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Getting the Job: Holly Willoughby Part 6: The Xtra Factor Live

By Imorol

NOTE: This story is inspired by the 2008 season of The Xtra Factor.

Disclaimer: This is a fictional story for Adult entertainment purposes.

Now, to the story

Over the past few weeks, the production of the X Factor and The Xtra Factor had moved to the next phase of the competition: Judges Houses. As such, the presenting team, including Holly Willoughby, had travelled all over the world, visiting the ‘Judges Houses’, with each judge trying to outdo the others with their choice of opulent surroundings.

Because the production had to be controlled and monitored from the offices in London, producer Martin Archer had not been able to travel with the filming crews. Although relieved again by not having to worry about satisfying the sexual desires of her boss, Holly had to admit to herself that she had missed the naughty games they had played, and of course that huge cock of his.

But now the cast, the crew and the surviving competitors were back in the UK for the live televised shows.

11 October

Tonight the first live episode was set to be broadcast. Everyone was rehearsing meticulously in preparation. Amongst them was Holly Willoughby, dressed in tight navy blue leggings, faded black t-shirt prominently featuring a lightning bolt on her chest. The t-shirt was a tight one, hugging the curves of her boobs, doing nothing to distract from their size. As with everyone else, the blonde TV presenter was dashing from one part of the studio to another, going over the marks for camera angles, memorising facts about the current contestants, etc.

But, whenever the producer could steal an opportunity, Holly would feel her employer’s hands groping her body, squeezing her tits, pinching her nipples, palms cupping and kneading the cheeks of her arse. Fingers running down to her crotch, he would aggressively rub her Pussy, pressing into her slit, forcing her thong and leggings into a camel toe. He’d sigh in frustration, not having time for anything more, then dashing off to take care of other business.

Later in the day, Holly was taking a brief respite in her changing room when Martin walked in, camera in hand.

“Right, Holly, we don’t have much time. So much going on today,” he said.

Knowing what was required of her Holly stood up and turned as Mr Archer began to take pictures for his ever growing collection. Although she wasn’t dressed for the show, she knew his tastes favoured tight fitting clothing. It wasn’t a surprise to hear him moan when she turned her big bum and stuck it out. With the leggings clinging to her body, she knew her arse looked good and her Pussy was nicely framed beneath, its camel toe clear for his lens to capture.

The camera continued to click as the golden-haired beauty exposed her underwear and then finally her body. T-shirt pulled up, bra cups down, exposing her hard pink nipples. Leggings and thong rolled down to her knees.

Reaching out, Martin ran a finger along Holly’s bare wet Pussy, coating it with her juice. Without warning he pushed it inside her, as deep as he could. Holly gasped as her boss started fingering her fast and hard, overcome with frustration of not being able to do more to her. A second finger was quickly added, fucking her hard. Leaning forward, the man began sucking her nipples as well, sucking hard.

His mobile’s ringing interrupted them. Pulling his fingers out of Holly, Martin took a brief call, licking his fingers as he did. Ending the call, “Damn. Problem in the control room,” he said. “I’ll have to catch you later.”

With a look of frustration, he looked at Holly standing there, tits, Pussy and arse all out. Quickly, he shoved both fingers back inside her. Grabbing his camera with his other hand, he snapped off a few quick pictures as he swirled his digits around in her Pussy. Withdrawing them again, the producer sucked her juices from his fingers as he left the room.

Throughout the remainder of the day, Holly was molested repeatedly by her producer, whenever they could without risk of being seen. Usually a quick grope in passing. Martin wasn’t the only one getting frustrated; the touching was heating Holly. In the end she made her excuses and fairly jogged to the bathroom. Once in the cubicle, the Hot blonde thrust her hand down into her leggings, rubbing her clit through her thong. Within what felt like seconds she had a gooey cum directly into her underwear. Tension released, she went back to work.

Currently, the X Factor main show was still broadcasting. Holly was in her dressing room, going over last minute details. Hair and makeup already done, she was wearing a low-cut tight red dress and black heels. The dress clothing showed a ton of cleavage, tightly hugging her bum. Holly felt so sexy!

She was admiring herself in the mirror when Martin walked in without knocking.

“Wow! You look absolutely gorgeous!” he said, eyeing her tits and arse as she turned.

“Ah, thank you!” she replied, flashing a bright smile.

Revealing his camera he took some snapshots of the presenter — the woman in red. He snapped quickly, knowing time was limited as Holly would be needed on set soon.

