Horrifying Transformation Pt. 03 – Fetish

This is a short work of erotic fiction containing furry, or anthropomorphic, characters, which are animals that either demonstrate human intelligence or walk on two legs, for the purposes of these tales. It is a thriving and growing fandom in which creators are prevalent in art and writing especially.

All work is fiction intended for fantasy only, regardless of content, and consent must at all times be acquired when engaging in any sex act with another adult.

Please note that all characters are clearly over eighteen and written as such in all stories.

I sucked in a breath, the cocks on my face wobbling, my arms aching — well, what was left of my arms. It was hard to refer to specific body parts that had been transformed, for all I could see were the cocks, balls and breasts that made them up. Even then, I was well on my way to taking on the perfect shroud of sexuality, whimpering and moaning, my tongue flickering out to wet my lips for talking once more.

“That’s it…” I whispered, though there was no real reason for me to be hushed. “I want to be immobilised, completely nothing, nothing more than a blob of genitalia, not seeing, only orgasming. Everything… Take it from me!”

I knew I sounded desperate, but it was hard not to as another moan slipped from my lips, shuddering as I rubbed my cock fingers together, stimulating them. There was more than enough stimulation and pleasure there already, but I wiggled the cocks the best I could as they flared and ejaculated, cream dripping down my body, over what had been my hands, panting, huffing, wanting more.

“You’re sure you know this…” Sylvia said. “This…is permanent. This is a curse. You’ll be stuck like this forever. And my magic in you, Gale… It’ll make it so your lifespan is no longer limited. This will be an eternity for you. No endpoint.”

She took a breath. I quaked.

“This is forever.”

And I wanted it, squeaking out my assent, nodding haplessly. A climaxing, helpless mass forever? Yes, oh, yes… Screw the fear, it was needed, it was all that I had ever wanted.

I didn’t dare say anything more, just nodding, for fear of breaking what she knew to be true of me, of my moment, of the transformation that was gonna change my life beyond anything that I could ever have imagined. I didn’t know if she’d be eager to do all that I asked, but as long as I could speak, I was more than eager to shelve what little pride I had had in the first place, all to get through to that sweet divinity of transformation.

Perhaps she had been listening better than I had expected, a tilt to her head and a contemplative look in her eyes, as she continued without me. Without me even needing to prompt her.

It was a good sign, albeit a terrifying one.

I didn’t have to ask more specifically about the next transformation, even though it was something that I had, inadvertently, already told the succubus that I had wanted. She was smarter than me, after all, working through my words to discover the truth within, how deep those dark desires of mine were twisted up in my psyche.

My legs throbbed.

I whimpered as my legs grew thicker, fatter, softer… Oh, it was a strange feeling, so very strange, as if my body was turning to mush, even though there was more substance to my legs than before.


“Do you really like this?”

I moaned again. The succubus didn’t have to ask, not considering how obvious I was about everything, how my tongue would have lolled from my mouth if it had been long enough to do so. I wanted that too to be a cock tongue, a wiggling horse dick that was constantly thrusting and flopping and filling my own mouth with my seed. Fuck, that was hot, even though I knew that that fantasy would make me unable to talk.

I shuddered, shoving down the flutter of panic in my chest. It was harsh, too much, overwhelming, as if the fantasy was about to push me under, drowning and panicking and clawing for the surface all over again. Was it too much? Did the succubus know something about all of it that I didn’t? I didn’t know, but I didn’t think there was more to it than it all being a curse and permanent. What more could I have to worry about?

The way that my legs, very slowly, thickened and fattened, losing the bone, wobbling, dropping me to the ground… That was scary though. That made me think about things, panting, heaving, my breasts wobbling with every gulp of air that I strained and raked into my lungs. That made me wonder if I was, indeed, pushing things too far, if being debilitated without even any legs to carry me around was too much.

I clamped my mouth shut, however, determined not to let any of those worries out. It was what I had dreamed of, what I fantasised about, what every waking moment where I was not distracted was consumed by. If it had dominated my thoughts to such an extreme extent, it was real, it was what I wanted. My friends, perhaps, would wonder what had happened to me, but my connections to the social aspect of the world around me seemed faded and weak, as if they were already drifting away.

