Hotwife Chronicles 02 – Fetish – Sex Story

***Rule 47 – “Fuck another man wearing your wedding lingerie while your husband watches”

Mary had started down the path of a Hotwife very early on. As a company woman who often traveled, it had grown out of their mutual infidelity while she was away. They had come to terms with it, and their marriage had been better because of it. Any number of men Mary slept with would often try to see if they could take her on vacation so they could have her longer than a few days, but she at all times declined.

So it was an odd set of circumstances when she learned that one of her lovers was gonna be in her area. When they were done fucking each other in a hotel room, he had taken a shower, and left his phone in the room, open. She glanced at it, then gave into temptation and looked through his texts and other information. She read his texts to his wife, and to his kids. It was heartwarming in many methods. When she looked at his calendar, he was booked 20 minutes away from her house in a few weeks. He was staying at the Marriott, so she had noted the dates he was booked in a room.

She called and arranged for a room in the same Marriott, on the same days. Since she was home, she had talked to her husband when she arrived from her company trip. It was one thing to be entangled with other men when she was away, it was quite another to do the same when she was home.

“So you want to sleep with this man, for a few nights, and what? Come home and sleep with me?”

“Or we could call it a ‘staycation’ and you stay with me in the hotel. You can relax by the pool, or get the spa treatment. Then, when I’m done sleeping with him, you can reclaim me…take me by the throat and remind me who I belong to.”

“Hmm, I’ll think about it. It’s at the end of the month? I’ll let you know by the end of the week, agreed?” Rick said.

“Thanks for considering it, I knew you would keep an open mind.”

Mary was known for getting what she wanted, and Rick knew he would agree. He just wanted to play the game and give her pause. Besides, he wondered to himself. This would be much better than usual. Normally, she would have slept with her bull for several nights before he could fuck her once to reclaim her. Now, he could reclaim her each night she was done.

By the end of the week, after giving his wife a good solid fucking, Rick leaned and said “Yes, you can fuck him. But like usual, I want you to facetime me so I can watch,” he said as he licked her lips.

She smiled, she had some ideas to get her husband peaked.


With all the daily life demands of people, it wasn’t long before the end of the month rolled around. Mary was waiting on pins and needles for her rendezvous. She had been denying her husband sex for the last several nights. It wasn’t that she was being vicious, or petty, she just wanted him full of pent up cum when he reclaimed her. He understood, after she explained it to him. They arranged for the kids to stay with their grandparents for the next three days. Once they were dropped off, they checked into the Marriott.

Like any traveling couple, they booked a shared spa treatment, and massages. Then they waited, or rather Mary waited. Rick was posted in the lobby and spied for the arrival of one of Mary’s lovers. She had texted him a picture, one where she was having sex with him on a company trip. As he waited in the lobby, he kept a weather eye on the check in counter. Just before 5pm, he saw the man in question. This was a first for him, because he usually was at home and Mary was off on a company trip. Looking the man up and down, appraising him, he had to give it to Mary, she had good taste.

He fought down the pangs of jealousy as he stood and started walking behind the man. They both entered the elevator, Rick shortly after him. The man Mary would be sleeping with was a tad taller than Rick, but thinner. He was clearly fit, and well groomed, and sported a small trimmed beard. As the bearded man hit his floor, Rick said, “Thanks, I’m on the same floor.”

The man barely acknowledged Rick. He stepped out, and took a left towards his room. Rick walked a few steps behind him. As the man unlocked his room, Rick continued walking past him, going further down the hall. Once he heard the door snap shut, he texted Mary.

“He’s on the third floor, room 315 near the elevator.”

She smiled when she got the text.


“Which do you like better?” Mary asked Rick.

They were both looking at several outfits laid out on the bed. They were all company, but Rick knew they would look really sexy on Mary once she was wearing them. He pointed at a navy blue double breasted blazer dress. It looked like a large company jacket, but it was the size and cut of a dress. It tapered around her body, and once she opened the buttons, she could be in lingerie underneath…or nude! The hem ended mid-thigh, and if she left the top button open, would give her a plunging neckline.

With the decision made, she started to freshen up. Getting dressed, she had to keep slapping Rick’s hands away. Knowing how sexy she looked, she couldn’t blame him, but she also wanted him to save his lust for later tonight. She was almost done and was doing her lipstick, so her face was close to the mirror.

“I remember the first time you gave me a blowjob and left my shaft covered in lipstick,” Rick said admiring his wife’s beauty.

She looked at him through the mirror and gave him a devilish wink and blew a kiss.

“You’ll be getting more than a blowjob tonight!” her smile taunting him.

