Friends – Alternate Reality Ch. 43 – Celebrities & Fan Fiction – Sex Story

Phoebe selected Joey as her escort for her next movie job, thinking him to be more liberal and free-thinking than either Chandler or Ross. Joey was willing to fulfill his fantasies regarding porn stars. He was also keen on meeting the “Fluffers,” those women who got the male actors hard, and kept them hard, off-screen.

Phoebe, Ursula and Joey were picked up by a long, black, limo. The girls wore their schoolgirl costumes, again with heavy makeup and pigtails. Jeff had told them the time of the shoot and the characters they would portray, but nothing substantial about what the film was about, and what Phoebe and Ursula would be doing. The limo stopped in front of a very high-end Manhattan apartment building.

The shoot was conducted in Jeff’s personal apartment on the 55th floor. It was 2,500 square feet of ultramodern style. Each of the two bedrooms, and the great room, had floor-to-ceiling windows with spectacular views. The entire apartment was covered with various wall-mounted cameras and special lighting. It was, by design, a giant porn set. Jeff was able to film professional-quality porn with a minimal crew. Today, he had two videographers to operate the electronics, and two fluffers. Jeff would direct personally.

As Phoebe, Ursula and Joey surveyed the apartment with mouths open in awe, Jeff appeared, “Ladies, good morning! Please, everyone, sit down.”

Phoebe said, “Jeff, this is Joey, the chaperone we talked about.” Jeff shook hands with Joey enthusiastically, and said, “Joey, my man! Have a seat. How about a beer?”

Joey said, “Sure!” Jeff brought two cold beers from the kitchen.

Jeff began, “Okay, everyone, today’s shoot is another in our series of educational and training videos. This one addresses the terrible problem of young women being lured into sexual slavery with the promise of international travel. In this video, Phoebe and Urs will play high school girls who accept a free ride in a private jet, and end up in Russia. The Russian mafia boss and his associates take advantage of them in his luxury apartment.” Jeff waved his hand around the great room. “We are fortunate to have genuine Russian actors today, so this is going to be a high-quality film.”

Joey’s attention had drifted to two young women in lingerie, who had come out of a bedroom and approached the couch on which he was seated with the girls. They were both pretty, with great bodies, and very large, fake boobs. Jeff introduced them, “Everyone, this is Misty,” he indicated the girl with brown hair, “and, this is Sparkle,” he gestured to the one with red hair. He explained, “Misty and Sparkle are our fluffers, today.” Phoebe didn’t know what that meant. In response to her blank stare, Jeff explained, “Oh, what’s a fluffer? A fluffer is a girl who gets the male actors hard, and keeps them hard. They work off-camera.”

Joey devoured the fluffers with his eyes, and said, “Wow! I’m in the wrong end of the acting business!!”

Jeff looked to Joey, “You’re an actor?”

Phoebe said, “Joey has been in lots of things, even on TV.”

Jeff licked his lips, “Joey, you have a great look for movies. How would you like a job?”

Joey’s eyes bulged, “Acting work? Yeah, I’d love to!”

Jeff said, “Great! We need to get a saliva sample for the HIV test, and you have to sign the usual papers and waivers, but, first, stand up so we can see your qualifications.” Jeff nodded to Misty, who dropped to her knees before Joey, and deftly unbuckled his belt, unzipped his pants, and pulled his pants and boxers down to his knees. Joey was nervous, and his prick was shrunken, but this was Misty’s area of expertise.

Misty clamped her pretty mouth around Joey’s cock and sucked like a vacuum cleaner. She wore dramatic red lipstick. The sight of those luscious lips wrapped around his dick was as exciting as Misty’s sucking, and Misty’s sucking made Joey’s eyes roll up into his head. When Misty felt Joey’s rod grow to full size in her mouth, she pulled her head off of him noisily. Jeff said, “You’re hired!”

Jeff produced a rapid test kit. Joey had difficulty producing enough saliva to fill the test vial to the line. The test took twenty minutes, during which time Joey signed his name to several pages of legalese, which he didn’t bother to read. His pubes were also expertly shaved by Misty. The removal of his thick, black pubic hair made his cock suddenly look gigantic! Misty explained, “Yeah, that’s why all porn guys are shaved. Most of them don’t have huge cocks, but we can make them look huge.”

