How to Train Your White Dragon – Celebrities & Fan Fiction

WARNING: The following is a work of erotic fan fiction, the events of which are completely made up and did not happen, and is no true reflection of the wrestlers, promotions, places, etc depicted or referenced within. Fantasy is legal. This material is unsuitable to be viewed by those under the legal age limit of viewing pornographic material in your current country of residence. I do not own TJPW or any of the wrestlers, trademarks, etc referenced in this story. All characters are 18 years or older in this story.

Starring: Rika Tatsumi (TJPW).

How To Train Your White Dragon

An erotic celebrity fan-fiction story.

By DaxG2001

Codes: Cons, MF, oral, inter.

* * *

This story is set in the same universe as stories such as ‘Itoh Respect-Gun Rides Again’ and ‘Fucking Like Magical Sugar Rabbits’. Prior reading of those stories is not required but recommended.

* * *

Tokyo, Japan. 2022.

“Please, step this way, Rika-Chan…” Malcolm Laurence said with a well practised, friendly but still professional smile as he held the door open to his executive office. “I’ve read all about you from the information the TJPW office sent over. So I’m sure we’ll have lots to discuss about what I can do you.” He claimed as his latest potential client walked in, buying every word from that silver tongue of his as he closed the door behind them. “Please, take a seat.” He offered as he was able to take a sly look over her as she walked, much to his approval as he sneaked in a nod without her seeing.

The mature African American was an entertainment and public relations expert, having originally just been involved in the more musical acts and artists side of things. But having spent so much time here in Japan and understanding the workings and company of what sells over here, especially the lucrative Idols industry and women’s professional wrestling, he was branching out into other profitable areas. And clearly it was working out as he was now going from seeking out new clients to add to his gradually building portfolio, to having companies line him up with their talents to see if he can give them a boost to their careers and standing.

Hence why he now had the White Dragon of the Tokyo Joshi Pro Wrestling promotion now taking a seat in his office. The gorgeous, slim bodied and dark haired Japanese woman who already has success in her home promotion with reigns as the top singles and tag team champion. And certainly she was nicely easy on the eyes, looking fine in her tight, white costume that resembled an Asian ‘dragon’ dress with black strap designs. Long arm ‘sleeves’ running from the middle of the upper arms down to the wrist to slightly cover the hand. Down below short white footwear with coverings up to the knees to fake like she had boots on, and looking like lingerie-style stockings of black and white stripes that had white straps running up under the dress. At her famously ‘weaponised’ hips cuts at the sides of the dress, showing off white drills underneath of the under shorts.

“I’m very thankful for your time, Malcolm-San!” Rika politely said with a beautiful smile. “I know you have done great things for others in my company. It would be wonderful if the same could happen to me.” She added with a respectful bow of the head for a moment while he moved around the chair to slightly lean against his office desk.

Indeed, Malcolm had managed to show is own company skill with the likes of Maki Itoh and Mizuki from TJPW. Overseeing their popularity and success not just within the promotion but outside of it reaching new heights. Having his fingers being in plenty of connections within the wider entertainment industry to make their stock rise up. That was getting him the right sort of attention as well as the once sceptical officials in that wrestling business were now the ones reaching out to him. Looking to see if he can work some of his ‘magic’ with some of the other talented and gorgeous but perhaps less well known competitors on the roster. After all, there was no sense keeping all the eggs in one basket and the more trendy talents on the card, the more tickets sold. And while this Joshi was a little older than some of the women’s he has on his roster, she had no less potential than the rest.

“Oh, I think we can do something with you…” Malcolm said. With a smile that masked the double meaning behind his words. “I know you’re no rookie in the company… Some have even said that you might be considered to be one of the, how do the wrestling fans put it? One of the Four Pillars of TJPW?” He said to butter her up a bit as he measured her reaction. “So quite clearly there’s some potential here… But it perhaps might be a little bit of a challenge even for me and my experience considering that, well, some of the my other clients have quite a distance on you if you catch my drift.”

“H-Hey! What do you mean by that?” Rika took the bait easily of those carefully picked out words as she even rose from her chair, feeling challenged by the remark. “I’m just as good… No! Even better than Mizuki or Itoh!” She said, revealing already a trigger of the idea of being surpassed by others even with her own title winning record in the business.

