Friends – Alternate Reality Ch. 04 – Celebrities & Fan Fiction – Free Sex Story

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Rachel awoke at about six o’clock. She lay for a while, relaxing in the afterglow of the best night of her life. All the time impatient, she soon clambered out of bed, pulled on her pajamas, and went into the kitchen to make coffee for herself, and tea for Ross. When it was ready, she returned to the bedroom.

She was frustrated that Ross still slept while she was wide awake and ready to begin her day. She wondered, “Well, this is one of the adjustments we’re both going to have to make if this relationship is to last.” She decided to be generous. She undressed, and slipped back into bed. She did not make a sincere effort to be quiet or keep the bed still, but Ross didn’t awaken.

Rachel pondered, looking for a way to have her cake and eat it, too. She selfishly decided that the most generous thing would be to wake Ross up in the nicest way efficient. He slept on his back. She gently removed the sheet covering him, and settled down to his cock. It was semi-erect, and lying against his belly.

She took him into her mouth gently, hoping to bring him close to Orgasm before waking him. She got less than half of his cock into her mouth when he suddenly jerked awake. He nearly pulled his cock right out of her mouth. She steadied him with her hands to prevent him from inadvertently bringing his cock into contact with her teeth.

In a few seconds, he realized where he was, and with whom, and relaxed. Very soon, he was enjoying his morning intensely. Rachel blew him gently at first. She wanted to save some surprises for later. She couldn’t deepthroat him. She worked mostly with about half of his shaft. That was all right with Ross. He now lay with his fingers interlaced behind his head, watching her head go up and down adorably.

He encouraged her, “Oooh, that’s nice. Nice! Yeahhhhhhhh, that’s good, so good.” His excitement grew to the point that he could not help moving his hips slightly to stroke his cock in and out of her mouth. She picked up on the rhythm, realizing that he was near climax. She turned up the suction, and he saw her cheeks collapse inward. It seemed to him to be an act of sincere Love.

He moaned, and she bobbed her head up and down more vigorously. He suddenly put his hands around her head and worked his hips harder. He erupted in her mouth, his face showing the delightful strain of his Orgasm.

When his spurts ceased, she worked her tongue to pass all the semen down her throat. Ross watched the endearing sight of her gulping repeatedly to avoid losing a single drop. Once she had all his cum swallowed, she cleaned him up with her lips and tongue. She pulled off of him, sat up, and licked her lips erotically.

“Mmmmm. Good morning, sir.”

“Good morning, Miss. Thank you for the wake-up service, I’ve never experienced that.”

“Unfortunately, you can’t count on me as your daily alarm clock, but maybe on special occasions….”

Ross offered, “It’s Sunday. Let me take you to brunch.”

“You just served me a Hot breakfast. I suppose I might have left room for brunch.”

Later, they walked arm-in-arm down the Manhattan sidewalks, smiling like teenagers experiencing their first Love. As people passed them by, Rachel said, “Ross, I have the strange feeling that everyone knows what we have been up to!”

Laughing, he said, “Now that you say it, I’m feeling the same thing. I’m proud. I want everyone to see the gorgeous girl on my arm.”

“It goes deeper with me. I actually imagine that people not only know what we’ve done, but have x-ray vision. I have the eerie sense that they can see the puddles of semen inside me.”


“I’m serious, Ross. I think they look at me and say, ‘She’s had a busy night. It looks like two servings in her Pussy and one in her tummy. What a whore!’ I’m sure that’s what they’re thinking.” She cringed as they walked. She continued, “Then they think, ‘It’s no wonder that guy is smiling. Depositing three fresh loads in that angelic girl. The guy’s a stud!’ That’s what people are thinking, Ross.”

“As proud as I would be if everyone knew all that, Rachel, your secret is safe with me.”

“Oh, but you’ll tell your Sister everything, won’t you? I mean, you tell her everything you do with other women, right?”

“Well, I tell her a lot, but this is different. I have to draw boundaries with you. You’re special. Monica will have to use her imagination.”

“Nah. I’m going to tell her everything, anyway.”


They enjoyed brunch at a high-end hotel. They spent much time watching each other eat in sexually suggestive methods, either reminiscing about last night, or promising new wonders in the nights to come. Rachel personally fed Ross several raw oysters.

Ross responded with tiny, smooth sausages. He fed one to Rachel on a fork, and she suggestively wrapped her lips around it. Ross enjoyed that, until she bit the sausage in half. Seeing the look of horror on his face, she said, “Oh, sorry! Here, try another one.” He fed her another. She wrapped her lips around the end, worked the sausage off the fork and held it in her lips for a moment. Then she slurped it into her mouth with an audible suck. Ross was mollified.

