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Disclaimer: I do not own Pokemon, or any of the related characters. The Pokemon series is created by Satoshi Tajiri and owned by Nintendo, Game Freak, and Creatures. All rights of the original Pokemon world belong to the Nintendo, Gamefreak, and Creatures. This story is a fanfiction and is meant only for fun. As the author of this fanfiction, I earn no compensation in any form from its publication.

Heff and Amelia Adventures

The First Storm

The last few days on the trail had been good to them. The sky had been clear, the weather had a light wind every now and then, and the temperature was perfect. She knew she was close to her destination. Potentially four more days on this trail if the weather was as forgiving as it has been. Her and her companion; an evolutionized Growlithe that she fondly began to call Hephaetus (Heff). She knew Arcanines were big but she was glad that his evolution occurred prior to this trip. Although, she had prepared to travel this road without the help of any of her Pokemon, Arcanine was the largest Pokemon she’s ever tamed. His majestic height had given her help on the first day of travel that she simply stopped putting him back into his Pokeball.

She allowed him to live as freely as she was. Sleeping at her side, roaming the free space they had, enjoying the wind in his fur, and riding on top of him when she couldn’t cross treacherous paths. She rather enjoyed his business. She actually couldn’t find out why Pokemon trainers didn’t allow some Pokemon to roam with them. She could find out the strictness that may occur within crowded areas – where trainers bombarded other trainers in hopes to get more experience for their caught creatures. However, here, in the middle of no where, most trainers should probably just let their Pokemon roam freely.

Now, she wasn’t a great trainer, she did not even hold great Pokemon. Arcanine was just something she held fondly because he was her first Pokemon. On a rainy day, when she was 15 years old, a large storm rolled into her village. Amelia was off exploring a near by grassy plain when the wind shifted. As the rain began to pelt her she ran for shelter at a near by tree where she had found a little Growlithe cowering from the rain. She did not mean to take it. But it had seemed to get attached to her and she brought it home. Amelia did not want to be a trainer. She did not want to remove the wild from her little Growlithe, but as her 18 birthday rolled around she wanted to explore. To explore means to Pokemon training. Therefore, she picked the route she wondered would help her be free. However, it was clear to Amelia she only chose this path as a way to explore the world without any questions from others.

Therefore, she sometimes felt guilt at having chained Heff to her, but when she rode him her guilt was deepened as if she was betraying him somehow. Sometimes these thoughts were just a quick jab before the wind strung it’s fingers through her hair and reminded her of the freedom she was experiencing.

The journey that Heff and Amelia were embarking was the hardest she has done. She could see the ocean from the cliffs of the mountain and she knew there was a small village about a 15 days walk from the main road. Amelia felt that the universe was on her side as it had given her great days for this journey 11 days in.

However, the inauspicious cumulonimbus cloud could be seen over the ocean. Amelia did not think anything of it. Most threatening clouds would dissipate before moving inland and she felt she was so close to her destination that these clouds would just be a distant memory by nightfall. Amelia watched the sun as it began to set and gave Heff the signal to discover a nice piece of land where she could set up their sturdy abode and create a fire.

As Arcanine found a decent piece of land, Amelia climbed down and gently petted his cloud like fur on his chest. Thanking him for his help. She began to set up their dome tent that would take about an hour. Her comfort had made traveling days shorter but was worth the sleep. Even though she would hate setting up the tent day and day again she enjoyed the fact that now Arcanine could fit in it without her needing a new one. She even had space to set up things if she needed to care for herself or for him.

As she toiled away at setting up their night, she recalled the last freshwater crossing they did so she could return to fetch water for the evening. She knew Heff would be able to begin a fire so she called out to him to fetch her some sticks for firewood. Arcanine quickly did as he was told, scurrying into the nearby patches of forest to retrieve their ingredients for warmth for the night. Once her tent was set she grabbed a pail from her pack to retrieve some water for the evening.

