Hirsute Belly Dancer – Fetish – Free Sex Story

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It was late and most everyone had turned in for the night. I was in the living room of a big house that hosted a music night every Friday. It had been a good turn out and everyone had consumed their fair distribute of beer, marijuana, and usually nothing more than that. The aging house had lots of rooms. One family lived there but the home, being in an intentional community, was intended to have open rooms for guests as well so people lingering and sleeping over after a night of imbibing was nothing new. I had resigned myself to sleeping on the couch that night. I wandered outside onto the deck to enjoy a little tobacco before settling in. I was single at the time, in good shape, and as all the time, my mind had wandered to the wondered of women.

I have all the time been Horny and hopeful but tonight it didn’t look like there was much opportunity to discover some late night loving. Oh well, that’s the way it goes, or so I wondered. I took a drag on my cigarette as I watched the mid summer moon through the misty valley. I inhaled deeply and as I let the smoke filter out of my mouth and nose. I reached down and rubbed the expanding bulge in my pants. I imagined it was a woman touching my penis, she lingered on the heat of it, feeling it grow beneath her subtle touch. I drifted from the fantasy, put out my cigarette and went inside to lay down.

To my surprise, I saw a woman, a woman I knew. I wondered that she had left earlier but alas it was not so. Her name was Debbie and I never had found her to be very attractive, though not ugly. She was awkward in fact, sort of an asshole as if she had a enormous chip on her shoulder. She seemed angry at men. She had laid down on another couch across the room. As I took up my position and settled myself beneath my borrowed blanket, I heard her mutter something I could hardly make out. “I think I’m a lesbian.” she said.

I was not sure how to respond but ended up replying, “What makes you think that?”

“I’m tired of men, they’re all the same and I like the softness and feel of a woman.”

I agreed with her sentiments and told her as much. I told her that I too enjoyed the softness and feel of a woman. I also told her it was foolish to lump all men in the same category, that there were all the time exceptions and that to live by hardened sentiments usually only closed doors. She sighed at my suggestions.

Debbie was somewhat of a hippy. She had a slight masculine air to her. She stood about five foot nine, with dark thin hair that she wore below her shoulders. She was a belly dancer and I had seen her many times in her outfit, which was rather intriguing and probably her best look. She had a slightly large nose, a big mouth with prominent teeth, which wasn’t ugly but also wasn’t the sexiest mouth I had ever seen. She was a natural woman with thick dark hair growing from her armpits, her legs were covered with a light blanket of soft brown hair. I had never seen her pubic region but imagined she sported a fully grown layer of fur there as well. She had small breasts and though I’d never seen them uncovered, my mind imagined they were a bit saggy from how she looked in her outfit. They didn’t push her top, they offered no resistance. I also had surmised her breasts were a bit empty as she had breastfed two young boys for at least three years each. Debbie was erratic, seemed a wee bit angry and felt emotionally pent up. I could feel her resentment for me as she continued.

“You’re probably just the same. Just another man out for himself. You probably think I want you, but I don’t. I’m content over here lying down, staying to myself, I can please myself, and I do have a woman I like to see.”

I was a little stunned by her words. I had never considered her sexually but I am a fan of strange encounters and conversations and of pushing the envelope a little. I found it interesting to be stuck in this room with her, late at night, after beer and weed, after her incessant belly dancing and quasi orgasmic shaking to the rhythms which had shook the house earlier. My mind began to wander.

“I’m a good man,” I replied. You’re foolish to assume I’m not. And it is interesting that you would even bring up the fact that I may or may not want you. I hadn’t gotten that far yet.”

“Well, that’s a sexist answer. I would have assumed nothing less.”

“How is that sexist?” I replied. “I’m only speaking my mind as I am Free to do. You started this conversation.”

“You’re demeanor is sexist, like you’re above it all. You probably think you could just take me,” she hissed.

“Hmm? I never thought about it. I’m actually just feeling right cozy over here, under my blanket. I didn’t expect to be in the company of another for conversation, so to me the whole scenario is just kind of fascinating. You do seem to have a point to prove, you do seem a little angry. Maybe some male touch could soften you a bit, take that edge off, maybe you’ve spent time with the wrong men?”

My cock was beginning to expand as I began to play with her mind. It seemed a bit kinky at this point to see if I could woo her into my grasp, to soften her and see where she would go. I rubbed myself lightly beneath the blanket, opened my jeans and felt the warmth of my penis in my hand. I tried to make my light rubbing noticeable to her to see how she would react.

“What are you doing?” She asked, looking askance and a little repulsed.

“For some reason your talking has me slightly aroused,” I replied. “I was touching myself in response to the strange excitement. Is that okay with you?”

She turned her back to me and let out a muffled sigh. It was a short lived turning of her back. When I didn’t respond she immediately flipped back over and said, “I usually only like to have Sex with females. I told you that I’m a lesbian. I don’t need cock to be happy.”

I smiled and told her I understood. I also told her that I wondered she might like to come closer and to feel what it’s like to be next to me, a man, yes, but a man she’d never been with. I told her, “You might like how it feels.”

