Grace’s Accident Pt. 04 – Fetish

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It had been four days since Grace messed herself publicly in a nearby park, and already she was planning her next poop-filled adventure.

She walked through the familiar aisles of her favorite department store, her heart pounding with a mix of excitement and nervousness. As she discreetly glanced around, she noticed some of the same employees she had encountered during her embarrassing accident a few weeks ago. She quickly averted her gaze, not wanting to draw any attention to herself.

Making her way to the nearby section that housed a wide array of bras and panties, Grace felt a surge of anticipation. She scanned the racks, her eyes lingering on the numerous pairs of panties that might accommodate not one, but two gigantic loads of her poop. Her fingers brushed over the soft fabrics, imagining what they would look like with the combined bulge of two loads of her poop contained within them. It would surely be an incredible sight to behold, she wondered.

With her heart racing, Grace selected a couple of pairs that caught her eye, which seemed to promise the roominess she sought. Finding a nearby fitting room, she slipped inside, willing to indulge in her secret fantasies.

Closing the door behind her, Grace took a deep breath, her hands trembling with a mix of anticipation and apprehension. She slowly undressed, peeling off her clothing layer by layer until she stood there naked. The cool air caressed her naked skin, heightening her senses.

Grace picked up the first pair of panties, examining them closely. They were tan colored, and made of a silky material, with delicate lace trim adorning the edges. She stepped into them, the fabric gliding up her legs, hugging her ample curves snugly. As she pulled them up, she felt their roominess around her bottom, an indication that they might be a little more accommodating than her previous pairs.

Turning to face the mirror, Grace admired her reflection. The panties hugged her hips, accentuating her voluptuous figure. She couldn’t help but imagine the weight of her shit pressed against the soft fabric.

Grace decided to try on the other pair. This time, she selected a high-waisted style with a stretchy waistband. As she slipped them on, she marveled at the way they gently caressed her lower tummy, providing a comforting sense of support. The white fabric stretched to accommodate her curves, promising ample space for her coming double load.

As she stood in front of the mirror, clad in her new panties which she was buying for the express purpose of pooping in, Grace felt a mix of excitement and satisfaction. She knew that she had found the perfect pairs to fulfill her desires. The anticipation of filling them with her warm, heavy mess caused a smile to cross her lips.

Grace gathered the panties she had tried on and decided to make her purchase. She discreetly made her way to another checkout counter, away from the intimates department where the employees might recognize her.

As she stood in line, her heart raced with anticipation. She couldn’t wait to bring them home and indulge in the fantasies that awaited her.

The cashier scanned each pair of panties without a second glance, oblivious to the hidden purpose they held for Grace. Grace paid for her purchase, her hands trembling slightly as she tapped her phone to the pin pad. With the transaction complete, she carefully placed the bag containing her new prized possessions into her purse, her secret tucked away for later.

Exiting the store, Grace felt butterflies well up in her stomach. She had successfully acquired the spacious panties she needed to fulfill her desires, all while avoiding any potential recognition. The world around her remained blissfully unaware of the thrilling adventure that awaited her – but not until she could have the biggest load in her panties feasible.


Another four days had passed since Grace made her purchase, and her anticipation, as well as a enormous load of poop, had been building deep within her. She had deliberately held off on indulging in her desires, allowing herself to become more and more desperate. With urgency building in her bowels, she knew the time had finally come for her to relish in the forbidden pleasure she craved.

Grace retrieved the freezer bag from her closet, which had preserved the load of poop she had saved. As she opened the bag, the familiar scent wafted through the air. With trembling hands, she delicately placed the ball of poop into the tan colored panties she had bought at the store.

Grace slipped the soiled panties up her legs, relishing in the way they hugged her curves. As the weight of her previous load nestled against her butt, the combination of the cool poop and the warmth of her body created a unique yet pleasurable sensation.

With a deep breath, Grace positioned herself in front of the mirror, her gaze fixated on the bulge that was contained within her panties. It was a magnificent sight. The mound of feces strained against the fabric, and she couldn’t help but run her fingers along the spherical bulge, admiring its size and weight. She’d forgotten how big it was, and knew that it was about to get even bigger. Her anticipation was building, her body tingling with a mixture of excitement and arousal.

