Fugitive Soul – Erotic Horror


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Fugitive Soul

He stumbled through the trees and fell face first into a pile of dead leaves. He hadn’t heard hooves on the soil in a long time. It might be safe to say he’d escaped them, for now.

But there was another sound now, a woman’s voice, gently asking, “Are you alright?”

Lying naked and shivering face down in the leaves, he wasn’t sure if he had just heard a woman’s voice. Could it just have been the wind or his imagination? As the morning sun began to warm him, he turned his head and saw horse hooves on the ground next to him. He scanned upward to see a woman on a white horse.

She was dressed in full cowgirl apparel. She was wearing brown weathered western boots with spurs, brown leather chaps, a red and white flannel shirt and a black cowgirl hat in which her long blond hair tied in a ponytail flowed from underneath. It was difficult to see her face from the sun glaring behind her.

“Sir, are you OK?” she asked again while she dismounted. He rolled over and had blood spattered on his chest and face.

He covered his genitals with his hands and replied exhaustedly, “I..I don’t know, I’ve been running all night, where am I?”

As she removed a blanket from her saddle and covered him, she replied, “You’re on my property. What were you running from?”

As he got up onto his feet, he wrapped the blanket around himself. He could then see her face, she was gorgeous. She had piercing blue eyes, luscious full lips and light freckles on her cheeks from the sun as she wore no makeup.

“Ma’am, I was running from a posse, they were trying to kill me,” he replied sheepishly.

“Why would they try to kill you?” she asked in a concerned tone.

“I don’t know, all I remember is hearing the rumble of running horses, gunshots and bullets ricocheting off the trees around me, I just ran,” he responded nervously.

“Well, being naked, you don’t seem to be much of a threat, come, I’ll get you cleaned up,” she said smiling as she put her right hand on the revolver on her hip. She helped him onto the horse and she climbed on, in front of him.

As they trotted through the prairie she asked, “So what’s your name stranger, I’m Kacey.”

“My name is Ken, and thank you for helping me,” he responded. Ken could see a small cabin and barn in the distance.

“Is that your place Kacey?” he asked, as they got closer.

“Yes it is. It isn’t much but it’s home,” she replied.

“Ummm what is your husband going to say when you bring a naked man home?” Ken asked with a nervous chuckle.

“My husband is dead, it’s just me and my animals,” she replied solemnly.

“I’m sorry Kacey,” he replied, lowering his head.

“Thank you, it’s been a long time now, I’m used to being alone,” she replied without emotion.

They reached the cabin, she tied her horse and helped him dismount. She walked him inside and led him to the bathroom. There was an old claw foot cast iron tub against the wall. Kacey ran the water to fill the tub.

“While the tub fills I’m going to make some coffee, would you like a cup?” she asked.

“Yes please, just black,” he responded.

He sat down on the closed toilet while she headed to the kitchen. Ken watched the warm water fill the tub while the flashbacks of being pursued ran through his head. The tub finally filled and he shut off the water, removed the blanked and stepped in.

Kacey came back with two mugs of coffee. She had removed her chaps, gun belt and flannel shirt. She was in a white tank top; obviously braless as her nipples were protruding, blue jeans and her boots. She had also untied her ponytail and her long blond hair draped her shoulders.

Ken once again covered his crotch with his hands as she knelt down at the side of the tub and handed him his coffee. With his left hand covering his manhood, he took the coffee with his right.

They both sipped their coffee then placed the mugs on the floor.

“Thank you Kacey, for being so kind,” Ken said with sincerity.

“You’re welcome,” she replied with a slight grin as she reached for the sponge setting on a dish.

As she dipped the sponge in the water she asked, “Is this all your blood on you?”

Ken looked at his body and saw slight lacerations and scratches caused by thorns in the forest. “I certainly hope so, like I said I don’t remember anything before the posse arrived,” he said in a concerned tone.

Kacey began to wipe the dirt and blood from his face with the wet sponge. Ken just closed his eyes, enjoying her nursely touch. The sponge moved to his shoulders and chest. The soapy water stung his open wounds.

