Hearts and Soles Ch. 01 – Fetish

Jack wasn’t a greedy man; ask him and he wouldn’t be able to remember a time he wished for anything luxurious.

As such, he lived a ordinary single guy lifestyle: small apartment, low interior decor, pretty mediocre diet, go to work and go to sleep.

Could he say he remained frustrated with his standstill life? The answer should be obvious.

“Another rerun? Man, I cannot wait for the new season.”

Jack lay down on his couch, idling twiddling the tv remote around as he binged another couple episodes of his favorite show he’d already seen.

Another day off and another day wasted. Sometimes that could easily be the motto foist upon Jack by fate. and yet, today felt mildly different.

Mayhaps a change a scenery was what Jack desired of this day? He sure got the urge for it once the remote battery finally died. With a bored sigh, Jack sat up and got his sneakers on. It was time to leave the house!

Jack drove through 20 minutes of traffic in blazing heat. He certainly hoped he had made the right choice in deciding to hit up the local beach. On the other side of the city, it was a nightmarish commute at this time of day.

Honks and shouting echoed from the intersection; drivers about ready to blow their lid. Once the light decided it had enough fun messing with the pesky drivers, it turned green to allow the flow of traffic to commence.

Jack didn’t actually come to the beach to swim or sunbath. At most, it was a way for a mellow guy such as himself to kill time outside. Catching gorgeous women in their swimsuits may have had something to do with it, as well.

And it sure was the perfect day for that! Bouncing assets, swaying hips, and flowing hair surrounded our lonely protagonist. A lot of the women were with their friends or presumed significant others, making Jack sulk at his being here alone.

The steadily growing sadness subsided, for Jack became lucky enough to witness a true beauty walk right past him.

Silky brunette hair fell down past her shoulders and into her face, obscuring her view of realizing Jack was looking at her.

Heat grew under his collar, for Jack had never seen a human with such proportions before. An estimated K cup pair of tits, barely contained within a stringy red bikini top, jiggled to and fro. An equally sized posterior bounced and swayed, with the bikini bottoms practically being a thong. Her shapely svelte legs gave her long strides, allowing for her wide hips to sway enticingly.

Surprisingly, Jack also paid a bit extra attention to her feet on this day. Perfect sized at an 8 or 9 in shoe size, she wore tall, brown platform sandals today. The footwear easily raised the woman an extra 3 inches off the ground and made it very noticeable when she stepped by.

The sandals produced heavy sounding steps, thudding as they slapped against the woman’s soles. Said sweaty soles that appeared soft, obviously taken care of regularly. Her high arches made her feet curvy, just like the rest of her body.

“Strange.” Jack noted, wondering on that minor moment of fixation downward.

Alas, Jack could fantasize about being the lucky guy for her all he wanted: she was definitely out of his league. Magic would probably be the only thing that could give him a chance.

Looking toward the ground, Jack found a dandelion, white and fuzzy with its seeds ready to fly into the wind. He remembered blowing the seeds off the flower as a kid, making wishes on the free seeds of life going off into the heavens.

Picking the plant, Jack looks down at it in nostalgia.

“I’d never get a chance to be with someone like her.” He told himself.

“I’d give anything to get the chance to have a loving relationship with a goddess such as that. Knowing my luck, that’d never happen.”

Clenching his hand, Jack sighed.

“Even just to be at her feet in that kind of relationship…. I would settle for that. At the very least, I’d wish for it.”

Holding the flower up, Jack blew gently against the dandelion. One by one, the seeds popped off and were carried high up to the sky. Once the last one was on its way, Jack heard the brunette scream.

Dropping the dandelion instantly, he shifted his gaze back over to the sexy beauty. But, how could he describe what he saw?!

The woman had fallen down on her belly, seemingly unhurt, but her feet were still standing where they were before!

Somehow her feet had detached from her legs, at a couple inches above the ankle. Jack’s heart skipped a beat as he instinctively reached for his phone to call the EMTs. Yet, something was even more off about this situation.

There was no gore, no injury. Where the brunette woman’s feet had separated from her legs, both the stumps on them and her legs looked unharmed. The cutoff points had smooth, healthy skin as if they had never even been connected.

Weirder still; her feet were still moving. Flexing their toes and lifting themselves up to display their soles, their movements looked preordained by some otherworldly forces. They moved calmly and completely unlike the panicking motions of their owner.

The absurdity would not stop there. The woman’s right foot slipped itself out of its sandal and lifted itself up, showing its sweaty sole to Jack. But, how could these feet lift and walk without being connected to a body?

The answer: pretty easily, apparently.

In the blink of an eye, the living feet turned and ran right toward Jack. Lurching backward from the shock, he stood idle as the disembodied parts moved with supernatural swiftness.

Practically braking once right in front of Jack, the feet quickly slipped themselves out of their sandals and jumped up to reach the waistband of his pants.

