Hands of Hercules – Fetish

Lindsey (Boy) = 35

Amanda = 37

Jann = 31

Rebecca = 29

Chapter 1: Let’s Get Pampered At The New Spa ‘Hands of Hercules’

“Let’s find a spot to park, Jann. I really need to pee!” Rebecca said impatiently. “I told you not to drink until we get there, Beck. Just chill out while I drive. Damn!” Jann replied with vigor. Beck is all the time needing something, WTF! She wondered to herself as she finally spots a car leaving the lot, for real this time.

“Lindsey, you’re gonna LOVE this new place! They have a massage room, a sauna, mani’s & pedi’s, of course… and I think there’s a large indoor hot tub inside as well! It should be a blast for your 36th birthday party…” Amanda said to Lindsey, the birthday boy that likes to indulge himself with feminine thills & pleasures from time to time. “Shhh, I brought some goodies for the day… here’s something to get you started at least. We’re gonna have some FUN, Y’ALL!” Amada screamed out in excitement, handing a bag of blow to her long-time best friend.

“I’m so fucking excited! I’ve been hearing some interesting things about the masseuse’s here. Let’s all do some bumps before we get out, right?” Lindsey wasn’t suggesting, it was his way of telling them what’s about to happen.

They each do several bumps before getting out of the car and walking up to the main entrance of the massage spa. Each carrying a little bag & something to change in later.

A tall, muscle-bound man with dark, bronze-like skin & gargantuan arms & shoulders walked up to the entrance door and & held it open for Lindsey & the girls as he welcomed them to come inside.

“Hello guys. I’m Raymond, & my friends call me Raymond. Just kidding y’all, he, he, … sorry …. They call me ‘Big Ray Bai’ ha ha ha … so sorry y’all … My REAL NAME is Ray-Ray & It’s gonna be one lovely day-day. Let me & my partners here pamper & spoil y’all rotten. I know you love to be treated like the Queen, or y’all won’t be here, right? & yes, that especially goes for you, sir… just let us indulge you & relax. It’ll be a day you won’t ever forget. And I really mean that as well. But I can already tell by the looks of all four of y’all that it won’t be drag, for sure. Ladies & Gents, allow me to introduce my partners in crime, the lovely Vicki on the left there, & Miss Venus on the right there.” Vicki & Venus waived enthusiastically at us, although just slightly awkward about Venus. Maybe she was shy… Lindsey wondered to himself as the three able-bodied masseuses snatched up everyone’s purse & all of our bags as well before anyone could say anything.

“Oh, I would like to keep my bag Vicki, but thank you very much dear.” Lindsey said, realizing his pills & the blow were inside of his handbag.

“Oh, okay. No problem. But we don’t take the bags away from you, we just carry any extra weight for our client’s, so they don’t over-exert themselves. We just place them next to you once we have you set up for a luxury treatment.” She replied with all information that Lindsey needed to hear.

“Well, in that case… here you go… & thank you, dear, that’s a lovely thing to do for me.” He pleasantly allowed her to carry both his handbag & another heavier bag without the slightest hesitation nor awkwardness as Venus, who was at least an inch or two taller than Lindsey was certainly stronger than he is & likely outweighed him by 30 lbs. maybe more.

She took both bags away from Lindsey’s own delicate looking hands by comparison and whisked away like he almost committed a sin by questioning her position to carry his burdens for him. Afterall, it was his birthday, and she was easily the more robust of the two. Taller, stronger, & definitely more of an able-bodied person than he would even want to, honestly. Lindsay & the girls are NOT to lift a finger & shall allow themselves to be self-indulgent to the extreme because it was against the rules, which, according to Ray-Ray, it is!

Of course, Lindsey loves these ‘rules! He doesn’t think in an old-fashioned way, hanging out with girls and getting regular manicures & pedicures, along with other things that are deemed as being “Girley” … not that he gives a shit about what dumb, simple-minded sheep think, at all! They’re just suckers in his mind. It was wonderful being treated like queen, and Lindsey was proud of his soft, delicate hands & feet. Afterall, they looked and felt beautiful. As does the rest of him!

The seven of them walked into the changing area. This would be a good time to indulge in a few more party favors before we go to through the maze of pleasure, Lindsey wondered to himself, no longer listening to Ray-Ray and so in the mood for a day like this!

“Okay, now once y’all are done dressing down we’ll come in, one – by – one, & we’ll carry you from where you’re sitting, or standing, & carry you across our fabulous & thrilling facility, but also quite large & confusing facility. So, we’ll give you some time, as much time as you need ladies & gents. We recommend the massage first, or the mani -pedi. It’s totally up to you. You can drab a cocktail at the bar and lounge in the hot tub first if you want, and we’ll carry you right back here if you desire a hot shower afterwards, and kinda play it by ear…” Ray-Ray had been talking almost non-stop since we walked in the door and was ready to begin the pampering process. “Just let us know 5 minutes before we come to the changing room so we can set up first. You can use the phone in the room to call us in when you’re ready, okay… and enjoy the experience! Not many day spa are this luxurious.”

