Getting the Job – Holly Willoughby 10 – Celebrities & Fan Fiction – Sex Story

Getting the Job: Holly Willoughby Part 10: Birthday Cake

By Imorol

Disclaimer: This is a fictional story for adult entertainment purposes.

Now, to the story…

‘Coming up on today’s show…’ said Phillip Schofield.

Standing next to him, Holly Willoughby could feel just how slick her pussy was. Her heart beat fast as her arousal increased. Looking past the cameras focused on the pair of them, she could see her producer. Graham ‘Grey’ Fitzpatrick was watching her closely, a smirk on his face. And he wasn’t the only one. Most of the men working the studio floor were peering at her. They weren’t as obvious about it as the show’s producer, but they were looking.

Today the makeup artist had put Holly’s hair up in a ponytail, with loose strands framing her gorgeous face. Red lipstick painted her sensuous lips. Holly’s wardrobe consisted of a pastel pink shirt and black trousers. It was the trousers that had everyone’s attention.

The trousers were tight, specifically over Holly’s thighs, clinging to her crotch and closely hugging her big round bum. All morning, the crew had been checking her out. Quickly, word had spread that Holly had a camel toe in her trousers and everyone wanted to see. And see they did. As men talked to Holly or passed her in the hallway or on the studio floor, they would discretely take a peek and could see the tantalising swell of her hidden quim and the split her camel toe.

But it wasn’t just her crotch that had everyone’s attention. Unlike most trousers, these had a long zipper in the back. It followed the crack of her arse, the black zip helping to define her already sexy bum before almost disappearing into her crotch from behind. And with the trousers themselves being particularly tight over her firm round cheeks, it was a wonderful sight for the many people enjoying it.

Another rumour had quickly spread: that Holly wasn’t wearing knickers today. Certainly, no one could see a panty outline in the stretched trousers.

Holly was well aware of the effect her choice of clothing had. In fact, it was why she had chosen to wear the trousers today. Having so much attention placed on her snug snatch and curvy bum was making her hot. And the day has only just begun, she wondered.

But that wasn’t why she had worn them. It was Grey’s birthday and she wanted to ensure he had a good day. However, Holly had an ulterior motive. Talk had been going around about taking the show to an outside location. Phil wanted one location while Holly favoured another. If I make him happy, he’ll let me pick where we go. He love’s seeing me in these trousers and I’m sure he’s gonna love his birthday cake.

‘…That’s right Phil. Today is a special day for a member of the This Morning family. Our producer, Grey Fitzpatrick has his birthday today. Happy birthday Grey!’ Holly said, talking into the camera before making eye contact with him.

‘Now, it wouldn’t be a birthday without a birthday cake,’ said Phil. ‘So later in the show our very own Miss Willoughby will be dishing up a special desert.’ Holly gave a small curtsey. ‘What cake will you be making, Holly?’ Phil asked, turning to his blonde partner.

‘Well, Phil, rather than a sponge cake or a fruit cake…I’ll be making a cream pie!’ she exclaimed, a bright smile on her face and a cheeky gleam in her eye. As she expected, the floor crew chuckled and laughed behind the cameras. The producer’s face split in a wide grin.

‘It’s an unusual choice for a birthday cake. However, I’m sure it’ll be very tasty,’ Phil replied, barely able to restrain himself from laughing.

‘I just hope it’s gonna be edible,’ Holly giggled, triggering Phil to join her in creasing up in front of the viewing audience, laughing.

‘And we’re off the air,’ the floor manager said nearly an hour later as the show entered a news segment. ‘We’ll be heading directly into a commercial break after this segment, people.’

‘Thank goodness. I need to pee,’ Holly declared before dashing off to the nearby toilets.

Stepping out of the studio, she saw her producer, casually standing outside the toilets. These were reserved for on-screen personnel so the broadcast team wouldn’t be delayed in returning to the studio floor. Smiling she walked up to him.

‘Good show so far, Grey?’ she asked.

‘Very good, Holly. Everyone seems to be enjoying the…show,’ he answered, smirking. ‘You’re so fucking hot in those trousers, Holly,’ he added in a low voice. ‘Every time you bend over, your perfect ass looks fantastic. And when you did that squat! I wondered they were gonna split wide open.’

‘I wondered you’d like it,’ Holly grinned back. ‘Afraid you’ll have to excuse me now, though. Need to pee badly!’ she said, still smiling.

Pushing through the door into the bathroom, she wasn’t surprised when he followed her. In fact, she was both expecting and wanting him to. Stepping into a wide cubicle, she turned to see the man standing in the doorway, watching her.