Maybe, even then, I was coming to accept the terms of the new life that I had plunged into headfirst, everything happening so quickly that I had hardly had a chance to draw a full, knowing breath, taking the time to consider everything that I had asked of the succubus.

My dress was hard to get down my legs, but, frankly, it wasn’t staying in place, not as my feet bloomed, too big to my shoves, making me kick and wiggle them off before my cock feet got stuck in them. At least the dress was down halfway already, at my hips, so I only had to shove my wiggling cock fingers down the front to hitch it over my hips, from which point it could slide down more easily. I was only glad that I hadn’t chosen that day to cover my skin with tights or similar, though the wondered of my cock legs bursting through like fat sausages too plump for their skins was alluring too.

If I didn’t fit in my clothes anymore, even in my transformed state…what would that make me? If my body was no longer suited for clothes, if I could no longer even be recognised as Gale? I trembled and moaned, but another orgasm distracted me. I didn’t even know which cock it was that spurted that time, grunting and groaning, losing myself in the erotic pulse, the twitch and the ache rippling through desperately.

Every throb claimed my attention more and more, moaning loudly, kicking weakly, though I only managed to just about kick the dress off entirely due to the slow transformation of my legs. Maybe they took a lot of energy to transform? Oh, but it didn’t matter, not as I grunted and groaned. I didn’t need to know the specifics behind it and it both horrified and blossomed through me at the notion that I would not need to know because I was gonna be nothing more than a climaxing blob of genitalia.

Soon. Very soon.

I only had to consider that, only that. The end goal, the feel of my shoes kicked off, flung off in other directions, though I didn’t care where they ended up. There was not enough mass in my legs, as they were, for the transforming cocks, though I leaned back against a chair that I hadn’t noticed before, moaning. My underwear was still in place, though that was all the least of my worries. The succubus must have seen worse than me before, much worse, but I was not worried, not in the slightest, not about my nudity.

Where my legs were going, however… That was another question. I whimpered and wiggled my legs, shuddering through yet another orgasm, though sometimes it was hard to tell if the climaxes had progressed to my pussy or not, or if it was just the cocks, the many, many cocks. The dick nipples were just as active, cum slickly sliding and dripping down my tits as they ejaculated, though I could only assume that the balls for those were located within my actual breasts. It was the easiest thing that would make sense there, where they were able to direct seed to my cocks, but I wondered that there might have been some even more sensitive patches on my breasts as a direct result of that.

That was hot… That made me want to rub my dick fingers over my tits even more, though it was sort of like using tentacles to caress my body — tentacles without muscles or even bones in them. I couldn’t direct them very well, even if there was still a bone in my arm and my usual muscles, though I moaned, leaning into it, the sensation, seeking out the sensitive spots. Sometimes I managed to brush them and other times I missed, but there was pleasure there, grunting, panting heavily.

The weight in my legs grew and grew, passionately bulging a sort of slow-burn transformation. But I liked it being slow. It wouldn’t have been as fun for me, possibly, if it had been quick and sharp, a snap of the fingers and, bam, I’m transformed. I wanted to feel everything, to wiggle my toes, even as I panted heavily, watching my bare feet recede.

Together, my toes pressed, leaving me with an odd sensation of my feet becoming something like mittens, but it was not clear, not even then, what they were. Would my feet become cocks separate to my legs? The not knowing was as enticing as the transformation itself, panting and whimpering, letting sensation after sensation wash over me.

My skin prickled and tingled, but it was not straight-up arousal that time, not when it came down my legs. There was a pulling sensation as my legs filled out, my thighs larger than they had been, but there was no longer an obvious joint for my knee and my calves had to get bigger too, along with my ankles. I wanted to see more, though I felt so weak that all I could do was slump back against the chair, vaguely trying to hold myself up with my head skewed off to the side, restricted by the changings of my very own body.

But sensation… That was something that I could feel. That was something that I could lean into, my toes gone, the flatter, equine-shaped cock tip aching and dropping. I was shocked to discover it drooling even then and jerked my cock leg back and forth, wiggling it in the air. It didn’t help me come to terms with anything as much as I had hoped it would, but that was by the by, especially as I grunted and groaned, leaning back.

