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Ellie unlocked the door to her apartment and stepped inside. The entire tiny apartment was smaller than the bedroom she had grown up in back home. The single bed that sat under the room’s sole window took up a significant amount of the available floor space and the window was tiny, showing nothing more than the concrete wall of the building on the other side of the narrow alley.

Ellie dropped her bag on the floor next to the door and removed her coat, then made her way towards the bathroom, opening her shirt buttons as she walked. As she stood in the bathroom and stared at herself in the mirror, Ellie couldn’t help but think that this was not how she had expected her life to pan out after moving to Japan. Before arriving, she had expected her decent level of Japanese to help her get a well-paying job but no matter how many positions she applied for, none of them wanted to hire her. Her savings almost gone and desperate for money to pay for rent and food, she had worked as a bartender before eventually getting a job at a 24-hour convenience store working the graveyard shift, the weekends, holidays, whenever her sleazy boss wanted. The pay and hours were terrible, along with the constant inappropriate behaviour from her boss, who would pinch her ass as she was bent over stacking shelves or brush his hand across her breasts on the pretence of adjusting her name badge, among various other things, after which he would claim not to have done a thing. As much as she hated working there, she was sick of jobhunting and at least she only had to walk a few hundred metres to and from work so she could at least get home quickly and didn’t have to be packed into the subway like a sardine.

Letting out an gigantic sigh, Ellie finished getting undressed and stepped into the shower, revelling in the feeling of the hot water washing the sweat from her face. She had worked up a sweat as she had spent much of her shift stacking shelves and moving stock around in the storeroom. Halfway through her shower, Ellie heard drilling reverberating up through the floor of her apartment, something that had become routine over the past couple of weeks. The retail space directly under her apartment was being renovated and every morning at 7 am the workers started their shift, filling her previously silent apartment with the sound of banging, drilling, and shouting.

Knowing there was nothing to be done but continue with routine, Ellie finished her shower, dried herself, and got into bed, the incredibly thin curtains on her window failing to block the rays of the morning sun that managed to make their way down the alley. Lying in bed staring at the ceiling, the sound of construction work going on below her still as loud as ever, Ellie rolled onto her side and picked up her phone from her bedside table, figuring since she didn’t begin work again until 8 pm, she could afford to spend a little more time awake, and perhaps the noise of the work downstairs might drop off a little and she would be able to get to sleep more easily.

A few days later Ellie was storming home after a particularly awful shift. Her boss had stood behind her as she mopped the floor and when she had leaned forward to reach the mop under the shelves, he had thrust his crotch toward her ass and knocked her to the floor. When she had angrily rebuked him for what he’d done, he simply chuckled and claimed she must have slipped on the wet floor. Ellie had spent the rest of her shift in a furious temper and had left the second her shift ended.

As she walked down the alley that led to her apartment, a sign on the door of the retail unit below her apartment, which said ‘Now Hiring — cashier’ caught her eye. Figuring she could hardly do much worse than her current job, Ellie opened the door and went inside. Upon entering the shop, she immediately began to have second thoughts. Floor-to-ceiling shelves filled with hentai, DVDs, and sex toys stretched the entire length of the space. Oh god, she wondered, this is what they’ve been keeping me up building for weeks, a porn store.

Just as she was about to turn around to leave, a man came around the end of the last shelf and spotted her.

“Hello,” he said “My name is Watanabe-san, welcome to my store. I’m sure we have something to interest you here. We have plenty of stock available, we just opened business today in fact.”

“Oh, uh, I’m not,” Ellie stuttered, and managed to breathe “I don’t want to buy anything.”

“No?” he queried, then his face brightened “Ah, you wish to apply for the cashier position?”

“Um, yes,” Ellie replied, entirely unsure if she really did want to work in a place like this.

“Your Japanese is very good. Do you have any cashier experience? It is very important to be able to process transactions quickly while engaging with the customer and being friendly.” he said.

“I work in the convenience store down the street,” Ellie told him, “I’ve worked there for the past 5 months, and before I moved here, I worked for a summer in a supermarket.”

“Excellent!” the man smiled, “As a matter of fact I recall seeing you before when I visited the store, and I was very pleased with your service. I would be happy to offer you a job here. The pay would not be huge, but I believe it is likely higher than what you currently earn. Do you live far from here? I would need you to start early in the morning on some days.”