Misty was attracted to Joey, and sucked him gently for several minutes. While Misty sucked, Joey chatted with Sparkle, “So, Sparkle, you are beautiful. Have you been in many pornos?”

Sparkle chewed her gum with her mouth open, and said, “We don’t call them pornos. They’re films. No, Misty and I are still trying to break into the business. Sooner or later, one of the actresses will drop out, and we’ll get our chance.”

Joey looked down, and said, “Oh, my God, Misty is amazing!”

“We have to be great at head. There’s a lot of pressure on the guys in this business. The women can fake an orgasm, but the guys can’t. They have to come on camera, or nobody will watch the film.”

When the test was complete, Jeff returned, saw what was going on, and exclaimed, “Whoa! Misty, you better not have made him come! Get away from my new star. Your test was negative, Joey.”

Joey said, “Okay, Jeff, what do I have to do?”

Jeff put a hand on Joey’s shoulder, and said, “Joey, you will play the part of the procurer, the man who delivers the two girls into the hands of the Russian mafia. You introduce them, and you will hover around while they are with the girls.” Jeff looked to see that Phoebe and Ursula were out of earshot, and said, in a low voice, “After the Russians are done with Phoebe and Urs, you might have a shot at them, depending on how rough the Russians get.”

Joey brightened with understanding, “Yeah, I’ve noticed that Russian porn is pretty rough compared to American porn.” Joey had completely forgotten that he had been brought there to ensure that the girls were not injured or taken benefit of.

The doorbell rang, and Jeff welcomed in five Russians. They were dressed like caricatures. They wore all black, with dark sunglasses, and a lot of leather. Their clothes, though tacky, were of the very finest quality. Three of the Russians spoke English. The leader was clearly the bald one, who appeared to be about forty years old. The others were younger-looking, and all five appeared to have lean, athletic physiques.

Jeff consulted privately with the Russians and Joey for several minutes in one of the bedrooms. He explained, “Joey here will play the man who brings the girls to the five of you. He will help you, but he won’t have sex with the girls.” The bald Russian nodded his approval. Jeff continued, “So these two schoolgirls from America are identical twins, and both virgins. For the first fuck, you guys need to treat them like virgins you are raping. Don’t go too fast. Drag it out a little, so we get lots of good film. I have something special I want for the opening scene….” Jeff explained his plan to the six “actors.”

Phoebe and Ursula were chatting amicably with Misty and Sparkle when the seven men returned to the Great room. Jeff clapped his hands, and said, “All right. Joey will bring the Russians in through the front door, introduce them, and the Russians will have at you. Play hard to get, but under no circumstances hit, bite, or scratch, or this will turn into an S&M movie in a hurry.”

Joey and the Russians stepped out the front door, and Jeff yelled, “Action!”

Joey entered the room, holding the door for the Russians, “Comrades, welcome! I have arranged some entertainment for you.” He led the men to the girls. Phoebe wore blue hair ribbons, and Ursula wore pink, so the audience could tell them aside. The men encircled the girls, who attempted to look frightened. Joey said, “Beautiful, blonde, twins, all the way from America. And, best of all, they are both virgins!”

Joey stepped behind Ursula, seized her arms, and held her back, “I’ll hold this one, while you greet her sister in the traditional Russian way.”

In a menacing tone, Joey said into Ursula’s ear, “Watch your sister become a woman, Ursula. You’re next!”

The Russians surrounded Phoebe and closed the distance. Phoebe looked about in a panic, and bolted for the front door. One Russian moved quickly to block her path to the door. She turned, running into the arms of another Russian. She squealed helplessly while the man kissed her and pawed at her breasts and ass. He let her slip his grasp, and she ran for several feet before being grabbed by two more Russians.

The bald man spoke a few words in Russian. One of his henchmen held Phoebe’s arms behind her back, causing her chest to jut out suggestively. Her breasts strained against her white blouse. The buttons struggled to hold the top closed. The bald man walked up to her slowly.

Phoebe cried, “Ursula! Ursula! Help me, please! He’s coming closer!”

Ursula struggled weakly in Joey’s grasp, and shouted, “Phoebe! I can’t help you, Phoebe! Try to get away, or he will harvest your cherry!”