Rick was feeling nervous, although he was used to Mary sleeping with other men, it had at all times been when she was away on company travel. Now, here they were just a few miles from home and he was in the same hotel room she was in. She would be just a floor away while sleeping with this man.

“So, what can you tell me about him? You’ve slept with him before on one of your business trips. Is he that good that you had to see him when he’s close by?”

Mary finished her lipstick, and heard what Rick said. He was sounding defensive, and that wasn’t like him.

“No, he’s not so incredible that it makes me want to sleep with him. He’s nearby, it made me excited and made me feel naughty… we can share this experience together. He’s a little older than you, but he carries it well. Well spoken and erudite; he’s a perfect gentleman, except in the bedroom.”

She kissed towards the mirror, then to Rick via the same mirror.

“I have a surprise for you tonight. Make sure your phone is turned on, okay?”

“Of course,” he leaned in and kissed her as she stood up.

He watched her lovely shape and figure as it strutted towards the door. She lingered for a second, silhouetted by the hallway light, and looked back.

“We are going to have a lot of fun tonight!” She stepped into the hallway and let the door swing closed behind her.


Mason was about to go down to the hotel lounge, get some dinner and drinks and see if there were any ladies to try to seduce. He, like most company men that traveled for work, fell to the temptation of being away from the wife and kids. It made him feel younger when he seduced a woman, most he assumed were married. He loved the reassurance that he still had it, and if his wife ever divorced him, he could rebound and discover another woman. That’s when he heard a knock on the door.

He was only a few steps away, so he leaned into the peep hole, but could only see part of some long red hair. They must have been turned away from the door. Shrugging, he opened the door.

“Yes, can I help you?

Mary turned and saw his eyes light up with recognition.

“I told myself when I saw you checking in…that couldn’t be Mason, could it?’ But of course it was you. So, what was a naughty little girl to do? I bribed the front desk girl just after you walked away to figure out your room number. Silly me, were you gonna go downstairs to the lounge?”

Mason smiled, knowing Mary was a sure thing. His memory called up the last time they had sex on a similar business trip.

“I suppose since we both travel, it was only a matter of time before we bumped into each other again,” he stood back from the door, allowing her to walk in.

“Where did we leave off last time Mason? When you were fucking me? Ah yes, I remember…after I hung up on my husband watching on Facetime…what were those words again?”

“That if we ever were in the same town, and our spouses were with us that we need to do some group sex. Or swap our spouses.” He recalled.

“Yes, that’s it! Well, you know me…I’m gonna be extra naughty and not just for you…but for my husband as well.” she walked in, unbuttoning her double breasted blazer/dress. She hung in on the back of the chair by the small desk. She turned around and presented herself. Her body was gift wrapped in thigh high stockings, no panties, a leather corset that lifted but did not cover her breasts.

Mason stepped forward and started suckling her nipples while running his hands over her nice round bottom. She lifted her arms over her head, and gasped as he bit one of her nipples, then the other. She lifted her long hair and let it fall behind her.

“That’s it, take me how you want Mason, remind why I fucked you before.”

His hands moved to her exposed vulva and slowly started massaging her lips and spreading them open. Mason found himself drunk with lust, Mary had the effect on men. That is to say, men she intended to seduce. Mason picked her up and carried her to the bed. This was one of her favorite things, feeling the wanton lust of men when they picked her up…she loved the feeling of their strength. Mason started to undress, so she reached for her phone and facetimed her husband. When he picked up, she placed it on the nightstand where he could watch.

“Mason, you remember my husband watching last time, don’t you?”

Mason nodded towards the phone, and promptly dove down between her legs, sucking her lips in his mouth and nibbling on them. He placed his fingers under his mouth so the saliva dripped on them. Once they were wet, he started fingering her pussy lower than where his lips were manipulating her labia.

“Oh, that feels good. Baby, he’s fingering me while he eats me out.”

“Twist your nipples Mary, the way I like it.” Rick said, via the phone.

Mason was picking up the pace, his fingers entering her further and faster, just as his mouth started fondling her pearl. He would alternate where his two fingers went, pushing against the bottom of her vagina, then splitting apart to fill her. Of course, he made sure to tease the ridged g-spot, just enough to make her moan and continued his exploration of her wet pussy.

“He’s teasing my pussy Rick. Would you tease me or fuck me?” Mary asked.

“I would do whatever you wanted, my seductress, my hotwife.”

Mason was now climbing up to enter her. He started moving Mary further up the bed. When Mary adjusted her position, they both heard Rick over the phone.

“Is that the lingerie you wore on our wedding night?” Rick asked.

