Husband Loves to Watch – Fetish – Sex Story

He tugged the leash hard. The collar jerked my head up. I was on my knees like a dog. Submissive and waiting for my master’s instruction. Jeremy told me to look into the camera and tell my husband what I was. My eyes focused on the small lens of my phone, propped up in front of me. Although I could not see him, I knew he was watching. I stared into the lens and said nothing. My lack of an answer resulted in another hard pull on my leash. Jeremy grabbed my long brown hair and pulled it back towards him which caused my head to fly straight up. “Tell him, “He demanded.

I looked back into the lens and told my husband that I was a Jeremy’s slut. A slut for big cock. Jeremy insisted that I say it louder. I did as I was told and repeated it louder and with more force. Jeremy then told me to tell my husband what I wanted. As he said that, I felt my pussy gush with wetness. I looked, into the lens and said that I wanted a big cock in my tiny, tight pussy. Jeremy insisted that I tell my husband why. Within a split second, I said that I craved a real cock, a thick cock, a cock that would reach my womb and cock that was full of warm cum.

As I told the camera my desires, Jeremy slid his gigantic cock into my dripping pussy. A loud gasp flowed from between my lips as my eyes rolled back into my head. Jeremy pulled his thick cock back, then thrusted again. With each thrust, he pushed the air from my lungs. I gasped, moaned, and began to beg him to fuck me hard. He obliged by wrapping his strong hands around my waist and fucking me harder. Soon, the room resonated with the sounds of his cock sliding through my tightness and his balls slapping my clit.

Each time my head drooped towards the bed Jeremy pulled my hair and demanded that I look straight into the lens. He wanted to be sure that my husband could see my face, see the lust in my eyes for what was happening. The pounding continued. Each thrust scooped more juice from my pussy. The bed below me, was drenched with my wetness. Without being prompted, I looked, into the lens and told my voyeur that Jeremy’s cock was gigantic, so much bigger than his, longer, thicker, and better in every way. It hit places his could not and made me feel full for the first time. I exclaimed that I wanted more than what he could give me, I needed a real man’s cock. It was then, that I heard a soft, high-pitched moan from the phone.

I asked if he was jerking off as he watched. Softly, a whispered yes came across the speaker. I asked if he had a condom on. He said he did. It was then, I reminded him that Jeremy was fucking me bareback. Another soft squeal wafted from the phone.

I turned and looked over my shoulder at Jeremy and told him that it was time to fill me with his warm seed. Jeremy smiled at me and grabbed my waist harder. The pounding began with earnest. He told me to tell my husband what I wanted to happen. I looked, into the lens and breathlessly told my husband that I wanted all of Jeremy’s Alpha cum in my womb. I told him that I wanted him to have a real man with a superior cock pump his load into me.

It did not take long before I felt the telltale signs of a man getting ready to orgasm. Jeremy’s balls no longer slapped my clit, no, instead they were hard, pulled up tight and ready to explode. Sweat dripped off his sculpted body onto my ass. His cock became rock hard. He was close. I reached between my legs and quickly rubbed my rock-hard clit. I wanted to come when he did.

I looked, into the lens and began to count down, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. As I hit three, Jeremy’s body became stiff as a board. At two, I could feel him start to shake. As I hit one, his strong hands nearly crushed my tiny waist. Zero! Jeremy let out a roar, like a lion that ruled the savannah with absolute power. He shoved his cock so far into my pussy, his cock bottomed out against my cervix. The feel of his warm seed filling my womb sent me over the edge. I let out a scream, then buried my face into the bed. My orgasm started at the tip of my clit but quickly enveloped my entire pussy. I think, I stopped breathing for a moment. Jeremy’s cock throbbed inside me. I could feel his balls pulsing against my tight pussy, delivering his potent seed into my married pussy.

