Her Red Panties: Ch. 03 – Fetish

“I have to go to Hannah’s today to check in on things and water her plants,” Susan remarked casually over breakfast. She had wondered about this for hours but didn’t want to show any undue excitement to Neil. She was being paranoid but she didn’t want to distribute her feelings just yet.

“Which one was Hannah?” Neil replied in a disinterested tone. He had met Hannah multiple times but Susan’s work colleagues all blended into a generic dull mass in his mind.

“Curly blonde, buxom, flirty, short,” Susan reeled off adjectives to try and jog his memory.

“Ah yeah,” said Neil. “The chubby chatterbox?”

Susan rolled her eyes in mock annoyance and despair. Neil was correct, Hannah was about 5’2 and about a size 18. She had lovely curled blonde hair a, “baby perm” as she described it which Susan didn’t figure out. It was just curly and shoulder-length. Hannah suited her size though, she was well dressed and had an attractive, if rounded, face. At all times up for a laugh and very trendy in the office, she was a pleasant and fun person.

Susan had noticed she had a bit of an odd habit though. She was a enormous flirt with most men she came across, at first it looked innocent but Susan questioned why it was with everyone. Not a single courier or delivery person coming to their office was spared. On the rare occasion, they flirted back or suggested going out, they were all the time turned down with a smile and a flippant remark, “I’m too much woman for you,” was a common comeback.

A game of “Never have I ever” during a work night out had revealed more about Hannah than expected. She had a long list of sexual exploits and was quite proud of them. Susan doubted this was true, however. Though not unattractive and perfectly capable of getting a man, Susan had never known her to be with anyone and her exploits seemed the fantasy of a desperate mind that was overcompensating for being alone.

Today I’ll figure out, wondered Susan, feeling like a detective about to crack the case. She felt excited. Her guilt over her exploits was lessening with time as she accepted her fetish. After all, it was harmless.

“Do you want to come?” Susan asked keeping up the innocent pretence and already knowing the answer.

“Hell no,” replied a shocked Neil. “I’ll stay here and cut the grass and tidy up a bit. You have fun though watering the plants,” he mocked.

Susan went to get dressed, it was a lovely sunny day so she could walk down. She selected her clothes carefully, black lace knickers, an attractive but everyday, black bra and a dark blue dress with a floral print. Usually, this was summer wear but an unusually mild begin to September made this an ideal choice.

She picked up her keys and said goodbye to Neil who eyed her up and down approvingly. “Very nice,”he said kissing her and squeezing her bum with one hand. “Get off,” Susan replied with a smile as she pushed him away and went out.

Free at last.

She walked quickly, feeling a slight chill in the air and a sense of excitement. The walk took around 20 minutes and she was just starting to get tired when she arrived.

It was a semi-detached home from the 1950s. Nice, but plain from the outside, grey roughcasting gave the street a gloomy look but the very neatly manicured front garden added a splash of colour. Not Hannah’s doing, Susan knew she detested insects and had a gardener for “all the crawly things”. The driveway ran alongside her neighbours, separated by a small fence. As she approached the neighbour came out, pulling a pram awkwardly down the front step and onto the drive. Susan smiled as the woman glanced up with an exasperated look as she fought with the pram. She was a thin woman, with dark hair and no makeup. Casually dressed in pale blue leggings and a light denim jacket.

“Hannah is away,” she said motioning towards the door. “I know I’m just checking in on her house and watering the plants,” she replied with a smile, holding up the keys. The woman nodded her understanding and started to walk down the drive past Susan. A loud clunk caused Susan to turn as a bottle fell off the pram and onto the ground. The woman gave a muttered curse and bent down to pick it up. She was about 4 feet away and Susan watched intently as she bent over. Her pale blue leggings were no disguise and her panties were clearly outlined, some kind of cheeky Brazilian style Susan wondered watching the outline run across the middle of her tight cheeks. Only about half coverage, quite sexy for a young mum. She could just see the top poking out as she craned her neck slightly and saw the lacey, elastic waistband. The woman suddenly turned, having finished her task and aware Susan was looking.

Say something, Susan. Come on, think of something, you look creepy.

