Full Moon Camping – Anal

Marta and I were perfect for each other in our early 20’s. We were both very athletic and both loved to party. We met when she started working at the bar that I tended at and we started dating almost right away. One thing that we both loved to do was camping, and I turned her onto canoeing and portage trips. My friend Frank and I went on an annual trip to Boundary Waters along the Canadian border, and one year decided that she wanted to come along, so Frank brought his girlfriend and we all went on a brief, rather easy trip. Marta loved it and wanted more; Frank’s girlfriend hated every minute of it. Marta also wasn’t crazy about Frank and his constant attempts at jokes about Marta’s Nicaraguan heritage, so Marta and I started going on our own trips.

One of the things that we both loved was having sex outdoors, under the stars. Marta was at all times a vocal lover, even more so when we were outdoors like that. We had a couple of favorite spots where we liked to make camp for a couple of nights. After spending the first night relaxing, we would spend the day hiking and exploring the area. We even had a couple of spots along the trails where we liked to fool around, fucking against a large rock or fallen tree. We would get back to camp and jump into the lake to bathe, and then we would spend the rest of the day in camp wearing nothing, or next to it. I really enjoyed that part, watching Marta walking around nude, truly being part of nature. After we ate, we would smoke a joint and have some wine that we carried in bota bags and cooled in the lake, and as it started getting dark, we would begin playing.

One year we were at our usual outfitter talking with one of the guides, telling him what route we usually follow. An older Native American, he asked if we ever camped at a certain island, Marta’s favorite spot, and one where she usually gets her wildest and horniest. The old man smiled and said the island had a special legend with his people, especially the point where we made camp. He looked Marta over and then smiled at me, telling us to have a fun and safe trip. My first wondered was that he was underestimating Marta, thinking that I would have to bear most of the burden. Marta, however small she was at 5′ 3″ and maybe 115 lbs, was a workhorse. A former cheerleader and ballet dancer, she was one of the physically toughest women that I had known.

As we were walking out, the old man was looking at the calendar. “You should be on the island for the full moon,” he said. At first, I wondered if he meant that as a suggestion or just pointing it out. Our plan was to be on the point for the full moon solstice. Marta’s grandmother was a “native” from a small village up in the mountains, with many of the old spiritual beliefs, many of which she passed on to Marta.

“That was the plan,” Marta replied. I had some magic mushrooms, and on the drive up we stopped at a roadside stand, looking for fresh veggies. The stand was run by another, much older native who told me that he had some homemade honey wine mixed with dark berries. “If you’re going camping, it’ll be great for the full moon,” he told us. “The bees found some special flowers to help make their honey this year.” That sold it for me. We were going to drink the old man’s “magical” honey wine, trip naked and fuck on the full moon.

“Have fun,” he said again, smiling at me.

“That’s the plan,” we both replied.

As usual, we slept the first night on the water, having a slow, leisurely fuck in the morning before hitting the water again. We hit the island on the third day as planned. I soaked a bota bag, just in case we needed it, after I grounded the canoe and we went on as usual. That first night on the island Marta stripped down to her panties after everything was set up, and then telling me to take the canoe out onto the lake, where she gave me a great moonlight blow job, refusing to let me reciprocate, both something that she never done camping before. “This feels perfect, baby,” she said softly as we lay under the stars in our sleeping bag later. “Us, the island, the moon … I cannot wait for the wine and shrooms tomorrow!”

“Me either baby,” I told her, my arm wrapping around her as we both fell asleep.

The next day, the island seemed different when we woke up. Marta was more open, more … free than usual. The island seemed more alive. She woke me with another blow job, which she did sometimes, and never put on anything more than her panties and a pair of shoes when we hiked later, something she never did. We both took a drink of the honey wine and ate a little bit of the mushrooms before we left camp. We soon reached the highest point on the island, which isn’t saying much.

