Giving It Up For Daddy

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“A Rough, Passionate Sex Encounter Between Stepfather And Daughter”



Sarah never really used to get on with her stepdad, so naturally she’s quite surprised when he invites her over to stay with him. She hasn’t seen him in months, not since he and her mother got divorced, so she feels obliged to take him up on his offer. But, little does she know that her visit is about to turn into something far more intense than she could possibly imagine, as ‘Daddy’ and daughter spend some quality time together.


My stepdad and I had never been close. Granted, we never really argued or anything; we just had nothing in common as far as I was concerned, so there was no point in us spending any time together. This was a sentiment of mine that carried on even after he and my mom got divorced, so naturally when I received an e-mail from him inviting me to come and stay with him for the weekend, I was kind of surprised. I hadn’t spoken to him in months, so I wasn’t sure why he was trying to continue any sort of relationship. True, he had been my father for the best part of eight years, but that really didn’t make much difference to me.

However, common decency meant I had to respond to him, and as I wrote out the e-mail to respectfully decline in his offer, I suddenly felt strangely emotional. I felt almost mean, like he was reaching out to me and I was just slapping his hand away. I decided at that moment to delete the line I’d just written, and start the e-mail again.

Now the weekend was upon me, and as I walked up the countless stairs leading to his small apartment, I couldn’t help but feel a little bit sorry for him. My mom had taken everything in the divorce; the house, the car, even the dog (which I seem to recall was bought by my stepdad in the first place). It was true, he really had got a rough deal after the divorce, which made me feel all the better for going to see him. I really felt like I was doing something charitable, and I was all and I was kind of visiting him out for my own conscience more than the garden there is own well-being.

Finally, as I panted and gasped up the last few steps, I made it to my stepdad’s floor. The building that he lived in wasn’t fancy, but it wasn’t particularly rundown either. I guessed that he might just be staying here temporarily, until he found himself a more suitable, permanent place. My stepdad was a man of impeccable taste, or as my mom used to call it ‘expensive’ taste. That was part of the reason that she divorced him, or so she said. Apparently his spending got out of control, and when he blew 50 grand on a new car, my mom said she’d just had enough. Luckily, by this point I was already in college — far away from any of the dramas at home. But having said that, it had been clear to me that their marriage was on the rocks for a good couple of years beforehand.

I found myself standing outside my stepdad’s apartment door, and forced a fake smile as I raised my hand and pressed the doorbell. There were a few thumping noises, then I heard the jangling of keys before the door opened.

“Hi dad” I said with a smile and leaned forward and gave him a hug “I’ve missed you”

My stepdad regarded me suspiciously, then grinned.

“You never called me dad” he said, raising one eyebrow in mock suspicion “and I doubt you’ve missed me. What I appreciate your enthusiasm, come on in.”

He’d seen right through my charade, and I couldn’t help but cringe at how fake I was being. I picked up my suitcase and followed him inside the apartment. Although it was small, the living space was well presented. I could see that my stepdad had done a bit of shopping; everything about his apartment oozed the term ‘bachelor pad’. There was a huge, chunky leather couch, a massive flatscreen TV, and very clean, minimalist decor. I was impressed.

“Want a beer?” My stepdad called from the kitchen. I was a little surprised, as this was the first time he’d ever offered me anything alcoholic to drink. He and my mom had been really strict about alcohol, and they never kept any in the house. I realised then that the no alcohol rule must have been down to my mom.

“Yes please” I called, sitting myself down on the couch and trying my best to look comfortable and not awkward. My stepdad soon emerged from the kitchen, holding two ice cold beers in his hand. He handed me one, and then sat down on the couch next to me.

“Hold on” he said, before I could drink “we need to toast.”

“What are we toasting?” I asked, the amusement visibly showing in my face. My stepdad had never been a man of tradition, so the thought of us toasting something together seemed quite humorous. But, I could see in his face that he was serious, so I thought it best to go along with it.

“To new experiences” my stepdad said, clinking his bottle against the side of mine.

“To new experiences” I repeated taking a long, hard gulp of my beer. It was so refreshing, and just what I needed after the stressful journey I had getting down there. Glancing over at my stepdad I noticed that his face had changed. Not then at that moment, but it had changed from how I knew it to be before. Somehow he looked different to me. He almost looked younger. The fine lines on his face appeared less noticeable; he looked more awake — more full of life. I realised, then, how being married to my mom must’ve been running him down over the years. I guess it must have been like that for both of them, but now that I saw him looking so different to how I remembered him, I realised just how unhappy he must have been. We hadn’t discussed his breakup with mom. We hadn’t even mentioned it. Obviously my mom told me the news, and I think I might have sent my stepdad a quick text saying that I was sorry. But other than that the issue had never been raised. Until now.

“It sure is different, living by myself” my stepdad said, taking a gulp of his beer and looking around his apartment “at first it was a little lonely, I’m not going to lie, but after a while you kind of get used to it. It’s quite nice not having to answer to anybody.”

“I know” I said, glancing at him “since I moved away to college, it’s been great to be my own boss. The only thing is, if I leave dirty laundry in the basket, it’s still there the next morning!”

I giggled, and my stepdad laughed. That was another shocking moment for me. I realised I hadn’t heard my stepdad laugh in quite some time. In fact, I don’t think I could remember the last time I heard him chuckle like that. It was like he was a new man.