And this was exactly the plan that he’d hoped she’d fall for. Of course he’d read the documents as he had with all the women on the roster. Looking for the points to focus on and use to his benefit. She may or may not be a part of the Four Pillars, but the gap between her and the other three in terms of almost everything was sizeable. Something she was clearly aware of even if she didn’t intend to reveal it from her reaction. This was exactly the opening that he’d been waiting for to see if he can exploit it like he’d been able to do with other women before reaching her.

“Now now, Rika-Chan. I didn’t mean to offend you.” Malcolm lied as he kept his smile on. “I was just pointing out that those names you’ve mentioned? Mizuki and especially Itoh-Chan? They’ve excelled in being everything I’ve expected them all to be.” He stated, and he meant that at more than face value as well. “And if there’s any reason why they’ve surpassed you? Be that from level of attention they’re getting or the matches, the titles, the international dates? Well, then that just means that they can handle the pressure that comes with it.” He said to race right into the next step of the plan.

“I’m not afraid to challenge myself.” Tatsumi said with a confident but not quite completely calm tone. “I can take anything head on! Matches, titles, whatever challenge it is! I’ll battle with everything I have!” She said as she looked up at the older man.

“So… You’re saying you’re up to the task then, are you?” Laurence moved off the desk, a slight step towards the determined beauty. “Ready to prove that you can handle what my other clients can? And earn yourself a spot on my client book?”

“Ready!” Rika agreed with a nod. “No matter who its against… Sakisama, Yuka Sakazaki… Anyone! I’ll defeat any challenge with the heart of the Dragon that I have!” She proudly said.

“Well then, in that case?” He let his mask slip, giving a more confident smile. “Let’s see if you really can handle what the others can…”

If she wondered it was gonna be the proposal of a wrestling match, she was greatly mistaken when her eyes went wide as he boldly loosened the belt of his expensive suit. His pants and boxers lowered to the ground and in her stunned state, she soon saw the thick, long slab of cock that he was packing. The same one that had made her fellow wrestler peers and rivals into willing, horny Blacked hook-ups and booty calls in the countless encounters, and many disguised as talent meetings, he’s had with them over the past months while publicly helping their careers to be boosted.

“W-What is the meaning of this??” Rika said with a stunned tone as her eyes stared down at that hardening meat.

“What? This is what you wanted, Rika-Chan…” Malcolm teased her as he grinned. “You said you wanted a challenge, right? Well, here it is… The same cock that Itoh-Chan, Mizuki… Even that Sakisama you mentioned before have all taken on and handled.” He said. Deciding to go on the attack with laying it out that she’s not been his first conquest, and if all of them could take him on and get their popularity soaring afterwards (even not with the direct result of course)? Well, surely she could too.

“T-They did??” She finally looked up, and his look even with the smile showed he wasn’t bluffing. “There’s no way! It’s so big!” Tatsumi stated the obvious. “It’s like something from one of those dirty drawn comic things.”

“Oh, believe me they all did… But of course, if a little Dragon like you can’t handle it, then I totally understand if you’re not on the same level as them…” He said. Another thick piece of bait tossed out for her to bite into, provoking that rivalry mindset she clearly had towards the other women on the TJPW roster and not just merely a professional one it seemed.

“Don’t doubt my spirt!” Rika said with a determined tone. “I’ll show you how a true Dragon battles!” She said, as she lowered herself down. Getting down to kneel in front of him with those covered knees on the floor of his office. Her head nicely in line with his crotch as she got another close look at his shaft. “I won’t let anyone be a superior to me at anything! Not at wrestling, and not e-even at this!” She slightly stuttered as she stared at the shaft he was packing. Her hand coming up to stroke away at his length, ensuring he got properly hard as her gaze glanced up at him as he took the time to loosen his tie. This wasn’t gonna be any encounter with just a mere blowjob as the action.

It wasn’t exactly a hard task to understand that she was working with the biggest dick she’s ever seen in her life. Even starting work on him she was taking her time to size the situation up as she began with running her tongue across the fat crown of him. Sliding around the head in a clockwise motion while her hand took care of the rest of his length. The swirling slow but with a nice smoothness that got a small nod of approval out of him. She stared up, groaning as she got the first taste of black dick and already finding it sparking something inside of her as the flavour encouraged more licks around the tip. Sliding across the slit before working around the mushroom head once again as she double teamed him with a display of technique rather than speed. A sign that this wasn’t the first time she’d taken on a cock before.

