How Butter Should’ve Gone – Celebrities & Fan Fiction – Free Sex Story

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Author’s note: This is probably the first of several short stories featuring more explicit/sexual takes on various famous “strip” scenes from movies and television, that actually didn’t feature any stripping or had barely any nudity. This one is based upon the introduction sequence of Olivia Wilde’s character in the 2011 comedy Butter but extended and x-rated. As for the female Sheriff later in the story, just imagine Jennifer Morrison. She played together with Wilde anyways, and Cameron/13 is one of the more underrated pairings in the House fandom.

DISCLAIMER: I do not own the movie Butter, nor the original script or the character of Brooke Swinger. I have never met Olivia Wilde and all characters in this are not based upon any real-life people and meant as parodies of their movie counterparts. Brooke’s age from the script had been adjusted to be closer to the real-life age of Olivia Wilde when the movie came out.

Bob parked his busted minivan in front of the club and walked in. Having the money he had now, he could easily pay the woman of his small town dreams what she deserved. It was a girl he knew for some time now, and saw almost daily, stalking the streets of the cul-de-sac. Back when he was younger, his family used to sometimes babysit the brunette, and from the moment she got older, he always dreamed of her. He knew for a fact it was somewhat mutual, but at the same time, her job always required payment upfront, meaning that even then he never truly managed to get what he desired. Walking in, he sat down in front of the stage, on one of the unoccupied chairs, looking around. He recognized many of these men – teachers, bartenders, even a preacher.

They all came to watch her.

Lulu’s “Upon Sir, With Love.” started blasting through the speakers as a petite, thin, woman in her mid-20s walked out, swinging her hips.

She had a black Betty Page hairdo and several rather simple tattoos, a row of stars scattered across her belly and neck and a small cupid on her left breast. Her dance moves were slow and sensual, and it was clear she loved her work. She was wearing a blue jean vest, tied in the front, semi-transparent and glittering in the dim light of the night club, a red bra, daisy dukes, black thigh-high boots and a mesh pantyhose. She was the local star attraction, for the tiny locale was completely filled up, and she knew it.

Her name was Tokyo Rose.

Climbing up the pole, she bent down, giving the hollering crowd a good view of her panty-clad Ass. Looking at the patrons through her spread legs she brought up one hand to her mouth and started pushing her tongue in between her fingers, stimulating cunnilingus. The crowd went wild.

Smiling, she continued her climb to the top. Using one hand to hold herself steady Tokyo used the other to untie her shirt and throw it into the awaiting crowd. Three or four men hollered, catcalling and throwing money at her feet. Twisting around the pole she bent backwards, giving everyone a good look at her thin, sexy figure.

Continuing her act Rose dropped down to the ground, leaning against the pole for assistance. Looking Bob straight in the eyes she crouched and spread her legs, the Daisy Dukes barely hiding the pink velour protecting her panties. The crowd went wild. With a wink she reached behind herself and unsnapped her bra, before throwing it away into the awaiting audience’s hands. Licking her lips Tokyo massaged her nipples into little peaks, before dropping on her knees and gyrating. Crawling on her hands and knees she turned and twisted a couple of times before standing up, and unbuttoning the single fastening at the front of her Dukes, slowly pushing them down to the ground while swinging her hips and showing off her Ass.

Turning around at the aroused crowd she dropped on her side, spreading her legs, allowing everyone to see how tight the velour really was.

Smiling, the thin raven-haired woman climbed off the stage to the amusement of the masses, before grabbing Bob by his shoulders and spinning her head around, making her short black hair toss. Bob was ecstatic.

The 20-something’s Ass grinded in his lap, poking against Bob’s erect member. Grinning, she grabbed his hands and put them on her mesh pantyhose, using them to untie it before swinging it around her head and throwing it away.

Using this moment Bob slipped about 3 100 dollar bills into the strippers garters, knowing full well that usually he could not afford this kind of spending.

Turning around and bending close to Bob she whispered “How about giving them a real show, cowboy?” before grabbing the front fastening of his trousers and pulling it open, pushing his boxers and pants down to let his member spring out in her face. The crowd exploded in a rain of catcalls and screams and whistles.

Though legally it was not really allowed, the owner of the club paid off the cops to allow such performances to take place at his establishment. Beyond that, most of the sheriff’s office – both male and female – were in the place anyways, drooling at Rose’s performance.

Dropping to her knees Tokyo grabbed the thick member and started giving it long, slow, lick, like an ice-cream on a Hot summer day. Bob groaned in pleasure and proceeded to pull out another 100 dollar bill and slip it next to the ones he already used.

