How I Ended Up Owning Sluts Pt. 04 – Fetish

How I Ended Up Owning Sluts

Part Four

Our Evening Continues

After we all ate, we all moved to the living room to relax and have some TV time. As we watched, I was stealthily playing with Cindy’s Body. Oddly enough Casey isn’t notice, or at least she didn’t let on that she knew, but it didn’t matter. Now Cindy was comfortable with my touching her sexually while we were all together. I had Cindy ask everyone if they needed drink refills and the three younger ones all announced that they did. Cindy went to the kitchen, and I asked Casey if she wouldn’t help her mother in the kitchen. Casey was happy to oblige and then I followed them. I went up to Casey to talk with her.

“Casey, I wanted to speak to you away from the younger kids.”

“Sure Rusty, what do you want to talk about.”

“Well, your mom and I want to have some private time after the kids go to bed.”

“How can I help you with that?”

“I don’t want any of them walking downstairs when they don’t see us in our room.”

“And how can I help you with that?”

“I want you to go upstairs with them but leave your door open so you can see if they get back out of bed and intercept them.”

“Sure, I can do that.”

“Casey, when I say we want to be alone, that means you also. No peeking or listening in on us.”

“Of course, Rusty I am old enough to understand these type of things. I’ll be your lookout and take care of them.”

“Thank you so very much Case.”

“Don’t worry about it, just have your fun.”

Cindy handed her two drinks and said she would be in with the third. After Caey left I leaned into Cindy and whispered in her ear.

“Correct me if I’m wrong, but did my sexy woman’s oldest daughter just tell me to have fun molesting her mom?”

“Oh, you are so twisted.”

“That’s what I heard.”

“Do you want to ask her to her face?”

“No, I think I will pass on that option, thank you.”

“Are you afraid of a little girl?”

“Yes, as a matter of fact.”

“OK big man, let’s get back in there.”

We watched more TV until it was time for the younger kids to go to bed. It was about bedtime for them when I whispered in Cindy’s ear.

“After they are in for the night, come back down wearing only your blue satin bathrobe and nothing else.”

“Do you mean the one that is too small, doesn’t close over my breasts and is so short it lets the bottom of my pussy hang out?”

“Yeah, that would be the one.”

“Then I might as well be fully naked.”

“You’ll be that way soon enough; you don’t need to be so anxious.”

She slapped me on the arm and took the kids off to bed and I called Casey over to sit next to me.

“Remember what we talked about Case. Are you going to have a problem with keeping them and yourself in your rooms.”

“It would be much easier if I had my own room instead of being with Kimi, but all she does is ready anyway.”

“Look, I promised you your own room and you and I will get started on it tomorrow. Just start thinking about paint colors and we’ll get right on that.”

“That part’s already handled. Mom has the painters coming in the day after tomorrow. We pick out drapes and furniture this weekend.”

“Well, you two have been busy, I didn’t know you were so far ahead.”

“Yeah, mom told me when a man says yes you shouldn’t nag him about it anymore, just do what he already approved of.”

“Your mom is a smart lady; you can learn a lot from her.”

“I already am Rusty, and thanks again for saying yes.”

She gave me a hug and she bounced up to her room. Soon afterwards Cindy came down wearing the robe I asked for, and even flashed me with the front lifted up to her waist so I would see her lack of panties.

“That’s great, you should wear that the next time we go dancing.”

“Oh, you would love that wouldn’t you.”

“It sure would be exciting.”

“Hey babe, can we talk seriously for a few moments.”

“Certainly my love, and you needn’t ask me permission form something like that, if you have something on your mind just come out and talk to me.”

“OK, I have some questions, and I hope you don’t think me to bossy if I ask them.”

“Not at all my sweet, go ahead.”

“I understand you wanted me to lose my conservative manners and clothes and be more of a slutty wife for you, and I have no problem doing that for you, as a matter of fact, I’m enjoying doing it. But can you tell me where this is headed? What is your end dream for us doing this?”