A sign of that proven when it wasn’t too long before this warm up moved onto a proper go at sucking this gigantic dick. Her soft and slim lips opening up as she leaned in. Groaning again as her lips had to stretch wide to contain the thickness and already hesitating just after taking the head inside of her. Having to take a moment to adjust to the sensation but at least flicking her tongue up at the crown to keep the pleasure going. A new form of double team as her hand still worked along the shaft while she began to suckle on the tip. Another stare up at the smirking, older man before she started to move along him. Pushing down to slip an inch in before she moved back up. Almost letting his dick fall from her mouth before she moved along him with a fresh groan.

“Mmmm… Yes, you certainly have potential like the rest, Rika-Chan…” He encouraged as he moved a hand down, putting it on the top of her dark haired head as she worked along his size with that slow and steady pace. Her pretty face looking perfect with his dick stuffed between her lips as even without the experience of taking on something of his vast size before, she was still making sure to continue the multi-tasking as she pleasured him. Her palm stroking away at a quicker speed while her mouth slurped up and down to gradually take a little bit more of him into her mouth. “Mmmm… Perhaps a little more training to get on the level of Mizuki-Chan and the rest? Mmmm… But I can see you’ve got the skill I’m looking for…” The back-handed compliment meant to both fuel and tease her. His moans already showing he was enjoying her oral display as she knelt down and pumped with her hand and mouth along his thick rod. A position that already a few of her fellow TJPW roster members have already found themselves in a similar eager fashion as this.

“Shhhhrrrlllppp… Mmmmmmphhh!! Hhhhrrrlllpp… Shhhrrrkkk…” Sucking away as the former Princess of Princess Champion let out groans and slurps around that delicious dark cock. Pushing down to take half of his size inside her warm and wet mouth as her fingers now began to get sticky as her own saliva drooled down his length. Stroking the spit onto those inches as it dripped to his base and down her own chin. Starting to leave a stain across her wrestling attire over small chest, but still making the now hard nipples stand out more as they poked through her top. “Mmmm… Shhhrrlllpp! Mmmmmphhh! Shhhhrrrlllppp…” Groaning around his prick still as her free hand moved up. Stroking back some strands of her dark hair back behind her ear as they fell out of place. Her motion really no more quicker or bolder than when she’d first started off on him, but used to the feeling now of her mouth being filled up as she took more of his length between her lips.

“Mmmmm… Yes, not bad, Rika-Chan… Mmmmm… As expected from a talent like you…” Laurence said as he continued to smile. The slow, almost savouring motion actually a nice change to how often he’d get his dick deep throated and rapidly slurped like he with a porn star with some of his other conquests. The gliding of her slim lips along his thickness a pleasurable thrill as he let her take her sweet time to explore along his manhood. Giving him the time to have ditched his clothing into an all too casually neat, folded pile on the corner of his desk. A contrast alone of how he was only in his footwear compared to her fully clothed state as she bobbed along his dick to leave him nicely coated in spit. “Ahhhh… But you know, your company rivals who are ahead of you right now? Mmmm… They could take a lot more from me than just using their cute little mouths on me…” He said without any shame and with a smile to match as he planted a fresh seed into her. Still letting her take a round to suck along him as he felt the head of his dick brushing against the back of her mouth as her eyes widened. Another display that this really was a lot more cock than the Joshi was used to having to handle.

Slowly pulling off from his dick, she groaned when it left her lips with a lewd ‘pop’ and a naughty strand of spit hanging from her lips to the head of his length. Broken off to land down onto her top when she leaned back. “I-Is that so?” Rika took a moment to stare again at the shaft she’d been blowing. “I’ll admit, that might be interesting to experience… You seem like someone who can handle being with a Dragon…” She said, her tone sounding more confident and at the very least more flirty than she has been.

“Oh?” He smiled, offering a hand to her as he helped her up to her feet. “That sounds to me like you’re more used to men not being able to last with you.” He said as his keen, often wicked ear for detail picked up on what her words might mean.

