Going Deeper: A Sultry Anal Experience

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As the night air cooled, she felt the familiar tug of desire in her stomach. It had been a while since she and her partner had indulged in their shared obsession, but tonight was different. They both felt it—the deep need to go farther, to push the limits of each other’s desires.

They started slow, as they at all times did, with languorous kisses and gentle caresses. But it wasn’t long before his hand slid down to the curve of her hip and he pressed closer, seeking the heat of her body. She moaned into his mouth, her nails scraping lightly down his back. He felt her hips shift slightly under him, urging him to take her deeper. His mind was consumed with thoughts of what lay ahead.

Slowly, he undid the buttons of her shirt, revealing the soft curve of her breasts. He teased her nipple with his thumb, pleased when she arched into his touch. He let his hand wander lower, until he reached the waistband of her pants. She nodded her permission, and he slid them down her hips, freeing her from the constricting fabric.

Kneeling at the edge of the bed, he traced a line down the back of her thigh, coming to rest at the cleft between her legs. Slowly, he rubbed at the dampening fabric of her panties, feeling her muscles clench in response. Without warning, he pulled them apart, sliding his finger inside of her. She gasped, tipping her head back in pleasure. He kept up a steady rhythm, sinking deeper and deeper into her, until she was spilling over the edge of ecstasy.

But that wasn’t enough—not for them. His quest for deeper penetration left him unsatisfied, and he knew that the only way to achieve true fulfillment was to go deeper. He withdrew his hand, and moved up until he was positioned behind her.

The heat of his breath against her back was enough to send shivers down her spine. She felt his finger slick with lube tracing the crease of her buttocks, coming to rest at the tight opening of her backside. She tensed in anticipation, a mixture of fear and longing pooling inside of her.

He started by uncoiling himself slowly, patiently—pushing his finger into her body, spreading the lube and opening her up. She whimpered softly, trying to relax her body and take him in. She felt the stretch and resistance as he pushed deeper, breaking through her resistance and entering her fully.

It was a feeling beyond words, and they both knew it. It was deeper, beyond the realm of everyday sensations. It was a raw, primal hunger he was satisfying, and she couldn’t turn away from it.

Their hips moved in time, as he pushed himself even further, feeling the walls of her body yielding to his relentless penetration. It was a breakthrough moment for him, and for her, as they pushed the boundaries of their physical selves; they found a new level of intimacy, and deeper gratification.

And as they lay there, bathed in the afterglow of their mutual passion, they both knew they had just crossed a threshold that could never be recaptured. From that day forward, they were forever bonded by their refusal to just be satiated. Whether it was with each other, or with someone else, the two would at all times seek out that path to the bottom. They would at all times go deeper.