Gina Pt. 03 – Anal – Free Sex Story

Part 3

Gina slipped off the bed and knelt beside it as she waited for Ann`s breathing to return to normal. Gina was content, and was already looking forward to living here with her new Master and Mistress. She raised her eyes as Ann moved and pulled herself down so that her legs fell over the edge of the bed and she was sitting in front of Gina with her crotch level with her face. Gina stared at the large wet patch in the silky panties before her.

“Lesson number two Gina,” Ann spoke quietly and still breathing quicker after her Orgasm.

“Yes Mistress,” Gina sat up on her haunches ready for her orders form Ann.

“Now, remove my panties very slowly,” Ann said and watched with dreamy eyes as Gina hooked her thumbs in the waistband of the panties and slowly pulled them down and revealed Ann`s waxed Sex. The outer lips were glistening and puffy and Gina caught a whiff of her Mistresses musky smell.

Gina continued to edge the panties down Ann`s long legs until they reached her ankles. She gently lifted one leg at a time using a hand on Ann`s calves to help, and removed them completely.

“Scoot forward so that you are in front of my Pussy Gina!” purred Ann and Gina complied as Ann began lesson number two.” Now, slowly kiss all around the lips, but do not touch them until I tell you. Aaah, that’s good. As you learnt to do with my nipples you can start to lick the outer lips. Mmmm, very well done.” Ann reached down and pulled her Pussy wide open with both hands and exposed the pink flesh hidden within and also the entrance to her flooded tunnel. “Now, you can lap like a dog. Try to get all of the juices that my climax produced. Aaaah, that is perfect, but a little harder than that and as deep as you can go. Aaaaaaargh!” Ann was breathing heavily again and her hand pushed Gina`s head hard into her gash as Gina tried to put her tongue as far into her Mistresses wetness as possible whilst scooping the viscous liquids into her mouth with relish.

Ann pushed Gina away from her cunt, and rolled over on the bed and pulled her arse cheeks wide apart presenting Gina with a perfect view of the light brown puckered hole of her anus.

“Same procedure as before, kiss all around my arse, gently at first,” Ann was having trouble now to give instruction as her arousal was rising fast. “Now, lick it softly like with my nipples. Mmmmm, excellent. Make your tongue hard and stiff and push it into my arse! Oh my God yes, yes, just like that now fuck my arse with your tongue!”

Gina was pushing her tongue into Ann`s arse as far as she could as she felt Ann`s hand move under her body as her Mistress sought out her clit. Gina had to move with Ann`s arse as she raised it to allow her hand access to the snatch below.

Gina continued to poke her tongue through the puckered rear entrance as Ann`s movements became more and more frantic as she approached her second climax and the instructions had momentarily stopped until she gasped, “F-f-f-finger in my a-a-arse….Oh my fucking God! F-f-f-inger i-i-n m-m-y cuuuuuuunt! Yeeeeeeeeeeeeees!” And she bucked and screamed wildly as Gina did as she asked and pushed one of her fingers into her arse up to the third knuckle and another simultaneously deep into her Pussy.

Gina resumed her kneeling position beside the bed and waited for her Mistress to recover, and issue the next orders. She was there for at least ten minutes as Ann`s body was wracked my multiple mini aftershocks, as she lay on the bed desperately trying to force some oxygen into her lungs. Gradually she was coming down from her orgasmic high and sat on the edge of the bed and ran her hands through Gina`s long auburn hair and she managed to stammer,”V-v-very. G-g-ood. G-g-gina!”

The two women stayed silent and unmoving apart from Ann laying back on the bed. A good twenty minutes passed before Gina heard movement behind her and turned to see her Master. Ann was also quick to react upon Peter`s entrance and Gina could already tell that she was nearly as submissive to him as Gina was.

Ann sat up on the bed and smiled at him saying, “Hello Darling, finished with your work calls?”

The deep voice that Gina loved, replied to his Wife, “Yes, all done. I see you have been busy teaching Gina a few things. Please increase your tuition schedule as I need Gina up to speed by next weekend, as I have two important women clients arriving and they are both raving dykes, so you two had better be a good team by then!”

Gina was surprised as Ann replied, “Of course Darling, we will be ready to give them whatever they want. Correct Gina?”

