Getting To Know Her (Daddy & Daughter Sex Story)

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It all started about two months ago…

I woke up on a Saturday morning with my usual piss hard-on. The alarm
clock said it was a little after seven o’clock. Figuring that everyone was
asleep, I decided not to get dressed to go to the bathroom. As I walked, my
penis bobbed and weaved ahead of me. I opened the bathroom door and froze in
my tracks. There, just stepping out of the tub, was my nineteen year old
daughter, Jill. She stood there with one foot in the tub and one foot on the
floor. Those long slender legs, that small mound of light brown pubic hair,
her slim waist, those perfect, round, firm tits and that innocent angelic
face. I was transfixed. At first she started to reach for her towel but
stopped when her eyes caught sight of my enlarged dick. Her eyes darted back
and forth from my hard-on to my face and back to my hard-on.
After what seemed like minutes I apologized and backed out of the
bathroom. Jill mumbled something like “that’s OK”. I went back to bed and
waited till I heard her leave the bathroom before attempting to relieve my

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In the following days my mind would often drift back to those few
seconds of seeing my own daughter standing there, naked as the day she was
born, but looking so much nicer. I had occasionally wondered what she looked
like under her usual baggy t-shirts and jeans. Now I knew.
The next Saturday my wife and daughter were going to go to the mall
and then to do the grocery shopping. I decided to go for a short, intense bike
ride to get in a good workout. After my bike ride I took a refreshing shower.
I hung up my towel and walked naked to my bedroom.
There, coming out of my closet, was Jill with a handful of hangers.
Not wanting to run away like a shy schoolboy, I just stood there and waited
for her to leave the room. She blushed and explained that she needed hangers
for the clothes that she bought at the mall. I noticed her eyes dropping to my
crotch a few times. I asked where her mother was and Jill said that she went
on to the grocery store by herself. Then she exited the room backwards,
sneaking one more glance at my penis which was beginning to come slowly to


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