Jack was delighted at the prospect and was in no hurry. He walked around to ensure he knew the best angle to strike from. Her bottom was an alluring and very stationary target. He took a number of practice swings noticing how she tensed in anticipation before delivering a stinging cut squarely across the middle of her round bottom.

Her whole body convulsed as her already raw bottom exploded with pure pain. Bruce was delighted to fight the convulsions and steady her shaking body until it was completely still.

“You now know what it feels like. It is very simple for you to ensure that is your last caning of the day. You simply have to keep still. Jack will cane you every time you move. He will keep caning you every three seconds you are moving until you stop. I will so enjoy fucking you so gently that cumming might be difficult. I hope you are able to keep still while having an orgasm because if not it could be interesting to see what caning and cumming at the same time looks like.”

Shelley’s massive hypersensitive clit was finding the most wonderful stimulation against the base of Bruce’s prick. A prick that was just stroking an inch from its fully buried position. Shelley had lost any powers of wondered beyond that of needing to cum. That need led to her thrust as much as she could in an attempt to get that little extra stimulation to take her over the top. Jack was delighted as he brought the cane down quickly in case she was able to still herself.

The convulsions this time had super-human strength that Bruce was unable to control. They also triggered the extra stimulation Shelley needed. What happened over the next thirty seconds was a blur. Bruce fucked the helpless girl from below while Jack caned her with great enthusiasm from above. Shelley shook with pain overload, she shook with sexual overload and she shook with tears.

Jack took pity on her as the last spasms rocked her body with longer gaps between them. Her sobbing subsided more slowly aided by Bruce whispering how well she had done. It took her a long time to realize that although he had cum he was still gently fucking her. It was tender and becoming less and less urgent as his prick softened slowly until it slipped from her pussy followed by a river of their juices.

“What the fuck happened there. The sex was awesome when I could separate it from the pain. The pain was far too intense I will never let you do that to me again. I will not be able to sit for a week and my clit may never be the same again.

Thank you Bruce but that is definitely never going to happen again.”

“You are welcome Shelley it was a great pleasure to introduce you to being a submissive even if it was just for an hour. I think you have a taste for it and I am sure you will soon be back for more.”

‘I will never ask to be treated like that again.”

It was less than a month later that a very timid Shelley asked Jack whether he would be kind enough to invite Bruce over. She looked down and nodded nervously when Jack pointed out that Bruce would demand complete obedience from her. Jack was delighted; as he knew the sex between the two of them that evening would be charged like never before.

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