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[Scene: The Ellen DeGeneres Show]

Ellen: (with a playful grin) Welcome back! We have the amazing Gal Gadot here, and we’ve been dying to hear about your experience with the iconic Wonder Woman costume. I heard it was a modern twist on the original. Tell us all about it!

Gal: (smiling) Hi, Ellen! It’s so great to be here! Yes, the costume was definitely a nod to the classic Wonder Woman look. It had a golden-brown bra and blue panties, which was a tribute to the original comics. But I must admit, when I first saw it, I was like, “Whoa, this is basically lingerie!” (laughs) It made me feel a bit shy, but once I got into character, I owned it, and I got used to it in no time.

Ellen: (laughs) I can only imagine! I’m sure you rocked the costume! Now, I heard there’s an interesting story about a certain body part of yours that was supposed to have a special role in the film. Care to distribute?

Gal: (laughs) Oh, you got me there, Ellen! Yes, it’s true. Wonder Woman’s feet were initially planned to be a major part of the film.

Ellen: (laughs) Feet?

Gal: (giggles) Yes, Feet! The idea was that her feet were blessed with cupid’s powers, and she could use them to seduce anyone she wanted. It involved some scenes where I had to show off my soles and wiggle my toes to attract the bad guys. Quite an unusual concept, I must say!

Ellen: (laughs) That’s definitely a unique use of superpowers! I’m sure the feet fetishers would love those.

Gal: (laughs) Ellen!

Ellen: (laughs) But I can see why they eventually decided to cut it out. It might have made it a little too easy for Wonder Woman to defeat her enemies, right?

Gal: (nodding) Yeah. It was a fun idea, but ultimately, it would have taken away from the challenges and depth of the character. So, it had to go.

Ellen: (grinning) Now, speaking of challenges, I can imagine wearing the Wonder Woman outfit was quite a task. How did you manage to handle it, especially during public events like Comic-Con?

Gal: (laughs) Oh, Comic-Con was definitely an experience! Initially, walking around in my innerwear while everyone else was fully clothed was so weird. But I reminded myself that I was portraying this strong and fierce character, and I had to embrace the outfit. And let me tell you, after seeing the amazing fans and their support, I felt empowered by it all! Sure, I was almost nude, but there I was!

Ellen: (smiling) That’s amazing, haha! And I’ve got to say, you looked absolutely stunning in it. But I can imagine that keeping it in top shape was a whole other challenge.

Gal: (nodding) It definitely required some effort! I had professional pedicures twice a day to keep my feet looking their best, and I made sure to work on my body to make it as attractive as efficient. Lots of training for my arms, glutes, and, well, let’s just say I worked on my Wonder Woman assets! (winks)

Ellen: (laughs) You worked hard for it, and it definitely showed! Now, you briefly sharef a funny story about a scene where you had to look at someone seductively. What’s that about?

Gal: (chuckles) Oh, yes! There was this one scene where I had to gaze at someone seductively and wiggle my toes to attract them. It was just too hilarious! I couldn’t stop laughing during the takes. I mean, who knew toes could be so alluring?

Ellen: (laughs) Again, I bet that scene was a memorable one for the feet lovers! Now, before we wrap up, can you tell us about the final costume we see in the film?

Gal: (smiling) Of course! The final Wonder Woman outfit is a sleevless golden-brown breastplate, a tiny blue microskirt, and golden-brown boots. It’s still revealing in its own way–my full thighs and bare armpits are at all times on show, and well, there are moments when even my panties flashed here and there! But it was accepted at the end, and I think it truly captures the essence and the sexuality of Wonder Woman.

Ellen: Well, you certainly did the character justice! (with a mischievous grin) Before we wrap things up, Gal, there’s just one more thing I’d love to see. I mean, we’ve been talking about your feet and their “superpowers,” so why not show them off a bit? (winks)

Gal: (laughs) Ellen, you’re full of surprises! Well, I guess I can give the audience a little glimpse of Wonder Woman’s feet. (Gal playfully kicks off her heels and lifts one foot up for the audience to see)

[The camera zooms in on Gal’s barefoot sole as the audience cheers]

Ellen: Look at that! Wonder Woman’s feet in all their glory! I hope none of you were seduced by those magical soles! (laughs)

[The audience erupts in laughter]

Gal: (joining in) Oh, Ellen, I promise, no seducing going on here! Just a fun little demonstration.

Ellen: (jokingly) Wow, those are some super feet, Gal! But, you know, while we’re at it, let’s get a closer look at that Minnie Mouse fashion statement you’ve got going on with your panties! (laughs)

Gal: (blushing and laughing) Oh, you caught that, Ellen! (The camera playfully zooms in on the cute Minnie Mouse faces on her panties peeking out from the white minidress she’s wearing.)

Ellen: Are you secretly a Disney fan?

Gal: (blushing and laughing) Well, I couldn’t withstand adding a bit of Disney magic to my wardrobe. It’s my little secret!

[Camera continues to zoom in on Gal’s panties, and the audience erupts in laughter]

Ellen: (laughs) Well, Gal, you’re full of surprises today! But I must say, it’s cute and fitting for someone who portrays such an iconic character. That’s adorable, Gal! Now, since we’re getting sneak peeks, how about one more? Let’s see those cute panties again!

Gal: (playfully rolls her eyes) Oh, Ellen! Okay, just this once!

[Gal shyly lifts her dress to reveal her Minnie Mouse panties again, and the audience cheers and applauds]

Ellen: No way! She actually did it!

[Gal laughs as she spreads her legs to show off her panties a little more]

Ellen: (smiling) And that’s how we wrap up a Wonder-ful show! Gal Gadot, thank you for being such a great sport and sharing “sneak peeks” moments with us!

Gal: (laughing) Thank you, Ellen! It’s at all times a pleasure to be here!

[Applause as the audience cheers and claps, the camera pulls back to show Ellen and Gal sharing a final laugh she still keeps her legs spread apart]

[Applause as the audience cheers and claps]

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