His gift took what seemed like a whole minute to deposit into my willing hole. Shit, for the first time, my stomach felt warm during sex and had a sense of fullness I had never experienced. I lifted my face from the bed. Jeremy pushed my head back down. He told me he wanted his cum to stay deep within me and to remain in my womb. He did not want gravity to steal his juice from inside me. I wiggled my ass and told him that I agreed completely. He let out a sinister laugh, then looked, into the lens and told my husband that he was sending me home filled and satisfied. I asked my husband if he had an orgasm while he watched. He responded with a soft no. I told him that I was happy that he did not, because I wanted him to cum when I got home.

Jeremy pulled his still rigid cock from my gapping pussy and rolled me onto my back. He laid his sweaty body onto top of me then kissed me passionately. Instinctively, I wrapped my legs around his waist as if to say that I wanted him back inside me again. We cuddled and kissed for an hour. As we finished, I turned to the phone and told my husband to get himself ready, that I would be home shortly. I slipped my panties back on then pulled my skirt up and over my waist. Blouse on, I was ready to go.

Ten minutes later I was home. I walked into our house and down the hallway to the bedroom. My husband was laying naked on the bed, his penis wrapped in a condom. I asked him if he enjoyed himself tonight. He moved his head up and down quickly. I pulled up my skirt. My husband could see that my panties were soaked with my wetness and Jeremy’s cum. I climbed onto the bed, straddled his face, and lowered my crotch down towards his mouth. The smell of our combined juices filled the room. My husband’s wrapped penis was hard as a rock. My hand slipped between my legs and slid the crotch of my panties to one side then lowered my pussy to his lips.

His warm breath wafted across my slot. I set my pussy directly on his mouth and told him to taste Jeremy’s gift. His tongue deftly slipped between my labia. He was immediately rewarded with a salty glob of Jeremy’s seed directly into his mouth. He moaned and his penis twitched wildly. I reached down and began stroking his wrapped penis as I ground my crotch into his face. He grabbed my waist with both hands as if to say he never wanted this to end. The more I moved, the more I felt Jeremy’s seed slide back down from my womb to my husband’s waiting mouth. As he cleaned my freshly fucked pussy, I reminded him of how good Jeremy’s cock felt inside of me. How good it felt, to be fucked by a man, a man that had a real cock and knew how to use it.

This taunting and teasing brought him to the edge of orgasm quickly. I watched his balls tighten and could feel his penis stiffen. He was on the edge, and I knew it. I stroked him quickly and without mercy. His body began to arch up. He was about to come. I immediately let go of his penis. He let out a gigantic muffle moan from between my legs. I squeezed my Kegel muscles hard and delivered a huge load of Jeremy’s cum directly into his mouth. His penis twitched and he began to orgasm without any stimulation. He was having a perfectly sinister ruined orgasm. His penis pulsed six times before a small bubble of cum appeared in the tip of the condom. His body writhed beneath me in utter sexual frustration. I watched as his penis flopped wildly, yet did not produce anything more than a baby pea sized amount of cum. All the while, my pussy delivered gigantic quantities of potent Alpha cum and wetness down his throat.

After about ten seconds, his penis deflated and dropped down against his body. His now flaccid little man retreated towards his balls, leaving behind a wrinkled, slightly used condom. I let him stew in my juices for a bit longer before I climbed off him. His face was a mess. I ran my finger across his face and scooped the bounty into his mouth, reminding him that he should not waste a valuable gift. He dutifully slurped up everything I delivered. As we finished, I looked down at his now totally spent penis and told him to clean himself up. He made his way into the bathroom and removed the condom and tossed it in the toilet. I pushed him apart and sat on the toilet, then looked him in the eyes and began to pee on his wasted seed. He moaned as if to be in pain. Watching me piss on his bubble of cum made his deflated penis dribble. I laughed and caught the droplets with my hand then told him to lick it up.

I flushed the toilet and watched his useless sperm drown in a bath of my warm piss. Afterwards, I grabbed his hand, and walked him to the bed. I kissed him, then pushed him down onto the bed and began snuggling with him. I asked him if he had an enjoyable time this evening. He smiled broadly at me and told me that he had never been happier.

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