Greg’s GF Pt. 05: Party Next Door – Fetish – Free Sex Story

We arrived at the party. It was already busy. I was so glad Kate had decided to restrain herself more, but with all the alcohol and men I was worried about temptations. At least with strippers all the drunk Horny guys could focus their attention on something other than my girlfriend.

Unfortunately, Kate’s new friends recognized her right away and offered her drinks. Scurrying her away, I tried to keep up, but I was distracted by my friends.

“Strippers!” Steve exclaimed. I watched as my friends ran up to a coffee table in the living room with a topless girl dancing on it.

“Just don’t forget about me boys!” Kate said with a laugh. I turned back towards where I heard her voice, but Kate and the neighbor guys had disappeared around the corner. I ran to catch up, but they were nowhere to be found. It was frustrating, but did my best to remind myself it was Kate’s idea to tone things down. So she wouldn’t do anything, right?

I walked around checking out house a bit. It was impressive, even larger than Steve’s lake house. There was a den off of the main living space. It contained a large self-service bar. I grabbed a drink, lemonade with vodka.

Drink in hand, I started relaxing and thinking more clearly. I had nothing to worry about. Kate was a tease, but she was really just getting in the mood to have more Sex with me. This trip was still the most action we’ve ever had.

Next I walked out back, remembering they had that huge patio where they were talking to Kate that morning. It was so much bigger than I had seen from below earlier that day. The party was even wilder out here. There was another stripper and lots of guys watching, all vying for a closer look. That’s when I noticed Kate with her new friends. I walked over to join them.

“Oh, hey sweetie! Where did you wander off to?” Kate asked.

“Um, I didn’t. I couldn’t keep up and lost track of you when-” I stopped mid-sentence when I realized Kate wasn’t listening to a word. She seemed distracted, glancing at Darren and his friends as their attention was pulled to the naked dancer on their patio. “Everything ok?” I asked.

Kate didn’t respond.

“Kate?” I said.

“Yeah, babe. Crazy,” she replied. Obviously still entirely unfocused on what I was saying.

A new song came over the sound system. It was one of Kate’s favorites. I saw a smirk develop on her face and she leapt onto a table and started to dance!

Men started cheering as she danced on top of the table. Once her shirt slipped over her head, I realized any hopes of Kate toning it down were dead. The cheers got louder as more clothes were thrown into the crowd. At this point, I think Kate had more eyes on her than the actual stripper.

This was more than I could handle. I had already let Kate get away with getting naked in front of my friends. I couldn’t exactly make a scene of her getting naked now. My jealousy got to me to and I made the decision to head back inside. My friends were no longer by the stripper they were watching earlier. I took a seat and watched her. She seemed to be enjoying herself and was fairly interactive. Making her rounds around the room. Grabbing guys heads and shoving them into her chest, grinding on their laps, she even let a guy lick her tit. Whatever Darren paid them to dance, it must have been a lot.

When she made it to where I was sitting she jumped on my lap, straddling me. I was so nervous. I had a naked stripper sitting on me! But then I remembered this is about as naughty as Kate had been, so I didn’t need to worry. She gave me a lap dance and I was instantly hard. She slid off my lap, put her hands on my knees and slid them up my thighs. When her hands moved over the tent in my pants and she stifled a giggle. What the fuck was she laughing at? Before I could react, my body tensed and I came hard in my pants.

“Oh my god, did you just?” The stripper asked, covering her mouth, trying to hide her laughter. “I’m so sorry. That surprised me.” As she got back up she gave me a wink before moving along. “Glad you enjoyed the dance!”

A couple of the nearby guys snickered as I sunk away to the nearest bathroom.

In the bathroom, I pulled down my pants and tried my best to clean myself up with some toilet paper. Unfortunately, I’d still have to deal with an uncomfortable wet spot in my underwear for the rest of the night. The only bright side is that my friends and girlfriend didn’t see it.