Yelping from the sudden touching, Jack couldn’t stop them as the feet wriggled their way into his pants and underwear.

Having shifted to sitting on her rear end, the bikini brunette recoiled in disgust. “Eww, they’re touching his dick!”

Sure enough, Jack felt that’s indeed what is happening. The brunette’s feet squirm and shift around in his pants, rubbing their wiggling toes and soft soles all over his steadily erecting junk.

Eventually, they seemed to settle on a comfortable position. The feet were parallel with Jack’s shaft, resting on either side of it. Being basically upright with the inner sides of their big toes and arches pressed against Jack, they had his entire length secured completely between their soles. Judging by the pressure, Jack noted their heels were comfortably resting against his nuts; his tip softly squished between their wiggling toes.

Jack had not a single inkling of how to react to this absurd situation. A woman’s feet magically separated from her and hopped into his pants; was he dreaming?

And then, he started to see the advantages of this.

Slowly, the gorgeous feet pumped up and down Jack’s rod. Their plush soles pressed against his sensitive skin felt fantastic from each gentle pass over it.

It looked odd, seeing him twitch in public. But, these feet somehow had gained impressive knowledge and skill in foot based intimacy, despite their owner never actually having a single lick of experience with such acts.

Playing with Jack’s tip each time their toes reached it on the upward thrusts, the feet varied the pressure applied to Jack’s erection. By squeezing themselves slightly more or less against each other, the feet were able to manipulate the stimulation of heat and pressure with each movement. Combined with when they scrunched their toes and soles to change the texture of their soles, it was insanely pleasurable.

Jack’s knees began to lose their strength; the brunette’s feet speeding themselves up and bringing his body closer to orgasm.

By this point, they also shifted around Jack’s shaft with each pump. The ecstasy was unlike that of anything Jack experience before.

Sure, his repertoire meant that he had zero experience beyond masturbating himself. Yet, with the skill at which these detached feet shifted in his pants, he felt something a bit off.

It wasn’t just that these feet are giving him a footjob. Ok, yes, that is technically exactly what they are doing. But, it felt to be more than that.

They moved around so that they could have as much of themselves stroking and touching Jack’s part as feasible. They weren’t simply stroking his dick; they were fucking him.

These feet, under whatever forces or intelligence compelled them to leave the rest of their body, are making love to Jack.

“They stole my virginity.” Jack realized, gritting his teeth. “I’ve been ruined!”

Something deep down in Jack’s heart told him that any other experience with a woman could never compare to this sensation. This level of care and affection that just a pair of feet provided for him would be beyond anything else.

As his mind slowly characterized the feet more and more, his dam was about to break.

The pleasure had finally brought him on to the edge of climax. And he couldn’t hold it in.

With a final pump, the brunette’s feet held themselves extremely tightly against each other. Their body heat and sweat made this last thrust the ultimate stimulation. Jack bucked his hips, spewing his load all over the inside of his pants. The feet wiggled their toes happily, as they too got coated in the warm seed of the man they just had sex with.

Call him crazy, but Jack swore he felt these feet twitch and shudder as well during the pumping; especially when he came on them. Almost like they too received pleasure and climaxed from this foot fucking session.

Thankfully, within the confines of Jack’s pants, no one saw any of this happening, nor fully knew what the feet were doing. The brunette, however, certainly did.

Before she could retaliate for her feet’s betrayal and Jack’s refusal to stop them, the satisfied man quickly scooped up the sandals her feet had left on the ground and ran away from the spot.

She shouted remarks of disgust and demanded his return; all falling on deaf ears as Jack ran back to his car. Placing the soles of the platform sandals against his face, he took in the residual warmth and fragrant scent the sandals retained.

His running bobbed the feet up and down in his underwear, essentially keeping the intimacy going. Both parties cringed occasionally from minor twinges of ecstasy they felt in the afterglow, making for a lovely trip to Jack’s car.

Before anyone that witnessed the whole debacle could see what car he owned, or what his license plate numbers were, he started the car up and zoomed out of there.

“I don’t know what the fuck just happened.” He said once safely in the clear on the highway. “There was no way that could ever happen; yet it did.”

The way he spoke made it sound like he was reacting not just for himself to hear, but the feet as well.

“So, I’ve essentially kidnapped a magically separated part of a woman’s body? But, they willingly came over to me of their own accord and initiated this. I’m not sure how that works legally.”

Jack’s feeble attempts of trying to apply previously conventional logic failed. All that mattered now was that a gorgeous pair of female feet wanted to be with him; he having both accepted and returned that love.

Was it love? They were just a pair of feet, right?

Even though they moved and acted on their own, clearly having the capabilities to feel lust and pleasure too, were they intelligent or sentient?

That was what Jack would have to deduce once he was safely home. But, for now, the feet enjoyed his business, nuzzling up in his pants against his semi flaccid part.

One thing was for sure, the absurdity of their adventures together was only just beginning.

To be continued

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