“I don’t have an end dream for us, only that we get to enjoy each other as we play, keep the spice up in our sex lives, and feel the thrill of the occasional unexpected turn of events. What, do you have a concern?”

“Well to voice my concerns, I would have to tell you a story about myself that I never told you. It is quite lengthy so I hope you wouldn’t interrupt me and just let me tell it.”

“OK, let me get a drink and I’m all ears.”

“Do you want a beer, I’ll get it, I’m already up.”

“Yes, that would be fine.”

She went and got four beers and came back to the couch. She stood there, took off her robe and sat on the couch facing me while sitting on one leg.

“I don’t need four my dear.”

“Two are for you and two are for me Hon.”

“OK, it’s going to be that kind of story.”

“Unfortunately, yes, not a proud part of my life, but you should know especially with the direction we are heading in our sexual play.”

“Alright love, I’m all yours.”

“OK, to start, I wasn’t always conservative, as a matter of fact I was somewhat wild in my early teens. I didn’t understand the world and I certainly didn’t understand myself going from a girl into a young woman. My mother was a church prude, my father was a farmer that needed boys to help around the farm, not girls. My only blueprint to marriage was grab some guys, get him to marry you, keep his house and spit out some babies. I didn’t see world wind romances like in those dime store books; my reality was quite different. Do you understand so far?”

“Yes, my love, but I already knew you weren’t the woman you tried to be when I met you.”

“May I ask how you knew that?”

“Any woman who tries that hard to appear salt of the edge prude and proper, is trying to hide her past from the masses. Pendulums don’t swing in only one direction; they go from extreme to extreme. As a matter of fact, I would take a guess that at some point in your life you were somewhat submissive.”

“Wow, you have amazing insight, and thank you. That will make telling you this a whole lot easier.”

“Then go ahead my dear, tell away.”

“Well, as you might have guessed, none of the boys in my small farm town were interested in getting a farm wife when they were young. They normal plan is they sewed their wild oats until they were sixteen or so, then they started dating for wives, but by that time my short past and reputation ruled me out as wife material. I was always good in school and got into a community college where I did fairly well and got a two-year degree. But once I got to state college, I found myself too far behind, so the plan changed back to marriage and family.”

“I can understand that, and I think I see what’s coming. Please go on.”

“I only knew three things for sure, how to work in business administration, how to be a total slut, and that I never wanted to go back to the farm, so I turned back to the one that got me my first boys at 13 years old. That’s when I met my first husband.

“Yes, and although I’ve asked you very little about him and tour marriage, it was obvious wasn’t a good memory for you.”

“No, and it still isn’t, but you have the right to know, especially now that we’re playing the way we are. He fancied himself a dominant man, but he was really a wimp. If he didn’t get his way he would pound his fists and stamp his feet and whine, and most of the time I did what he wanted just to shut him up. But he wasn’t like you, he didn’t enjoy my body while doing risky and sexual things with me, he just wanted to demean and humiliate me in front of others. He went from flashing my body to somewhat brutal sexual acts and stuff like that. He had this dream of sharing me with strangers but ai at all times told him NO. Once in a while he would tell me to suck one of his friend’s cocks, and when I wouldn’t he would slap me and force my head down in their laps. With it being two against one I would lose that battle and end up doing it. One night we went to a school party with some of his friends, and all three of them came up with a plan to strip me, gag me, tie me spread eagle to a bench on the back porch of the house we were at and write Free Fuck on my body. I told him I wouldn’t do it, so he slapped me and again pushed my head down on some stranger’s cock. I bite that guy, punched my husband in the balls, and saw a third guy behind me holding his cock, but he ran away.”

“Well good for you Cindy. I hope he learned a good lesson.”

“Unfortunately, not. The three of them came up with a plan to get me back for all of that. Now, I already had Casey and Kimi by then, and he started being very sweet and loving, or so I wondered. One night we had the kids at his mother’s, and we were gonna have a night alone together. We had a nice dinner, and we were sitting at home drinking wine when it happened. He had drugged me, and it wasn’t long before I was out. When I woke there wasn’t an orifice on my body that didn’t hurt. This was back in the early days of the internet, but we had digital cameras, and you could send these pics over the PC. He showed me pic after pic of strange men violating me everywhere that was feasible. It showed at least 20 different school cowards fucking me over and over, with me naked and spread wide for the next one. He even took close ups of the cum leaking from me and covering my body.”