The peak is a large clearing with a big, flat stone in the center where we usually sat, smoked a joint, and then fucked before hiking back to camp. This time, we sat, smoked a joint, and started kissing, but this time Marta asked, rather demurely as she knelt in front of me sucking my cock, if I would mind waiting until tonight before we “made love,” a phrase she rarely used. “I want to be as tight as efficient for you tonight, sweetie,” she told me. She then kept eye contact as she took me deep in her throat. She had only come close to doing that once, when she was drunk. That view alone was almost enough to make me cum.

Another oddity. Marta rarely, if ever, turned down sex. She was one of the horniest women that I have ever known. I was in no position to protest, with my pole sliding in and out of her mouth, and I wouldn’t anyway. Marta was a rare lover in my life in that she could get me off giving me head every time. I agreed and leaned back until I blasted my second load of the day into her mouth.

I caught my breath as she stood and brushed off her knees. “Thank you, baby,” she said as she kissed me. I thought to myself, ‘She’s thanking ME?’ as I walked back to camp with her on shaky legs.

As soon as we got back to camp Marta complained that I was wearing too many clothes, so I stripped down to a pair of gym shorts from high school. (This was the early 80’s, when gym shorts weren’t much bigger than a pair of boxers) She then made us a light meal and after that we ate the rest of the mushrooms, washing them down with another glass of the honey wine and deciding to save the rest of it for the night. We then jumped into the lake and cleaned ourselves, and each other, off.

A few hours later, with the mushrooms working their magic on us, the sun was setting and the different vibe from the island that I noticed that morning seemed even stronger as the full moon rose. We started drinking the rest of the wine, and started talking about the island.

“Imagine how many natives camped here, maybe having spiritual ceremonies on this island on the full moon,” Marta said at one point. We talked a little more about that and about what the old man at the outfitter had told us about the island.

Marta soon started acting even more amorous than before. We were sitting on a blanket on the ground, leaning back against a log as we stared into the fire. We had just finished smoking a joint when Marta sat up and downed the rest of her wine. She started dancing slowly around the fire, slowly circling it, seemingly to the rhythm of nature.

I watched and felt myself rising to her performance. By the time she came back around to me I felt harder than I had ever been. Marta stood in front of me, still only in a pair of old, worn panties, and motioned me to stand. Her eyes locked onto the tent in my shorts as she slowly knelt in front of me, and then she reached up and pulled them down, freeing me from my polyester confinement.

I looked down at Marta, her hair tied in pigtails, as she wrapped her hand around my thick shaft and I had a quick vision of her as a native girl, hundreds of years ago. ‘Whoa!’ I thought, lightly shaking my head. She had a look that was a combination of wanton lust and innocence.

She looked up at me as she leaned in, wrapping her lips around my head. Her soft, full lips had a tight grip as she slowly slid down the length of my pole, maintaining her eye contact as long as she could.

“Oh my god,” I moaned loudly. Marta always gave great head, but this was above and beyond her normal. She was using a passion, intensity, and talent that I never knew she had. I was amazed that I was able to hold off from cumming a third time in her mouth that day.

After a few minutes of this heavenly treatment, she slowly took me deep. She took me deeper than she ever had before, and then slowly slid back, sliding her tongue along the bottom of my shaft until finally releasing me to the cool night air. She then stood and rose to her tiptoes and kissed me.

I could feel her hard nipples pressing into my chest and her hips pushing into me as we kissed. I reached down and grabbed her firm little ass, squeezing it. I have big hands, and her cheeks fit perfectly into them. Marta moaned and held tighter to me, starting to wrap a leg around mine.

I stepped out of my shorts, and with an almost animalistic urge, I picked her up and threw her over my shoulder. Marta cried out in surprise and tried to fight me as I carried her to our sleeping bags, my stiff cock bouncing in the breeze. She hit my back and grunted, twisting her body like she was trying to get away from me. Oddly, I noticed that she wasn’t saying anything.

I was holding tightly to her and about to set her down when she almost wiggled off of my shoulder. I quickly swatted her ass, causing her to yelp in surprise. I laid her down on the sleeping bags and she continued to try to get away from me, but not really very hard. I was surprised when I looked in her eyes as she lay there. She had a different look in them, one that I hadn’t seen before. Fierce, raw, passionate … and an almost innocent fear. Again I had a brief vision, almost like a flashback, where Marta was a native girl and I was about to take her. She fought because she felt she had to, for her “honor,” but she didn’t put her heart, or much effort, into it.

