Forbidden Fruit: A Steamy Office Affair

As the CEO’s newest and youngest employee, I knew that I had to prove myself around the office. My coworkers were all experienced, professional, and a bit intimidating. But my eagerness to succeed and my stunning beauty quickly caught the attention of the CEO’s top executive, Mr. Evans.

From the moment he laid eyes on me, I could feel the heat between us. He was sharp, quick-witted and impeccably dressed. I couldn’t help but feel the attraction that existed between us, but I knew better than to get involved with a superior.

The days turned into weeks and the weeks into months. We worked together daily, often staying late to finish up projects. As the late hours passed, the conversations grew more intimate and the sexual tension increased. I found myself yearning for something more than just work, but I didn’t know how to act on it.

One evening, as we finished up work, he invited me to his office for a drink. By now, I was familiar with the scent of his expensive cologne, and I felt my resistance lowering. His office was beautiful and gigantic, and I felt small in its presence. My eyes roamed over the artwork and antiques, and then landed on a sumptuous sofa near his desk.

As I sat down on the sofa, he gently rested his hand on my thigh. I looked up and met his steely gaze, and before I knew it, our lips were locked in a fiery kiss. He pulled away briefly to whisper into my ear, “I’ve been waiting for you for months, beautiful.”

I was swept away by the intensity of the moment. His hands were everywhere, tracing the curves of my body and pushing me closer to him. He smelled divine, he tasted divine, he was everything I had ever wanted in a man.

As we moved together, we were both consumed by forbidden lust and passion. I felt the melding of our bodies, the heat and electricity sparked by our mutual attraction. We were intoxicated by each other.

We knew that this was forbidden fruit, but we couldn’t withstand indulging in it. And as we basked in the afterglow of our steamy office affair, I knew that I had tasted the sweetest, most delicious fruit that would be forbidden for eternity.

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