“I told you I had a surprise, haha!” she looked into the facetime camera.

Mason grinned wickedly as he entered her. His cock had become noticeably harder when he heard Rick say that. He pushed in and started hammering her wet slice with his inflamed male member.

“Oh, that did the trick. Mason likes my naughty gift Rick. What are you gonna do about that?”

“Maybe I should walk over and join you two?”

“Yes! That’s a great idea. I want two cocks!”

“Wait, what?” Mason paused his thrusting into her.

“Oh, didn’t I tell you my surprise? My husband and I are here on a getaway.”

Mason looked at the phone, and could see the hallway of the hotel as Rick’s face alternated from being in the frame then disappearing momentarily. Mason looked at Mary, she was smiling wickedly.

Mason began hammering her willing vagina harder and harder for her indiscretion. Mason had forgot how Mary liked to take the upper hand when she was having sex. Mason was jackhammering Mary when he heard a knock on the door. His hips were crashing into her, having no intent of answering the door.

That’s when he heard the door open.

Rick walked in, quickly shutting the door. He started disrobing the minute it snapped shut.

“Did I forget to mention I paid the front counter girl off for more than just your room number?”

Mason’s face turned red, he was about to speak, when Mary cut in…

“Too bad your wife isn’t here so we could have group sex, like you suggested. This will have to do, I suppose.”

Rick’s impressive member flopped into her waiting mouth. After slowing down, Mason started fucking her again with gusto. He was going to cum, and he wanted to make Rick watch as he came inside her.

Rick was smiling as Mason tried to make up for the awkwardness of his entry. He saw as he ratcheted up his pulsing into Mary, as if he could ‘one up’ Rick when Rick knew his wife like the back of his hand. ]

“Oh! Yeah…that’s the right way to fuck a pussy…harder! Give it me harder Mason”

With that Mason blew his wad into Mary, he could feel jets of his jizzem shooting towards her cervix. He pumped a few more times, then was still. His breathing catching up to his coital energy. Mary had already cum, but with his release, her pussy was squirting her juices.

“My turn!” Rick intoned.

Rick nudged Mason aside and had Mary turn over and raise her hips up, similar to a cat in heat. He kneeled behind her and entered her freshly used pussy. It was wet with her juices and Mason’s recently deposited cum.

“I don’t think I’ve ever had your sloppy seconds, I think I’m gonna like this!”

Grabbing her hips, Rick started ramming his hotwife with his red hot poker. Shoving hard into her, and swatting her exposed backside as hard as he could.

“Yes! Yes! I love getting double fucked!”

Mary reached out for Mason and grabbed his cock, massaging it when she found it. Rick hammered away, her hips smashing back towards his invading member. Her legs were shaking as she was taken to yet another orgasmic high.

“Oh oh oh… ah ah ah… mmmmmm… yeah… hit that pussy… get it… harder… please!” she begged.

Rick turned her body sideways, and his right hand started choking her, as his left arm pulled back her upper leg. His hot and angry cock shoving in even deeper. Mason’s shaft was hardening and Mary invited it into her mouth. Mason decided to get closer and started to shove his cock down into her mouth.

“Gak gak gak gak gak gak…”

Between the two men, Mary’s body was a toy, a pleasure pocket for her husband and her tomcat. She arched her body as they abused her carnally. She erupted in a massive spasm as her body reacted to their joint sexual assault. Her pussy gushed a torrent of her juices, far more than before.

“Oh F U C K! GAWD YYEESS!!” She screamed into the night.

Her body slumped down on the bed, both men retreating from her body. Both watched as her body spasmed and shook with sensual release. All three were trying to catch their breaths.

“Did you like my surprise?” she finally managed, looking at her husband Rick.

“I loved it! That was a very innovative idea on your part,” He leaned in and kissed her gently.

“Let’s get back to our room so we can continue,” he took her by the hand.

Rick picked up his clothing and hers, as her legs carried her shaken body to the door. Mason watched as he was forgotten and left to himself. Mary and Rick walked out the door, Mary in her lingerie, Rick nude. They were at the door to their room in a few moments, and walked in.

“Well, that was a pleasant adventure.” Rick said.

“Mmm, I think Mason is done with us. Tomorrow we can hunt for another man,” she plopped onto the bed.

Rick started eating the cum out of her pussy, looked up to her eyes, and said…

“Or a woman,” he pointed out.

“Yes, that sounds delicious, a woman for both of us to distribute…” she cooed as she ran her fingers through his hair. His tongue licked up her gift of a cream pie.

“Or another couple…” she moaned.

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