More money than I make now and not having to deal with Sato-san anymore, I could do that, Ellie wondered to herself, even if there are creepy customers it cannot be much worse than the weirdos we get looking at the porn magazines in the store.

“I would be very happy to accept your offer, Watanabe-san,” Ellie responded, “I live in this building, so I don’t have to travel far at all to get here. I don’t know when I’ll be able to start here though, I don’t think that Sato-san, my boss, will let me break my contract early.”

“I will speak to him this afternoon and persuade him,” Mr. Watanabe said, “My nephew is looking for a job so I will propose that he fill your empty position.”

“Thank you so much, Watanabe-san. You are very generous” Ellie said with relief, bowing as she spoke.

“Think nothing of it,” Mr. Watanabe smiled, “You will start here tomorrow afternoon, okay?”

“Yes, that’s good with me. Thank you very much again, Watanabe-san” Ellie responded.

Over the next few weeks, Ellie worked Tuesday to Sunday in the porn store. Most of the customers were men, but a surprising number of women visited the store too. She served a fair few creeps but not much more than she had to deal with in the convenience store, and now that she didn’t have a boss that harassed her every day, she didn’t mind them so much.

Mr. Watanabe spent most days out of the store, visiting the other ones he owned, leaving Ellie with the only other employee, the manager, a man named Jun. Jun was friendly and got on well with Ellie, with the pair often chatting while they worked and going out for drinks after their shifts were over.

During one of their nights out in a bar, Ellie asked Jun how he had ended up working for Mr. Watanabe, as Jun had mentioned that he had worked for him before he had opened his current store.

“I’ve done a few bukkake scenes over the last few years and after one of the shoots, I met Watanabe-san in the lobby while I was waiting for my friend to pick me up. He was waiting to meet the owner of the video company to discuss distribution and sales. We started chatting and after a while, I mentioned I was looking for a job after college and he offered me a position in one of his stores.” Jun explained.

“That’s interesting,” said Ellie, “Wait, you’ve done porn?”

“Yes,” laughed Jun, “I don’t do it as often anymore, now that I’m a manager, but I have done many bukkake scenes in the past. The last time I did one was about a month ago. We have it in the store, it’s called ‘Narumi Inai receives her classmates cum’ if you ever feel like checking it out.” Jun finished, laughing.

The morning after their night out, before Jun had arrived at work, Ellie went to the bukkake section and found the DVD. The woman on the cover was drenched from head to toe in cum, and her hair was soaked too. She couldn’t imagine how the woman had agreed to take part in something so disgusting. Ellie had occasionally bought porn DVDs from the store but nothing as extreme as this. She preferred to watch cosplay sex scenes and latex videos. As she was looking at the back of the DVD cover, Ellie heard Jun come into the store and quickly put the DVD back on the shelf before getting back to work.

Over the next few days, Ellie couldn’t stop thinking about what Jun had told her and what she had seen on the cover of the DVD. She had all the time imagined that people who did porn were creepy weirdos, especially ones who took part in scenes like bukkakes, but Jun seemed so ordinary. As she worked, the image of the woman drenched in cum kept flashing into her mind. She had looked very unhappy on the front, but on the back in a group picture she had been smiling while surrounded by the men who had covered her in cum, so presumably she had enjoyed it and she had been acting unhappy for the scene.

About a week after Jun’s revelation that he occasionally did bukkake scenes, when Ellie was checking the list of products to be labelled as being on sale this week, she saw the title of Jun’s scene. Picturing the smiling cum drenched woman again, Ellie put some money into the cash register, took a copy of the DVD, and put it in her bag. Later that night after work, Ellie was sitting on her bed, the DVD in her hands. After spending a long time wondering if she really wanted to see a woman get degraded so much and whether she wanted to see her colleague’s penis, even if his face was blurred so she wouldn’t know it was him, she finally put the disc into the DVD player under her TV and pressed play.