The next couple of hours slipped by without me noticing. After a few more beers, conversation was flowing freely — it was the most I had ever spoken with my stepdad in the entire time I had known him. I couldn’t believe it, but he was actually a decent guy. Either that or being away from my mom had somehow miraculously changed him. Either way, I was discovering more and more about him that I liked. How strange it was that I could have lived in the same house as this man for 8 years, and yet known nothing about him. And on the flip side, he knew nothing about me. But now that he had actually taken the time to sit down and listen, there were so many things that I could talk to him about. Obviously the beer helped, but I really did feel like we were finally bonding.

“You know what, Steve” I said, trying my best not to slur my words after the least seven beers “I never realised how cool you were. It’s kind of a shame that I’m just realising that now, well, now that you’re not with mom anymore.”

The moment I mentioned mom, his face changed. His eyes became darker, and his entire posture shifted. I immediately regretted what I’d said, but there was no taking it back.

“I’m sorry” I said immediately, placing my hand on my stepdad’s knee and leaning towards him “I didn’t mean to mention her. I mean, I know it’s a sore subject, and I wasn’t going to bring up at all. Just forget I said anything”

My stepdad smiled, and then to my surprise he placed his hand on top of mine and squeezed gently.

“It’s all right, Sarah” he said, his voice low and soothing “I’m over it. She’s your mom, and I can’t expect you to erase from your vocabulary. My divorce was finalised over six months ago. A lot can happen in six months. A man can learn things about himself. New things, things that might surprise people. That might surprise you, in fact.”

I didn’t know what he meant by that, but there was a strange look in his eye he spoke that made me feel a little bit uneasy. It was like a flash of excitement, mixed with something much darker. Like he was holding on to some sort of powerful secret, something that might make my toes curl!

He squeezed my hand again, and then perhaps even more to my surprise, I squeezed back. Perhaps it was the drink, or perhaps it was the fact that I hadn’t seen him for so long, or maybe it was the fact that he seemed to be a completely different person now that I was sitting before him — but that moment I felt my stomach do a somersault as I looked at him. He was far more attractive Than I ever remembered, and the smouldering stare that he was fixing me with worked me all into a strange tangle.

“I never told you how proud I am of you, Sarah” my stepdad said, leaning in close so that his face was only a few inches away from mine “you’ve turned out into a fine young woman.”

My breath caught in my chest as he spoke, and I felt my mouth turning dry. I was nervous, scared – but there was also part of me that with excited. Where were these strange words coming from? Why was he choosing to tell them to me now? And what the hell did he even mean by them?

“Very fine indeed …” he whispered, his lips now only centimetres away from mine.

In a moment of complete and utter madness I gave myself over to him. I leaned in close and pressed my mouth against his. It was so crazy, so completely unexpected and out of character for me, but yet it felt so right. He responded to the kiss immediately, slipping his tongue inside my mouth and causing me to inhale sharply through my nose with shock. He pulled away from the kiss just for a second, and chuckled, and pressed his lips against mine once more. His movements were full of passion, almost desperation. I myself was paralysed, struck dumb by the enormity of what we were doing. I allowed my bottle of beer to slip from my limp grasp, and go rolling across the floor. But neither of us took any notice. We were too busy exploring each other, teasing each other’s mouths and tasting each other for the very first time.

My stepdad’s hands slid up my thighs, over my tight miniskirt and then clasped around my tiny waist. He pulled me across the couch closer to him, and I put my hands up on his chest, feeling the hard, tight muscles beneath his shirt. That was a new thing to me to, and it sent jolt of desire up and down my spine. The whole situation was utterly crazy, and I felt a strange wave of shame, mixed with passion wash over me as my stepdad’s hands moved from around my waist and cupped my firm, juicy breasts. I didn’t know what to do with myself, so I just sat there, allowing him to kiss and fondle me as he wished. It was as if I wasn’t in control of my own body any more. Like I was just carrying on in a dreamlike state.

But I had complete and utter an awareness. I could feel everything; my stepdad’s hands as they squeezed my tits, causing my nipples to become erect. My heart was thudding in my chest and I felt sick, but also exhilarated as my stepdad began to undo the buttons of my shirt, and then slip the garment over my shoulders to reveal my swollen breasts. He looked down at them with a ravenous look in his eyes before pulling my bra down and taking my breasts in his hands, squeezing hard. I gasped as his mouth clamped down around one of my nipples, sucking and teasing me, rolling my flesh between his teeth so that I gasped and winced in pain. I couldn’t believe I was letting my stepdad do this to me! And who knew Daddy had such skills!

I felt my pussy beginning to flutter and pulsate, as my stepdad’s tongue snaked its way around my nipple and down my cleavage. Then I gasped as he thrust his hand up my skirt, and began massaging my wet pussy through my panties, vigorously. It was all happening so quickly that my head was spinning. I did nothing to stop him.

“I knew it” my stepdad whispered as he slipped his fingers inside my panties “you’re nice and wet for Daddy”

With those words he slipped his fingers up inside my tight wet cunt. I let out a loud moan, and screwed my eyes shut. I felt ashamed of what was happening to me, but it was too good to stop. My stepdad slid his fingers up as far as they would go, and then began to gently curl them around in circular motions before drawing them back out again. My clit was buzzing now, and I was desperate to get some friction against it. Without even realising it, I began grinding my hips and biting my lip. My stepdad knew what I wanted, it was quite clear.



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