“I’m not that kind of a woman!” Tatsumi defended herself but a little too quickly as he led her to the desk. “But a weapon of this size? If the likes of Itoh can take this, then surely I can do so as well!” She said as she didn’t object to being lifted up as he sat her onto the furniture. “I mean, I can do it even better than they can!” She added as she watched as he moved her to lay down on her side. Biting her lower lip as he reached under her ring costume and began to ease down her bottoms down her covered legs. Revealing the tight pussy that she had and the hint of wetness down there already.

“Hey! Aren’t you taking them off properly?” Rika blushed a bit as he just moved one foot out of her bottoms to leave them hanging off the one leg that he, and deliberately do, then lifted up to hold against his toned frame as he spread her limbs. The other leg out to the side with the still covered foot resting on the edge. Her attention gonna staring down her body but tellingly her arms were going up as her hands gripped the far end of his desk already as he lined his shaft up with her entrance. A gasp escaping even as just the tip touched her folds. The combination of her slight dampness down there along with her spit coating him allowing for a smooth entry, but even so meeting the expected resistance of a super tight pussy. She wasn’t a virgin but might as well have been with a tunnel more used to smaller, slimmer and paler cocks than this experienced shaft she was now taking.

“MMMM… Forgive me, Rika-Chan… Allow me to make it up to you…” He had the kind of smirk on that showed he wasn’t sorry one bit, and why would he be when he was getting to fit his meaty American dick into a new piece of hot, fresh Japanese pussy bareback style. Definitely not needing any excuse to begin thrusting into her snatch and already making her squirm in delight as her head tilted with a bit of an arch done by her back as well. “MMMM… I think it’s working, don’t you?” He allowed himself to snigger as he stared down and watched his inches move in and out of her box. Giving her the time to adjust to this new feeling of being stretched out as he worked his length into her, but certainly not going at her with the kind of steady pace he’d let her use in the blowjob a couple minutes before. Not exactly making up for lost time with this quicker motion, but wanting to really see if she can back up her confident talk to match up with what her professional (and now sexual) rivals can already greatly handle.

“AHHHHH! MMMM! It’s big!! MMMM… So big already! MMMMM! I c-can’t believe it!” The woman who has been a part of the Dragon Bombers and Hakuchuumu tag teams brought her head back just to continue staring between her spread legs. Being used almost like a living doll as his size and strength easily kept her held on her side and against his older frame. Her body already now starting to jolt back and forth as they laid on the desk and her hair swayed in time, dragging along the surface. “OOOOOOOOH! MMMM! It feels… AHHHH! Good! MMMM! It feels so good already! MMMMM!” She groaned out as her hands firmly gripped the desk as she was banged. The bottom of her dress ring attire hiked up for a full view of her getting his big cock deep into her snatch. Getting more of his prick now into her snatch than she’d been able to take inside her mouth but in a way that just proved both of them right with the potential she had to become another of his secret little fuck buddies from the wrestling world.

He continued to grin as he saw her changing and more and more warm to the idea of spreading her legs in this kind of eager manner to him and his gigantic shaft. Nothing like a thick piece of black dick to make a beautiful, tight bodied beauty like this moan out and fall into a world of sin. Her wet walls clinging to his length even as he pumped in deeper into the former TJPW singles and tag team champion. All he needed to do was work his hips back and forth to plunge his cock into her and stretch her out that little bit more as another fat inch got stuffed in. Making it look like he’d discovered yet another Size Queen to add to his personal collection and while she might not be on the same level of fame as her fellow Joshis he’d been with? This fine, snug pussy of hers was right up there with some of the best he’s had yet.

“OOOOOOOOOH YES!! MMMM!! So good! AHHHHH! So… So big! MMMMM!!” She groaned out, a little drop of sweat forming on her cheek as she slid back and forth on her side as she got taken nice and deep. The smack of his crotch connecting with her skin now ringing out along with her loud moans as she got taken in his executive office so that if there was anyone passing by the door they’d be able to understand some sinful action was going on within. “MMMM… How does that feel? MMMM… The body of Tokyo Joshi’s White Dragon! MMMMM! It surely surpasses those others you’ve had before, r-right? MMMM!!” Even with the great pleasure flowing through her clothed body, she still had plenty of her mind working to remember the reasons why she’d been lured into this eager encounter in the first place. The idea that this cock has been some of her rivals something both motivate and be envious of, especially with it feeling this good to be filled up balls deep by a man she’s only properly met today.

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