She remained quiet a moment and then asked if I had any more tobacco. I told her I did and she asked if I would roll a cigarette for her. I sat up and in the dim light, rolled a small fag and asked her if she needed a light as well. She did. I got up and took her hand leading her out of the cluttered living room and out into the night sky. She held the cigarette in her lips and I lit it for her. She inhaled deeply and then made a show of exhaling a large cloud through her mouth and nostrils. Pulling on the cigarette seemed to excite her, she was still in her belly dancing clothes, and she became almost orgasmic as she smoked. I was becoming very aroused. She took another long drag and then, as she was about to exhale, she pulled my mouth to hers and put her tongue into my mouth, all the while smoke whisping out of her nose. Our tongues darted in and out of each other’s mouths as she repeated her smoking and incessant kissing. My cock was pushing devilishly against my jeans and her eyes got wide as she looked down at the growing bulge. She finished the cigarette and then went to lie down on her couch. I went to mine.

“That doesn’t mean I want you. That was just for fun. Don’t make too much out of it,” she explained.

“Whatever you want me to believe, Debbie. I never expected anything from you, I will say it was exciting and I liked the way you kissed me. I think you liked the way I kissed you back.”

I got into my makeshift bed, pulled my blanket above my chest, I unzipped my jeans and held my rigid penis in my hand.

“You know where to find me if you decide you’d like to explore things further,” I said.

Minutes passed and I could hear her toss and turn, occasionally sighing and saying half formed words. ‘Debbie is sort of crazy,’ I wondered to myself, ‘really a nut, but a kinky nut.’

Before I could form another sentence in my mind, I felt her hand tug on my blanket. She pulled it to the side and stood above me. She removed her skimpy top and let her small, saggy breasts out and into the night air. Her nipples were large and very hard, their weight pulled her fleshy little tits down towards her belly. She had a slight fur trail that led up and out of her dancing dress to her belly button. In the dim evening light she looked very sexy above me. She reached down and grabbed my throbbing penis and squeezed it firmly letting out a sultry exhale as she did. I could still smell the tobacco on her breath. She lowered herself down and stuck her tongue into my mouth. As she did, she took her other hand and ran it across my bare, furry chest all the while breathing in and out as if she was in a yoga class. Her body felt tense, like it was gonna snap and release an ungodly amount of pent up sexual energy that she had never released before. She was nearly dying for a man’s touch.

As she continued to squeeze my cock and kiss my mouth, I reached down between her legs. She had no underwear beneath her sequined dress with bells and such on it. The first thing my hand encountered was a enormous mass of fur standing out from her pubic mound, it was long and soft, it must’ve stood four to five inches out from her skin. I pet it instinctively and as I got closer to actually touching her Pussy I could feel a crazy heat. My hand then touched what I realized were long dangling lips, they were drenched with her juices. The heat coming off of her Pussy was astonishing. I reached a finger up and into her, she shuddered and convulsed and squeezed.

Her Pussy was simultaneously incredibly loose and succulently tight, all the while dripping warm liquid from it. She was breathing frantically by now, she let go of my cock, pulled her tongue from my mouth and moved down towards my crotch. In one sanguine motion she latched her thin lips around the head of my cock and began to suck me like a woman possessed. She sucked it hard, but well, and as she did she began rubbing her pubic mound and clitoris with her Free hand. She was mesmerized, pulsating, moving back and forth and beginning to make a lot of noise.

I freed my mind from the thoughts of worrying who or who couldn’t hear what was happening. At this point we were into something deeper and life is life, I realized, I’d be excited to hear such happenings going on. At once her whole body stiffened as I rubbed her stone nipples between my fingers. She started to contract and convulse, her eyes rolled back in her head as she continued to suck on my now extremely sensitive, rock hard cock. She burst into Orgasm and as she did, her Pussy began to squirt a enormous amount of liquid onto my legs and the couch, she came for what seemed like an eternity. The shuddering of her body began to lighten and right as I wondered she was about done Cumming my body stiffened and my cock began to twitch as I shot rope after long rope of cum into her wet and waiting mouth. She couldn’t start to swallow it all and the creamy white liquid began to drip out of the sides of her mouth. As she swallowed what she could her body tensed again and she began to cum and squirt once more.

Her body was shaking, it was unbelievable, my cum in her throat and mouth had triggered her to Orgasm again, a full body meltdown. We lay there writhing, twitching and nearly wincing. As she began to lower herself, she kissed my mouth, my cum was all over her lips and she seemed to relish in it as she pushed her tongue and much of the cum I had shot as hard as she could deeper towards my throat. She kissed me for at least a minute like that and then, abruptly, she stood up and walked to her couch. I could hear her mumbling, possibly masturbating, and then the rhythmic back and forth of her yoga like breathing. Her words became slurred and she slumped into the couch having not even bothered to clean herself up.

As the minutes passed, I figured that was it, she was out, what a crazy experience. It was erotic as hell, Debbie had transformed before my very eyes and in that had transformed me as well.

As the night faded out, she said, “Shaglus!? I want you to know, and it’s not a joke. What I said before is true and you haven’t changed that! I am a lesbian!”

I smiled to myself as she began to drift off and sleep began to wash over me as well.

“Yes, Debbie, you are, you are a lesbian, pure and true.”

With that my consciousness slipped out of me, my cock leaked it’s final juices onto my thigh, and I tasted the sweet, sultry salt of my cum in the corners of my mouth…… “Good night, Debbie,” I slurred. “Sleep tight!”

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