Back at Ross’s apartment, fully stuffed, the pair encountered an awkward test. They had never been alone together for hours at a time. Now, without the obvious distraction of Sex, they had to discover a way to spend time together. Rachel threw up her arms helplessly, and asked, “What would you be doing now, if I weren’t here?”

Sheepishly, Ross answered, “Well, I’d be watching football with Joey and Chandler. But we should do something we both like.”

“We can’t spend every minute together. Let’s go back to my place. I can amuse myself while you are across the hall with the guys. A normal Sunday!”

When Rachel and Ross arrived at the apartment that she shared with Ross’s Sister, Monica, the pair paused outside the door. Rachel said, “Well, here goes nothing!” She unlocked the door, peered in, and shouted, “Monica! Monica, I’m home! Ross is with me!” There was no response from within the apartment, but the door of the apartment across the hall flew open to reveal Joey and Chandler, intensely curious. Ross waved them away irritably.

He and Rachel entered her apartment. Rachel set down her bag, they removed their coats, and Monica appeared out of her bedroom. Monica smiled wickedly, “Well, well, well, look who’s here! What have you two been up to?”

Ross couldn’t look his Sister in the eye, and Rachel said, “Let me put my things away,” and disappeared into her bedroom. While they were alone, Monica ran up to Ross and asked, “How did it go?”

“Monica, that’s private.”

“Oh, come on! Just tell me how good or bad it was!”

Ross glanced toward Rachel’s room to verify that she was not listening, and whispered, “It was heaven. I’ve never been so happy in my life. I’ve never looked forward to the future with such optimism, Monica.” She gripped his hand tightly and smiled. Hearing Rachel come out of her bedroom, Monica turned to her, beaming.

Rachel sighed, “All right, Mon, what has Ross been telling you?”

“All good things, Rachel.” Monica turned to Ross, and said, “Isn’t there a game on?” This was his signal to leave the girls alone and face the guys across the hall.

Once Ross was gone, Monica said, excitedly, “How was it? How did it go?”

Rachel sat on the couch, and Monica sat facing her. Rachel said, “It went great, it really did. We were on the same wavelength.” Monica gave a look demanding more details. “Look, the Sex was great, and I really mean great. Ross is…amazing. He, well, really knows what he is doing, Monica. That reminds me, Monica, why didn’t you give me the intel on Ross and his, shall we say, endowment?”

“What do you mean? The size of his thing?”

“Yes! You should have told me what to expect beforehand!”

“Expect what? What happened? I’ve never seen him nude, Rachel.”

“Seriously? Well, Monica, your brother is pretty well hung.”


“Yes! It was all right. It was a lot to handle, but he knows how to swing that bat, and it went fine. In the future, I think I will have lubrication handy.”

“You’re kidding me! I had no idea he was…large.”

“He’s larger than average. I’m sure of that at least.”

“So, what happened?”

“Well, we went at it immediately when we got to his apartment….”

Monica interrupted, “Who made the first move?”

“Well, we both did, really. We embraced. He was nervous, Monica. It was so sweet!” Monica half melted at the wondered. Rachel continued, “I led him into the bedroom, so I guess that was the first move. Then, we got naked. I tried hard not to look intimidated at the weapon he was pointing at me. Maybe that’s the real reason Carol switched teams.” Monica gave her a dour look.

Rachel continued, “Sorry. Anyway, we got into bed. He wanted to go down on me, but I insisted on blowing him first because I knew I would need the lubrication when he entered me. I sucked him briefly. He was pretty excited, so I didn’t do much. I gave him a raincheck because I wanted to be making Love when he came. He went down on me, and oh, my God, Monica! It was incredible. He is an expert. He brought me off easily.”

Rachel giggled, and Monica urged her, “What? What’s so funny? What happened?”

“Well, after I came, I tried to push him away, but he just kept going down there. You know how the feeling gets too intense, sometimes, after an Orgasm?” Monica nodded.

“He kept going for a little while, and it was amazing and almost painful. Anyway, after I got him out of my muff, it was time for our first time. He mounted me, and I tried something special that I’ve never done before. I clenched my Kegels as hard as I could, and kept them clenched the whole time!”

Monica was amazed, “You kept that up the whole time? You must have awesome muscles down there.”