My buttocks too… I had felt the flesh shivering and rippling, but it was hard for my mind to jump all over the place from one sensation to another as my buttocks filled out. It was as if they were just becoming fatter, at first, though they rounded out, squashing, filling out with cum. The transformation was different there as the substance was used from my own rump to make them larger and fuller, aching with need to cum, though they separated too. For I could not have one ball for each cheek, surely, when I had two leg cocks, no. I needed two big, squashy balls, feeling the pressure of them on the floor, for each buttock, whimpering as I shook my head, heaving for breath at how soft and warm they were to sit on.

Oddly comfortable. In a strange way.

The skin tightened, blossoming with hot rises of flesh, cum pooling at the tips of my new cocks. They were the biggest ones, of course, on my entire body, though I thought if the succubus would be bold enough to make any larger cocks on my body too. My arms, of course, had not been transformed yet and my fantasy did not include having joints in my arms, just giant, throbbing horse cocks that were constantly spilling cum. Orgasm would become my new reality, nothing other than swathe after swather of pleasure flowing through me. There would be ebbs and flows to it, of course, but there would never be a nullification of it, perhaps even seeking out greater and greater highs in the passion of it all.

It wouldn’t be up to me. I loved that. I still do.

The succubus, however, was not idle. Of course, her attention was mostly taken up by my legs, though she focused on other parts of me too. My arms had come to my attention and, now, to hers too, shrinking slowly, so slowly that, at first, I didn’t realise what was happening to them as a sense of weakness swam over me. I was still forced to keep my arms up from the breasts that had formed uncomfortably and awkwardly, reminding me constantly of their presence, under my arms, but they were something different. The notion of no longer having arms sent a rippling shudder through me, something clawing at the pit of my stomach. And yet I longed for the further transformations, so much more that my head spun and ached, passion flooding me, pulsing through.


That was probably my longest, most drawn-out moan yet, sitting upright only by the good grace of the chair to my back. It was good though, so good, feeling my arms shrinking more and more, heartbeat by heartbeat. I needed it, ached for it, panted for it. Hell, I was no better than a demon myself, perhaps a more twisted demon of lust, but I didn’t deserve to be exulted in that way. I was just a slut, a whore for my fantasies, everything becoming dirtier and more twisted by the moment.

Fear trembled through me as my arms shrank. I’d wondered that they would end up covered in breasts, maybe even cocks too, but they pulled up higher and higher, commanding my attention. I whined plaintively, shifting my weight, but they shrank and shrank, bulging into massive breasts. The flesh of them swelled out, glistening with cum already as my cock fingers erupted once again, painting my own body in their cream.

They itched, strangely, though the succubus clearly did not think they were big enough yet, not as they plumped out further, bigger than the breasts on my chest, jostling as I shuddered until they twitched up to a size that had to be as large as my head. It was hard to think of it as anything else, my judgement on such things pushed off to the side, even as little bulges pressed forth from the flesh.

More cocks… Oh, it had to be as they itched and more penises, too many for me to count, all with their own ball sacks, sprouted from my arm-breasts — though the cock fingers were still there too, framing them. Everything bundled in together to one twisted writhe of convoluted sensation, panting and whimpering, the smaller dicks that emerged there pulsing and bucking into the space where my arms had been.

Armless. Cock fingers weren’t good for much… I shuddered, whining softly.

It set the stage for what needed to be done in the loss of my legs, even if I didn’t know it then.

I growled deep in the back of my throat, a raw, feral sound that pulled through, anxious to be let loose. That was all I was, panting, grunting, moaning. I wanted to be dirty, I wanted to be let loose, I wanted to lose my legs. As much as it made my heart pound in keen passion, there was a cold trickle down my spine too, my mind not knowing where to go, what to focus on.

It was too much!

I had to concentrate on something, anything, had to try, had to do something to cling to the moment, bit by bit, panting and heaving, whimpering, letting another orgasm ripple through me. Lust pounded and coursed, with every beat of my heart, but I was reassured by the drumming thrum of it, something with which to ground myself.