With a giggle, Holly locked her gaze to his and reached round her back. Slowly, she pulled the zipper down, her fingers following the crease of her bum crack. It sounded loud in the small room. Still looking her producer in his eyes, Holly pushed her trousers down. Leaving them halfway down her thighs, she sat on the toilet. With a sigh of relief, the hot blonde TV presenter started to pee in front of her producer.

With a hungry look on his face, Graham ‘Grey’ Fitzpatrick watched Holly Willoughby peeing. So sexy, so fucking hot, he wondered, listening to the sound of her piss splashing beneath her and the look of near ecstasy on her gorgeous face, her eyes now closed.

Watching her throughout the morning, groping her tight arse, stroking her thighs and rubbing her crotch whenever he could had gotten Grey worked up. It had been something of a challenge to hide his hard bulging cock in his own trousers. But watching the sexy blonde peeing, hearing her sigh in relief and the hiss of her stream into the toilet bowl was too much.

Hearing another zip being undone, Holly opened her eyes to see her producer struggling to pull his cock out. Quickly, he managed to free his stiff cock and waved it at the seated woman, grinning. Slowly, his hand stroked up and down the throbbing shaft.

‘You know, Holly, the crew think you’re not wearing knickers today. Are you?’ he asked, his view blocked by her trousers at mid-thigh, her legs together.

‘What do you think?’ she asked as the last drops of pee splashed into the bowl beneath her.

Leaning forward, Grey took hold of Holly’s trousers and pulled them to her knees. There were no knickers to be seen. Looking up, he saw the blonde and her cheeky smile. Stepping closer into the cubicle, he peered into her crotch, but with her legs together he couldn’t see.

Face blushing hot with arousal, Holly slowly parted her thighs, pushing her knees out. Displaying her crotch, she revealed that indeed she wasn’t wearing knickers today, that she was going commando.

‘That’s so fucking hot,’ the man hissed, leering at the woman’s furred pussy, the slit pink and wet. And that’s not piss, he wondered. In his hand, his dick throbbed, the head aching with built up pressure.

‘It is my birthday,’ he said with a laugh, straightening up and waving his dick at Holly again.

With a bark of laughter, Holly said, ‘We don’t have much time,’ before opening her mouth, inviting the man in.

Stepping close, he brushed his dick against the woman’s soft lips, smearing them with his pre-scum. With a groan, he felt Holly’s warm breath as she bobbed her head down, those same lips wrapping around his helmet. A deep breath escaped the man as the blonde gave a hard suck, the warmth of her wet mouth closing around him as she remained seated on the toilet.

Slowly drawing her lips back over Grey’s prick as she sucked, Holly tasted his pre-cum, hot and salty. Her tongue flicked over the tip, sampling more of the flavour she enjoyed. Head bobbing back down, she again sucked the head. Repeating her action, she cleaned the throbbing knob of the salty juice.

Holly Willoughby, sitting on the toilet having just peed, trousers around her knees, legs open, leaning forward and sucking her boss’ cock.

Grey moaned in pleasure, the sensation of the sucking mouth working his knob magical. His moan turned to a groan when he heard the tannoy.

‘Miss Willoughby, please report to the studio floor. Thank you,’ a tinny voice said.

‘Do you want your birthday present now?’ the presenter asked, removing the dick from her mouth.

‘Er, ok,’ the man replied, confused knowing there was no time to continue.

Standing, she forced her producer to take a step back. Devilish smile on her face, she said, ‘Reach into my pussy, sir.’

As instructed, Grey let go of his straining prick and reached into Holly’s crotch. Quickly sliding a finger down along the wet pink slit, he tucked a finger up inside her. He felt something in there, obviously a piece of cloth. Eyes blazing with excitement, he dug around inside his show’s presenter until he hooked his finger into the material. Tugging, he pulled out a G-string.

Shivering with delight, Holly felt the man fingering her, enthusiastically probing. All too soon he found the G-string she had pushed up her minge before leaving for work. With a delicious scraping sensation, the underwear was dragged out of her snatch.

‘Enjoy,’ she smirked before stepping past him. Washing her hands quickly, she headed back to the studio floor.

During the next commercial break, Grey called her apart.

‘Thank you for my present, Holly,’ he said. Looking around and seeing no one was near, he looked her in the eye and sniffed his fingers. ‘Your dirty panties smell wonderful.’

With another look to see they were alone, he reached behind the blonde and ran a hand over her firm arse, over the smooth tight trousers. Fingers creeping along the zip disappearing into her butt crack, he squeezed.

