High Heels, Christine, and…Cocks? Pt. 05 – Fetish

A couple of weeks past and my dad’s girlfriend, Christine had become my secret transgender lover. We both found high heels, latex, boots and domination games thrilling.

And thus far, dad didn’t have a clue and was happy that his girlfriend and his son were getting to be such “good friends.” That’s exactly how I wanted to keep things in this home. Hey, every family has secrets, don’t they?

Dad had planned a week-long out-of-state seminar and today was the day he was leaving.

“Steven and I will miss you,” Christine said lovingly.

“You take good care of this beautiful creature till I get home,” dad said.

“Will do,” I said back. I was sure that whatever care I was gonna give Christine while he was away would, indeed, be good.

Dad gave Christine a kiss, then me a hug and was out he door.

“Text me when you get there,” Christine yelled, as he got in his car.

He gave a thumbs up and backed down the drive.

When we were alone in the house, she said, “Now that we have a little more time, there are a few new things I have planned for us.”

“Really, like what?” I asked, both curious and somewhat terrified.

“Join me upstairs, I think it’s better to “do” than to “tell”. Don’t you?” I couldn’t even guess what she had in mind but I trotted behind her, now fully in her spell, eager to be her boy toy. In fact I was loving it.

“Let’s do a little ‘dress up’ with you. You seem to like wearing my stockings, let’s start there.”

She pulled out a pair of white frilly top ankle socks, “Here, I’d like to see you in these.”

I eagerly put them on. They felt feminine and maybe even a little girly. This was a new feeling that I was drawn to and turned on by.

“Now put on your black heels,” she insisted.

Even better.

“Steven, I found this ultra short plaid pleated skirt for you too,” she said helping me into it.

I looked in her full length mirror and felt very sexy wearing heels, stockings and little skirt. My hard cock was already poking through the tiny thing.

“Very nice. I like the ‘skirt tent’ you have going in the front. I also remember you like nipple play as much as I do. These are some clamps to help keep your motor revving,” she said as she clamped the first one, then the other to my, now hard, nipples. She turned the tightening screws so hard, I winced.

She gave them a twist and then a flick which sent chills up and down my body – mostly ending at my dick.

“Ah, yes, you love it at least as much as I do.” She looked at my face and said, “Now, every sexy girl needs make up, don’t you think?”

Sitting me down at her make-up table, she started with my eyes making them very dark and slutty. After adding a little blush and a soft lip color, she was done. “There, now you look sensuously fuckable.

Christine’s phone rang, “Yeah, we’re home. Come on in, the front door’s open. We’re upstairs.”

What? Come on in? We’re upstairs???

“Shit! Who is that? Why are they coming upstairs,” I squealed nervously.

Before I had time to get any answers, in blew an Amazon beauty in a long coat who kissed both Christine’s cheeks.

“Darling, I’m so excited to see your new toy…oh my, here you are. Mother Mary, you’re beyond perfect,” the stranger fawned.

“Steven, this is Blair. She’s special, like me and likes young men who like special women,” Christine beamed.

“Uh..” again I was dumbfounded.

Blair moved on me quickly, “I’ve at all times loved a man who dresses to please.” Without hesitation, she reached out an took my cock in her large, strong hand.

“Look what God gave you!” Turning to Christine, “And us…”

She let go of me only long enough to pull off her coat, revealing her unbelievable cocoa body. I was, of course, drawn immediately to her tan patent leather heels and then up her loooong nylon encased legs. My eyes continued wandering up to see her flaccid dick hanging almost 10 inches down her thigh!

‘Holy shit, what’s she like when she’s hard?’ I thought, panicking.

“You ought to see her when she’s aroused,” Christine said, teasing.

“Don’t worry about that, we’ll all have a chance to show our full ‘personalties’ today,” she added with a husky giggle.

Blair wore a only an emerald green belly button jewel at her midsection. Then there were her breasts.

Cupped in tan lace, her tits were at least a G cup. Pointing out of carefully cut holes in her bra to reveal her nipples jutting out like torpedos. My cock started to strain.

Out of her luscious lips came, “You like all this, young man?”

Christine came behind her and pulled hard on Blairs nipples, bringing a low husky moan.

“Aren’t her tits incredible?” she blurted, shamelessly.


“Come here, sweetheart and take me in your mouth before I’m too big to get past your lips,” Blair ordered, just as shamelessly.

It was such a turn-on to have these incredibly hot women being completely straightforward about their sexuality. I really liked it. A lot.

I found myself on my knees pulling her half hard prick into my mouth. The head was even softer that Christine’s (this being only my second cock sucking). She tasted more salty and musky, too. I took more and more of her in as she took hold of my head to encourage me.

Just then, Blair began to grow! I was beginning to find it hard to breathe with this now engorged monster blocking my throat. I started to choke.

“That’s OK, honey. Relax and let me all the way in.” she yanked my head further down her shaft, shutting off my air supply entirely.

With no shame or warning, Blair fucked me hard and urgently. I felt like a rag doll and started seeing stars just as she pulled out and proceeded to sprayed my face with a huge amount of her hot, salty spunk.

“Uh..ah…yeah. I’ve been holding that back for awhile,” she whispered to Christine, who had moved to ministering to Blair’s tits with her mouth. “His throat is so silky and warm…your turn.”

Without missing a beat, Christine moved in front of me and immediately shoved her hungry cock past my lips. The taste of Blair’s sperm mixed with Christine’s sweat and pre-cum was intoxicating. I wanted more. I grabbed her ass cheeks and hungrily pulled her into me.

“Yes, you discover it overpowering, don’t you? You cannot hold off the desire for girl dick,” she pressed.

Blair hunched down behind me, pressing those glorious tits against my back, and took my nipple clamps in her hands, twisting them. O God! The feel of Christine fucking the back of my throat combined with the exquisite pain Blair was administering pushed me beyond anything I’d ever experienced before. Right then and there, I came hard, without even being touched! I gushed burst after burst of creamy spunk, covering Christine’s boots…again.

At that moment, she let go a enormous load and painted my tonsils with her hot, salty jizz.

Christine was panting as she looked down at me and her boots, “Looks like you have some clean-up to do before we all move on to the ‘main course’.”

I eagerly began lapping at her sensuous boots, more than ready for whatever “main course” meant.

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