Poor man, he’s probably got the world’s worst blue balls, Holly thought, seeing the frustration on Martin’s face. Having seen to her own release earlier, she decided it would be in the best interests of her career to help him out, even with limited time.

“I’ve got something you might like,” she said. Smiling seductively, Holly slowly hiked up her dress.

Click. Soft rasp of cloth on smooth legs. Click. Long, tanned thighs. Click. The peak of a dark thong. Click. A large wet spot. Click. Click. Click.

“I’ve been wearing these all day, Martin. All the time you were touching me up, getting me wet, they’ve been soaking up the smell of my Pussy.”

Without breaking eye contact she pushed her thong down her legs and stepped out of them. Smiling still, she raised her own panties to her face and inhaled.

“Hmm, nice.” She inhaled again. “They’re a bit gamey. Do you want to smell them?” she asked. With an innocent look now on her face, she held them out to her boss.

Heart racing with excitement, Martin grabbed the proffered thong, immediately raising them to his own face, eyes closing as he sniffed deeply. He barely heard the rasp of clothing as Holly pulled her dress back down.

They smell so strong! he thought, sniffing again and again. His already hardening cock bulged against his trousers.

His eyes jolted open when he felt Holly’s hands, her fingers drawing down the zipper of his fly. A sultry smile on her face, she unbuttoned his belt and opened his trousers. Her warm hand grabbed his prick through his boxers, squeezing it. Yanking his underwear down, Holly Willoughby grasped the thickening cock and started stroking. She kept her eyes locked on his, smiling as she worked her hand up and down his shaft.

Holly was aware there wasn’t much time before she’d have to go, but she didn’t want to leave her boss high-and-dry. She knew what to do.

“Hmm, Mr Archer. Do you like my dress? It’s very tight isn’t it,” she said, hand still working. “Look how it shows my boobs off. It’s disgraceful! I should be ashamed, but I’m not.”

Staring at her huge cleavage, sniffing deeply of the panties, Martin nodded, eyes blazing.

“Can you see my bum in the mirror? Look how it’s eating my dress. You can see the crack of my bum. Do you like my bum, Martin? Do you like how big and round and firm it is? I know you do. You couldn’t keep your hands off my bum all day, could you?” Her hand worked faster, gripped harder.

Martin moaned in pleasure at the feeling of Holly’s hand wanking him. He moaned again when she leaned forward, looking down, a long dribble of spit escaping her luscious red lips, dripping down onto his cock. Her warm soft hand spread it on his own Hot skin as she continued to stroke him.

“That feels better, doesn’t it? Does my slippery hand feel good, Martin? Do you like me wanking you as you sniff my smelly dirty knickers?” she continued to tease. “Smell my knickers, Martin, smell my Pussy. Smell my minge.”

Obeying, he sniffed, deeper, harder, inhaling the aroma from the thong. He could smell Holly Willoughby on her panties, the stink of her Pussy and the aroma of her arse. He could feel the rough where her early cunt cream had dried, scratching his nose as he continued to sniff. His cock felt so hard. It had barely gone down all day. Every chance he got he had groped Holly’s tits and her arse, and the crotch where these panties had just come from.

Seeing the time, Holly knew that they really didn’t have long. She began wanking harder, feeling the cock throbbing in her hand. She spat on it again, a sordid squishing sound now accompanying her efforts.

“Hmm, such a nice cock,” she said, “It’s so hard for me. Can you imagine, Martin, when I’m out there tonight, all those camera’s looking at me in this tight red dress, focussing on my body. My tits. My arse. All those other men at home, wanking their dicks as they fantasise about me. As they imagine my mouth sucking on them. Their hands squeezing my tits, feeling my arse. Hmm, I bet they all want to fuck me! All those men leering at their TV screens, wanting me. All that cum being shot as they wish they could have me.

“Imagine all of that Martin, and knowing that you can have me. That you can make me suck this monster cock. That you know what my mouth feels like. That you can shove this beast in my cunt. That you know exactly how it feels to be balls-deep inside me, feeling my Pussy cum on you. And my arse Martin! How it feels to be deep inside my Hot tight arse! They don’t know, but you do! While they’re shooting off into a tissue, you can cum inside me, you can make me swallow.”