As she continued to bathe him, he started to get aroused and his cock began to grow, making it harder for him to keep it covered. Kacey could see he was getting nervous and she smiled at him, looking into his eyes.

Kacey lifted his left leg, cleansed his thigh and slowly moved down his leg to his calf and foot. The blood and dirt was running off of him. Then she repeated the same on his right leg.

She leaned him forward and sponged off his back. Kacey admired his manly toned body. He was a strapping man of six foot tall, hazel eyes and dark brown hair. As she explored his body with the sponge, her eyes became lustfully excited.

As the sponge reached the small of his back, she said in a sultry tone, “I can’t wash that if you’re sitting on it.”

Nervously Ken stood up still covering his cock and turned around for her. Kacey softly moaned as she sponged off his firm buttocks. Ken could hear her moan and his excitement increased.

Kacey gently grabbed his hips and turned him around. His hands that covered his manhood were right in front of her face. She looked up at him while he looked down at her. She placed the sponge back on the dish and took his wrists in her hands. She slowly pulled his hands away and exposed his erect and twitching eight inch penis and testicles.

She examined his cleanly shaven groin and chills ran through her body, as her inner core flooded with her juices.

Once again Kacey picked up the sponge and wrung out the soapy water onto Ken’s shaft. She then sponged his balls and the underside of his cock. He moaned at her light tender touch, as he rested his hands on her shoulders.

Kacey looked up at him and saw Ken’s head fall back; she knew he was enjoying her. She rinsed the soapy water off of him and took his shaft in her hand. Ken felt her leathery working woman’s palm and fingers grip him. He looked down and she looked up, into each other’s eyes. Both of their hearts were racing and she began to stroke him.

“Kacey, what are you doing?” Ken whispered.

Kacey put her index finger on her lips, said, “Shhhhhh,” and pumped him harder.

Kacey took her other hand and massaged Ken’s balls with her fingers. His excitement was building as he slid his hands under her arms and helped her to her feet.

He slid his fingers under the bottom of her shirt and began to peel it upward. Kacey released his manhood, lifted her arms and he removed the tank top. Her breasts were a gorgeous “D” cup, her areolas were little pink buttons and her nipples were erect and waiting. Her upper cleavage and chest were freckled just like her cheeks.

Kacey was rugged, but absolutely gorgeous in Ken’s eyes. He pulled her in close and their chests fused together. They held each other tight as their lips connected. Their lustful embrace was passionate and increasing by the minute.

“Ken, I haven’t been with a man since my husband passed away,” Kacey whispered softly.

“Are you sure you’re OK with this Kacey?” Ken asked compassionately.

Kacey just nodded her head with a soft smile.

Ken scooped Kacey up into his arms and stepped out of the tub. With her arms around his neck she directed him to her bedroom, while kicking off her boots. There was an old queen size wooden sleigh bed in the middle of the room where he laid her down.

He climbed up into the bed between her legs. Ken slowly unbuckled her belt and undid her jeans. She lifted her ass and he slid off her jeans and panties then pulled off her socks. He gazed upon her naked body and was surprised that her legs were smoothly shaven and her pussy was neatly trimmed into a small triangle of hair.

Kacey was breathing nervously knowing this stranger was gonna fuck her. Ken crawled on top of her and kissed her again on the lips. She could feel his hard penis grinding against her. Their kiss intensified and their breathing was heavy. Kacey wrapped her arms around his neck, while he held her head in his palms.

Ken slowly moved his lips down her face to her throat and gently sucked and flicked his tongue. Kacey moaned deeply, feeling Ken’s mouth and masculine hands on her breasts. His hands kneaded while his thumbs twirled her erect nipples.

Kacey wrapped her legs around him when his mouth reached her nipples. Her hands intertwined in Ken’s damp hair when he began to suck her nipple. His tongue flicked and circled while his hand continued to fondle the other. Kacey’s body squirmed underneath him as she became more aroused. He massaged her breasts with his mouth and hands, alternating back between each one.

Ken slid down to her cleavage and delicately made his descent down the middle of her body tasting every inch along the way. Kacey moaned and cooed feeling his lips and tongue sampling her body. His hands still cupped her breasts when he reached her navel. Ken’s tongue circled it and he dipped his tongue inside. Kacey arched her back while gripping his hair, anticipating his mouth’s next landing.