I was kneeling upright between her legs, looking down at the beauty that lay before me. She looked back up at me wide-eyed, moaning as I moved my hips, sliding the head of my cock up and down through the wetness coating her slit. Finally, my head found its way to her hot opening. We both gasped and moaned loudly as I leaned in, slowly sliding my length into her core. We maintained eye contact as I bottomed out, her hands reaching down and grabbing my ass cheeks.

I think we both knew that we were feeling something special as soon as we started. This was different than every other time we had been together, almost like we were being driven by outside sources. It was like the island, the full moon, the mushrooms, and the old man’s magical honey wine were all working together to provide a magical energy.

Marta looked at me wide-eyed and slowly smiled. She nodded her head and started moving her hips at me, encouraging me to fuck her. I felt her strong, lean legs wrap around the back of mine and pull me in as I started moving my hips, sliding my shaft in and out of her hot tunnel.

We fucked for a while, working up a sweat as she got more vocal than usual. If there was anyone camping within a couple of miles from us, I’m sure they heard her. Her breasts, small and firm with Hershey’s-kiss nipples, shined and shook as we moved. I leaned back, pulling her with me and placing her in my lap, making her moan loudly into my shoulder as I slipped deeper into her. Marta held tight to me as she started moving her hips, grinding against me.

A couple of minutes later I held on to her ass cheeks and shoulders as I stood and carried her over to the biggest part of the tree trunk we had been leaning against, bouncing her on my still hard pole with every step. I could see Marta’s eyes glazing over and felt her nails digging into my back as I set her down on the log. After sliding in and out of her a couple of times I pulled out and flipped her over, bending her over the tree.

This was one of Marta’s favorite positions and she showed it that night. She started pushing back at me as she let out a loud, guttural moan. I held tightly to her hips as I started taking long, slow strokes in and out of her wet pussy. She felt tighter than I could ever remember, and her animalistic grunts as she fucked back at me were exciting.

Both of us being trained athletes, Marta and I had always been able to have marathon sex, but this was beyond the normal even for us. We were both covered in sweat as we continued fucking. She squealed through an orgasm and as I looked down at her, I saw her slick asshole winking at me. I was fucking her faster and her ass, and her little pucker, were giving me an amazing sight.

I reached a hand down and slid my thumb across her rosebud and she gasped loudly and raised her head. “Uh huh!” she grunted as she pushed her ass back at me. I started pressing and rubbing a little harder and her ass seemed to suck my thumb in. Marta shrieked and started shaking her ass.

I slammed my hips forward, bottoming out inside her and then slowly pulled out. Marta moaned at the empty feeling and then gasped as I spread her ass cheeks apart and slapped her hole with my wet shaft and then rubbed the head against it before plunging back into her. She let out a high-pitched gasp as I bumped against her and then straightened up, pushing me back.

I stepped back and watched as she turned around. We looked at each other for a couple of seconds, and I briefly saw the young native girl again as she started walking towards me.

Marta took me by the hand and led me to the sleeping bags, a few feet from the dwindling fire. She lay down and pulled me down with her. I lay on top of her and started sliding my cock back towards her pussy but she stopped me. Confused, I looked at her face and watched as she raised her legs higher, elevating her ass. She then reached her hand down and grasped my cock and slid it to her virgin asshole.

I looked in her eyes, stunned as she rubbed the head of my now steel-hard cock against her backdoor. She gave me a small, lusty smile and nodded her head. As if that wasn’t enough, she lifted her ass a little more too.

I nodded back at her, as if to ask if she was sure. She had always loved it when I played with her ass, usually cumming hard and loud when I would slide a finger or two in while I was going down on her, and she came hard once when I fucked her ass with my thumb while we were fucking but she had told me more than once that I was too big to let me take her ass, and now she was wanting me to do it. She looked at me and nodded harder.