“Difficult things aren’t they,” Susan stammered nervously. “The pram, not the baby,” she said quickly, trying to cover her ambiguous phrase. She had never touched a pram in her life but it was the best cover she had.

“I think you were right the first time,” the woman replied with a smile and a sigh. See you”.

Got away with it, Susan thought, relieved.

She approached the door, fumbled with the lock and went inside. Occasionally she gave Hannah a lift so she had seen the entranceway but had never been inside. A narrow hallway lead to a staircase, and a door on her left was the only other option. She pushed it open and entered a living room and adjoining kitchen. Hannah had packed in a hurry, stray clothes and bottles lay on the couch along with various old wrappers and bits of rubbish you accumulate in the bottom of a bag. A miserable-looking peace lily sat on a fireplace, below a large TV that dominated the room. Susan hunted through the kitchen to find a glass and watered the poor plant. “There you go,” she said patting its leaves as if it were a pet. She returned the glass to the kitchen, adding to a pile of other dishes. Somehow she wasn’t surprised Hannah lived like this, she had been late every time she had given her a lift so the hectic, haphazard house seemed to suit her.

Maybe I’ll clean up for her later, Susan thought kindly.

She proceeded up the narrow stairs. Three closed doors met her, She tried one and entered a bathroom, one more plant was watered and she went back out and tried another. This was a sort of spare room she supposed. It seemed to be mainly filled with old cardboard boxes which covered a bare single mattress on a rickety bed frame. A clothes rack stood in the middle with a mirror propped against the wall, a make-shift walk-in wardrobe and dressing room. Susan shook her head at the mess and went to the final door.

This was what she was looking for. A kingsize bed dominated the room with sleek built-in wardrobes at the end of the bed and a large mirror on one door. It was nice she thought, surprised. Clean and tidy. The walls were a pale blue which matched the pale grey carpet. The bed looked comfy and soft, white bed covers with a bold poppy print and many more pillows than required gave it a pleasing look. Fairly lights lay along the headboard and two matching bedside tables flanked the bed.

Impressively designed. Also suspiciously clean, like a showhouse.

She wandered around, checked the windows were shut and gave a cursory glance to the back garden.

Business before pleasure.

She looked at the bedside table and she felt the familiar thrill as her heartbeat sped up and her body tingled with excitement. She reached out and opened the top drawer.

A mixed-up mass of socks greeted her.

Disappointing start

The next drawer was equally disappointing, vest tops and plain white and black bras. The bottom drawer was her final hope. She opened it, feeling her excitement wane as disappointment overcame her. A slight improvement this time, the drawer had panties but she could see they were M&S multipack ones of different colours. Nothing interesting. She had a rummage but nothing was exciting to look at.

I knew it. You lying bitch, you’ve not had all this wild sex. Just a desperate liar, Susan thought vengefully, bemoaning her wasted time and excitement. Blaming Hannah for it.

She sat on the edge of the bed and breathed.

Maybe this was good. After all, not everyone has some sexy past to share. Maybe this will help and I’ll stop imagining things as much.

Still, she thought, a ten-second interaction with the neighbour and knew she had sexier panties than the woman whose underwear drawer she was looking in–the woman who had drunkenly bragged about her sex life and flirted with everyone.

Something is wrong here. All women have some panties they wear if they expect sex, even just one pair. No one is this prudish, not even Vicky who is a prude.

Her feet dangled off the bed where she sat and a hollow knock by her foot gave her hope. She jumped up and saw the bed had drawers underneath.

She pulled open the drawer, and a purple satin bag sat on the top. Noticing a small “LH” logo in the corner her heart gave a leapt, knowing she had the same thing at home.

A Lovehoney badge, definitely sex toys. Jackpot!

She lifted the bag, feeling what was inside and noting two more underneath. She tipped it out onto the bed, revealing a large flesh-coloured silicon dildo.

Good start but we all have a dildo.

The next bag was just a bullet vibe, also owned by every woman she knew. The third and final one was more interesting. A silver shaft with a round bejewelled end came out, along with a bottle of lubricant.

Susan looked at it for a few seconds before realising what it was and dropping it.

A jewelled butt plug! What a slutty cow. I can’t believe I just touched that though. I wonder if she has worn that at work? Have I sat in the car with her wearing that in her ass?