“I am so sorry that happened to you. Please tell me how it finally ended.”

“Well, the end comes a little further into the story. After he showed me those pics he showed me an online board, or that’s what we used to call them, of women whose husbands or boyfriends put those type of pictures online, and how it destroyed their lives when they couldn’t do anything about it. Now this was back before we sent pictures from our phones, you needed a PC and a phoneline connection.

One or two months after that initial rape, I discovered I was pregnant with Brian. There I was with two kids and a third on the way, my husband blackmailing me to keep me fucking other men, and no way to stop it. So once a month or so I would let him drug me and he would charge strange Men to come over and fuck me while I was out of it. After I had Brian it wasn’t long before I was pregnant with Eddie. My husband and his friends decided they would take me to this seedy doctor who would make sure I couldn’t have any more children, and I couldn’t let that happen.

It turned out that one of my girlfriends from work had a husband that worked in the new computer industry and she told him that he could help me out if I decided to talk with him about it. I had to distribute this story with a stranger to keep strangers from seeing those pictures that my husband threatened to put online, it was horrible but they guy did help me. He came over and sabotaged the computer so that only he could unlock those pictures, he did some checking on the laws of the day and found My ex could be charged with Rape, Promoting prostitution and a whole slew of other crimes, but I would have to turn the pictures over to the local DA and I didn’t want to do that, so he came up with a plan.

He blocked out my face and any identifying marks and printed the pics on paper. Then he took me over to my ex-fathers-in-law’s house and we had a talk with him. He owned a well-known company in town and lived on his reputation in a very conservative community. He essentially blackmailed the man. You see, my friend, the wife of the guy who was helping me, was a notary and a paralegal. We all went over there and told him if he tried to protect his son that we would let it out that he was harboring a rapist and a pimp. So, we pounded out a settlement where the father set up a $50,000 school profile for each kid, I got $1000 a month support for each for ten years because we didn’t know the father of Brian and Eddie., and all our medical bills would be paid until the kids were all 18 years old. I got support and medical for ten years.”

“Wow, that’s some horror story. I would have put the bastard in prison but I find out why you did what you did.”

“It worked out OK for us. I could still work to support us, I was able to get cosmetic surgery on my Vagina and make it the tight little thing you love know, I didn’t end up with any diseases and the kids are all healthy. For the most part, from where I was to where I came out of it, I did well.”

There was a lot to digest and unpack here, so I sat back and made sure I out a full picture together of what she had just told me. She didn’t realize what my silence meant and started to get nervous.

“Well, don’t you have anything to say? Are you just gonna leave me hanging. I was hoping you would find out or I never would have told you about that.”


“If we’re gonna break up, I deserve to know right away.”

“Cindy, I said STOP!

“You don’t want am ex-Whore to share your life with.”

I was just a little bothered by her force to rush me into answering her, but with that last opinion I was pissed. I leaned forward, cupped my hand over her mouth, and slowly pushed her backwards until her head was on the arm of the couch, one leg on the floor, one leg on the cushion, and totally naked.

“Now, I’m going to remove my hand now. You’re not going to speak, you’re not going to move a single muscle, you’re just going to lay there and breath and calm yourself. I will be right back.”

In her eyes I saw something I had never seen before, it was fear. Fear of the unknown and fear that she pushed too far, but it was fear. I walked to the kitchen and took a roll of duct tape from the drawer and went right back to her. When I returned, I ripped a small piece of tape off the roll and placed it over her mouth.

“Now, Time me your hand.”

She did and I pulled her up and walked her to the sliding glass door to the back yard. I walked her through and all I heard was mumbling from under the tape.

“I said don’t speak.”