Upon her return, Arcanine began a fire and she began to boil some water. The sun was barely setting as they began their nightly routine. She looked over towards the cliffs end where the ocean laid before it and saw flashes of lightning as she finished eating. Amelia did not know now if that storm would dissipate but she hoped it would not come to her. She went up to Heff and snuggled into his fur while he laid by the fire half asleep. Her body nestled at his abdomen as she watched the stars that displayed above them. Her favorite time. Where time and space would slow down long enough so she could enjoy herself. She could feel the heat of her Arcanine, the mystic fire that roiled within him, and could enjoy the sounds of nature as the evening mistress beckoned it’s creatures. She was at peace with herself and all that was in the world during these moments. Especially next to Heff.

However, her eyes would glance over at the threatening lightning that laid off-land. Sleep slowly began to become difficult to fight and the mountains were a place where nightfall became cold and mysterious and potentially full of ghost Pokemon. She begrudgingly got up and began to walk towards her tent. Heff quickly behind her as she entered. She turned on a lantern to view the insides – it was cozy, some pillows, blankets, laid on the center, with her kitchen off to one side, followed by her pack and some emergency items; water, preserved food, tea, etc.. Arcanine had grown accustomed to sleeping a certain way with her and she all the time left that space empty for him.

Heff shifted into his ordinary laying position. Amelia closed the door behind them and gave a quick safety check to make sure that the building was secure. If that storm was gonna blow in, she wanted to be safe and sound. After feeling safe, she moved towards Arcanine and nestled into his body. Heff shifted himself so Amelia could use him as her pillow and make sure she was comfortable. It wasn’t long before they both drifted into sleep.

Amelia was startled awake by the loud clash of thunder. Weary, she did not know what was happening but could feel her tent shake. The sound of rain had not hit her and she wanted to make sure she would be able to check the tent one last time as she felt the wind whip at the sides of her abode. She got on her feet, grabbed her lantern, rope, and stakes and rushed outside to stabilize her tent. When she exited the sky was pitch black and the air was saturated with humidity. It was cold and she could feel this storm was gonna be a long and violent one. Using her light and lightning she quickly began to double up her ties to stabilize her home. As she moved towards the 4th tie, the rain began to drip on her. She still had 8 more ties left, and she wondered she would rather be soaked than to be without shelter. She kept working as the cold rain would sting her warm human skin. As she got to the 12th tie, she was already soaked and shivering. She could barely feel her hands and would need to breath into them so she could warm them to tie good knots on her anchors. The storm began to roll in and the sky became angrier when she was done and moved back into the tent.

Heff was awake by then. He did not go outside, but waited for his Amelia to come inside and greet him. She looked over at him, dripping in rain and shivering, “W-w-w-well….I guess I j-j-jinxed us…” she managed to tell him as she began to take off her soaked clothes. Amelia picked up a towel to dry herself and moved towards Arcanine. She needed his warmth at the moment as the wind whooshed and the sky yelled outside.

Arcanine got up to let Amelia lay down on her bed, once she was there he stood over her lithe small human figure. Each giant paw by her shoulders and passed her legs. He crouched down to her to give her his warmth. Something he was used to doing as Growlithe, but now as Arcanine – he realized how much bigger he was. His 350 pound mass would easily crush his trainer so he made sure to keep himself propped off of her small frame.

Amelia appreciated his warmth, but secretly missed how he would simply lay on her as Growlithe and not have this unfortunate space between them. However, she did not want him to move. His warmth radiated towards her and she could feel her body stop shivering as he crouched above her. She smiled softly and reached her hand up to his soft cloud like chest. Her small fingers lost in his fur as she thanked him.

Heff shifted at the touch of his trainer. He noted that it was not pushing him away. He pushed himself a little closer to her. This caused Amelia to give him some belly rubs. Her hands moving to his underbelly. Part for warmth, part for thank yous. She was sad that he was the size he was, but also thankful that he was with her. Regardless of evolving.

Amelia savored the warmth from Heff. The whole world fading behind her as her chilled skin began to heat up. Her fingers finding themselves in the thick underbrush of his chest fur as she slowly moved downwards, rewarding the Arcanine. Heff pushed himself closer as his trainers hands moved towards his abdomen. He loved belly rubs. His huge size made it hard to maneuver around Amelia lithe body as the Arcanine could now feel her small human form pressing against his fuzzy underside.