She spread her legs slightly, feeling the fabric of the panties pressing against her most intimate areas. Her hands caressed her body, tracing the curves of her hips and thighs, as she whispered words of encouragement to herself. “Look at what a huge poop you made, Grace… Let’s make it even bigger..”

The sensation of her impending release sent shivers down her spine. Grace closed her eyes, and her breathing quickened as she allowed herself to relax, and let her body take over. A slow, sensuous moan escaped her lips as she relaxed her bowels, allowing the 8 days worth of poop to begin its descent into her already crowded panties. She gasped as her asshole opened, and the cable of hard-packed poop began inching out, impaling the existing load of poop already in her panties. Her body trembled in response, her arousal growing with each passing second.

Grace opened her eyes, locking her gaze with her reflection once again. The intensity in her eyes mirrored the intensity of her desires. She whispered, “Yes, Grace. You’re making such a big smelly poo poo in your white, silky panties. Oooohh!”

As the load continued to push its way out, Grace couldn’t help but moan with a mixture of pleasure and relief. The sensation of her mess enveloping her with its weight and warmth, and the way it molded against her skin sent waves of ecstasy coursing through her body..

Her arousal reached its peak as she let go completely, fully surrendering to the sensations that consumed her. The mess continued to fill her panties, the fabric expanding and seemingly up to the task of accommodating her growing load. Grace’s moans grew louder, her body trembling with the intensity of her pleasure.

Grace’s breath quickened as she continued to poop, her panties bulging obscenely against the volume of poop contained within them. The sensation of her poop pressing against her, the weight of it resting against her skin, sent shivers of delight down her spine. The warm, soft mess filled all of the available space between her legs, intertwining with her first release.

After emptying her bowels, Grace couldn’t help but marvel at the sight before her. The sheer size and heft of the bulge she’d made filled her with a mixture of awe and arousal. It had swelled to a substantial size, reminiscent of a large melon nestled within her panties. The mound of feces strained against the fabric, its size unlike anything she’d ever produced before. Her mess squished and squelched with each movement, creating a plethora of sensations that sent shivers of pleasure down her spine.

With every passing moment, her arousal grew, fueling the intensity of the experience. She couldn’t help but play with her full breasts, squeezing and teasing herself as she reveled in the plethora of sensations. Her fingers danced across her sensitive skin, tracing the curves of her body, and down the front of her messy panties, where her warm, sticky mess had piled up against her moist opening. The mixture of her own arousal and the warm, sticky mess created a decadent combination that made her body quiver.

Grace dipped her fingers into the mound of poop, and removed them from her panties. Her fingers still dirty, she smeared the chocolate brown muck across her ample cleavage. Her hands moved with purpose, gliding over the curves of her breasts, massaging the mixture of old and new poop into her flesh. Her nipples hardened under her touch, aching for attention. Without hesitation, she pinched and tugged at them, the mixture of pleasure and filth intensifying her arousal to new heights.

Breathless, Grace gyrated her hips so that the poop which was nestled against her pussy rubbed and massaged her clit. Her hips instinctively rocked against the air, seeking further stimulation. She moved with abandon, unashamed of the filth that coated her body, surrendering to her desires.

These newest sensations sent her into a frenzy of pleasure. Her hands explored every inch of her voluptuous form, smearing her poop across her skin, indulging in the primal act of self-pleasure. Her fingers pressed the warm, sticky mess against her pussy only serving to heighten her pleasure. Moans of ecstasy filled the air as Grace lost herself in the moment, her mind consumed by the sheer intensity of the sensations.

Grace’s body quivered with the overwhelming desire to release her bladder. The emptying of her bowels had only heightened her need, and with a mix of anticipation and urgency, she let go, allowing her warm urine to flow freely.

A sigh of relief escaped her lips as the warm stream cascaded into the already soiled fabric. The combination of her pee mingling with the poopy mess within created a unique and intoxicating aroma. Grace couldn’t help but feel a surge of arousal at this escalation to her messy activities.