I took a deep breath and slowly started pushing the head against her rosebud. Marta had always been a wet, juicy fuck and that night she seemed “messier” than usual, which was fortunate because her juices had oozed down and pooled in her little pucker. My cock had been marinating inside her and coated in her nectar. She moaned loudly and held my hips, pulling me towards her.

Looking down at her, I took a deep breath. She watched me and copied me, and as she exhaled I pushed harder. Marta yelped as I broke past her outer ring and then I waited. A few seconds later she grunted softly and started moving her hips. Her eyes almost had a look of lust, determination, and shock as I held onto her hips and started to slowly push in.

Marta dropped her hand between her legs and started rubbing her clit as I pushed a little and then pulled back. I teased her a little by keeping just the head inside her and giving her micro-strokes, something that she loved when I did it to her pussy. As I started pulling back at one point she grunted loudly, almost a soft howl, and her ass pushed me out as she squirted all over my cock.

I had never heard of squirting at that point and was shocked at what happened when Marta had a glow to her eyes and reached her hands out, reaching around to hold my ass. With a growl, she pulled me back to her and her ass almost seemed to swallow my thick shaft. I was about three-quarters in when she put her hands on my chest and stopped me.

I waited a few seconds again and when her the look on her face relaxed I started slowly fucking her tight ass. Marta moaned loudly, a moan that I knew well. She was enjoying this as much as I was.

I started taking longer strokes, trying to get more of my cock inside her a little at a time. Marta opened her eyes and looked into mine and started nodding her head. “More!” she grunted. “All!”

I opened my eyes wide, looking into hers and she nodded, reaching her hands down to my ass again. Smiling, I slowly pulled all the way back, leaving just the head inside her. I reached around and took one of her hands, placing it on her pussy again. She smiled at me and I slowly pushed my steel-hard rod into her ass.

Her ass opened up and took me deep, until my balls rested on her ass cheeks. Marta’s eyes rolled back and she flexed her neck, letting out a loud howl that I heard echo off the lake. I looked down at her and saw the native girl looking back at me, her eyes glowing and her head nodding. She grunted and started moving her ass.

I started sliding my cock back and then began fucking her tight ass. Marta moaned loudly and started fucking me back, grasping at the sleeping bag and my arm. “OHHHHH!” she moaned deeply. I started fucking her ass faster, like I would her pussy. She began shaking and thrashing, her hand back between her legs and her moans louder.

Suddenly her eyes popped open widely and she stared into mine. She grasped my arm tightly with one hand as her other hand rubbed her clit faster. “Ohh! Ohhhhh! OHHHH!” she exclaimed as she slid her hand down and slipped two fingers inside her pussy. She was pressing the heel of her hand on her clit as her fingers worked her insides. A few seconds later she let out a long, loud, animalistic howl as her body tensed. Another gush of juices exploded from her, spraying around her fingers as her ass clamped tightly around my shaft.

Her ass was spasming around me, almost milking my cock. I bottomed out and soon felt my balls begin to churn. “Oh shit!” I grunted as I bucked forward.

Marta responded by grunting louder and wrapping her legs around me. I felt her hands on my ass, pulling me in deeper and her ass milked my shaft. “Oh DAMN!” I exclaimed loudly as I felt my load explode into her bowels. Marta screamed in response, cumming again and squeezing my cock even tighter.

“Oh my god,” I gasped, trying to catch my breath as Marta moaned and writhed on my slowly wilting cock. “Holy shit!”

Her ass still felt like it was trying to milk me dry as I collapsed on the sleeping back, my arm holding Marta closely as I eventually slipped from her no-longer virgin ass. She moaned and cooed as she turned her back to me and slid closer to me. As we both drifted off to sleep I looked at her and once again saw the young native girl.

I woke the next morning with my arm wrapped around her and my morning wood pressed between her ass cheeks. Marta moaned as I moved, turning her head to kiss me. “Oh my god! Good morning!” she moaned, turning her body to face me. “Last night was amazing! I swear, I felt like I was someone else!”

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