Ken tenderly pecked her lower abdomen until he reached her trimmed bush. Kacey released her legs from around him and welcomely spread them for him. Her wet glistening pussy was perfect with slightly protruding lips and a fairly large clit.

Ken wrapped his arms around her thighs and circled her clit with his tongue. Kacey gasped when she felt his tongue on her awaiting clit.

“Ohhhhhh Ken! Yessss,” Kacey hissed.

Ken continued to dance his tongue and eventually sucked it into his mouth. Kacey’s legs closed slightly as he sucked and flicked his tongue. Her moans got louder and deeper and she pulled his head in tight. He hummed into her when her body began to twitch. Her clit became engorged within his mouth and he gently nibbled on it.

“Oh God Ken! Yes! Yes! Yes!” Kacey squealed between her deep breaths.

Ken continued his feast and Kacey began to tremble. He moved down and slid his tongue between her folds while fondling her clit with his thumb. Her sweet aroma, and the taste of her warm secreting nectar, peaked Ken’s arousal. Kacey cried out and her back arched while Ken’s tongue licked and probed.

“Oh Ken! Don’t Stop! Don’t Stop! I’m Cumming! I’m Cum….Ohhhhhhhhhh! Godddddd!” Kacey screamed loudly.

Ken moaned and hummed when he felt and tasted her long awaited orgasm. Kacey tried to push his head away, but he tightened his arms around her thighs and continued to lap up her cum. Her legs went into spasms and her breaths were short and deep. Ken eased off of her, softly kissed her labia and looked up at her. Her chest violently rose and fell while she gasped to regain control of her body. Her eyes were closed and her mouth was open.

“Are you OK Kacey?” Ken asked softly.

Kacey opened her eyes and looked down at him, “Oh my God Ken, it’s been so long, that was absolutely amazing,” she replied with a stammer.

“I’m glad I could oblige Darlin,” Ken replied with a slight chuckle.

“Come up here,” Kacey ordered, while coming down from her orgasmic intoxication.

Ken climbed up and hovered on all fours over her. She wrapped her arms around his nape and pulled him down for a kiss. Kacey could taste herself on his lips and tongue while they passionately kissed. She brought her long legs around Ken’s hips and pulled him down to her. Kacey moaned deeply into his mouth when he entered her, she was totally enthralled with him inside her.

Ken paused when he reached his hilt and they continued to kiss. Ken could feel Kacey’s tight inner walls squeeze and contract on his shaft. Kacey’s hands slid down to his ass motioning for him to fuck her.

Slowly and tenderly he pulled and pushed in and out of her. Kacey’s fingernails dug into his ass cheeks while she moaned into his mouth. The feeling of her nails caused him to quicken up his tempo.

With each thrust Ken reached her G Spot, she whined and moaned as he slid in and out of her.

Ken rose to his knees, took her breasts into his hands and flicked her nipples with his thumbs. Kacey gasped and Ken grunted as he thrusted with more force.

“Oh God yes! Harder! Harder!” Kacey yelped.

Ken lifted her legs and wrapped his arms around her thighs and slammed harder. He could feel her inner walls tighten while her cries got louder. Kacey gripped the blanket covering the bed, her eyes peered into his and her mouth was partially open. Ken felt her thighs tighten as she grew closer to orgasm. The sound of slapping skin and moans and cries of sexual pleasure filled the bedroom as Ken drilled Kacey.

“Oh Fuck, Fuck!, Fuckkkk!” Kacey screamed, as Ken felt her fill with her cum.

Kacey was breathing heavily and deeply and Ken slowed down and released her legs. She laid there twitching with her eyes closed and her chest rising and falling. While still inside her, he ran his hands up and down her thighs.

Kacey, regaining her composure, looked up at Ken, smiled and patted the bed with her hand whispering, “Lay down.”

Ken laid on his back and she sat up, took his cock in her hand, looked at him and said softly, “You are an amazing lover,” and began to gently stroke him.