With a near scream, Martin came! Holly barely managed to step aside as a torrent of cum shot out of the monstrous cock, her hand still pumping. With each pulse, another thick gob of spunk erupted, audible splashes as it hit the vanity mirror, the makeup table, the floor. After unintentionally edging all day, Martin couldn’t hold back. Soon, thick puddles were all over the place. Looking at the mess, Holly checked none had gotten on her outfit.

As the producer struggled to catch his breath, Holly picked up some tissues to clean the spunk that had managed to splatter her arm. It was so thick, pearly white and Hot. She could smell its salty aroma. Then she had another idea…

“Martin,” she said. When he looked at her, she gave such a dirty smile. Raising her hand, sticking out her little pink tongue, she swiped a gobbet of cum from her arm. Swallowing, she smiled. She licked again, and again, cleaning the spunk from her skin.

“Fuck, that’s Hot,” Martin breathed, eyes following the movement of Holly’s tongue. It ran up her arm, chasing a thick runnel of his cum. Her lips pursed and he heard her sucking, drawing in his salty jizz. He watched her throat working as she swallowed.

After using a wet wipe to finish cleaning up, Holly left to present The Extra Factor.

18 October

The second live episode of The Extra Factor had just gone off the air. Holly Willoughby was alone in her dressing room. She was wearing a black and white checked party dress, tied at the waist with a large bow riding just above her bum. Ending at her knees, the dress would have been considered demure if not for the very revealing low-cut squared neckline.

Her boobs framed within the dress, Holly had felt the eyes of all the men and many women in the audience ogling her. Several contestants had gotten an eye-full, much to Holly’s delight. Sometimes being a tease was so much fun! She knew lots of women would be getting fucked tonight whilst their men fantasised about her.

Although not a vain person, Holly did like to look at herself. Hands on her makeup table, she leaned forward, pushing her tits together with her arms, enjoying the sight of her own cleavage. She was Hot and she knew it.

Holly was still admiring her tits when Martin Archer walked in, locking the door behind him. She watched as he stared at her, feeling her dress had risen above her knees where she was leaning forward. His eyes blazing with heat, he looked at her arse, ready to begin.

Martin was beside himself with lust. Until today he hadn’t seen Holly Willoughby since the handjob last week. Just as then he had taken every opportunity to grope her through another tight t-shirt and leggings. He had taken more photographs for his collection, fingers shoved inside her. But there hadn’t been time for anything else before the show went live. Not until now.

With lust-filled eyes he looked into the wide open green of Holly’s own. His hands feverishly undid his belt, pulled down his zipper and dropped his trousers. Pushing his boxers down, he revealed his monster cock, already fully hard, the head purple with anger. It was already drooling thick pre-cum, its need for release clear.

“Mr Archer…” Holly began to say.

“Shut up, you cock-teasing whore! I saw you out there, showing your tits to everyone! I saw you lusting after everyman in that audience. You want all those cocks don’t you? You slut!”

Martin stepped behind Holly, his hands immediately disappearing up under her dress. His fingers grabbed her knickers by the waistband. He leaned over her shoulder.

“I can smell you already! Your dirty smelly cunt is always wet, isn’t it! Always wanting to be stuffed. Wanting every dick that comes near it!” He yanked her pale blue knickers down her legs and off. Burying his nose in the Hot wet gusset, he inhaled the smell of the Hot blonde in front of him.

“Mr Archer, please…” Holly said, her voice sounding scared.

“Your knickers stink! They’re filthy with your Pussy mess, yellow with your cunt cream. Look at you, your tits out for the entire world to stare at. It gets you Hot doesn’t? Makes you wet!” He inhaled again. “I bet you were imagining yourself out there, bent over the judge’s desk. Your dress pulled up, these very knickers thrown to the ground, while every man out there takes a turn on you. Every one of them fucking you! Filling you up and Cumming inside you.”

“I’m sorry Mr Archer, I can’t help it. I…I’m a slut. A… a whore,” she said.

Flipping her dress up over her back, Martin looked down at Holly’s beautiful sexy round arse. Holly’s heavy breathing causing it to move, the muscles flexing.

Smack. “Look at you, you’re in heat!” Smack. “Do you need it, Holly?” Smack. “Do you want it?” Smack.

“Yes. Yes, I need it Mr Archer. Please Mr Archer, put it in me. Fuck me!” she begged. The spanking was light, just warming her cheeks but she liked it.

“No! Why should I fuck your dirty, Hot wet cunt, when it’s open for anyone who wants it?”