Grabbing his thick shaft like a joystick, Tokyo pushed it into her mouth, gorging on the enlarged member. Her left hand descended downwards, towards her still-clothed Pussy mound, and started rubbing inside her panties in slow, delicate circles.

Bob felt like he died and was in heaven. Being sucked off by his dream girl, while she was masturbating was one of the best moments of his so far boring Adult life and he didn’t even care that it took place in a crowded nightclub, with patrons gazing with open maws at the spectacle.

Standing upright and straddling the excited man, Rose pressed her clad clit against his large and erect cock. First dismayed at the loss of her mouth, Bob quickly realized what she was about to do. Licking her lips, Rose pulled her hand from her cunt and sucked it dry. Bob nearly came at the sight.

Rose chuckled seeing his astonished expression, before grabbing the velour covering of her panties and slowly, steadily, pushing it to the ground, leaving her in nothing but her panties. Pushing them to the side, she pressed her dripping wet Sex against his dick, slowly starting to ride him, moving up and down as on a fairground pony. Bob couldn’t believe what was happening, and neither could the public, many of them sitting with very obvious erections, and several others having already unbuttoned their pants. With his hands Free, Bob grabbed the black-haired woman’s tits and started slowly massaging them until her nipples were standing upright against his hands. Panting, Tokyo started riding him faster, ready to achieve an Orgasm. Dropping one of his hands down, he grabbed her panties and pulled, tearing the delicate black material. She didn’t care, lost in the throes of ecstasy and lust. With a groan, she came, screaming out in pleasure.

But they weren’t done yet.

Beckoning one of the female Sheriffs assistants to come closer, she fell on her hands and knees, her ripped panties falling off her petite figure. Bob realized what he had to do, and pushed his still erect member into her asshole, his stamina being one of the few things he was always proud of during his life.

The Sheriff’s assistant, a buxom thirty-something blonde, walked over to the couple, unbuttoning her heavy work pants during her stride. Pushing them and her panties to the ground, she stood in front of Rose, now only wearing her work shirt. The younger raven-haired girl used one of her hands to grab the older blonde’s Ass and press her exposed Pussy close to her mouth, starting to carefully probe the horizontal opening.

The assistant screamed at this intrusion, loving every moment of it. Using her hands she ripped open her beige button down, and pushed the white undershirt out of the way to allow grabbing hands some access to her tits. The other patrons in the club had by this moment given up any decency and started openly masturbating, trying to get some relief.

Seeing all this, and spitroasting the woman of his dreams together with a gorgeous blonde was what Bob finally needed to finish. Groaning, he came, his jism filling up Tokyo’s asshole. The young stripper smiled against the blonde’s wet Pussy. Pushing himself off, Bob sat down on the chair, pants forgotten, dick glazed with Tokyo’s juices and his own sperm, hair disheveled. This was easily the best 400 dollars he had ever spent, and Tokyo wasn’t even close to being finished.

Leading the Sheriff’s assistant up to the stage, she stood behind the blonde bombshell and pulled her ripped dress shirt off, leaving her in only her white shirt, collar ripped, sports bra forgotten pushed down to her waist. Turning the blonde around Tokyo grinned, kissing her full on the lips, before twisting her around once more and slapping her on the Ass. Using her momentary confusion she grabbed the already ripped shirt by its collar and pulled hard, exposing the blonde’s amazing tits to the awaiting crowd.

Rose looked at the public and repeated her move from earlier, licking the opening between her fingers with her tongue. The crowd screamed in pleasure while the blonde assistant dropped down to her knees and pressed her lips against Tokyo’s wet clit. Slowly, sensually, teasingly licking it, it was clear that the girl knew what she was doing. Tokyo panted, the air coming out of her in short, labored, breaths, using the hand that she wasn’t pushing the girl’s head down with to massage her tits. The assistant used her other hand to caress her enlarged, engorged, Pussy lips in tact with her tongue.

Screaming, they came in unison, the big-breasted, sweaty, blonde falling on her back. Rose winked at her and stalked back to the pole, giving a couple of spins before falling on her knees, giving everyone a very good look at her Pussy. The blonde walked off, picking up her pants and her ruined work shirt, trying to be at least semi-decent when she returned home.

The stage was now wet with juices and sweat and stained dollar bills.

With a wide, white, smile Rose looked one last time to the insatiable public and walked offstage, swinging her hips in an exaggerated fashion..

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