She stroked him for a while looking into his eyes. Then she bent forward and took his length into her mouth. Ken placed his left hand on her head as he reached down and caressed and squeezed her ass.

Her lips slid up and down his cock while her tongue massaged him from within. She had one hand on his thigh and the other on his chest. Kacey caressed his chest as she slurped and hummed into him.

She slid her lips off of him and looked at him with a slight smile. She climbed on top of him and straddled his waist. Kacey grabbed his shaft and moaned deeply when she guided his cock and lowered her pussy to re-enter her.

Her back was straight and Ken cupped her breasts in his hands. She began to rock back and forth slowly. She placed her hands on his chest and leaned forward as she rocked, stimulating her clit on his pelvis.

Kacey bent further down and kissed him while he pushed upward deep onto her. She grunted with each upward thrust.

“Oh Fuck Kacey Yes!” he mumbled as she moaned.

“Yeah baby, you gonna cum for me? Cum for me Ken!” she gasped into his mouth, as she rocked faster. He grasped her ass cheeks from behind and squeezed them as she tightened her pussy around his cock.

She slammed harder and faster and she squealed out, “Oh Fuck Yes, I’m Cumming Again! Oh God! Fuck, Fuck, Fuck!” She bore down; her hands gripped his shoulders tight, as she screamed loudly. Ken felt her pussy tighten, her legs tremble and she squealed out loudly when her pussy filled with cum, again.

Kacey fell on top of him and rested her chin on his shoulder. She breathed heavily into his ear while he continued to briskly go up and down. Ken could feel the tingling energy rush to his groin.

“Oh fuck Kacey!” he yelled, as he began to climax.

“Yes! Give it to me!” she moaned loudly.

Ken’s moans turned into deep growls as he felt a burning sensation through his veins. Kacey felt his cock throbbing and felt like it was enlarging inside her. His thrusts got harder and faster. The intensity was actually slightly painful for Kacey, but in some strange way she enjoyed it.

Kacey squeezed her eyes shut, her body trembled and she screamed with another intense orgasm.

Ken growled with a deep demonic voice, “Fuckkkkkk…!”

Ken’s fingers dug into Kacey’s ass cheeks as his body stiffened and convulsed. Kacey felt his enlarged cock spew what seemed like gallons of cum inside her. Powerful surges of his cum shot deep into her chasm.

Kacey sat upright and let him finish pumping her full of his cum. She looked down at him, his eyes were closed and his veins were protruding on his temples and shoulders.

“Ken, are you alright?” she asked with concern.

When his eyes opened they were glowing yellow and peering at her. She saw his lacerations on his body emit steam as they magically healed.

Kacey was terrified and she jumped off of him. She saw more cum shoot out of his cock into the air.

Ken could feel that his bones were cracking, his ears were ringing and his blood was boiling.

“Ken, what’s going on?!” Kacey screamed curled up at the foot of the bed.

Ken looked down at her and snarled, his teeth had become those of a wolf, his gums were bleeding and saliva drooled from his mouth.

Panicked, Kacey leapt off the bed and got her revolver off her gun belt hanging on the door. She cocked the hammer and aimed it at his head.

“Ken Please Stop!” Kacey wailed.

As she stood aiming at him, his cum trickled out of her and down inner thighs. She watched him transform into a wolf-like creature and began to cry.

“You son of a bitch! You killed my husband!” she screamed.

Ken leapt onto all fours on the bed and let out an ungodly howl. He snarled viciously and crouched backwards, getting ready to pounce on Kacey.

As Ken lunged toward her, she squeezed the trigger of her.44 Magnum. A thunderous deafening shot rang out and Ken tackled Kacey. Kacey screamed as Ken landed on top of her, however the beast lay lifeless.

She rolled him off of her and saw a single bullet hole between his eyes and the back of his skull blown out. Blood was splattered on the bed and on the wall and ceiling.

Kacey backed up, sat on the floor with her back against the wall with bent knees and wrapped her arms around her upper shins. With the gun still in her hand, she shivered and wept while she watched Ken slowly return to human form.

Kacey hated Ken for what he did to her husband but also pitied him because he knew not what he had done.

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