Large heavy shoes kicked her feet apart, forcing her legs to spread wide, opening her crotch to her employer. Holly felt a hand on her arse, pulling her cheek, exposing her arsehole. She could feel the air circling her anus. Martin moved and then she felt the bloated head of his monster cock nestling between her cheeks, lining up, preparing to penetrate her anally. His hand moved to her hip.

“I’ll fuck your arse instead!” And with his hand keeping his cock rigid and on target, Martin thrust. Hard! He forced his cock into the slick, Hot grasping hole of Holly Willoughby’s arse, pushing deep into her rectum. A loud groan escaped his lips.

Holly screamed! The huge cock was buried half-way inside her on that first thrust. Gasping for breath, she felt Martin’s hands moving, gripping her by the hips and braced herself. With another mighty thrust, her producer buried that full girthy beast of his fully into her clutching bowels.

“Jesus!” they both yelled in unison, Holly with surprise, Martin with desire. He started to hammer into Holly Willoughby’s arse, driving desperately inwards, withdrawing before savagely returning. Sweating profusely, the man pounded over and over into the sexy blonde, desperate to release a weeks’ worth of cum.

Her whole body juddering with each brutal impact, Holly watched in the mirror. She saw her tits jiggle, barely held in by her dress. Saw the heat in her own eyes, framed by her beautiful golden hair. Lips parted as gasps and moans escaped. Each smack of their bodies ran through her. Arsehole burning deliciously, she could feel her sphincters as the huge dick thrust through them. It felt like her own arse was sucking the cock, giving an Anal Blowjob. She could actually feel her anus pulled out by the cock when it withdrew then pushed back in with each strong thrust. After that second thrust Martin was never less than fully buried every time he struck home. And with each thrust, his meaty balls slapped into her dripping cunt, banging into her clit, driving sensation throughout her entire body.

Thank god this was all planned, Holly thought. He’d have torn me in two otherwise! Glancing sideways, the TV presenter looked at the large black dildo she had borrowed from Martin’s secretary. It was the same Sex toy that Kerri had used to fuck her arse during Holly’s first photo shoot, where she had secured her current job.

Several times during the day, Holly Willoughby had snuck away to her dressing room. There, she had greased up her arsehole and sat on that toy. Riding it, taking it deeper until she was fully impaled upon it. Martin had reached out to her earlier in the week, telling her what he wanted from this weekend: to fuck her up the bum. But he claimed he also wanted to see how good an actress she could be. He had even given her something of a script, including all those nasty things she had said. In truth, she thought that Martin had really enjoyed the dirty talk last week and wanted to hear Holly say more, say worse things. She didn’t really like being called a whore, but, given what she had agreed to…

“Ooh, Mr Martin! You’re fucking my arse so hard! You’re sodomising me. Buggering me!” she wailed. Holly continued to hold herself braced. She couldn’t push back because her boss was filling her all on his own every time he plunged deep into her bowels. “Please, sir, am I gaping? Are you leaving my little bum hole wide open?” she said. “Can you see inside my bum?” she added, improvising her lines.

With a grunt, Martin Archer pulled out of the slick tight arsehole gripping his prick. Looking down he drank in the sight of Holly Willoughby’s wide open anus; a dark hole ringed by her pink sphincter, pulsing with the Hot blonde’s racing pulse. He was so close to Cumming now, and the sight of that gaping, inviting hole was too much.

With a sudden intake of breath, Martin thrust forward again, instantly ball’s deep in the blonde goddess under him. His balls slammed against her Pussy, smacking her clit. With a yell he exploded deep inside Holly Willoughby’s bowels, thick ropes of his seamen blasting deep within her. The muscles of her clutching chute milking him, sucking the cum from his balls.

Martin had confessed he hadn’t cum at all during the week, intent on saving it up for this very moment. Feeling the powerful jets of seamen entering her, Holly believed him. Warmth spread from the already heated bar of the monster cock lodged inside her. She would swear she could feel spunk flooding into her intestines, warming her. Holly’s own Orgasm hit then.

The TV presenter had not cum all day, but had remained on the edge. All the groping keeping her Hot, turning her on, taking that big black toy up her arse repeatedly, she had denied herself. But not now. Dropping her beautiful, sexy heaving chest to the makeup table, Holly thrust both hands between her legs. Spreading her cunt wide open, the other attacked her clit. Rubbing, grinding, pinching, squeezing.