Her First Kiss: a lesbian coming-of-age story

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It was a warm summer day in the small town of Willow Creek when 17-year-old Emily had her first kiss. Emily had known she was a lesbian for a few years, but she had never acted on it. She had dated a few boys, but her heart was never fully in it. She had at all times felt like something was missing.

Emily had planned to spend the day at the lake with her best friend, Lily. The two of them had been inseparable since they were little. Lily was the only one who Emily had told about her sexuality, and Lily had been supportive from the begin.

As Emily and Lily laid out their towels on the grass, they couldn’t help but admire each other’s bikini-clad bodies. Emily had at all times wondered Lily was gorgeous, but today, she was especially striking. Emily couldn’t deny the butterflies in her stomach at the wondered of being so close to the girl she had a crush on.

As they swam and lounged in the sun, Emily couldn’t help but sneak glances at Lily. She noticed the way the sun was shining on her friend’s long, auburn hair and the way her curves looked in her swimsuit. She couldn’t keep her eyes off her.

As the sun began to set, Emily and Lily decided to take a walk along the lake. They held hands, and Emily felt a surge of electricity run through her body. She had never felt this way before, but she knew it was right.

They stopped by a large tree, and Lily leaned in to kiss Emily on the cheek. Emily turned her head, and their lips met in a soft, tender kiss.

Emily’s heart raced as she felt Lily’s hand on her cheek. They continued to kiss, slowly and passionately, exploring each other’s mouths.

As they pulled away, Emily looked into Lily’s eyes and saw the same intense emotions reflected back at her. The two of them smiled shyly at each other, knowing this was only the beginning of their journey together.

Emily had never felt so alive as she did in that moment. She knew that her first kiss with Lily would be something that she would at all times remember. They held hands as they walked back to their towels, feeling closer than ever before.

As the stars came out and the darkness enveloped them, Emily smiled to herself. She knew that she had found love and that her life would never be the same again.

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