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April 2372 — New Trondheim Colony, Mars orbit

We were both major germaphobes, for good reason. Until I switched to Urology near the end of my training I had specialized in infectious diseases, like my Wife. Every square centimeter of human skin hosts millions of bacteria, viruses, and fungi; and the damp or wet regions hold many more. Each touch transfers huge numbers of potentially dangerous germs!

After the official kiss, we needed to pause our wedding so we could gargle with mouthwash. We’d brushed and gargled before the ceremony too, but we needed to be sure. The first half hour of our honeymoon was even more tense than the wedding, since our marriage wouldn’t be legal until we ‘consummated’. My Wife Andrea insisted on us taking showers first and I heartily agreed. Of course we wore masks, gloves, and most of our clothes. I inserted my bare penis into her naked Vagina just long enough to penetrate her hymen, mostly out of legal and social pressure. I had to take an erection pill first, since even the idea of unprotected intercourse horrified me. We strongly agreed that ‘making Love‘ was far too disgusting and we’d never do it again.

I couldn’t honestly say I was Sex deprived. Two or three times a week we’d watch each other masturbate by rubbing soap on ourselves in the Shower, where we felt safely sanitary. The other would stare through the clear Shower door and masturbate while sitting on a clean towel atop the freshly cleaned toilet lid, of course.

She was willing to give me hand jobs about twice a week; always with a condom, mask, face shield, and surgical gloves. I was willing to return the favor any time; wearing a face shield, mask, and gloves as I fondled and fingered her. I started a porno movie at bedtime once, but we got sick and nearly expelled our stomach contents when the scene changed to a couple performing oral Sex on each other.

On our third anniversary I decided I’d try something kinky with her, at least something that was quite kinky to us. I took my mask off while fingering her! I was still protected by the gloves and clear plastic shield, but she could see my face. She said it was the best sexual experience of her life, to that point. She was reluctant, but I got her to wank me without a condom or mask. She felt it was thrillingly dangerous to do it with only gloves and a face shield and I agreed.

While I was assigned to supervise the rehabilitation of several sexual deviants, I discovered a possible solution to our severe issues. The standard way of dealing with people who had illegal Sex with unwilling partners in the Mars colonies was to assign them a Sex robot similar to their victim and ensure they used it regularly. During the three-year study I ran, none of the 27 offenders lost their harmful desires, but if they stayed busy screwing robots none of them reoffended.

While I read the robot specifications, I discovered their artificial skin included a small amount of silver and copper nano-particles, making them germicidal. If a robot only had one Sex partner, the chance of catching a disease was zero. Even if they were shared, any microbes on their surfaces died within a few minutes, and the robots were programmed to clean themselves when not in use.

I planned quite a romantic evening for our fifth anniversary. We took a slow ride through a nature park at peak butterfly season. The clear canopy of our vehicle kept them and their germs out, so we were Free to marvel at their peaceful beauty. We had a nice meal at the restaurant with the best sanitation in the area, then returned home. Two large packages I’d ordered were sitting on the living room floor.

I looked in my Wife‘s eyes and said, “Andrea, we’ve had a few difficult times, but I’m glad I’m with you. I’d like to think you feel the same. I’ve found a way for us to be even happier.”

“I am happy. I can’t imagine anybody I’d rather be with than you. You’re so understanding and kind. You don’t need to do anything else.” She touched her hand to her shoulder, which was our alternative to kissing. I knew it meant she loved me and I touched my shoulder too.

“Let me show you a change I’ve made to the bedroom, then we’ll open our gifts.”

Tears came to the corners of her eyes when she saw two medium-sized beds instead of our large one, and the clear plastic wall dividing the room. There was a tremor in her voice. “We can take our clothes off at night and not sleep in masks anymore! You did this for me?” I’d never seen her smile so wide before.

I nodded and said, “Let’s go open our gifts.”

As she reached for the top of the metallic bag with her name on it, I said, “We can have Sex naked now. They’re totally sterile and germicidal.” I handed her a printout of the robot skin specifications.


“I’ll open my gift first. I want to see the look on your face when you open yours.” Mine held a ‘Lovebot Laura’, who was a full-sized woman with a full-sized bottom and more than a full-sized chest, just like my Wife. I’d even paid extra to have it produced with her face and long blonde hair.

Andrea smiled with joy when she saw her new Lovebot Lance, who was a tall brunette like myself. His body and face matched mine, other than the 50 percent longer penis I’d requested for him. She choked back happy tears as she said, “Barry, this is the best thing anybody’s ever done for me.” She held her hands to her shoulders in a tight self-hug and cried a while.

I touched my shoulders and replied, “I Love you more than anything, sweetie. I’m so very glad you’re happy. Let’s take our robots to bed.”

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