“We will reveal in the opulence without blinking an eye. Didn’t they tell you that we have royal blood?” Lindsey joked. “So, we might come across eccentric in our blissful ecstasy.”

“Ha ha ha, that’s exactly what we’re looking for in our cliental. Act like you’ve been there before, right? But we don’t mind at all if you want to frolic in ecstasy. We recommend it!” Ray-Ray replied with his sharpened wit. “I didn’t know y’all we’re of royal bloodlines, but I did hear from a little birdie that it’s someone’s birthday. Maybe there will be something extra for that!” Ray-Ray said gleefully as he waived politely and the three of them left us on our own.

“My goodness, didn’t I say we would be good today. He is ready to be pampered and stimulated with pleasures of the flesh! Just like I said y’all! We treat our guests like Queens in here, baby doll!” He said to Vicki and Venus before turning around to smile & wink at Lindsey & with a queer-like look in his eyes. “He must assume I’m queer as well.” Lindsey whispered to Amanda after they were well out of earshot. Rebecca and Jann gave us a curious look of excitement after we told them what Ray-Ray just did.

“Well … we definitely have his blessing to get really loose on ecstasy.” Lindsey proclaimed to the girls as they were heading to the bathroom to change into their bathing suits. “

“Oh, I caught that as well. Yea, this will be like an orgy!” Becca blurted out as I could hear the three of them snorting line after line of the blow. Lindsey undressed himself in a tight-fitting pair of swim shorts. It was a size small and fits nicely around his slender body and thighs. He did a few lines himself and dropped a Vicodin down before the girls came out of the bathroom.

“How are we gonna smoke?” Lindsey asked as he grabbed his e-cig and took a few deep drags for satisfaction.

“The bar is in a patio. The hot tub is as well. Not sure about everything else.” Amanda explained, as she researched this gathering mostly by herself, although they all paid evenly.

“Let’s drop the ecstasy now. I’m not waiting until the sun goes down.” Jann demanded to Amanda, who is holding the beans in her fancy, uptown Gucci bag. “How many do we each have?”

Amanda took out a bag of ten pills. “Two & a half, I guess.” She placed one dark purple, brown spotted pill with an alien-like logo stamp in each palm. “It’s only 3: 30 pm… These need to last all night guys, so let’s not drop the next one for a couple of hours.” She was so organized and disciplined when it came to these situations.

“Sounds good to me. If they’re good like the last ones we wont even think of dropping another pill until 8 or 9, … this will be a blast girls. Remember, if anyone feels uncomfortable or something weird happens, and I don’t think it will, then let’s remember that we’re all friends and no one gets left behind or anything like that, okay? … Let’s fucking party, Ladies! Down the hatch!” Lindsey called out as they all dropped their pill and went for a bottled water immediately.

“Gross as fuck!” Becca complained as she washed the pill down.

“That means they’re really good.” Amanda told her and the rest of us as we gagged the hard to swallow poison and were now ready to call Ray Ray & his henchman to come pick up, literately. “Should we call Ray Ray now?” Amanda asked us to see if we’d decided and ready to get started.

“What should we do first?” I asked the obvious aloud to everyone. “I think we should be brought to the hot tub first. I’m so ready for that. Plus, by the time the ecstasy hits us we’ll want the massage next!”

“Sounds about right!” Becca said nodding her head yes.

“Same! Hot tub time, you sexy babies!” Jann chimed.

“What about the ‘mani-pedi’s’? We might be too fucked up to even enjoy them or get them at all!” Amanda was making a lot of sense here. But I had the perfect answer, as usual.

“That’s what the coke is for, Com’on. We just had one a few days ago. My nails look perfect, see?” He waived his hand up with the nails facing them to show off his beautiful French nails, a think, clear coat of gloss that still shined when the lights hit them from the right angle. Non were broken, either, which would’ve been a disaster for a modern metro man, such as Lindsey.

“Oh my God, Lindsey, your nails look, prettier than MINE!” Becca yelled out, half seriously and half-jokingly. “Whoever did your nails will do mine from here on. Beautiful & stunningly sexy. A LOT on the feminine side, but your dainty, soft hands wear them so well, dear. And look, they’re long, like … like…” She stuttered as she tried to call Lindsey out for being at least half gay.

“Like a girls’? Yes, I love long nails on a woman. So, I wanted mine just as pretty. You’re just jealous of me, aren’t you dear!?!” Lindsey replied heatedly. She should know his style by now to not try and make fun of his feminine style.

“Uhhh, I’m going to be sick, ooooooohhhh!” Becca ran to the toilet and barely made it.