Heff was not crushing her – however, Amelia could feel the pressure of the Arcanine as he gave in to her scritches as a treat. She could feel his body stiffen above her and Heff did not try to fight back or run away. He simply allowed his trainer to do what she all the time did. Give aggressive belly rubs as thank yous. Amelia could not help but smile from the way she felt. The storm harboring outside their walls meant nothing as long as she could enjoy these serene moments with her Pokemon.

However, this belly rub was different. Although the Arcanine had pushed against her lower half she still attempted to rub his under belly. Amelia had a strange sensation she had never felt before, something hard poked her near her lower abdomen. She did not think anything of it at first because she simply believed it was her getting used to his huge side. But, as her fingers dug into his fur and continued their spread of touches, the innocuous pressure seemed to poke her a little harder.

Amelia thought if it was her nude form taking note of something different from Heff. She recalled all the times her and Growlithe would cuddle nude and attempted to trace this particular sensation in her memories but could discover none. Amelia was becoming curious. She attempted to shift herself out of Arcanines body but realized how impossible that endeavor was due to his heft. With Heff being the size that he is she shifted left and right grunting as she attempted to remove herself from his casual cuddle. Finally, she was able to barely slip out when she felt the hard poke press into nether region. The large unknown slick object had parted her lower pink lips and pressed onto her clit. The human gasped from the sudden shift – perplexed however, she found herself also blushed at the accidental caress she found herself in. She attempted to look up at Heff to see if there was any reaction from him, but she realized from his huge form that she could not actually look at him.

Amelia felt her Arcanine was oblivious to the action or so she wondered. Not knowing what to do, she tried not to shift to much but Heff seemed to have other ideas and shifted above her. Enjoying the belly touches of his trainer and attempting to keep her warm. This caused the pressure between her sultry lips to rub side to side and up and down. Amelia’s body was quick to betrayed her.

A seep of slickness escaped her insides as her body shuddered at the Arcanines movements. She began to feel heated and embarrassed as she began to notice what was happening. Heff, at no fault of his own, was just a little excited at the pets Amelia was gifting that his sheath pushed back to produce just the tip of his member. However, now that Amelia’s body was reacting to his protruding rubs it was not long for the Arcanine to catch the smells that came from the human and feel the warm slickness on his sheath.

Heff was a little confused at smelling the heat from his Trainer. He knew that she would show these signs occasionally. Mostly when she was around other humans or sometimes late at night where he would catch her gently rubbing her nether regions and silently whimper until she fell asleep. But, he had never caught her smelling this rich when he was near her. Arcanine would look down at Amelia, watching her small human frame beneath his towering figure. She was so small compared to him. He could feel Amelia’s wet sex pressing onto the tip of his member and a shudder rolled over his huge form as his member slide out of his sheath just a bit more.

Amelia felt Heff react to her body and she almost screeched out of fear but also excitement. Did Amelia want to breed her Arcanine? Was her body betraying her so much that she would allow her colossal Pokemon to touch her? Amelia did not have any answers but she was curious and shamefully wanted see his member. The Arcanine shifted his hips to press his exposed member between Amelia’s plump lips. He rather enjoyed how his human felt, slick, warm, bare. Arcanine had never experienced a mate yet, he was very happy to attempt to mate with his trainer. Heff even wondered it would be perfect to mate with Amelia as he loved her so intently that he would die for her without question. In the Arcanine’s mind this seemed perfect and probable.

Amelia felt the exposed member of the Arcanine rub up against her slit, splitting her lips to hug Heff’s thick growing penis. She blushed as her body arched with betrayal. She knew craving a Pokemon sexually was wrong and taboo, especially because she was a trainer. She knew everyone frowned upon romantic and sexual relationships with Pokemon. But at the moment, potentially due to loneliness or lack of intimate and physical touch, Amelia was curious and wanted to try her Arcanine.

She looked up to Heff with her light brown eyes, her cheeks felt red with embarrassment. Heff was already intoxicated with the heat of his human and as he felt her soft velvet lips split from his hardened masculinity, he let out a hindered growl and pressed himself closer to her. His hips were beginning to betray him as he looked down at Amelia. Heff’s mind wrestled with the idea of mating his lovely trainer and how devout he would be to her. He wanted to bristle and puff his chest to show her that he would be a strong worthy mate, however, his human’s movements astonished him.