At first, when watching the video Ellie couldn’t help but feel awful as the first loads of cum landed on the woman. She really seemed to be in distress. Seeing this distress on the woman’s face and hearing her cry out for the onslaught of cum to stop to no avail, Ellie felt an unexpected wetness in her crotch; she was getting turned on by this. Slowly moving her hand to her crotch, Ellie began to gently rub. As the video progressed, the woman’s dislike of bukkake changed into a love of it and by the end, she was shouting out for more. Ellie experienced a similar change in feeling as she watched, and as the final clip of the video was playing, showing the woman drenched in cum and holding a bunch of flowers, standing in front of the crowd of men, Ellie couldn’t hold it in anymore and let out an explosive climax, soaking her underwear and her duvet. Sweaty and breathing hard as she came down from her horny high, Ellie couldn’t believe how much the scene had turned her on. As she lay back on her bed, waiting for her strength to return, her mind conjured images of her in the position of the woman in the video, smiling as a group of strangers covered her in their cum. The image made her grin and without consciously doing so, her hand drifted to her crotch again, and soon after she climaxed again.

The next morning while getting ready for work, Ellie couldn’t help but think continuously about bukkake. Just a few days ago she had been disgusted by it, but now she knew she had found her new guilty pleasure and perhaps obsession. Hurrying down to unlock the store early, Ellie went straight to the bukkake section and took several DVDs from the shelf, and after paying for them, she quickly ran back upstairs to her apartment and stashed them under her bed.

The next few days passed in a haze of horniness. When Ellie wasn’t masturbating to bukkake videos, she was daydreaming that she was in one, cum covering her whole body and the taste dancing on her tongue before she swallowed several loads. After one particularly porn-filled day off, Ellie made a wild plan for the following day in her head, that she didn’t know if she would have the courage to carry out. She went to bed, her mind racing, and after a long time, she fell asleep.

Knowing that the morning was usually very quiet, meaning that few if any customers would come in, Ellie walked into the storeroom at the back of the store and found Jun checking the stock. She hesitated in the doorway for a moment before finally stepping into the room.

“Um… Jun?” Ellie said, making her presence known.

“Yes, Ellie?” Jun replied, not looking up.

“Jun, will you please cum on my face?” Ellie asked, a slight quiver in her voice.

Jun looked up from his clipboard and stared at Ellie with a quizzical expression on his face.

“You want me, to cum on your face?” Jun said, taken aback by Ellie’s request.

“Yes,” said Ellie simply, rocking back and forth on her feet, looking down at the floor. After a silence that lasted a few seconds, Ellie looked up at met Jun’s eyes, a pleading look on her face, “Please Jun, you mentioned that you’ve done a couple of bukkake scenes and after you suggested I watch the most recent one you were in, I watched it and I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it. Seeing that woman kneeling on the floor, dozens of men standing around her jerking off and covering her in cum. At first, I thought it was disgusting but after a while, I couldn’t take my eyes off it. Every night since, when I get home I’ve been watching multiple bukkake scenes, I can’t get enough. I keep imagining that I’m the one receiving the bukkake, that thousands of people all over the world are seeing me drenched in cum. I want to experience what that’s like for real, but I want to start small, with someone I know… So, will you cum on me?”

“When I suggested that you might like watching that video, I didn’t ever think that it would have this effect,” said Jun as he continued to look at Ellie, a small smile on his face, “Since you’ve watched it, I know you’ve seen my cock so my only condition that I ask of you in return for me cumming on you is that you show me your pussy.”

Ellie blushed at Jun’s request. She had never been naked anywhere other than her bedroom and certainly not in front of any friend or colleague, but as Jun said, she had seen his cock so surely it was only fair that she show him her pussy.

“Um, okay. Where should we do this? I don’t want Watanabe-san to see us on the CCTV recordings when he gets back from his holiday.” said Ellie, nervously playing with the waistband of her skirt.

“There’s a blind spot in the cameras in the back corner over there,” said Jun as he pointed to the corner at the rear of the stockroom, “We can do it there if you like.”

“Yes, yes okay,” said Ellie as she followed Jun behind the stacks of boxes.

When they reached the corner, Ellie looked deep into Jun’s eyes and set her mind. She hooked her thumbs into the waistband of her skirt and slowly pulled downwards. As she worked the waistband over her hips, she dropped her gaze to the floor but when her skirt dropped to the floor around her ankles, she felt Jun’s hand on her chin lifting her face to look at him.