Once again, she complied with my command, and I walked her out to the swing set in the back yard. Her eyes started to well up with tears. Her not knowing what was to come next. I walked her over to the swing set and stood her in front of a swing.

“Sit Down and grab each chain at the level of your head.”

When she did, I taped one wrist to the chain and then the other. She continued to look fearful, so I started to explain myself to her. I moved her ass to where the seat was at the top of her butt, then I took her left leg and lifted it up to her wrist. While I taped it in place, I started to explain myself to her.

“I invited you to move into my house to share my life with you.”

I then took her right leg and put it in it’s corresponding place and started to tape it in place.

“I invited your family into my home so they could become part of my family.”

I then removed the tape and asked her a simple question.

“And you believe I would call you a whore and throw all of that away?”

She wasn’t sure how to answer me but the look of fear had left her face and it was replaced by confusion. As I took of my T-Shirt and threw it to the ground I continued.

“You are the one I choose to make love to.”

That look of confusion turned to a look of hopefulness, as I removed my briefs and kicked them to the side.

“And you are the one I choose to have sex with.”

I stepped right up against her with a rock-hard erection. I lightly pushed on her chest to make her swing away from me a bit as I lined my cock up with the entrance to her pussy, then let her opening rest tight against it.

“And you are the one I choose to fuck!”

With my point made clear, I grabbed the chains and yanked her down on my cock, impaling her to the point that her pussy was in firm contact with my torso where my shaft is attached.

“Ugg…. Oh Fuck.”

I pushed her back again resting her opening against my cock head.

“And you think I’m going to walk away from being to enjoy you like this?”

I yanked and impaled her a second time.”


This time I only pushed her back enough that just the head of my cock was still inside her, waited five seconds and yanked those chains again.


I repeated my action of setting her up for the next stroke, stopped and cupped her face with both of my hands.

“I don’t fuck women I don’t discover gorgeous; I don’t move women in my house that I don’t love, and I don’t move children in my house that I do not want in my Family.”

I returned to enjoying her position and her pussy, while she was getting into this more than I would have thought, but both parties are supposed to enjoy a good fucking.

“This pussy is yours anytime, anywhere, and anyway you want it. I am yours completely. But what if someone sees us out here?”

“The neighbor behind you is currently on his second floor with his pants around his ankles and furiously jerking his cock, so I would say that worry is a little late.”

She jerked her head to try and look but I cupped her chin and brought her face to look at mine.

“Listen up woman when you are with me, you stay with me. I don’t care what that little wimp next door sees. He’s just jealous he doesn’t have such a gorgeous sexy wife like I do. He must go to bed tonight with that cow he married, while he’s thinking about you the whole time.”

“Well then just fuck me baby.”

I went back to fucking her with earnest and attitude, knowing we were being watched and I didn’t care. I Just kept ramming into her captive pussy and was enjoying every minute of it. I could hear she was well on her way, and thought I should caution her, but I wasn’t going to stop what we were doing.

“Keep quiet when you cum, or the kids will hear and come looking, especially Casey.”

“I don’t care who sees us, just make me cum for my man.”

If that wasn’t an invitation to fuck her raw, then I don’t know what one is. Plus her talking made me even hornier than I was, so I just kept sawing in and out of her. Just before I was ready to cum, she reached that point where she was on the edge just begging to be pushed over it.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck me baby. Fuck that pussy, fuck your cunt!”

Hearing her cum, I couldn’t hold back any longer. As I started to fill her, she pushed through another orgasm back-to-back with the first, without any gap between them. She was unable to put together words and just babbled while I came.

“Damn you feel so good, I want to fuck you until I can not take it anymore.”

When I pulled out from her, I could see some blood running from her pussy so I unbound her and walked her over to the deck. I sat her down and told her about the bleeding and she immediately went down on my lap to clean me. When she was done, she told me she didn’t care about the blood, all she wanted was to keep on pleasing me. We laid back and laid in each other’s arms for quite some time before going in and retiring form the evening. I truly had the woman I had wanted, and now she reaffirmed to me that she could act the way I wanted her to, and it was only gonna be better from here on forward.

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