‘Thanks again,’ he said with one last caress before Holly was called back to the set.

‘And now a treat for us all too watch. Holly here is now gonna demonstrate her skills as she makes her own special cream pie. As we mentioned earlier, it’s the birthday of our producer and Holly has graciously volunteered to make a creamy treat for him,’ Phil said, barely containing his laughter.

‘I don’t know. “Skills” may be putting it a bit too strongly,’ Holly replied, raising her eyebrows and smiling, ‘But I’ll give it my best shot. I do enjoy a bit of cream. Now, this is gonna be something of a pie/trifle crossover…thing,’ she laughed. ‘But it should be tasty. I’m not that much of a cook. That said, I have been taking lessons and I’m getting more comfortable around the kitchen…I think!’ she said, her voice rising at the end before laughter erupted.

Moving to the kitchen set, the blonde stood behind the counter. As she spoke into the camera, describing the recipe she had studied, the blonde added her ingredients into a bowl.

‘…calls for the use of a manual whisk. Don’t ask me why. I’d much rather use an electric whisk.’

Picking up the kitchen implement, the British beauty leaned over the counter and looked into the bowl. Slowly, she started folding the ingredients together as the camera zoomed in, framing the bowl and her chest in the shot. Starting to whisk harder now, the camera captured the view of Holly’s large boobs jiggling under her shirt. Although a lot of the focus of the day had been her tight trousers, camel toe and round bum, her boobs were at all times objects of attention.

‘Phew, it really takes it out of you,’ Holly said, taking a deep breath.

Refocusing, she continued to beat the mixture in the bowl. All the cameramen had hard-ons as they zoomed in and recorded Holly’s bouncing chest, her tits knocking together and jumping around as she aggressively whisked.

Well aware how the director would be shooting her, the angles he captured, Holly played up to the cameras. Making sure not to be too obvious about it, she made her tits jiggle as she whisked. Squeezing her arms to her body, she ensured her tits were pushed up on her chest. Getting hot from the brisk whisking, she couldn’t deny there was also a heat building between her legs. In fact she had been fighting an itch ever since her run-in with Grey in the toilet earlier.

‘Well, the cream is starting to form peaks now. If you come round here you’ll be able to see better,’ she said, looking to her side as a cameraman closed in on her.

With the camera coming in from her side, Holly made sure her bum was jiggling as well as her tits. From that angle they’re gonna have great shots of me, she wondered, smiling.

Panning over, the cameraman slowly moved in. Through the viewfinder he had a perfect view of Miss Willoughby’s bum as she leant over the counter. Encased in her tight trousers, her big round bum looked fantastic. It looked as if the rear zipper was being swallowed by the cheeks of her arse. Fucking hot, the cameraman wondered. Getting closer, he looked at that sexy arse almost in his face. Damn, Holly isn’t wearing knickers. Smiling broadly, he continued to capture the stunning vision of that firm round rump jiggling with her movements.

‘Now just a pinch of salt to help release the flavour,’ she said. ‘Hmm, salty cream,’ she quietly murmured with a snigger. ‘And lastly I’ll add some light blue colouring. Just to make it look pretty. Reminds me of the sea,’ she said, smirking again as she folded in the colouring.

Turning sideways to the counter, feet together and bending at the knees she squatted, sticking her rear out towards the camera focused on her from behind. Smiling, the celebrity reached into a fridge and pulled out a large circular jelly, laid out on a tray.

‘Well, we don’t have time for the jelly to set, so…here’s one I prepared earlier,’ Holly said, smiling into another camera. ‘Here we have a thick base of lime-flavoured jelly, a favourite of our beloved producer,’ she said.

Repeating her movements, she gave the rear camera another great shot of her arse. Looking back over her shoulder into the lens, there was a sheepish look on her face. In her hands was a circle of thick set custard, matching the jelly in size.

‘Ok, I’ll admit I may have cheated a bit. This is the custard I made earlier as well.’

Now ignoring the cameras, she placed the custard on top of the jelly layer. Picking up the bowl of light blue cream, Holly used a spatula to add lashings of it to the desert. Soon she had a large mound of a pudding sitting before her.

‘And there we go,’ she exclaimed, adding a few decorations to the pudding. ‘My cream pie for you to enjoy!’

With the kitchen segment the last of the show, Phil and Holly stood once more in the main part of the set.

‘…looks stunning, Holly. I’m sure your cream pie tastes just amazing,’ Phil said before cracking up in laughter.