The bald man ceremoniously took her blouse and tore it open. Buttons flew. Phoebe’s breasts jiggled in the white padded bra she wore. The Russian ripped the two cups away, and Phoebe’s breasts sprung forth. Phobe gave a wiggle with her shoulders to animate her breasts a little more. The Russian grasped her breasts in his hands, kneading them roughly. He kissed her hard on the lips.

Next, the bald man undid Phoebe’s pleated, plaid skirt, and pulled it down to her ankles. Finally, he ripped her white cotton panties off. She now had her patent leather shoes, white socks, plaid necktie, and hair ribbons on. Her bra and blouse hung from her arms, fully exposing her chest. The bald man spoke a few words in Russian. The four other men took Phoebe to a sofa. Each held one limb taught. Phoebe was on her back. The bald man stripped quickly, revealing his cock. It was of average size, but very hard.

With a greedy smile, the bald man climbed between Phoebe’s legs and guided his cock to her pussy. Joey yelled, “That’s it, take her cherry!”

Ursula pretended to struggle against Joey, and cried, “He wants your virginity, sister! Don’t let him be your first! You’ll be ruined forever!”

Phoebe pleaded, “Oh, please, sir, do not ravish me! A am an innocent maiden!”

The bald Russian placed the head of his cock against the opening of Phoebe’s vagina, and gave a vicious thrust of his hips. Phoebe cried out in pain, and she wasn’t acting, “Ow! Ouch! That hurts! It hurts!”

The Russian responded to Phoebe’s pain with another hard thrust that implanted his cock all the way inside her. He worked his cock in and out with fearsome force. He was indeed in excellent shape. His washboard abs powered his hips to drive his cock in and out. Every time he thrusted in, his groin slapped loudly against hers. Phoebe moaned plaintively, “He popped my cherry, sister! I’m not a virgin anymore! I will never give my flower to my beloved! This beast has ravished my innocence from me!”

The Russian grunted, slowed his thrusting, and came inside Phoebe. He threw his head back, and shuddered with each spurt of semen. He paused inside her for a few moments, and pulled out. He spread her pussy lips with his fingers, showing to the camera the bead of white goo that leaked from her vagina.

The Russians released their hold on Phoebe’s limbs. All five assailants looked toward Ursula. Seeing this, Phoebe shouted, “No! Don’t take my sister! Do me instead, please. I am your whore, now. I will give you blowjobs, and you can fuck my tight pussy, and take my anal virginity. Use me, but don’t rape my sister!” The four Russians who were still clothed stripped nude.

Phoebe crawled pathetically toward one of the five erect penises on display, and opened her mouth to welcome it inside. The Russian generously pushed his erection into Phoebe’s mouth. Phoebe got on her knees, and sucked desperately. She was only able to distract one of the men, however. The other Russians walked up to Ursula. They reached out, peeling her clothes off while Joey held her still. The four men, working together, soon had Ursula’s gorgeous breasts swaying freely, and her “virgin” pussy exposed.

A Russian with very short, black hair was apparently granted the honor of stealing Ursula’s honor. Joey and the other three Russians wrestled Ursula to the carpet, and pinned her down. Ursula despaired, “Oh, sister, I am about to suffer the same fate as you. My virginity doesn’t have long to live! The maidenhead I have so jealously guarded will now be ripped open by this lusty devil!”

The lusty devil hovered over Ursula. He inserted his cock into her with deliberation. It disappeared, inch by inch, into her vagina. When the root of his cock vanished, he laughed villainously. He pumped himself in and out furiously. He cried out loudly when he came. He delivered countless short, rapid thrusts, deep inside her. Ursula grunted, and mourned, “My cherry is gone. I have been raped, just like my sister. He’s fucking me. He’s fucking my brains out!”

Ursula’s tormentor completed his ejaculation, and climbed off her. He waved his wet dick about wildly, and cheered his victory. One of the cameras zoomed in to show Ursula’s pussy “creampied,” with her conqueror’s semen dripping out of it. His compatriots gave him high fives, except for the one getting head from Phoebe.