Gina hid her shock that Ann was also part of the gift package for Peter`s business associates but just went with the flow and said, “Of course Mistress. I am sure by then that I will have mastered some more abilities to pleasure the Master`s clients and if you help me I am sure that they will be more than satisfied!”

Again the deep voice of her Master boomed, “Work finished and now a little relaxation is called for. Gina has already proved a very capable exponent of fellatio, so let us see how she is at the other sexual arts. Ann please prepare Gina to receive my cock up her arse while I take a Shower!”

Gina paled, as Bill had never used her for Anal Sex as he didn`t enjoy it, but it seems her new Master was not averse to fucking her in the back passage. She was pulled, quite literally from her thoughts, as Ann jumped off the bed, took her hand and dragged her out of the bedroom towards her own bedroom whilst cheerfully telling her husband, “Of course Darling. Back in twenty minutes. Enjoy your Shower!”

Gina was nervously biting her lip as Ann led her towards the en-suite bathroom in her bedroom. She was nervous on two counts. Firstly, of course, about having The Masters dick shoved up her arse and secondly she was not sure about what the preparation he mentioned entailed.

Ann appeared in very high spirits as she helped Gina out of her lingerie and pushed her into the large Shower. Ann adjusted the water to high power and Gina enjoyed the feel of the warm water cascading over her body. Ann went to a draw in the bathroom and returned with an enema and passed it to Gina. Seeing Gina`s puzzled look, Ann asked her, “Have you never used an enema Gina?” and seeing Gina shake her head she proceeded to show her how to use it and finished with,”So ends lesson number three!” and giggled. Gina didn’t join in with the merriment as she hadn`t enjoyed the process that much.

Ann switched the Shower off and held out a towel for Gina to dry herself. As they returned to the bedroom Gina started to open her suitcase and retrieve some lingerie for her “house wear” when Ann spoke curtly, “No time for that now, you can do it in a minute, but first let`s get you sorted for the Master!”

Gina had no time to ask what that meant as Ann left the bedroom and Gina followed her completely naked. Gina paled as she saw the destination of her Mistress. Surely she had done everything well since their arrival and so why was she being taken into the punishment room. As she caught up with Ann she whispered, “Have I offended you Mistress?” and seeing the puzzled look on Ann`s face she continued, “Why am I going to be punished? I have tried to please you and the Master. I know I have had no experience with women but I tried my best!”

Ann`s face broke out into a broad smile and she giggled like a little girl and even ran her hand through Gina`s freshly washed hair before stating, “Oh Gina, don`t be silly you have done very well so far and you are not being punished. However, we keep other items in this room that we will need to prepare you for our Master`s dick in a minute. OK?”

Gina was still unsure, but nodded and replied, “Thank you Mistress for your help in preparing me for the Master.”

“It is only this once,” said Ann, before continuing, “From now on I will expect you to do all of the things I am showing you by yourself. Now lean across the table and push your bum up in the air as much as possible!”

Gina did as she was told and flinched as she felt the slimy, cold lube hit her warm, freshly washed buttocks. She let out a loud “Ow!” as Ann roughly pushed two fingers past her Anal ring and into the dark tunnel behind. “Aaarghhh that hurts Mistress!” she complained as Ann pushed the two fingers in and out rapidly and with force. This complaint was met with a violent slap to her right buttock from Ann.

“What did I tell you about complaining? You are lucky we are in a hurry or it would have been the birch across your arse and not just my hand!” Ann said, and all of her previous good humour had instantly evaporated as she turned and took a small dildo from the shelf, coated it in lube before pushing it hard into Gina`s anus.

Gina was now biting her lip hard to stop herself screaming, as she felt the dildo being roughly pushed in and out of her rear. As the dildo vacated her back passage she heard Ann say, “Try to relax your muscles and the pain will eventually fade!” and then she pushed a slightly larger dildo into Gina`s arse and repeated the process.

Gina could feel the muscles of her anus stretching and then relaxing as the plastic invader was brutally rammed into her. The burning of her battered Anal ring was reduced slightly as Ann squirted more of the cold lube into her now gaping arsehole and she felt it trickle inside her. The butt plug that Ann pushed into the lubed and gaping hole was about two inches at its widest point and Gina felt the initial pain of its entry before it popped into her and her sphincter closed around it, holding it in place.