As the urine soaked into the already soiled panties, the fabric became saturated, clinging to her skin. Grace’s senses were overwhelmed by the mingling scents of her waste and the earthy aroma of her urine.

She smeared the mixture of waste and urine across her skin, the sensations adding to her heightened state of arousal. Grace reveled in the mess, allowing herself to become even dirtier than she ever had before. Her moans filled the room as she surrendered herself completely to the pleasure that consumed her.

Grace’s exploration continued, her hands moving with purpose and abandon. The messiness of her actions mirrored the untamed desires that burned within her. She reveled in the freedom to embrace her fetish without judgment or inhibition.

With a daring glint in her eyes, Grace decided to take her messy indulgence to the next level. In the corner of her bedroom sat a plush accent chair that beckoned her to sink into it. Without hesitation, she lowered herself onto it, feeling the giant mess within her panties flatten and spread against her skin.

The feeling of warm, squishy feces oozing out from every crevice, enveloping her most intimate areas, sent waves of pleasure radiating through her body. As she humped the colossal mound of poop, it squished and smeared against her skin, leaving dark streaks and stains. She could feel the weight of it pressing against her intimate areas, the texture of the poop molding and shifting with each movement. The sensation of her own waste surrounding her, the smell of it filling the air, intensified her arousal to unimaginable levels.

A cable of poop oozed out from the space between the waistband of her panties and her coccyx, being molded by the opening. As it inched forth, it began to resemble a tail but made of poop, until it broke off and fell behind her. With each thrust and grind, her moans grew louder, her body trembling with ecstasy. The combination of the intense sensations, the overwhelming stench, and the taboo nature of her actions fueled her climax. As she reached the peak of pleasure, her body convulsed in waves of euphoria, her mind consumed by the sheer delight of her forbidden desires.

Her movements were frantic, her fingers delving deeper into the mess between her thighs, her other hand continuing to smear poop across her breasts. With each stroke and touch, her arousal intensified, driving her towards the pinnacle of pleasure.

As her climax approached, Grace’s body tensed, her breath hitching in anticipation. And then, with a shuddering release, she was sent over the edge, her pleasure crashing through her like a tidal wave. She cried out as her body convulsed with ecstasy, her muscles clenching and releasing as waves of pleasure washed over her.

She collapsed back into the chair, her body covered in a mixture of sweat, arousal, and her own mess. A sense of complete satisfaction washed over her as she basked in the aftermath of her indulgence.

With her body still trembling from the intense climax, Grace slowly eased herself off the gigantic load of poop, her messy panties now completely saturated with a mixture of her own waste. As she stood up, she felt the warm, sticky mess squishing between her buttocks, the remnants of her naughty indulgence clinging to her skin. A perverse sense of satisfaction washed over her.

As she caught her breath, Grace’s mind drifted to the clean-up process that awaited her. She slowly peeled off her poop-stained panties, taking in the sight of the colossal mess she had created. The mixture of her own waste, urine, and the remnants of her arousal clung to the fabric, creating a grotesque yet strangely alluring image. Her poop stretched, like a thick pad, all the way from the front of her panties, across the gusset, and up the back. This didn’t even take into user account the poop that was caked and smeared all over her bedroom chair. She couldn’t help but feel a surge of pride at her ability to produce such a substantial load.

With deliberate care, she carried the soiled panties to the bathroom. The scent of her own waste filled the air, as she caught a glimpse of her pooped stained figure before entering the shower. Grace closed the shower curtain, turning on the warm water, and allowed it to cascade over her body.

She took her time, using her hands to gently massage the soiled fabric, feeling the remnants of her filth slip away under the force of the water. She turned her attention to her body next, using copious amounts of body wash to clean herself, from tip to toe.

As the water ran clear and she stepped out of the shower, Grace’s thoughts drifted to her next adventure, her mind already concocting new scenarios and daring escapades. She yearned to push her boundaries even further, to explore the depths of her fantasies to the extreme. Yet, with a busy work schedule in the weeks ahead, she thought how she would be able to indulge her desires without getting herself into a messy predicament…

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