I had to remind myself, just a little, that it was what I wanted, as difficult as it all was. As hard as it was to feel my body fading, my arms shrinking in a mass of clustering boobs, my cock fingers receding closer and closer to my shoulders, it was what I wanted. Sometimes the best things in life were the most difficult to bear through and the ecstasy rippling and warming me through, from head to toe to cock to tit told me that it was needed, that it was good, even if it could by no means have been considered wholesome.

My eyes locked onto Sylvia’s, heart lurching.

“Please…” I breathed, for I had to tell her, had to make it explicitly clear. “Please… Even when I can’t talk anymore, even when I can’t see anymore…keep cursing me. I want more, always more, I want everything that I’ve told you and more. So, please, don’t stop, not even when I can’t say anything. I only need to exist as a blob of sexual organs, no more than that. You’ll find somewhere for me to stay, won’t you? You will find somewhere for me?”

Sylvia paused, shaking her head, though it was in disbelief.

“This… This cannot be reversed. This is a goodbye to your life, your friends, your family. Is this what you are prepared for? Are you okay with this, truly?”

I nodded quickly, but I knew that the succubus would have to hear the words said aloud too.

“Yes, I want it, I promise you, this is all that I have ever wanted…since the fantasies began, of course.”

It would have been weird to have been thinking about things like that, after all, while I’d been younger. And maybe my sexual awakening of watching very enticing anima that diverged into hentai quite often had been different to many of those around me, though I was not worried about it at all.

At least, that was what I told myself. It was easier that way.

Thus, the power was handed over to the succubus’ hands, all in her power and her control.

Sylvia growled and rolled her shoulders back, stretching out her hands before her to crack her knuckles, to show off everything, taking a pause and a moment to collect herself. I supposed it was rather a big ask of her, but there was little more, even then, that I could do to help her with it. It was at all times, regardless of everything, in her power to refuse.

Did a small part of me want her to refuse? Did a small part of me think that I was doing too much?

No, no, no… I didn’t want to go that far, I didn’t want to take things that didn’t matter into my mind. Despite the tightness in my chest and the curling of worry in the pit of my stomach, I knew it wasn’t worth it. Better to consider my legs, the thickness of them, how my toes had shrunk entirely by that point, the medial ring starting to plump up and out on each leg. Those cocks appeared to be a smooth, uniform colour, a shade of grey, though the wrinkles of the cocks were a little slower to form, showing where the skin lay over the turgid flesh.

I tried to stand, even though I knew I could not, not able to stand on even the flat heads of the cock legs, staggering, wobbling, barely getting up before I collapsed and crashed back down again. Yet that turned me on even more, immobile, heaving, my arms having receded to such a point that they were useless, as if they had never been arms to start with. I didn’t think anyone from my past life would have recognised me even then as my legs swung awkwardly back and forth, my face mostly obscured. My hair even clung damply to the cocks where liquid had drooled forth and I grunted, shifting my weight back and forth, whimpering as I never had done before. I was even turning myself on and that was most certainly saying something…

My legs completed, settling into giant cock legs, massive equine dicks that drooled and drooled, as if they couldn’t control themselves. But wasn’t that the raw meaning of my body, grunting, orgasming, climax after climax rolling through, aching deeply. I had forgotten one thing, however, for they only creamed as my buttocks transformed into two pairs of massive, swollen, throbbing balls, aching so deeply that it was a wonder that I did not properly cum even as they developed.

Then and only then, with a nod from me, did the succubus move on into the more extreme transformations. I was along for the ride, having made sure, with my words alone, that she knew what I wanted, that I wanted her to keep going, that she knew exactly what I wanted her to transform me into. Only…I still didn’t quite know what she had in mind for me, only the ideas that I had planted for her, telling her to go all out, to do everything to me. And that was the most taunting, desperate of thoughts in my mind.

The balls swelled, leaving me with no buttocks at all. I could not tell if there was any way for me to defecate anymore, but it didn’t matter, because I didn’t even think that that was gonna be needed. My life was in her hands and she would take care of me, just as I had asked and so much more…

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