‘Stop it,’ Holly admonished, before cracking up herself. After a couple of false starts, she was finally able to look into the camera again. ‘And coming up tomorrow…’

‘Ok, we’re off the air. Good show, people. See you all tomorrow,’ the floor manager called out.

‘That was so awkward,’ Holly laughed, turning to Phil.

‘And that’s why it was so funny,’ her on-screen partner replied. ‘What are you gonna do with that?’ he asked, seeing her pick up the large pudding.

‘I said it’s for Grey, so I’m gonna make sure he can not leave without it,’ she said, laughing.

‘Good fun. I’ll see you tomorrow Hols,’ he said before leaving the set.

Face still blushing but a big grin on her face, Holly left the set as well. In her hands she carried the large mound of the cream pie to give to her boss.

Walking through the door to her private dressing room, Holly wasn’t surprised at all to see her producer sitting in a chair. In one hand he held the smelly, well used G-string he’d pulled from her snatch in the bathroom. Currently the underwear was pressed to his nose as he inhaled her scent. His other hand was busy stroking up and down his dick.

‘Hello, Grey. Enjoying your birthday present?’ Holly asked, smirking as the man inhaled deeply again. Moving to a coffee table, she put the cream pie/trifle mix down.

‘God, yes. These smell so sexy,’ he said, eyes blazing with lust.

‘Do you want your birthday cake?’ Holly asked, her voice sounding suspiciously innocent, and taking the man a little by surprise.

‘Er…I’m not sure about that. There’s…rather a lot of it,’ he said, thinking he didn’t really want to eat it. The blonde wasn’t known for her cooking.

‘Oh, I’m sure you’ll want it…once I’ve served it up properly,’ Holly said, her voice turning seductive, a devilish look now gracing her features.

Turning her back to her producer, Britain’s favourite TV presenter bent over at the waist, feet together. Looking over her shoulder, she wiggled her big bum at him.

‘Did everyone enjoy the view today?’ she asked seductively, shaking her arse.

‘God, yes. Your arse is amazing, Holly. And in those trousers, it’s something else,’ he exclaimed, eyes roaming all over the woman’s firm round arse. Tracing the line of the rear zipper, he couldn’t help imagining what was underneath. I want it, he wondered as his dick throbbed in his still stroking hand.

‘Help me with my zip?’ she asked, her tone playful.

Finally letting go of himself and dropping the G-string onto another table, the TV producer knelt behind Holly Willoughby and her upturned bum. Grabbing her by the hips, he drove his face into the crack of her covered backside. Even with the rough zip on his nose, he delighted in sniffing Holly’s arse. Smells divine, he wondered, inhaling her back passage, her hidden arsehole.

Remaining bent over, Holly smirked as the man sniffed her bum. Feels good, she wondered, enjoying the power she had over him at the moment, and the sensations of his hands caressing her rear. They slid smoothly over her trousers, fingers squeezing her cheeks.

Ducking his head down, Grey pushed his face hard into his star’s crotch from behind. Inhaling deeply, he could smell Holly’s pussy, feel the heat of her twat against his face. Mumbling his delight into the woman’s crotch, he continued to smell her. Hands now on her hips, he held her steady as he ground his face against her.

Having let the man enjoy her scent for a few minutes, Holly said, ‘Grey? My zip?’

With one last hard press of his face into the warm delightful crotch, he pulled back. Sliding his hands from Holly’s hips and over her cheeks, he took hold of the zipper and pulled it down. Teasing himself, he did it slowly. Inch by inch, Holly Willoughby’s glorious arse was revealed. The man’s face bare inches from the warm arse crack. As the zipper was pulled further down, Holly’s trousers peeled open, the garment forced aside by her bent position.

Looking directly forward, Grey was greeted with the sight of Holly Willoughby’s anus. It winked at him, the tight ring of muscle flexing. He wanted to stick his tongue right up her backdoor, to lick her arsehole out.

‘Uh uh,’ Holly said over her shoulder, seeing the desire in the man’s eyes and guessing what he wanted to do. ‘Not yet, Grey. Not yet.’

Happy to play along, Grey moved back to his seat. With Holly wiggling her naked arse at him, the producer grabbed his dick again, slowly stroking it.

Now facing away from her boss, the blonde reached back and slowly lowered her trousers. Feeling the man’s eyes following, she pulled the garment down. Inch by tantalising inch, her sexy long legs were uncovered, toned and smooth. Bending right over, arse pushed out as far as she could with her legs straight, she pushed her trousers down to her ankles. With a sigh, she felt the air on her hot wet pussy, peeking from between her thighs.

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