Underneath the bags was what she had expected in the bedside drawers. Lingerie of all kinds and colours lay strewn about in a mess. There was no order so Hannah could never tell she had looked. Susan rummaged through, feeling lace and satin brush her hands as her pulse raced once more. The drawer was mainly babydolls and camisoles, a few sexy bras and many panties. Her hand found a zip lock bag at the side of the drawer and she pulled it out and found it contained a single pair of panties. Intrigued she took them out

Black lace, full-backed. God she she has a huge ass, Susan stretched them out and looked. Very marked in the crotch,She has rubbed her wet pussy in those. I wonder how? With the dildo? No that wouldn’t work. It would have to be the vibrator.

There were several of this style a few thongs. She thought of Hannah in the lacey babydoll and thong she held in her hand. She could see the babydoll on her, the deep V showing a lot of cleavage before coming to a stud and opening again underneath. It would hang loosely ever her stomach she thought, probably to try and cover it if she was self-conscious. She felt a bit sorry for Hannah suddenly. All these sexy clothes were designed to hide her body and she had no man in her life. Was she ashamed of her body? Was that why she pushed people away? Susan racked her brain to think if she knew anyone to set her up with.

Do it later, you can’t stay here all day.

She looked at the thong, it was very small at the front and back, almost a G-String. She held it up on herself, it was much too big but she imagined her own trimmed bush wouldn’t be covered at all.

She must be shaved, a lot of effort to go to for someone not getting fucked. Maybe she only shaves sometimes, nobody being seen to keeps things bare. Poor woman, she is probably desperate for the right man. Weird that she owns something so revealing when the rest of her stuff is full coverage?

Hannah had a soft chubby ass Susan recalled, looking at the thong back.

These would disappear up her ass. She would be as well not wearing them. I suppose a thong would hold a butt plug in though…

Susan felt a strange mix of emotions. She was impressed at Hannah’s collection whilst also judging her for having such slutty things and feeling sorry for her being single.

Make your mind up woman. She can’t be a slut and a lonely single. Stop judging, you are the perv here.

She still didn’t believe Hannah did as much as she said but could see her having a wild side when she was younger. It was difficult to get an accurate idea of what Hannah was like from these clothes, they all seemed to send different messages.

The bed had a second drawer. Could it get better?

Susan opened it and was once again let down. A mass of cables met her gaze, a ring light, a tripod and a camera. Boring.

Susan pushed the drawer closed. She was pleased with her snooping but had lost a bit of her interest. She couldn’t imagine Susan as well as Vicky for some reason. What did she do? Lie here in her nice underwear, butt plug in one hole and dildo in the other? It was a difficult image to get in her mind and didn’t square with the woman she knew.

Maybe I am getting over this fetish? Maybe she doesn’t wear these, maybe hen party gifts and old stuff?

She tidied up and looked around the room as the sun disappeared and the room became much darker. A small light caught her eye. A closed laptop sat on the desk with the power still on. Susan clenched her fists in frustration, she was always telling Hannah to turn her computer monitor off a work and she never remembered. Susan opened the laptop and looked for a way to turn it off.

Rather than a login screen though the computer opened right up.

Seems right, she never cared about cyber safety. This is a woman who uses “Password” as her password at work.

A notification icon showed on an open Chrome tab. Susan clicked it. In years to come she remembered this moment as the moment her whole life changed.

A blue and white website called Fansly opened up. Susan’s heart skipped a beat and her pussy tingled. She looked away for a second to breathe and collect herself, her hand shaking on the touchpad. She knew what this was but had never been on the website.

This was self-made porn where people sold images of themselves.

She breathed and looked at the screen. The header image was a picture of Hannah’ on her bed in a black negligee and satin robe. Her arms out over her headboard in a relaxed welcoming manner. Her “About Me” section showed at the side.

“Hi, I’m Christie. I’m a 34yo BBW from the UK. Open for customs, just DM if you are interested.”

You are Hannah and you are 38. Lying slut.

She scrolled down the page, seeing images of Hannah with captions. The first few were the same. A naked but covered-up Hannah blowing a kiss with the caption “Do I blow you away? Let me know in the comments.”