Amelia felt his hips at her groin and she knew that this position would be impossible. She pushed up against his chest before quickly turning around and presenting her sex to Heff. He would see her glistering lips dripping with anticipation. She felt this was the perfect way to give herself to her curiosity. Having her Arcanine do as he wished while she satiated some twisted yearning she had deep within her groin.

Heff, as if under some trance, took the invitation well. But he realized that he could not mount her the way his nature intended. Instead, the human was so small that each thrust just poked different areas of her body. Amelia winced at each poke, her body longing but also shaming her. She looked over her shoulder and asked Arcanine to lay on his back.

Heff, confused, did as he was told, laying on his back in the middle of the tent. Amelia took in a deep breath as she consciously understood what she was about to do. She climbed on top of the huge Arcanine, glancing down at his hot red member. She did not know much about Arcanine anatomy but from what she could see this was not gonna be easy.

Amelia positioned herself on top of Heff’s emerging sex. She lowered herself to rub it against her clit. The fiery hot demand of needing her Arcanine flashed in her mind and overtook her body. Her body shook with the unfolding anticipation. She whimpered a bit as her lower lips parted to accept Arcanine’s tip into her opening. She felt his thickness quickly spread her. Amelia already felt full even though Heff was not in her completely. This was much larger than any human she had shared her bed with – or alleyway – or forest path. With a few months of dry spells she was not sure she could handle the volume her Arcanine was exhibiting.

However, Amelia was trying to fight her body – asking it to stop wanting Arcanine. But, a lot of her wanted Heff. She found herself drooling at his scent. Her head felt like a fog of pleasure, she felt seduced by him. The more she battled against her lustful feelings and thoughts, the more she found herself craving his cock. She was almost enslaved to the ideas, nothing could change her mind, as if her body was being hypnotized by the Arcanine’s scent. She had never felt so out of control before.

It took no time for Heff to find out what his human was doing and he was relieved when he felt his tip enter her warm soft slit. His fur ruffled at the feeling of her warmth. Amelia let out a soft gasp but knew this was the last bit of her sexual exploration. She could not take her huge Arcanine. Her hole felt stretched as it was and her inside were feeling full. Although she had only pushed about an inch of Heff’s huge member, Amelia believed it was half and would be satisfactory.

The Arcanine had other wishes. He looked at Amelia and watched her strained face. A face that would normally make him feel concerned. However, just as Amelia, he battled his own pleasure. He knew he should stop but his sex ached with excitement. The Arcanine pushed his head back as his paws reached over to Amelia hips. Although he had no opposable thumbs he pushed against her to let his member stretch out the tight fitted warm slit that he was beginning to crave intently. He could feel her organ squeezing onto his cock, causing him to start to pant at the excitement. Oh, how Heff felt the demand to breed with his trainer. How it washed over him as he shackled himself to the feeling. But he tried to hold back his temptation as his human began to whimper and shift.

The human did not try to escape. She secretly wanted to feel what the Arcanine felt like. Her pain made her yelp out but her pleasure quickly rolled over her. She grunted at the feeling she was having. She felt full beyond capacity and when she looked down to her abdomen her eyes grew wide with astonishment. Arcanine wasn’t even fully in her! He still had over half of his member left to fully penetrate her. Her groin bulged in attempt to accommodate his huge size. His cock seemed to be as thick as her thigh. The redness on Amelia’s face became deeper as she had the naughtiest and scariest wondered that embarked on her. What if — she took him all? She wouldn’t just be doing the taboo act of sleeping with her Pokemon, she would succumb to his sexual dominance and allow herself to be bred. The dark wondered danced in her brain as she felt her shame creep up and break the trance.

What was she doing? Why was she doing this? Amelia wondered to herself as she felt Heff push into her slowly. Her knees shook from the waves of pain and pleasure – her body hungry but her mind still fighting. She wanted her Arcanine but she did not want him. Her carnal desires were arguing with her logical response. But it did not seem Heff cared. His grip would weaken every now and then as if he were taking breaks. He would lay there panting as his member twitched inside of Amelia. If Arcanines were known for patience, Heff would be considered a monk as he mostly took Amelia into profile.

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