Ann`s good mood seemed to have returned as she was nearly bouncing on her feet as she said, “Perfect. You are nearly ready, so quickly now, back to your room and put on your house clothes, while I go and check on the Master. Just come to our bedroom when you are dressed, but double quick. You understand?”

Gina nodded and said, “Yes Mistress!” as she walked to her own room. The plug in her arse felt seriously weird to her and it also felt huge. Fearfully she wondered how she would manage to take her Master`s wide dick in her small hole.

In her bedroom she selected a powder blue suspender belt, and after putting it on she found a pair of smoky grey stockings with a darker grey seam in the back. She rolled them up her legs, enjoying the tingles that the nylon always gave her on her bare legs. She attached the stockings to the four straps of the suspender belt and stepped into her four inch heels. Stopping to look at herself in the full length mirror in the corner she said to herself, “I look pretty good!” and she fluffed up her beautiful hair and let it fall in waves down her back. She left her room and walked unsteadily towards the Master bedroom. She found that a butt plug and four inch heels were not a really good combination.

Arriving at the Bedroom door she saw it was open and so entered quietly. The scene in front of her was far away from what she had expected. Ann was on her front and totally naked on the bed. This she had expected, but the ropes that were wrapped around her and holding her hands behind her back and the fact that they were attached to her ankles which were pulled up nearly level with her hands came as quite a shock. She also saw her Master pushing his dick in and out of Ann`s mouth with such aggression that the saliva was dropping in a torrent from her mouth.

“Ah, you’re here. That’s good, as your Mistress has done an excellent job of providing me an erection, but I feel she needs a break now. Come here and bend over the bed and use your hands to support yourself!” Her Masters deep baritone sounded very loud in the room.

Gina did as instructed and bent across the bed. Her face was nearly on top of Ann`s hogtied buttocks and she could see the relief on the other woman’s face as her Master withdrew his fat cock from her mouth. Gina glanced at it with trepidation as it was fully erect and it was very, very big and she wondered again if she would be able to accommodate it.

Moving behind her the Master pulled the plug from her arse causing tears to form in the corners of her eyes before she felt the coolness of the lube he squirted into her gaping back passage. She was quivering as she felt the big mushroom head tap on her Anal ring and she let out a muffled scream as the fat dick pushed through her sphincter muscles and rested a few inches inside of her Anal passage. The initial pain was so severe that she thought she would faint, but gradually the pain subsided to a dull ache as her already stretched muscles accepted the large invader.

Inch by inch her Master pushed his cock further and further into her rectum. The pain caused Gina to involuntarily suck in her breath, and hold it as she scrunched her eyes tight shut. After what seemed hours to Gina, but was probably only a minute she felt the front of her Master`s thighs touch the rear of hers and she exhaled deeply and congratulated herself silently that she had achieved what she had thought was impossible.

Gina`s relief was short lived though, as her Master started to piston in and out of her with aggression. He pulled nearly the entire length of his manhood out until just the head was left buried in her arse before pushing forcefully forward until he was completely encased again. His hands grabbed Gina`s hips in a vice like grip and he pulled her back onto him as he pushed forward using his hips. He continued so for a good two or three minutes, before Gina felt him tense and groan and she felt a warm stickiness in her arse that made her desperately want to use the toilet, as he shot four large spurts of come deep inside her.

Her Master still gripped her hips with a strength that began to feel very painful. Gina desperately wanted to use the bathroom now but he stayed immobile with his softening dick still pushed up her arse. Gina tried to concentrate and contract her Anal muscles and gradually she achieved her goal and he was pushed out of her behind.

Thinking that her ordeal was at an end she hoped that she would be excused as she had to pee really urgently now. However, she would have to wait, as he spun her around and pushed his flaccid, smelly cock in her mouth and made her clean him up. Gina nearly gagged as his cock smelled of her shit, but she just wanted to get it over with so she could run to the bathroom.

Once she was sure that he was “clean” she stared downwards as she begged, “Please Master. May I go and use the bathroom? It is very urgent or else I would not beg you so?”

His deep voice boomed as he said, “Of course Gina. You have done very well today. Take a break and we will call you if you are needed again. There is an intercom in your room and we can call you from all the other rooms. Welcome to our house!”

Gina sprung from the bed and hurriedly left the room whilst glancing back quickly and seeing her Master shove his cock back in Ann`s mouth.

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