Rachel was dismissive, “No. This was a brief session, but I’m getting ahead of myself. Monica, you should have seen the look on your brother’s face when he tried to penetrate me and went nowhere! It was classic. I encouraged him, and told him he wasn’t hurting me. Finally, he got it inside, and he came immediately. It was great.”

Monica said, “You don’t think he misunderstood about you, do you? I mean, he knows you’re not always like that, right?”

“I’m getting to that. Next, I climbed on top and rode him. That big cock came in handy then, I can tell you. It really helped get me off. It sort of squeezed my clit. Amazing. After I had my second Orgasm, we flipped over and he did me again. Oh, I forgot, I explained to him about the Kegels, and that it was mainly for special occasions, not every day. Anyway, he banged me pretty good the second time. I’m making it sound pornographic, Monica, but it was all very romantic, and caring, and nice.”

Monica was tearing up, “Oh, I am so happy for you both. I truly am, Rachel.”

Rachel concluded, “To make a long story short, we shared a pizza, a Shower, and a good night’s sleep. This morning, I woke him up with a Blowjob, since I owed him one from last night.”

“Did you swallow?”

“Yes, Monica, I swallowed. Believe me, Ross did not get shortchanged.”

Monica sat up, “Okay, so what’s next?”

“I have no idea. Our agreement, which we made out on the balcony here, is to see how far we can take this relationship. That’s what we’re going to do.”

Monica leaned forward, “Ooh, I forgot about the balcony scene. What was that all about?”

Rachel laughed, “It’s pretty funny, actually. I’ll tell you everything some other time. Suffice it to say, we both want to try this relationship, and take it wherever it leads.”

“Do you think you’ll move in with him?”

“I have no idea, Monica. The only thing we’ve talked about so far is the Sex. I’m not even sure if we’ll be together tonight. We both have work tomorrow.”

Meanwhile, across the hall, Joey and Chandler were breaking down Ross’s inhibitions and mining him for details, especially about the Sex. Like any straight men, Joey and Chandler had lusted after Rachel for as long as they’d known her. There was nevertheless a tacit understanding in their circle of friends that Rachel and Ross were meant for one another, and off limits for anyone else.

Joey argued, “Ross, at least give us the stats. How many times did you do it, what positions, and any orgasms?”

Chandler was on board, “That’s right, Ross. The bare minimum…to start with.”

Ross conceded, “Okay, but you guys have to be discrete. We’re dealing with Rachel’s feelings and privacy here. Let’s see, we each performed oral on the other, and she orgasmed. Then, we had missionary Sex, and I came. Then she rode me cowgirl style, and she came again. Then, I did her again missionary, and I came again. This morning, she woke me up with a Blowjob, and I came.”

Chandler asked, desperately, “Did she swallow?”


Joey and Chandler were so excited by these details that they both got out of their recliners and stalked about the room. Chandler said, “I cannot believe that one of us finally got to fuck Rachel!” He allayed Ross’s obvious discomfort at that remark, “Of course, we always knew it would be you, Ross, if it was anyone.”

Joey was nearly pulling his hair out, “How was she, man!?”

Ross looked over his shoulder at the front door, as if Rachel might be peeking in. He said, “You guys, I really care about her. I’m going to be a gentleman.”

Chandler appeased Ross expertly, “Oh, yes, of course. We all Love Rachel, Ross. Joey and I both want you two to make it together. But, you’re our friend, and we’ve always shared, and nothing has ever gotten back to the girls, has it?”

Ross sighed, “She was incredible. I mean, incredible. I have never experienced anything like it. And it was romantic, too. We had such a connection! You wouldn’t believe what she did the first time we made Love….”

Joey and Chander both rushed toward Ross, eyes wide as saucers, demanding that Ross expand on that cryptic observation. Ross said, almost in a whisper, “Well, you know the vaginal muscles, and how women can train them and use them during intercourse? I found out last night that it’s all true. Since it was our first time, Rachel gave me a special surprise and tightened up her Pussy for me. It was unbelievable! I had to force my way in. Really, she begged me to force it in. Tight as a vise.” Both of his friends were agog at this news, so Ross suitable it, “Of course, she doesn’t do that all the time. She’s great even without that, let me tell you!”

Joey asked, “Are you going to see her again, then?”

Ross said, “Oh, I forgot to tell you that. Even before we got to my apartment, we decided to take this relationship as far as it can go. I don’t know what that means just yet, but we will continue to see each other until further notice.”

Chandler licked his lips salaciously, and croaked, “Niiiiice.”

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