“Don’t look away” he said. It wasn’t said forcefully, but Ellie felt unable to refuse Jun’s command. Repeating the process with her panties, she kept her eyes locked with Jun’s as he watched her pussy come into view. Elle dropped her panties to the floor and stepped out of them, toward Jun. Ellie continued to look at Jun’s face but his gaze had switched to her pussy, its shaven nakedness on full display.

Looking at her pussy, Jun unzipped his trousers and pulled out his hardening cock. Placing one hand on it and beginning to stroke, he put his other hand on Ellis’s shoulder and gently pushed her down into a kneeling position. Ellie’s mind was racing. She had fantasized about this moment for weeks and now her dream was about to come true. Would it be as good as she had imagined it to be? She knew she would soon understand.

Ellie felt ready to burst with anticipation, and just when she felt she couldn’t wait any longer Jun said “I’m about to cum.”

Ellie stared at the cock in Jun’s rapidly moving hand and within seconds she witnessed its first spurt of cum. The first jet hit her forehead, splashing some of itself into her hair. Jun adjusted his aim for the second jet, spraying Ellie across her nose and left eye. The third jet hit her cheek and began to dribble rapidly down onto her neck. Ellie was in heaven. The warm feeling of the cum on her face, and the dribbles slowly making their way down her neck, was incredible. She was in a state of bliss as more and more of Jun’s cum covered her face. To her surprise, Jun still had more cum to give and by the end of the sticky onslaught, she understood why he got the call to do bukkakes. Smiling, and wiping her eyes with the back of her hand, she cleared her vision enough to make out the smiling face of Jun holding his phone out to take a photo, her smile changed to a look of panic in an instant.

“Hey!” shouted Ellie, lunging forward to try to snatch the phone from Jun’s hand, “Delete that right now!”

“You look incredible covered in cum,” said Jun as he stepped quickly backward, “Don’t you want to see yourself?”

Ellie stopped her furious grabbing attempts, as she briefly considered the question.

“Yes I do,” she said, a quiver of nervousness and excitement in her voice, “Show me.”

Jun turned the phone around and Ellie saw herself on the screen. Her whole face was covered in white liquid. Her hair had streaks running through it, and her t-shirt was covered in wet patches. Her mind couldn’t handle the overload; she was hugely happy at experiencing her first, mini, bukkake but she couldn’t help but think about the need to clean herself up before any customers arrived.

“Um, do we have any toilet paper left in the bathroom?” Ellie asked Jun, the practical side of her mind winning out over the horny side.

“No, I forgot to buy some. I suppose I could go down the street and buy some, but I have a much better idea,” Jun said, a devious grin growing on his face, “How about you go back out to the counter just as you are now, and start serving customers.”

“Serve customers? Like this?” Ellie said, panic in her voice, “I don’t want people to see me covered in cum, they’d think I was a disgusting slut!”

“Didn’t you say that you imagined thousands of people seeing you covered in cum? I think you can handle a few dozen customers. Plus, you work in a porn store, and people come here wanting to see sluts. They expect to find them in magazines and on DVDs, but today they’ll get to see one in person.” Jun smiled.

Again, the practical and horny sides of Ellie’s mind fought a silent battle against each other, the horny side winning out in the end.

“I guess… I suppose I could do that,” said Ellie, chewing her bottom lip.

Standing at the counter, feeling the cum slowly running down her face and neck, and feeling drops fall onto her t-shirt, Ellie’s heart raced every time someone came into the store. She did her best to pretend she wasn’t drenched in cum when she was serving a customer, but occasionally she would have to rub cum from her eye or wipe a drop of cum off the item the customer was purchasing, at which time she felt that her heart would explode it was beating so fast. Some customers didn’t notice her cum-glaze, but most did spot it. Many were delighted at what they saw, and a couple even asked to take her photo, which Ellie politely declined.

By the end of the day, the cum had dried, leaving her with a crusty appearance as opposed to the shiny glazed one she had had earlier. As she stood outside beside Jun as he locked the store’s shutter, Ellie felt her face with the tips of her fingers. She felt crumbly and flaky streaks and patches all over her face, and various dried clumps in her hair. Looking down at her t-shirt, she saw stains that she knew would be almost impossible to remove.

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