I returned to the patio and saw Kate no longer dancing, but naked and holding her shorts. Her eyes brightened when she looked at me. “Babe! Wasn’t that exciting! I’ve never had such a rush. All the guys loved my dancing, and they all wanted to catch a feel!” Kate took my face in her hands and kissed me, then with a smile continued. “It must have been doubly exciting for you.” She slid her hand down into my waistband, but still outside my underwear. Her smile turned to a frown, then quickly back to a smile. “Did you cum?”

I was a little embarrassed, but admitted I did. “Yeah, during the dance.”

“I knew you’d have a great time!” Kate kissed me again.

What did that mean? Maybe Kate asked the girl to give me that lap dance? Of course, that had to be it! I really had the best girlfriend ever!

“Where’s my top?” Kate said glancing around. I decided to help look. As great as it was that this behavior got her Horny for me, I still wanted to have her clothed as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, I came up with nothing and Kate had disappeared again. Then my friends stumbled outside, very drunk. They noticed me “Greg! Where you been buddy?”

We caught up a little. They rambled about the stripper, but most of what they said was incoherent. After about ten minutes of that, I decided I had enough. “I think we’d better get back. You guys are really drunk.” I told them.

We went inside. Kate was coming down the stairs from the upper level. All the guys were staring because all she had on were her shorts.

“Well, the host is totally passed out.” Kate said with a shrug. I suppose she must have gone to check on him, probably after noticing how drunk he was. However, I didn’t care about how drunk Darren had gotten. I wanted to know why Kate was still nearly naked.

“You didn’t put the rest of your clothes back on?” I asked.

Kate shook her head. “Nope, I tried finding them after my dance but some of the guys must have taken them. I could only find my shorts, didn’t even find my panties.” She lowered her shorts to showing her bare Pussy and her lack of underwear. I would’ve taken her word for it. I really wished she wasn’t flashing her Pussy to everyone again.

“I guess we’d better go back then. The guys are way too drunk anyway.”

Kate nodded, “let’s go then. I’ve got a job for you back at house.” She gave me a squeeze over my shorts.

We helped the guys home and Kate practically attacked me the moment we returned to our room. Kissing me and ripping off my clothes.

“So you must have been pretty turned on to cum like that weren’t you?” Kate asked as she fondled me.

“Um, yeah. I mean, that’s ok right?”

Kate giggled. “Of course! I had a feeling you’d enjoy that. Of course I did too. I was so wet! Do you think next time I should push things even further?”

Even further? Was Kate suggesting that I do even more with a stripper? Was she going to arrange something? What could she have had in mind, maybe a handjob? My girlfriend really was the coolest. “Sure. We can push as far as you are willing.”

“Really?” Kate asked excitedly.

“Yeah, and you are sure you really enjoyed it? You were actually wet?” I asked, just making sure.

“Are you kidding? Fuck, I was so wet I could feel it dripping down my thighs.”

That’s all I needed to hear, I came. I was disappointed I blew my load before we could have Sex, but this was so exciting that I think it made up for it. I pushed Kate back and went to work, burying my face between her thighs. She wasn’t exaggerating about how wet she was either.

After we had both came we were lying panting on our bed.

“You like our kinky new dynamic then hun?”

I nodded, still catching my breath.

“So, strange question, but..” Kate paused. “Do you think it’s hotter being apart or in the same room during the crazy stuff?”

I was glad she said something. While I appreciated Kate arranging the lap dance it was embarrassing that I came in my pants. If she had been there when that happened it would have been even more humiliating. I knew having complete privacy for whatever Kate might arrange next time wouldn’t be realistic. It would be nice to save face somewhat. “Well, now that you mention it. Being around for the more crazy stuff would be kind of awkward. So maybe just for the lighter stuff?”

“That’s fine, I totally get it.” Kate then yawned. “I think having such a crazy day and the drinking is catching up with me. Ready to go to bed?”

Feeling just as sleepy I nodded. Kate leaned over to give me a kiss.

“Goodnight sweetie.”

“Goodnight babe.”

I had the most peaceful night’s sleep. When I woke in the morning, I felt great! Kate was already out of bed. As I got out of bed I could smell fresh cinnamon rolls! As I opened the door to our room and walked out, I had a feeling it was going to be the best day yet!

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