“Are you alright, Becca?” Amanda, the mother of the group, asked her. “See if she needs help.”

Jann and I both volunteered to check on the Becca. She was smiling and washing out her mouth with water.

“I’m totally good, woah… The beans are REALLY fucking good, aren’t they, guys?” Becca asked rhetorically. She was already blowing up and it had only been 10 -15 minutes, max.

“How is she?” Amanda yelled out.

“Time to call Ray Ray, she’s starting to roll already!” I replied reassuringly.

“Okay! I’m calling them now!”

“Let’s all wait by the door and wait for them to carry us to the hot tub. I don’t think I can walk anyways.” Becca said, slightly stumbling as she held on to Me and Jann, making it a struggle to move very far at all.

“I’m fat, guys. See? I feel fat next to, Lindsey… You’re so, perfect-ly thinnn. Skinny whinny boy. Looking so hot to guys and girls! …. Hey, I’m sorry I tried to make you feel bad about your nails, I’m jealous, I admit it… I love you so much, Lindsey! You’re a good friend to us all. I love you, even if you all the time get the most attention! Definitely more than me. And I’m a girl! Damn it!” Becca said as she stood up on her own, recalibrating herself and gave Lindsey a bear hug.

“Becca, I fucking love you too! Don’t ever forget that!” I embraced her and leaned down to show my affections for her.

“You guys are SO CUTE!” Jann said. I LOVE YOU BOTH AS WELL! HUGGGS!” She wrapped her arms around us and soon Amanda got in on the hug fest just in time. “LOVE!” She said joining us in this moment of truth friendship.

Ring – Ring – Ring

“Ray Ray’s here guys. How should we go about this…?” Asked Amanda, looking to me for an answer.

“Follow my lead.” I winked at her & immediately cleared my head of the mushiness to draw from the spoiled, pampered, prissy & sometimes the overly demanding Queen side of my character.

“He knows how to be a mean girl, there’s no denying it.” Becca joked as they watched me to be entertained, and sometimes even educated.

Lindsey unlocked the door by moving the latch off. Then he quickly sat back down, so as not to make it overly easy for Ray Ray to sweep him up off his pretty pedicured feet, which were on full display as he lounged carelessly aloof in the leather chair. His legs up over the arm, crossed neatly and puffing on his e-cig with deep, relaxing draws he looked as if he expected to be pampered by a loyal servant as his legs and feet dangled over the arm of the chair, gently swaying his pretty feet lightly in the air. His toes were perfectly done. They would look awkward on a ordinary man, but Lindsey had such a way with self-confidence that everyone already knew he was super sexy and dug his style, accepting his femininity as a part of his sexual appeal. His white toes had such a fine-looking gloss that the can blind someone at the right angle with ordinary indoor lighting.

“Oh my, such pretty feet for such a pretty little man!” Ray Ray said as he couldn’t help but lust over Lindsey’s fine, delicate physique, practically licking his lips and drooling on himself as he approached Lindsey. “I’m taking Lindsey! Venus, you’ll have to wait!” Ray Ray pronounced as he scooped Lindsey right up in one continuous, effortless motion.

“The robe looks so fantastic on you, my dear Queen.”

“Oh my, Ray Ray! Well thank you, sir! I must admit, you are the strongest man I have ever laid my eyes on. Ohhh, I LOVE how this feels… it’s such a wonderful feel to have such a strong, powerful Herculean man of such capable physical qualities carry me about with such little effort… and so graceful are you as you walk that I might be tempted to believe you’re somehow gliding us to the destination. It’s a euphoric! Just feeling your solid sturdy body laboring right below. I can tell how physically powerful you are as I am in ecstasy, lounging on you in luxury. You afford me the sensual indulgence with a fondness I find exceptional. You have deified me by laboring underneath my frolicking demeanor. So then worship me as your Goddess! Bend at my feet! You provide me opulence as I soak myself in eroticism while you toil! I am physically delicate, but not frail at all! Only I’m the pretty, beautiful Queen that you openly lust over, loving me as I sit and you carry me about because I fancy that and you fancy me, Ray Ray. Now, take me to the hot tub and lavish me 1000x! Beginning with my feet, which require a wet massage!” Lindsay was blowing up so hard as he spoke with unknown wisdom while Ray Ray now openly submitted to him completely, treating him like Goddess.

“Yes, My Mistress!” Ray Ray spoke softly now. He carefully and gently rubbed Lindsey’s gorgeous feet until Lindsey commanded that he lick them first, so the massage would feel more appropriate on such pretty feet as Lindsey’s were, undoubtably.

“This is the hottest thing I’ve ever seen!” Becca said, being the first to break the silence while Lindsey spoke with the upmost authority over his willingly submissive subject, Ray Ray.

you that it won’t be difficult to loosen y’all up and get y’all to relax as you allow use to please & pleasure your pretty much every whim.”

Ray Ray

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