One Russan’s attention was fully occupied by the thrilling way Phoebe pumped her head on his prick. She sucked with exceptional force, and deepthroated him with every bob of her head. The Russian slapped his hands around her head, pulled her head tight to his groin, and held it there while he climaxed. The man’s eyes were wide, and he gave a throaty growl, while he poured his seed into Phoebe’s mouth. After he finished, and pulled his cock out of her mouth, Phoebe stuck her tongue out to show the camera the semen in her mouth.

Now, only two Russians had not enjoyed the twin sisters. A brief discussion settled the matter. Joey and the other three Russians wrestled Phoebe and Ursula onto their stomachs on the carpet. The girls were laid head-to-head, and held down firmly. The two Russians forced themselves between the girls’ legs. Both men took hold of one pigtail with each hand, and pulled back on the reins to force the girls’ heads back. The sisters were now looking into one another’s faces, inches aside. The Russian attacked their asses.

Ursula, in a voice strained by the way her head was pulled back, exclaimed, “They’re going to fuck us in the ass, sister! Ow! Help! Help me, please!”

Phoebe grunted loudly. The men pounded their cocks in violently, and slammed their groins against the girls’ asses with great force. Both Phoebe and Ursula’s heads were jarred, jerked, and shaken by the hammering their asses were taking. The girls looked into one another’s eyes for comfort. Mercifully, the first two Russians came quickly. After finishing, they pulled their dicks out of the asses, which was painful for the ladies in and of itself.

The Russians left Phoebe and Ursula laying on the floor, wrecked, while the men recovered, celebrated, and drank ice cold vodka. All five Russian pricks were still rock hard. Misty and Sparkle used disinfecting wipes to clean off the two penises that had entered the sisters’ bowels. The Russians had each taken two Viagra before coming to Jeff’s apartment.

The inexhaustible Russians had an hour-long free-for-all with the girls. At one point, all five Russians had their rods buried simultaneously. Each girl was forced to take all five at once, with all holes plugged, and two men getting handjobs. The Russians playfully slapped the girls on their asses as they rocked them. Occasionally, the men slapped the girls’ faces, which alarmed all the Americans present. Fortunately, the slapping, though loud, was fairly harmless.

The Russians provided an hour and fifteen minutes of non-stop sex for the cameras. Eventually, the wear and tear on their cocks made sex unpleasant, and the men left.

Jeff yelled, “Cut! How are you, girls?”

Phoebe and Ursula moaned. Phoebe was sprawled over a chair, and Ursula lay on her back, on the floor. Jeff said, “For the grand finale, Joey is going to have the girls. Joey, you will strip down and do whatever seems natural to you.” Jeff left the area, and called, “Action.”

Joey had lusted after Phoebe for years, not to mention Ursula. Many times, he had imagined Phoebe when he was humping a girl. Sometimes, he imagined both Phoebe and Ursula when he was humping two girls. Joey had been overstimulated watching the Russians at play. He stripped in seconds, and pounced on Phoebe.

Joey plunged his cock into Phoebe’s juicy pussy. He came almost immediately, adding his semen to what had been left there by the Russians. When he was done, he pulled out quickly and jumped on Ursula. She lay still while Joey mounted and penetrated her. He fucked hard and fast, but it still took several minutes for his second batch of semen to discover its home inside her.

Now that his desperation had been relieved, Joey calmly compelled each girl to give him head. He used Phoebe first, and pulled out before coming. He switched to Ursula. She had the duty to induce and swallow his meager third ejaculation.

“Cut!” Jeff was delighted. “Okay, Joey, that was excellent. Hit the showers, if you like.” Joey nodded wearily and trudged to the bathroom. Jeff said, “Misty, Sparkle, try to help the girls up and into the master bath.”

Phoebe and Ursula looked horrible. They were smeared with dried or drying bodily fluids, clothes hanging limply. The fluffers helped them out of their remaining clothes, and toward the bathroom.

The better part of an hour passed before Phoebe and Ursula were presentable. Jeff handed each of them an envelope containing $10,000, cash. Jeff said, “No tip from our Russian friends, girls. You earned your money today. Joey, this is for you.”

Jeff handed Joey an envelope that was much thinner than the ones the girls got. It contained five one-hundred-dollar bills. Seeing Joey’s appalled look, Jeff said, “Joey, that’s what you contracted for, dude. Guys get much less than the gals for these kinds of shoots.”

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