She scrolled again and saw her colleague in her black bra and panties. She was kneeling on the bed, legs unnaturally far apart, her hands squeezing her bra cups as she pouted into the camera. “Gorgeous set gifted from @JJ1990, thanks Babe,” read the caption. Someone had bought her this, she saw a comment section and read on, sycophantic comments filling the screen.

“Looking sexy BB”

“I would worship your body xx”

“So hot, stroking for you now”

Pathetic creatures.

This continued for a while until she saw that Hannah had replied too.

“Amazing, do you sell panties? Would love to smell you and wrap them around my cock.”

” Thanks babe, mmm that would be so good! £20 per worn pair, £25 for two days wear, £30 for cummed in. Socks and tights are also available, DM for details. You can also buy me ones on my wishlist and I can wear them and send them to you xx”

FUCK. You dirty little whore. Are people buying you panties and paying you to cum?

Susan felt jealous and turned on.

I’m twice as hot as her at least, people are queuing up to buy her used panties and give her gifts.

She moved to a box marked “Messages” and clicked.

“Your session has timed out. Please log in to continue.”

Fuck sake. It must have just been open on that cached page and now it is gone.

Susan berated herself for a few moments for this clumsy error. She was good at IT, she should have known this wouldn’t have stayed logged in.

She sat and stared at the password box. Worth a guess she thought.



Typical, guards her own nudes more than all the information on her work system. So would you though in fairness. She probably makes more money here.

Susan thought for a moment, her friend had kids and had told her she monitors their internet usage. Would that work?

She pulled out her phone and Googled “remote keyloggers”. A whole array of apps popped up. She selected one that made clear it could be done remotely and worked on Chrome. After a quick install and check over the instructions she added it onto the Google extensions on the computer, linked her phone and typed a search.

“Turkey,” an innocuous search just in case this went wrong. She refreshed the app on her phone and “Turkey” popped up under the keystroke log. She hid the icon on the computer and cleared the recent history.

Satisfied but sexually unfulfilled she cleaned up the room and made sure it looked as it did. Maybe time for a quick one she thought, still feeling the urge

She heard some keys jingle and a door open and she jumped up. It was the young mum next door, she breathed out deeply. It was time to go, she was too on edge.

A final check around the house and she left hurriedly afraid the neighbour would catch her and wonder why she had been so long.

Don’t be stupid, she doesn’t care. This isn’t Miss Marple. Just go.

She walked away, half expecting a shout demanding she explain herself.

You’re paranoid, she doesn’t know or care.

Interestingly she felt much less guilty despite her paranoia. It was still wrong but Hannah was the one sharing and whoring herself out to the world. She was just the viewer, Hannah wanted to be watched.

She walked slowly home. Ideas chased each other around her head.

She is a filthy whore, what a lazy stupid bitch.

I could sell panties and be more popular than her. Would Neil approve? If it meant more money and lingerie he might…

What if you get caught and someone recognizes you?

She never really considered “typical” people doing this. She has read lots of clickbait stories about people who do this, “Struggling nurse makes millions on Onlyfans,” but never thought she would meet one.

The idea of having a secret life excited her, people lusting after her was a powerful thought and the extra money would be good too. These thoughts carried her home in a daze.

The rest of the day and night passed uneventfully as daily life took over.

Sunday evening was an unofficial date night for Susan and Neil. Never really defined but they always had a nice dinner and usually spent the evening in bed before the gloom of Monday hit.

This Sunday was the same but everything felt different.

Are you really going to do this?

They cooked together, content and happily chatting away.

“So I learned a secret yesterday, I’ll tell you but you have to never tell anyone,” Susan said as the conversation waned.

“I’m intrigued, but do I want to know?” Neil answered coyly.

“Well I need to tell someone so I guess you’ll have to do,” Susan responded.

She explained about the laptop and the Fansly page. Omitting the part where she searched the house.

Surprisingly, Neil wasn’t as shocked as her.

“Uh-huh. You see anything good?” he teased.

“She’s pretty kinky, she sells her underwear,” she said pointedly, trying to get a reaction.

“Hmm, that’s pretty tame though.”

Why isn’t he into this?

“Is it? So if I sold my underwear that wouldn’t bother you?”

Neil looked up sharply. “Is that something you want?”

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